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Strawhat's Jolly Roger. Problem Navy?


One Piece (of Shit) is a series about pirates created by Oda, who came up with the idea after reading his favorite Dragonball hentai doujins. Despite this, there is a significant lack of theft, pillaging, rape, wooden limbs, pirates, sodomy or mass executions, which automatically makes it shit. Instead, a roaming crew of do-gooder clichés travel the high seas whilst performing every power-up short of a Super Saiyan or actually crapping themselves in the attempt.

Predictably, each crewmate has a dream (alongside a TRAJIC PAST) which they feel they need to achieve but won't, as Oda knows a cash cow when he sees one and will stretch out the series until he dies of heart failure or is knife-raped in the butt by a pissed fanboy. As a result of this, One Piece could be perceived as a comment on the pseudo-limbo we find ourselves residing in: always wanting something just out of reach and living lives blighted with disappointment. Alternatively, it could be perceived as a money-making behemoth and easy TV which teeters on the verge of being universally slated as bullshit by having a relatively badass moment every 70 episodes or so.

One Piece is immensely popular despite having the worst character designs in history, features countless scenes of characters sobbing like bitches, and will be 1/16th away from completion upon its 40,036th episode, to the point hopefully no one will care, since Eiichiro Oda, who unlike Masashi Kishimoto has no idea when to end his shitty series. It should be noted that his show's content is not appropriate for anyone above the age of 10.

The Plot

Because it would take fucking forever to go into detail on the entire plot so far, we' instead providing you a handy fill-in-the-blank "Story Arc" form:

While out sailing, the Straw Hat crew arrives at [insert name of island here]. They are greeted warmly at first, but the Straw Hats soon begin to notice that something is wrong. The scene then cuts to [insert name of main villain here], who is going about his business doing stereotypical evil things. Luffy is pissed off when he hears about this from [insert name of random crying victim here], so he proceeds to challenge [villain] to a fight, but only after at least three episodes are spent with a flashback of the past featuring even more crying. The villain then sics his/her henchmen on the remaining Straw Hats, and the battle for [island] begins.

All of the Straw Hats are pretty evenly matched with their foes, but Luffy finds that [villain] is much stronger than he expected. Just when it seems that all hope is lost, he receives words of encouragement from [insert name(s) of victims here] and his crew, and he is able to pull through and defeat [villain] by using a new attack that he has recently developed. With [villain] defeated, the citizens and the Straw Hats all have a big celebration in which they all get drunk and have a massive orgy.

The crew then sets sail for the next island, while the citizens of [island] cheer them on, telling them how they'll never forget what the Straw Hats did for them. This usually takes place over a span of a few dozen chapters, all the while setting up who the new bad guy is going to be, and a whole lot of fucking foreshadowing takes place.

The Characters

Usopp IRL
Sanji being the faggot he is. (Note the retarded laugh)
Nigger-in-a-box! With a motherfucking green Afro!
Oda puts lots of details into the facial expressions of his characters.
The Strawhat Pirates
Monkey D. Luffy Think Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four being stuck through a blender with a 13 year old boy. Luffy was born and raised in Pallet Town. It was here he met Shanks who would pass the time trolling him while he was looking for some booty around the town. He is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and can't STFU about becoming the Hokage- I mean, the King of the Pirates. He choked down some fruit which made his whole body goatse). After the timeskip, he learned how to make his body black and hard, and learned how to inflate his bones and muscles.
Zoro The one with a sword fetish. One of the few pirates in the series to have some balls and kill people. This alone makes him the most badass character by a long shot. (Of course if you watch the 4kids version during breakfast you don't get to see that action.) Wanted to have sex with his now dead childhood friend, Kuina, and failed. He is now stalking her shit clone, Tashigi, in order to pass the time with her. Just last Thursday, turns out he was god's incarnate, capable of growing heads and arms, also boost his arm without steroids. After the time skip he's back with only one eye as if his poor sense of direction was not enough.
Nami Kinda like Misty, except she puts out and loves money a lot. This busty redhead is ranked the 4th most popular Anime character by her Wapanese fans in a 4kids poll. Because Nami is a woman, the only way she can fight is to pretend that she's smart and blabber off some meteorological bullshit before electrocuting someone (from a safe distance). This, of course, is useless, because everyone that watches this show doesn't have the brains to understand any of it and would rather stare at her enormous breast implants and fap.
Usopp Some penis nosed sniper, but instead of shooting cool shit and blowing things up, he shoots Tabasco sauce into people's eyes with a sling shot. In the English dub, he's voiced by Howard Dean himself. He also has a retarded alter-ego named "Sogeking", in which he disguises himself by putting a fucking mask on and hoping nobody will recognize him. Amazingly enough, this works on Luffy and Chopper. After the timeskip, Oda gave Usopp some shit to do so he'll stop sucking so much.
Sanji Basically he's Brock from Pokemon. Any time he sees tits he explodes and will defend to the death any character with a vagina. In the original Manga, Sanji is a chain-smoker but 4kids makes him a lollipop addict instead. After thinking too much about tits without fapping, his adrenaline makes him shake his leg at a high velocity, to the point where it bursts into flame for no fucking reason. It's been recently revealed that Sanji is actually the son of an underground crimelord who runs a paramilitary service, and is being forced to marry some big-titted bitch who is Big Mom's daughter (see below).
Chopper A reverse furry. He was born a reindeer but ate a magical fruit which made him a freak of nature. Despite being a furry, Chopper is also the ship doctor. That's right, these motherfucking pirates trust a furry brat with their lives. In an attempt to not fail so hard, Chopper can digest a "Rumble Ball" which allows him to transform into even more fucked up shapes than normal. After the time skip he gets so addicted to it that he becomes able to transform at will.
Robin Theoretically she could jack off 20,000 men with her Devil Fruit power, but unlike Nami, she doesn't put out. Because 4kids has a sadistic joy of deflating stiffies, even her cleavage is censored. She was originally a member of a terrorist organization but after a bunch of epic fail realized it would be best to an hero. She is wanted by the government for being able to decipher poneglyphs which according to them is a talent that could destroy the world.
Franky A cyborg sent back from the future to rescue Sarah Conn- I mean Luffy. Has a tendency to do at least 100 poses without any pants on in every episode. Every single part of his body is made out of metal, except his balls, which are extremely tiny and account for how often he bursts into tears. During the time skip he breaks into some lab and turns himself into the T-2000 model. These modifications cause every male character to shit pure rainbows of joy whenever they see him doing anything that involves his robotic parts in any way.
Brook One day Oda's editors commented on the popularity and sales of horror stuff thanks to the fanfiction known as twilight. In order to make some extra cash, he decided he was going to add his own element into the manga and call it thriller bark, resulting in one of the stupidest Story Arcs ever written in the entire series. Out of this atrocity, the Strawhats met some skeleton who asks to look at girl's panties and makes bad puns. Apparently he's a musician whose crew was killed. He ate some fruit that allowed him to come back to life. He's a musician and his best friend is a fucking whale. Because he died at least 100 years ago, he also qualifies as the old pervert stereotype for the show. After the time skip he becomes none other than Michael Jackson himself. The reason he is a skeleton is that his Devil Fruit allows his soul to return to his body after he has died. However, because he is a fucking retard, and the ship he died on was lost in a bunch of fog, he couldn't find his body and didn't find it until it had rotted away to a skeleton.
White Beard Fried Chicken; a One Piece promotion for black people.
Kuma as he attempts to capture the Straw Hats.
The Yonko
Red-Haired Shanks Luffy's childhood hero. Possibly the only cool character in the whole series as his daily activities involve drinking twice his body weight in sake. He gave Luffy a straw hat in the first episode and promised him butt sex when he returns it to him as the Pirate King. He is a member of the Yonko, which basically gives him God status amongst other pirate crews.
Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard) A fat ugly nigger who has the ability to become even blacker. In a big fat 'fuck you' to science, Oda makes this loathsome cunt's Devil Fruit power the ability to turn into pure darkness. He nearly killed Ace over 9000 episodes ago. Recently, he broke a bunch of pirates out of jail, killed and raped Whitebeard, used some pro hax to steal Whitebeard's powers, and almost destroyed Marine Headquarters. Some argue that he will be the final boss of One Piece.
Big Mom A really fat bitch that showed up last thursday. All she cares about is candy and is willing to destroy an entire island to get it. Is completely batshit insane and forces her children to marry powerful political or social figures to further her own political standing. She dreams of creating a Communist Utopia where everyone from every race can live together in peace, even though she's actually a sociopath who gleefully murders anyone who gets in her way (she's even been shown eating her own subordiantes alive).
Kaido A giant emo who spends his free time trying (unsuccessfully) to commit suicide. The fact that he can't kill himself isn't that he's too stupid to do it (although that's probably a factor), but rather because he's so powerful that he actually can't die. He is the most recently introduced Wanko, and all that's really known about him is that he's been building an army of furries on steroids to take down the government.
The Shichibukai
Dracule Mihawk A dude with a giant crucifix-sword with an insanely high level of sheer badassery. Zoro wants to kill him so he can become the world's greatest swordsman. The first time, Mihawk beat the shit out of him and told him that he needed to give more handjobs before they fight again. Some time later Zoro asked Mihawk to train him in exchange for blowjobs.
Bartholomew Kuma A giant motherfucker that has the ability to blow with his hands. Easily the most loyal to the government. He got tired of Moria fapping instead of following the governments orders, so he blew up Moria's ship. Later on, [[troll|he sent all of the Straw Hats flying in different directions across the world. In other words, if you don't follow the World Government, he'll fuck you up. He's also a Christfag. After the time skip we find out he was actually a good guy who had been brainwashed by the grolious reader.
Boa Handcock Just like her name implies, she's a bitch Oda thought up one afternoon while he was fapping. She has huge tits and dresses like a stripper. She has bigger tits than Nami and Robin put together. Has the ability to make people rock hard just by looking at them with her breasts. Caught Luffy trying to see her boobs over 9000 episodes ago. After revealing her TRAJIC PAST to him, she makes it her life goal to fuck Luffy at every given moment, but Luffy refuses, making it canon that he is actually gay. Also has two giant sisters who can turn into fucking snakes.
Buggy the Clown Definitely the creepiest character in One Piece. Not only is he a fucking evil clown, he can split his body into a million pieces and control them individually. Using this ability, he can separate his cock from his body and rape innocent children without even being near them. It should be noted that he has one of the most powerful Devil Fruits in the series, and would be practically invincible if he wasn't such a fucking retard. Post-timeskip, the government decided to make him a Shitchibukai, just in case you didn't think they were dumb enough.
Edward Weeble A giant asshole who talks like a retard and claims to be the son of Whitebeard. He's been going around killing the former allies of his father, because he thinks they're a bunch of poser fags.
Akainu/Sakazuki He thinks that if someone's father is evil, then that person MUST be evil too. He managed to successfully troll Ace, and killed him for the lulz while Ace was busy being butthurt. He is now in charge of the marine fleet.
Kizaru/Borsalino A retard who doesn't even know how to use a phone, yet is one of the highest ranking members of the marines. For someone who has the ability to move at light speed, he is really fucking slow and couldn't even win in a fight against an old man.
Isshou/Fujitora The most recently revealed Marine Admiral since the timeskip. Rather than finding someone young who still has all their senses, the marines instead chose an old blind man to fill the seat of Marine Admiral. In addition to being blind, Isshou is also a compulsive gambler who leaves all his important decisions to "fate", which he determines by rolling a fucking dice. In other words, rather than obeying the orders of his immediate superiors, he will instead proclaim that he will "let fate decide his actions", even though a dice gives results based on random probability that has nothing to do with "fate". Dumbass.
Smoker A cigar enthusiast who spends his free time hunting down little boys half his age, and pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of his superior officers. Also has the ability to turn into smoke (Get it? His name is Smoker, and he can turn into smoke! Pure comedic genius, amirite?
Coby The show's personal punching bag. Seriously. All this guy does is get beat up until he's forced to get on his knees and suck cock.
Other Characters
Gold Donger The former pirate king. Received the IRL Banhammer for being king of the ass pirates. Now everyone wants to find his treasure so they can be king of the ass pirates as well (and possibly end up getting the IRL banhammer too)!
Gaimon A nigger-in-a-box. He got into this state at least 100 years ago when he fell into a treasure chest and got stuck, and then got abandoned on an island by his crew.
Kuro He wears gloves with a blade on each finger and runs fucking fast (but he feels like the world around him is slow). After getting bored of being a pirate he decided to disguise himself, find a delicious, rich and beautiful loli, and eventually, did it. Unfortunately, having buttsex with Usopp's girlfriend was something Luffy didn't want to tolerate, so he pwnt Kuro in the ass himself.
Pandaman The Where's Waldo? of One Piece. He is a furfag who doesn't know his own age and is on the run from a fucking tomato-person with a moustache because he owes him money.
Arlong A fishman, who periodically raped Nami in her childhood. He has a long nose like Usopp does, except it has spikes on it. It's more appropriate for BDSM.
Princess Vivi The wimpiest, whiniest, most annoying bitch in the series. Doesn't even put out. Gets ditched by the Straw Hats in the end and replaced with another woman who didn't bitch nearly as much but still didn't put out (see above).
Carue A lucky duckie.
Portgas D. Ace Luffy's badass porn star older brother. He was almost killed by some fatass, and was locked up like a nigger who got caught by the cops. Recently it's been discovered that his father really is Gold Donger. This begins at least 100 flashback episodes of how his father would rape him in his sleep. Luffy and the Whitebeard pirates attempted to rescue Ace from the government, but failed resulting in him being fisted to death by Akainu. This of course causes over 9000 chapters of flashbacks to the good ol' days when Luffy, Ace, and Sabo (see below) would run around in a fucking jungle beating the shit out of wild animals.
Crocodile A total ripoff of Captain Hook. He has a hook for one of his arms, and he surrounds himself with banana-crocodile hybrids that eat people. He can turn himself into sand and terrorize the people of the desert, but his weakness is water. Yeah, water. So if somebody were to spit on him or piss on him or ejaculate on him, he'd be fucking dead. Luckily for him, all the niggers that live in the desert are too stupid to think of that. Some fans have speculated that he used to be a woman.
Edward Jewgate Also known as Whitebeard, and the strongest man in the world. He's a large man with a wide handlebar mustache, a neck thicker than his head, and no beard. He gets pissed off when his beloved son, Ace, is captured by the World Government and sentenced to death. He comes to fight them in an all out battle to save Ace's life, although he didn't actually do anything and all he did was stand still smiling like a retard until he got shot by a nigger and died, but not before beating the ever loving shit out of sakasucky for penetrating ace with his fist. This old faggot was so hardcore, when he died, he didn't fall. Blackbeard threw a sheet over him, giving him a chance to use his new 2op ability to steal his ability (presumably by sucking his dead old dick) granting him dual wielding. He also has really hot nurses to take care of him in his old age.
Donquixote Doflamingo Some overly flamboyant guy who doesn't take things seriously, and has weak ass underlings. He publicly announced to everyone that he is after Crocodile's ass

At least a 100 years ago, the faggot used to be a celestial dragon living in Mariejois. His retarded naive dad believed that they were part of human race (which jews are not) so they decided to become illegal immigrants, only to be raped by filthy non-Jewish scum. After getting owned so much as a kid, Doflamingo decided he will one day own the entire world by cutting all their dicks with his string only to get iron fisted by luffy and his emo, treacherous apprentice Law.
Interesting Fact: His Devil Fruit power allows him to create strings from his fingers, and he can "fly" by threading his strings through clouds and swinging on them.

Enel Pronounced "Enerooooo" by wapanese faggots, he can turn himself into lightning and electrocute anyone he wants. Nobody can defeat him because of his lightning ability, except Luffy, who is coincidentally made of rubber, which coincidentally nullifies all effects of lightning, and Luffy coincidentally shows up just as Enel is about to wreak havoc. Also, he is a Jew. Now he's living on the moon with a bunch of fucked up robots with Hitler mustaches.
Conis Annoying blonde angel. Absolutely useless to everyone as she can only whine and get raped by Sanji.
Foxy Despite his name, he is arguably the ugliest character in One Piece. Yet another man with a phallic nose (seriously, wtf?), Foxy turns into an emo whenever people make fun of him. He has the ability to za warudo with his "Noro Noro Beam" for thirty seconds, which is just enough time for him to nose-rape you.
Aokiji/Kuzan A really tall nigger who raped Nico Robin in her childhood. He has the ability to turn into vanilla ice. He recently quit being a marine after getting the shit beaten out of him by Akainu (see above). Post-timeskip, he joined Blackbeard's crew.
Rob Lucci The main villain of the "Water 7" arc, and a member of CP9, which is basically the one piece equivalent of the FBI, ironically enough. His only friend is some fucking bird. He can also turn into a leopard. Despite getting the shit kicked out of him by a little boy, the government decided to promote him to CP0, which is a top-secret intelligence group that answers only to the Jews. He is the only One Piece villain that doesn't have a fucking retarded evil laugh.
Monkey. D. Dragon Luffy's Dad. God fuck me knows how he is Luffy's father, who is the leader of the revolutionary army after reading 1984 over 9000 times. All he has done in the story so far basically consists of him standing on the balcony of a fortress on come island in the middle of nowhere while glaring out at the ocean.
Monkey D. Garp Luffy's grandpa. A great child abuser who can also play basketball with his own black giant ballsack.
Gecko Moria A former Schichibukai. He is a giant who steals other people's shadows to make zombies, half of which are utterly useless. He says he wants to be the Pirate King, but he never does anything about it except sit around in his ship all day and jack off all day. The government made him disappear after the war with Whitebeard because they decided he sucked too much to be a Shotabukai.
Perona A whining loli bitch who likes to make people turn emo with the use of ghosts. In recent episodes, she raped Zoro in his sleep and made him her slave.
Emporio Ivankov A trap with a giant head and the ability to make everyone else trannies. His introduction to the series spawned thousands of Rule 63 pictures on DA and Pixiv. There is some speculation that this character is Oda's vision of his dream self. In response to fan mail, Oda himself once drew what most of the main characters would look like genderswapped.
Magellan a goat looking fat guy that works as the warden of impel down, his powers let him produce poison that kills anything, yeah, he's probably one of the strongest characters in the series as he was able to BTFO Blackbeard's entire crew without even giving a fuck, although this fact didn't stop him from getting trolled by luffy and boa. When he realizes all the niggers are going to escape, he breaks out his secret technique and transforms into satan, if he had only done that sooner, luffy would be dead. He suffers from diarrhea 10 hours every day because he eats poisoned food. After the prison break he became an emo and was demoted.
Hody Jones Some racist shark-man that wanted to destroy the human race, because he believed that his species, the Fishmen, were superior. The reason for this butthurt is that in the One Piece world, fishmen are basically the equivalent of niggers. Hody was going to carry out his plan by taking huge amounts of steroids, but in the end, the drugs turned him and his crew into old men.
Shirahoshi Undoubtedly one of the most annoying characters in the whole series. She's a giant mermaid who cries at everything remotely frightening or depressing, and spends all of her time locked up in a tower due to being stalked by a greasy wop pervert who keeps trying to murder her. Apparently she also has the cability to destroy the world by talking to sea monsters or some shit.
Sabo Luffy and Ace's other brother that noone knew about until around 600 chapters into the story. He is the son of some upper-class pricks, but feels ashamed of his heritage and societal power. Thought to have been killed over 9000 year ago, however it was recently revealed to everyone's surprise that OMG HE WAS STILL ALIVE!!! Now he works as a lieutenant in the Revolutionary Army, and ate Ace's devil fruit so he can turn into fire.
Trafalgar D. Water Law A guy with the ability to telepathically take apart other peoples' bodies and reassemble them, as well as swap personalities. Supposedly, he can also use his powers to grant someone eternal youth at the price of becoming an hero. He formed an alliance with the straw hat pirates last Thursday, and was also declared a shichiboo-who-gives-a-shit.

Law was apparently an AIDs victim born in a country full AIDs people. The joos declares that AIDs are contagious (even though they're not) just so they could start a lollercaust for the lulz and gaining more jew gold. Law would later survive, and decided to pull a Columbine on the whole world, only to fall in love with a retard who can't speak named Corazon, who later turned out to be some kind of secret government agent.

The Minks The Minks are a race of furries that live on the back of a giant elephant that wanders around in the ocean doing nothing. I'm not even going to bother naming specific Minks because it's all just so much schlock at this point. All there really is to say is that Eiichiro Oda has finally revealed his true identity as a furfag, and seems to enjoy drawing dog-women with big tits.
Cesar Clown the josef mengele of the show, he used to be a researcher who worked for dr. vagispunk until he decided to blow up an entire island for the lulz, he also trolled the survivors by poisoning the atmosphere, turning them into cripples who can't walk. He then spent the next 4 years jacking off in his creepy labratory while occasionally stitching twins together, snatching up kids and poisoning his subordinates so he can lol at them. His devil fruit ability lets him gas jews to death by farting on them. He had a hot secretary, which he killed, proving that he is either gay like most other characters in the show, or a necrophile (the latter being more likely).
Jack Jack is a fuckoff gigantic elephant that is impossible to kill and works for Kaido, this guy is literally made of win, with a bounty of a billion dollars, he went to Zou and started a massive race war against the aforementioned furries despite being a furry himself and personally smacked the shit out of 90% of the furries on the island (including the women and children) and destroyed their capital city all by himself for the lulz. After butchering furfags for 5 days straight he got bored of furries trying to bitch slap him with their tazer guns so he gassed the remaining furries with the weapon Cesar created and fucked off back to his ship to jack off to some elephant porn. The only thing he did wrong was using gas instead of fire to off the furfags.

"The Will of D."

Apparently, characters who have the initial "D." in their names have some sort of mystical importance in the world, which Eiichiro Odick refuses to explain. Instead, we get to sit through chapter after chapter of Oda dropping vague hints about the meaning of "D.", the most recent of which implying that "D." carriers are destined to kill God or some shit. One can only imagine the looks of pure raeg on readers' faces when he Oda finally reveals that "D." stands for "Dongers".

4Kids = Trolls

In one of the most epic trolling events to ever take place, a company called 4Kids decided to piss off all American One Piece fans for the lulz. They acquired the rights to the One Piece anime and decided to completely edit the series to see how loud fanboys could BAWWWW. They cut down the series to half of its intended length, replaced cigarettes with lollipops, guns with water pistols, edited out blood, and "religious symbols" (a fucking Christmas tree), and assigned each character with the most obnoxious voice actor they could find.

Although butthurt about these edits, these were not the reasons why One Piece fans were so upset with the dub. All hell broke loose only as soon as fans realized that 4Kids edited out all tits from the series, consequently turning all the chicks into males and bringing One Piece to a whole new level of faggotry. Just look at any One Piece forum and search for "4kids dub", and you will be supplied with hours of fanboys BAWWWWing about how they can't fap to Nami while watching cartoon network with their younger siblings.

A prime example of the 4Kids's dub:

After at least 100 episodes of replacing bullets with "poison suction cups", editing out black character's faces and getting the names of the leads wrong, 4Kids had a terrible case of troll's remorse. The One Piece team quit and would have killed themselves if it wasn't for the fact that the entire editing staff they hired was comprised of concerned mothers and racist Catholic priests. The problem of the ensuing gang of roaming, unemployed pedants and Republicans was soon solved by Oda, who had them all shot upon learning of said westerners cheating him out of his precious cash.

Funimation has recently bought the rights to the dub, and have brought it back to being much closer to the Japanese version, with the exception of renaming the show DBZ 2.0 and retaining 4kid's retarded name changes. The new dub aired on September 29th, 2007 and nothing of value was lost.

Despite its butchery by 4kids and dubious initial appeal, One Piece is a beloved staple of the animu diets of 13 year old boys, who either watch all 600 episodes or so and then won't shut up about it being awesome or will watch all 600 episodes or so and then won't shut up about it being horse barf.

Trolling One Piece Fans

While the show is complete shit, there are numerous fanboys and legions of 13-year old boys who will defend it to the death. Being so it isn't very hard at all to troll them, but lulz are almost guaranteed if you do.

Occasionally Oda decides to skip a chapter in order to enjoy some time off. These breaks happen at least 100 times a year and can last between 2 weeks and 6 months. During this time, the season of rabid fanboyism and bawwwing is at record highs, making it ripe to troll. The easiest way to troll is make fake spoilers around the beginning of the week when they are dropped from the motherland and have the fans speculate whether they're real or not. If you are truly up to the challenge you can read the entire series over 9000 times and see how many people you can convince that its real until someone who can translate japanese proves you wrong. If done properly a winrar could be you.

Other methods of trolling include:

  • Asking when the next chapter is released.
  • Asking where you can download the 4kids dub online.
  • Asking how many years until the series is finished (answer is never, see pokemon).
  • Calling the character Zoro Zolo every time you mention him.
  • Telling them that Bleach is better.
  • Commenting on how much the art is shit.
  • Using this article as a basis for any argument.


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