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LOLCow.jpg This luser is an unmilked lolcow, and should have been trolled a long time ago.

You can help by starting a Flame War at their own expense.
The root of Mark's whining.
Here is Mark at age 6. Fat even as a kid.
Check out the triple chin.

The Internet has its ups and downs - Well, its downs and downs, and more downs, and just when you think you've touched the deepest levels of stupidity on the Internets, someone grabs a shovel and broke new ground and discovers a family of horny pigs passing around, bending over and sharting something horrendous straight up your nose and into your unprepared brain.

And that someone, is Onigojirakaiju (powerword: Mark Draper), the human form of that last, sticky crumb of shit clinging to your asshole after a hefty dump, the physical manifestation of the spittle that forms in the corner of your mouth when you're thirsty. His stench permeated places like deviantART and FurAffinity - until they got hacked, anyway - and various other places. He has been banned or hacked from many of his favorite forums due to his retarded behavior and pathetic attempts to be an Internet tough guy.

One might think Mark's idiocy is the result of being a young, inexperienced teenager on the cusp of adulthood. Sorry, gentle readers, that is not the case. He was born on December 6, 1982. At 30 years old, this festering pile of lard still lives at home with his abusive, bipolar step father. Mark's step dad died sometime last year; Mark rejoices daily and wants to piss on his grave. Mark has no job and holds a deep hatred for bipolar people. Why the hatred for bipolar people? Ah, you see, it's because he was abused as a child by his bipolar step dad. By abused, we mean his step daddy didn't give little Markie his way when he was a kid. In Mark's mind, not getting what he wants when he wants it equates to being beaten, bullied, molested or neglected.

With his mental disabilities as a crutch, his abusive past as a sympathy card, and his morbid obesity as an excuse for everything, this poor example of a Filipino spends his time fapping to Godzilla, fapping to Scorpius, fapping to Freddy Krueger, fapping to Pacific Rimjob, wasting your tax dollars on model kits for space shuttles and the Titanic, BAWWWing about how every friend he makes ends up hating him and stalking people on the Internet.

Mark almost doesn't need trolling. In a truly paradoxical event, he somehow trolls himself by being a complete and total fucktard in all aspects of his life.

A Decade of Stupidity

This article may cause you to facepalm, because everything written is factual. Feel free to go spam every site this faggot goes to and tell him how retarded he is..
Mark's first self-delusion.
Mark's second self-delusion.
Accurate description of this fag.
Making his bipolar hate even more obvious.
Check out that rack!
Mark's most hypocritical statement ever.
Mark's second most hypocritical statement ever.
In his spare time, Mark fantasizes about fried bird poop on space shuttles.

Once upon a time there was a place known as Rc2000's Godzilla Tribute forum. The site no longer exists. No one knew what a faggot Mark was destined to be, which sadly means no screencaps of his early asshattery were taken. Don't despair, gentle readers, for the memory of one who was there for his first appearance can attest to ten years of dealing with him.

Ghostwalker has been the target of Mark's constant stalking and stupidity since he first showed his fat face on the interbutts. She didn't fall down and praise him for managing to type letters on a computer screen, and as a result he makes his hatred of her known to anyone willing to listen.

Ghostwalker is sick of Mark. Everyone that knows Mark is sick of him. He's too stupid to realize nobody likes him and continues with his mouth breathing idiocy.

It all started back in 2003, I was the admin of a small forum called RC2000's Godzilla Tribute and there was this kid named Mark who posted nonsensical comments and reviewed stories with barely any coherence. And then I told him several time to stop it, and he started PMing me with lots and lots of spamming. And then he board stalked me, and then he did the same on Rodan's Roost, and on KaijuGalaxy…

And then finally, I told him "Fuck off!" And that's when he started acting like a dick wanting to make me miserable because I wouldn't praise him like the obsessive fanboy stalker he was.

Yeah, that is what Mark is. He's an obsessive fanboy stalker with no life, one hand on his dick jacking off to Freddy Kruger porn and posting on one of my message boards about how much like Scorpius he is.



Ten years, and this waste of molecules hasn't learned a thing. His disturbing obsession goes even deeper.

Ghostwalker happens to be bipolar and a Jew and Mark hates anyone bipolar. He vocally wishes pain and untimely death upon them. Because everybody with a bipolar disorder acts exactly the same, right?

Mark, in his infinite quest to find a fully functional brain cell, sees Ghostwalker as the same mean, abusive person as his step dad and he is the good, caring, wonderful hero suffering under her oppression. He thinks it's just fine to ignore her warnings on message boards and swears upon the flaming pits of Hell that she has no power over him on the world wide web. She was on more than one of the forums he got his fat ass banned off of - and in his blind hatred of all things bipolar he tells everyone who asks how she is somehow to blame in every situation.

So, one day in July of 2012, Mark decided to get even. His idea of revenge against Ghostwalker? He walked into a public Deviantart thread and posted all the assache he built up in the past several years.

Ghostwalker2061 is a sicko too, incest with her daddy, and still does it. Dumbass multiple personality/ bipolar freak that Ghostwalker2061 is.



Mark considers passing out personal information the best revenge. It never occurs to him that his behavior has negative consequences.

I was 4 years old. I didn't know what was happening to me. And Mark had the fucking nerve to say that. When someone mentions the molestation as a means to attack my character, it strikes a chord in me that I really do hate. And I've had it with this guy.



As further proof of his pervasive stupidity, our dear Markie has been blocked by many people on Deviantart and banned from nearly every other forum he joins. People rejoiced after his banning on Kaijuphile. No, really, they rejoiced on KaijuGalaxy too.

Other targets of Mark's stalkerish behaviors include Cyndi - who learned from her article and turned her shit around,- EternalMothra, the creator of KaijuGalaxy and many others who haven't been uncovered.

Oh, God, Mark? I won't go into the past. I'll just tell you straight up what he did recently. He has utterly disgusted me in every possible way I can be disgusted by a person.

This dude snapped. I mean SNAPPED. It happened over somebody on DA with legit autism who was making the same mistakes that led to my ED page. I tried to warn her about it nicely; I don't want to see her get hurt by them the way I was. I know why they trolled me, I've taken measures to atone for and not repeat that behavior. Experience is a great teacher, and I knew she'd get hit hard if she continued. I replied to a thread she posted telling her why sites have rules and that her behavior is coming off as a special snowflake. Mark got wind of it. He started attacking me in replies to the thread and blocked me so I couldn't respond directly to him.

Then he wrote a "short story" with Freddy Krueger committing violent acts against me and he had it sent to me via Note through a friend. I'll give you my censored screencap copy, but I censored my name out(went a little crazy with the blur tool, oops). Note reads bottom to top: Cap. I found this same story in his DA journal and in the forum thread not long after. DA admins removed it from the thread and his journal for violating the rules(hate speech). I didn't think to cap it in either place, but in the journal comments he and zipgirl were talking trash about me. Mark gloated that he knew I hate gore and hoped I "liked his little story." Reading that story tells me he fantasizes about either doing this or seeing this happen to me. This disturbed me enough to not sleep well for a few nights, and I hope I NEVER meet him in person at a con. I don't trust him to keep his hands off me. Just seeing his name anywhere makes me feel like throwing up.

Then he took my Shezilla character without my permission and ripped off a story idea I dropped a long time ago. Actually no, he butchered it into his own twisted horror fantasy, and he wrote about her being violently raped/maimed by SpaceGodzilla. He posted it in his journal and the forum thread.

Here is art of Shezilla as proof that she is my kaiju OC. She's here This pic was drawn while Mark and I were still on speaking terms. Notice his dragging things off-topic into talk about private parts? I tried to set him straight to no avail and stopped replying when he went into Beavis and Butthead. He did this on the forums, too! All of them!!

I didn't give back what he wanted(my friendship), so he acted violent and then he said he was sorry because somebody reported him and the admins gave him a warning. He's not sorry for what he said, he's sorry somebody caught him in the act. It's only a matter of time before he slips and repeats it. He never LEARNS. He's still stalking Christine, spewing hateful crap about her that isn't true and mocking a horrible aspect of her past. Yes, she and I did have a falling out once, but it was because she doesn't like slash and I do. We ARE on speaking terms again thanks to Mark. :P

He can sit on a cactus and rotate for all I care. I have no respect for him anymore after the shit he pulled. He had my respect once, but he stomped it into dust with his 'cute' little stories and his attacks on Christine.

The worst thing? It's not the short stories or his excuses for everything. Mark does all that, and in the next breath he asks you if you saw the latest space shuttle launch. Like everything's okay. NO, it isn't and it never will be. It's infuriating how he makes excuses instead of learning from his screw ups. I can't believe I used to act like that.


Cyndi, via livejournal PM

Expand to Read More Bullshit

Mark thinks he is Freddy Krueger. Mark thinks he is Scorpius. He'll try to be an internet tough guy using intimidating roleplay style text and death threats. Say anything negative to him and he writes you off as just another mean person who he doesn't have to listen to, whether you're a forum moderator or a random internet person calling him out for causing drama.

Mark's raging idiot boner continues to pulsate across the interbutts. The Deviantart admins have apparently warned him to shut up for awhile, forcing a fake apology out of him. We all know it is only a matter of time before the stench of his butthurt permeates the website once again.

Mark of course thinks he's always the victim. Any person who won't cater to his retardation and praise him for existing is a big, bad jerk and they should feel bad. Everything he does wrong on the internet is a direct result of his disabilities. It will never occur to him that people start to hate him for his blatant disregard for authority, his utter failure stay on topic in a conversation or his complete inability to behave like a normal human being.

Also, he thinks everybody with bipolar disorder or mental illness deserves to die. (NOTE: Thread was closed since he's too stupid to see if someone else posted a topic on the Aurora Theater Shooting. Feel free to visit his userpage and tell him what you think of that. Hitler, anyone?)

Now he is trying to backpedal on everything. Due to his terminal retardation, he is unable to get to the point in a manner understandable to people with actual intelligence and he can't stay on topic in his own thread. This thread is still open - take the opportunity to inform him about his idiocy.

Another attempt to backpedal and tell people what they want to hear. CAREFUL U GUISE, HE MIGHT TAKE US TO INTERNET JAIL.

This is the kind of shit he does to people. Then he gets blocked, cries and wonders why. Here are perfect examples of Mark's faggotry. (Note: majestic-insect blocked Mark a long time ago.)

My own brother almost had committed suicide because I snapped at him for doing something very hurtful to me. Nothing my parents said to me registered or will as when someone breaks my trust in them. They see how evil I can be. It's not a joke. I really don't like that when people do that to me and expect me to be nice about it. My bro didn't like it that I never said a word to him and ignored his behavior after I snapped. So what. He deserved it for what he did.


Mark trying to sound badass.

TL;DR: cunt's batshit insane.

Mark Mentioning His Assburgers

That's one fatass 17 year old.
No wonder he's fat.

Mark will bring his assburgers up every chance he gets. He expects you to pity him, smile, and pat his hand. He can be an asshole all he wants, but anyone who calls him out for being one is making fun of him for something he says he can't help. How fast do you think he will take all of it back when "asshole" becomes a recognized disability?

A special issue of note needs to be addressed: Mark's "autism" may be him jumping on the asspie bandwagon for attention. Notice the first screencap in the gallery below. No mention of any autism disorders at all. He didn't start saying he had it until other members of the Kaijuphile board mentioned having it. Now, he walks around telling anyone how he's been diagnosed with Asperger's since childhood.

It is becoming imminently more obvious with every moment that Mark is too fucking stupid to keep his own lies straight.

Gallery of BAWtism About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Some of Mark's winning quotes

Feel bad for the poor pooch.

The comments Mark posts on the internet are full of stupidity, hypocrisy, excuses and douchebaggery.

Seeing all bipolar people off themselves and die would be hilarious.


Mark thinks he is a badass.

IMO I hate bipolar people. My experiences with them are and have been always negative. Fuck them and let them off themselves.


Mark thinks he's a tough guy!

I said I treat bullies or people who hate me the same way they do me.



Well the holidays. IMO same stuff every year. TBH since my birthday turned out like utter shit, I just don't care anymore about holidays either. I also think it would be great if the people who caused me misery to commit suicide. I won't have to deal with them ever again that way.


Mark and his wishes for people to die.

Well I learn from example. I admit to slowly doing so, but I do.

My only exception to this rule is bipolar people. Mood swinging idiots just piss me off and confuse me more when one moment they are nice and the next asses. I do not need those type around me, ever. Damn psychopathic nutcases.


Markie shows he'll never learn

Well that is you. I cut off those who deliberately do something hurtful no matter who.

You should be glad you never endured what I did by that moron ok? Bipolar people are nothing but abusers.


Mark's hatred runs deep.

Christine is a jerk and has always been so toward me. I'm just and still viewing her this way, and nothing will make me change my view of her. I admit that maybe it was my anger of her and venting on you and Cyndi, dumb of me. Yeah, she's a jerk. I have no care for her. I do not care about hurting Christine in any way. I will say it was funny in how she reacted to try to defend herself when I told everyone on KG how she treated me. You read it. I've also multiple times told you how she is. Never elect a psychotic like her as someone to be a boss.


He's really butthurt.

Being blunt at someone who bugs you is not difficult, if it makes them cry, screw them. They deserve to be told the truth of what you think.


He can dish it out...but he can't take it.

Yeah, one bully would never stop bothering me, so I lost it and stabbed him with my pencil. I was so enraged I didn't know I did that until I calmed down. He left me alone after that. Then also a kid who did similar things got whacked in the spine with his friend's golf club.

Blame it on my stepdad's crap. 16 years does take it's toll, and asshole Christine never made it better. Two evils I wish died. I hate people like them who think it's funny to emotionally abuse someone. My stepdad is a dumb fuck so I'm much smarter than he is, way smarter than he is. You tell the truth, he looks like a moron when you busted his ego. Christine is the same way. As to my way of treating her. Another former friend said that was how she dealt with bullies is bully them back.


His hatred is obsessive.

Harm you guys? No, I'd be screwed if that happened, and besides. It is not me to do that outside of self defense if someone tried to harm me first. I'm mellow, compared to some other people I've seen, like my stepdad who likes to threaten me if I ignore him because I hate him. *shrugs* Karma is great. He's so stupid as not even a car wreck made him wake up and learn. I learn from my mistakes, maybe not right away,but I do. This moron does not. You wanna know how dumb he is? He is a racist and thinks all Asians are the same and can't read without bugging me to what a word means. I threw dictionary at him for annoying me with such stupidity. He has no goal in life nor education. It's been my experience in dealing with him that anyone who tries to help him he drives away or he becomes very paranoid and thinks the opposite. What a loser.


Look at how fast he backpedals!

IMO send these psychos to Siberia like one politician suggested. All they do is hurt people and cause problems for everyone else. Get rid of them. Bipolars, schizos, maniacs, etc. Useless scum.


Mark proves his stupidity once more.

The mentally insane should just be executed, all of them. Bipolar, schizo, crazy maniacs, etc. All troublemakers who are abusers and like to hurt people. I've met people like that and, it's true, that's all they are.


—He's digging himself deeper.

The two earlier cases, those two bp people, my stepdad and the idiot online who tormented me both were abused as kids and hey think I am the target to vent on. IMO those two are better off with suicide. They deserve it anyway for mistreating me. My dumbass stepdad even asked me that same question. I'd never feel bad if he offed himself. "Do you want me to kill myself?" he asked me. Hmm, 16 years of torment and verbal abuse from you? How about yes. I wish that to happen.

My schizo neighbor tried to attack me once because I ignored him.

BP and schizos bug me or scare me because of my experiences. Let them rot in a nut house. Maybe a nice lobotomy for the really bad ones, like my bullies.


—Markie wishes death on anyone who is mean to him omfg!

With me when you hold in your temper you do think of such things after some time. I have no sympathy to bullies at all.

bully: Oh no.

Freddy Krueger: No..just me.

bully: No! Nooo!

Freddy Krueger: Why are ya screamin'? I haven't even cut you yet. *laughs*

If you saw any of the movies regarding Freddy Krueger you know who he is. Freddy vs. Jason being my favorite of that film series.


Oh Mark, keep it coming.

I hurt those who hurt me or my friends. I will not stand for it. Hence why I spouted of like that on that moron ghostwalker2061.

Yeah she loves her pedophile daddy who molested her. That's messed up. She told me this years ago and I gave my opinion of that and she got angry. WTF? Something is not right about them.


—Mark yet again.

Well Donny my annoying bipolar stepdad just died from overdosing himself. and I mean stepdad, he is not related to me at all, unlike what that other freak thinks that he is my dad, no he isn't. I'm very happy one nut who has tormented me is dead. No more do this or else crap ever again. No more tormenting, no threatening, none of that anymore.

Hey the guy did it to himself. Nothing but a loser who like to leech off everyone and cause misery to anyone around him. I'd piss on his grave too. :) Fuck this annoying bipolar freak. He drugged himself to death. I don't care as people like him are worthless wastes of life when only and only the intelligent and smart people deserve to live on this planet. I'm glad this idiot is gone.

I also hate it when people tell me I should feel bad for him. Uh why? A bad childhood is no excuse for hurting others. I really think it best people like him were never born at all. Well, that over with. :)


Mark is a sick, sick person, and the irony of his statement is completely lost on him.

It doesn't help finding out that the late husband of Tina Turner was bipolar and well he was a crack smoking wife beater. Glad he's dead.

I have no remorse if a bully dies.


Again with the laughing over death thing.

IMO the best way to deal with bullies is ignore them and if that doesn't work. hurt them.


He thinks he's tough.

That's how you beat these crazies is break them. turn the thing they liked and used to commit harm, against them.


Mark has no idea of how big a hypocrite he is.

I treat others as they treated me. I really don't care for what others think, but if someone keeps pushing me, I will retaliate. As Christine once said to me years ago, "No I won't stop until you listen." This is me paying her back. >:) IMO this is fun too. A nice turn the tables deal. A big ego likes hers deserves to be broken.

Aside from her, I don't care as I am more into not dealing with people and rather be left alone. It's when someone won't leave me alone that I get like this. Her quote is proof. She won't stop. Ok. Lets see how she likes it. *laughs*


Continuing the stupidity.

Why is this quote all by itself? It shows, in one single paragraph, what a truly sick fuck Mark is.

I don't care about Christine. She probably should have stayed in that nuthouse she once told me she was put in. Multiple personality disorder and bipolar? Talk about a stress test with no off button. LOL Not to mention no order at all, just a big mess with no reason to it. I rather not be anywhere near a freak like that. As to my thinking and not letting go. I believe I told you how there are thing you can't forget, no matter what you try. A freak like her who's negative comments pop up when my stepdad behaves just like that makes it very difficult to forget. It's like not only her bullshit I had to deal with but his too. Which is why I do grin when I see negativity happen to them. Such as he nearly dies in a car accident some years ago or she lost her meds and freaked out over it. I laugh at that. The funniest was him telling me of how he went flying out of the truck. "So, how was the flight?" was my response to it all. :) He's in the hospital bed cut up, blood on him, and I'm laughing. He's not a family member or a friend so why should I care if he is near death? Freaks like those two deserve it.


He's a disgusting person, isn't he?

Reaction to his article

Mark is completely blind to his own hypocrisy. He thinks he's blameless in everything!

Mark's reaction to this article is to make his Fur Affinity account private and ramble in every forum thread he can get into about how he needs to grow up. Unfortunately for our bipolar hating scaley, his constant rambling off topic is just another sign of his lack of intelligence.

Oh, wait, he has ADD, dyslexia, was born prematurely and lived with an abusive stepfather. Nothing is ever his fault. Not even this ED article.

As you all can see, Mark can dish it out, but he can't take it. He is far too clueless to comprehend the reason he has an article in the first place. This severe fault in his malformed brain means he will provide us with lulz for years to come.

Markie gets trolled!

He doesn't like it when people call attention to the reasons why he has an ED article. None of it is his fault, ever. We're all horrible people who are picking on a stupid fat cunt who can't help his problems! Oh noez!

Gallery of lulz About missing Pics
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Ways to troll Mark

This beautiful person also wrote a journal entry about Mark.

Markie usually hides your comments when you troll him. Don't let that fool you. Fatty McFatass is secretly fuming and it's only a matter of time before he explodes and throws a titanic internet bitch fit.

  • Reply to everything he posts with something irrelevant to what he drew or wrote about.
  • Include links to unrelated shit in your comments to him.
  • Tell him to make spoofs and link to something stupid like My Little Ponies or Sesame Street.
  • Spam him relentlessly with comments that you're bipolar or autistic and he can't be mean to you.
  • Make comments about how the things he likes are stupid. (Aka "Oh, Farscape is retarded as hell and Scorpius is a pussy.")
  • Ask him about his crocodile fetish in public places like Deviantart.
  • Tell him he's nothing like Freddy Krueger or Scorpius.
  • Call him up and quote Freddy Krueger, Scorpius or Godzilla movies!

Mark's Art

Mark thinks he's an artist, but all of his work is obviously traced due to the fact that everything he produces is awkwardly posed like he borrowed more than one source image for a finished result. Every turd he drops on the internet can be matched to an image or images from the show it came from. The poses in his art rarely vary except for which direction the characters are facing. He colors like a five year old using half bitten crayons and washable markers, and he refuses to use a proper scanner. Instead, he takes blurry photographs of his beautiful work to hide the evidence of his tracing.

Onigojira tracing About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Remember, this "man" is 30 years old!

His Reptile Fetish

How his fetish began.
Miki kissing Gojira by OniGojirakaiju.jpg

Rubbin a raptor's slit hearing her purr and growl while rocking her hips against my hand, eyes sliding shut, and at times yelping as she near…


—Mark on herpy.net

You know crocodiles and humans did have sex together. I read a book on ancient egytptian life and the book even said such stuff was common for a woman to ride a male crocodile. I bet the crocodile didn't see that human as food, but a pleasure toy. Not to mention if she sucked him off. The reptile would find human anatomy most enticing, espcially after that experience.



I love sexy mutant reptiles don't you?


—Mark again

He faps to this shit About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Mark is openly a herpetophile. Crocodiles are his favorite, but he'll go after anything female if it's scaly.

He draws porn art as awkwardly as his usual art - like a five year old using his own shit to fingerpaint the Mona Lisa. It has been many years and his skills never progress.

Anon could easily spend hours tearing this sad excuse for porn art apart. Let's let the gallery speak for itself.

Disgusting fag art About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Mark's horror stories

After seeing this article, one of Mark's victims also shared a spooky Halloween story that she had received from him via PM.

"There were three guys living in this mental asylum, one of which was a low fuctioning autistic named Charlie. The cell he and the otehr two lived in was in the wing for the most violent patients. Well one night the two guys decided to play a trick on Charlie by hanging him from one of the pipes on the ceiling of their room. The let him hang there for hours, Charlie didn't die. So they dragged him from the noose and lay him on the floor. They grabbed the bed and put one of the legs over his head and jumped up and down, up and down until the leg went through Charlie's head. Poor,poor, poor Charlie. And just to add to this little tale of night, I must tell you it is all true. A large, now abandoned insane asylum in West Virginia is where it is said you cna still hear the bed go through Charlie's head."


—Mark's terrifying tale., Typos and misspellings left intact.

He tried to claim that this was based on a true story, even though it's obviously Mark crying over people picking on him.

As quoted by Cyndi far above, Mark also wrote horror stories about the people who angered him back in July of 2012. All three show a strange obsession with Cyndi. Caps of the shitfics can be seen below:

Mark wrote the three above "stories" in a failed attempt to bait Cyndi and the others he saw as deserving of his wrath. As you can see, gentle reader, the above short stories served as confirmation by the people who blocked him that doing was was perfectly justified. In a single day he lost the last shreds of respect anyone had for him and destroyed the last chances he ever had of returning to anyone's good graces.

Cyndi responded to Mark's butthurt flailing by maturely ripping him several new cloacae and proving once and for all that she is no longer the butthurt drama queen we met in 2008.

It is still a mystery why no stories about Ghostwalker2061 have turned up. Anonymous suspects Mark is too cowardly to incur her bipolar wrath any more than he already has.


Oh the irony.
Fatty is butthurt over being hacked.

His dA was recently cracked with basic logic, since the password 'scorpius' is not hard to guess when you're obsessed with the character. Every brave EDiot and troll who stormed his page was unblocked. The awesome troll who cracked the account uploaded Mark's shitty porn for total ruination. Then, once the hate and lulz reached critical levels, the troll deactivated Mark's beloved DA, destroying years of hard work. Mark must be raging to this day.

Another crafty troll found their way into his BigClawz account. Using 'godzilla' as a password is not a shrewd way to keep hackers out of a reptile fetish board. Ruination is under way, but don't expect much. BigClawz is practically a dead board. Lulz still may be had.

One more account has fallen: Mark's FurAffinity was broken into by trolls. The password was 'godzilla' and too easy to guess. Jesus, this cunt really has no clue!

After his e-mail was cracked wide open, his herpy.net and fanfiction.net accounts quickly had their passwords reset. Everything that wasn't ruined was deleted. The ruination of his deviantART page caused him to flip his shit and send panicked e-mails to his white knights begging them to apologize to the people he had harassed before, including Cyndi and Ghostwalker,as if they could actually do a goddamn thing about it. Needless to say, noone cared about his apology and parties were held in honor of the trolls and their glory.

Firstly, I don't know how to help in the current situation, and secondly, why should I help somebody who wrote nasty short stories about me or my kaiju OC? He must be taking IQ killing vitamins if he thinks I'm going to just drop everything he's done to start over. This is not about a grudge, this is about his lack of respect for my desire to be left alone, talking smack about me behind my back and blaming his Asperger's for his temper tantrums.


Cyndi, reacting over PM to Mark's heartfelt apology

I've seen an image of his hacked email stating that he wishes to apologize even to me. The answer is no. I will not accept it. I gave this person the chance to change, to be at least a contributing member on the boards that I ran and a friend. And when I said I would not be talking to him, he still talks about how much of a monster I am. I haven't even paid attention to this person, and it seems I come up in every single conversation he needs to make. That's an obsession. And it is disgusting. So, no. No forgiveness. He deserved everything he got.



Ghostwalker's response to Mark's BAWWing.

But..but, what is he to do without his beloved internet? His forums and boards? Does this mean he'll have to do the unthinkable and...go outside?


A commenter speaks of the unthinkable.

thank god he finally got banned, he really was annoying and a waste of time.


Man, the support's really rolling in for Mark.

Gallery of Ruination

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

lol e-mail & dox

The resourceful troll who cracked Mark's dA account wasn't satisfied with ruining some of his life, so the anon went after his comcast.net email. His password was successfully reset, confirming the troll's suspicion about Mark's dox.

He lives with his parents and shares his mother's e-mail account.

Unfortunately, he deletes most of his e-mail and has only saved boring things, so there are few lulz to be had in the actual account. However, there may be gems to be found yet.

The emails below were too big to fit as thumbnails. Scroll to the bottom and read upwards.

This one is too big even for the scrollpic template.

Give the image below time to load. It's fucking huge because Mark spergs a lot in his email.

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Just when the internet relaxed its anus, evidence of Mark's reemergence appeared on Fanfiction.net. This mouth breathing, morbidly obese sack of hypocrisy thinks nobody remembers who he is or what he did. Little does he know the interbutts never forget.

Welcome back, fatty! About missing Pics
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He started by sending pointless fanfic reviews to Cyndi, who is doing a decent job of not being a drama queen anymore. He went to Donny, the creator of Kaiju Galaxy, next, resulting in much eyerolling. He is too cowardly to approach Christine, whom he has stalked and hated for ten straight years as of 2013 because she refused to praise his pathetic attempts at art. He still makes his hatred of her known to anyone who asks.

Ten years of this, folks. TEN YEARS.

But wait! It gets lulzier!

Gentle reader, it became agonizingly obvious Mark will copy anybody's disorder to gain sympathy and make excuses for his asinine behavior. He started saying he had Asperger's after Cyndi mentioned autism, and currently he says he was molested to copy Christine in a sad ploy for pity. Anonymous dug around and discovered Mark is not only a dumbass, he is also a terrible liar. Fortunately for you this fat faggot can't keep his lies straight, and we get to watch the lulz.

Former friends of Mark reveal his failure at life

In approaching Cyndi, Mark tried to suck her in with a sob story about past abuse and molestation. Cyndi didn't believe him and in the nicest way possible she buried her itty bitty foot in his big bloated ass and kicked him to the curb. We still wonder how his anus didn't suck her into an abyss of butthurt and misery. Mark wanted tits and Cyndi wouldn't show hers, and Mark thought hounding her over and over might one day make her do it. She didn't. She verbally kicked his ass instead for the nine thousandth time.

Mark didn't get tits out of Cyndi and decided to try sucking Donny's cock for fanfiction because Mark knows he can't write to save his life. Donny wasn't impressed by Mark's festering, rotted teeth. After a few questions from Anonymous, Donny kindly showed us how Mark throws tantrums if you don't submit to his demands. You see, Mark never realized everyone, including Donny, thinks he's an annoying sack of shit. As shown in the text far above, Mark went to Donny's devianTART profile often to sperg about the most irrelevant shit known to man, never realizing his posts were rarely read and any comments he received back were hints to fuck off. We realize Mark can't take a hint and clue by fours only piss him off because of his fake autism. After revealing Mark's worthless reappearance, Donny passed along old screen caps from his DA notes showing off Mark's tantrums.

Anonymous hit the JACKPOT after contacting Christine, the target of Mark's decade length butthurt. Mark hates her for not sucking the diseased, stinking, smegma infested cock he constantly shoved in her face and she's not shy in telling us how disgusting he is. Unlike Cyndi and Donny, Christine won't put up with Mark's endless dick waving pity parties. Whenever he acted up, she dickslapped his obese ass down and Mark cried ABUSE because he has no respect for anybody who is "mean" to him. His stupidity climbed until Christine blocked or banned him, leading to further assache. Anonymous awaits the day she beats him over the head with a menorah. We will let Christine's story tell itself. She happily gave us screen caps showing the shitfuckery she put up with for a decade.

Because Mark can't keep a lid on his recent faggotry, his new ff.net account was immediately uncovered, followed by a new fur affinity account Furaffinity-favicon.png scarran and lastly a new devianTART Deviantart-favicon.png quartei. Trolling commenced on FA, and Mark, being a stupid faggot, failed to see his reflection in the colorful commentary he received on his crappy artwork.

Trolling 2013

Gallery of Mark Love About missing Pics
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The butthurt continues!

The website known as kaijuphile recently merged its forums with another site. Mark seized the opportunity to get his greasy cumcrusted hands on a new account where he resumed shitposting and crying to the mods that he wants Christine banned.

All of this is because Christine didn't pat his head and excuse his shitty behavior ten years ago. A decade, fair reader, a decade of hate, harassment and creepiness. He is always the victim, the wounded, the pitiable.

Mark constantly states he learned from his mistakes and immediately proves himself wrong by sticking his head up his ass and tard raging all over the internet ten minutes later. Then he wonders why nobody likes him and his single shit-spackled brain cell comes to the conclusion that everyone else is a bipolar freak.

Because it's never Mark's fault, right?

B& again from Kaijuphile

No pants are gonna cover this assache. Note his bashing of Christine without using her name like he thinks that makes him sneaky.

Mark signed up on the new Kaijuphile board as soon as he saw he had a way in. Old accounts were moved over, but Mark being banned meant he had to make a new one. He tried to be sneaky, however his chronic case of terminal butthurt and verbal diarrhea soon gave him away after he introduced himself by indirectly bashing Christine. Anonymous screencapped this mere minutes before the board admins deleted the butthurt post.

Last Thursday, Cyndi discovered the new Kaijuphile board and signed in. She avoided Mark and did not reply to him or post in a single thread he posted. Mark was too stupid to stay out of her way. He fell straight back into his old habits of responding to a piece of her fanart with demands that she draw unrelated artwork for him. He followed this by YET AGAIN sending her an unwanted private message demanding fanwork. Cyndi, who does a better job than Mark at changing, ignored his message and reported him to the staff for making unwanted contact with her.

Mark wasn't done showing his ass there. Oh, no, gentle reader, Mark had to be certain the admins of the site knew what a faggot he is. This sorry sack of crocodilian cunts sent people messages bashing Christine. Only a few of these were recovered. Donny politely told him to leave people alone and Mark replied to Donny's messages with lies about his abusive past and excuses for his shitty behavior. Donny saw through Mark's mountainous assache and the board staff came to the quick conclusion to shove its collective boot up Mark's flabby ass and kick him off the forum with great joy.

Lulz were had just before this occasion because of a brave anon who joined the forum and trolled Mark's shitposts.

The rest is history.

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MarksExcusesonKP 1.png
Donny tried to tell Mark to stop being a fucktard and Mark's yeast infested anus exploded with excuses. Also, Mark refused to respect Christine's privacy about her past, so we'll give his past the same respect. Watch him roll around looking for pity!

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MarksExcusesonKP 2.png
Mark proves he is a faggot incapable of learning or changing. Can you smell the sizzle of his butthurt?

In Conclusion

Mark is a considerably unstable individual destined to live and die with the word BANNED stamped into his forehead. As mentioned several times above, his unrelenting stupidity, his scaly fetish and stalking behaviors will continue to grow in direct proportion to his shrinking circle of friends.

See Also

Contact Info

This is what ED did to Mark.

Email Address

Mark is now using another unknown email address for his online accounts. Anonymous expects to uncover his new email in the future.

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His mom, Milagros Y Draper

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