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At least 100 percent of Lolcat pix will be cuntpasted with this
Oh Noesome

Often used during flame wars, 'Oh Noes!' is a retardation of the words 'Oh No!'. Most often, when you or another person are seen as 'over-reacting' to something on the internet, a smug asshole will troll you by saying something along the lines of 'Oh noes! (Insert whatever the fuck you were complaining about) the world is gonna end now!!1!11.' Followed by a tl;dr wall of leet speak text designed to dehumanise you and humiliate you, because the said troll is actually Dane Cook. But they have no fucking right to do this. They should know by now the internet is SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS.


black person variant. Disregard that he's not black.

Go onto any forum at all, evar, and search for 'Oh noes!' You will find at least over 9000 results. This plague has been like crack to the basement dwellers who conspire on said forums. They live off it. They need it. It's their fucking precious. Examples are as follows:

Oh noes, now all those silly silly girls want me to be this glorious and dazzling Edward and I'll never ever get a date for the rest of my life!!1


—Regarding the movie Twilight

Oh noes! You don't like the smell? Maybe I don't like the smell that some cars produce? I sure as hell don't like it when people fart near me or if someone has bad body odor. You get a sore throat, maybe I get a headache from prolonged exposure to those smells. Should we make everything that doesn't smell good illegal?


Aspie bitching about people bitching about smoking



Fag with herpes

Oh noes! We can't have a black person ruling the world! He's going to enslave white peoplez! NO. FAIL. Your an racist asshole and should be shot and raeped until your daed you fucken sickening peice of shit. People like you should jsut have there skin ripped off then should be burned alive while having 5 boiling hot rods shoved up you're ass. Maybe that'll taech you a lesson you racist fuck.


—McCain Supporter

Regarding T3h

If you REALLY want to get your point across, try adding "teh". This is not only corruption of the word "the", but also an illogical use of a definite article in the middle of a sentence. Therefore, it is bound to make your point all the more lulzy.


  • "Oh teh noez! I'm out of eyeliynurrz!"
  • "Oh teh noes! I gained half an ounce of weight after that tic-tac!"
  • "0h t3h n03z!!1! 0MG H4X!11!!"
  • "Oh teh noez! I droped my decapitated wife's head in my soup!... Oh well.

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