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99% circlejerking, 1% not banned within the first hour

Occupy Democrats known as Occupy Dumbasses among the sane of our number, is one of Facebook's top political pages and a website dedicated to bringing you the most unbiased memes and news reports. It was founded around the time of the Occupy Wall Street movement in it's full swing and caters to low life hipsters, college students, feminists, niggers, and people stuck working at McDonald's. Occupy Democrats is well known for it's cult like worship of Barack Obama, FDR, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, along with it's unending hatred and juvenile vitriol for The Donald, Republicans, Reagan, libertarians, white people, men, and every other thing tumblr hates at a given moment. Typical Occupy Democrats posts include: egregiously misleading comparisons of ideologies with Adolf Hitler, thinking everything the government provides is a sterling example of socialism, as well as the complete failure to understand economics, as evidenced by misinformed or flat out bullshit posts.

Occupy Democrats is very defensive of their patently false memes quivering Obama fanaticism. Anyone proving them wrong in the comments section will see an instant ban and block by the butthurt admins of the page.

How to Get Banned by Occupy Democrats

Occupy Democrats loves to ban people who don't fit into their hivemind. Anybody who doesn't buy into the Bernie Sanders circlejerk bandwagon brigade will see the ban hammer dopped on them immediately. Rarely does Occupy Democrats respond to the "trolls" (which tend to usually be sane people who stumbled upon their page or newfags), but when they do, it's usually with a snarky and smug insult, which is given to say that their page is run most likely by a ton of le epic anonymous redditors who still think being a part of the Occupy Wall Street movement is still cool.

Debunk Their Posts

Every Occupy Democrats post summed up in a nutshell

Occupy Democrats hates facts, unless they come from their own website or a liberal news media outlet like Salon. Debunking their posts will result in butthurt Berniebros and feminists calling you a sexist and racist pig, with nothing to back up their paltry "arguments." All told, this process may well last in excess of 2 or 3 hours before the admins drop the banhammer on you. Their unsourced memes must stay afloat. Debunking them on gun control for example will get you hoards of 14 year old virgins with My Little Pony or Steven Universe avatars calling you a coward with a small penis, along with sexually immature baby boomers with a fetish for Child Pornography calling you an ammosexual danger to America, while demanding to see said 14 year old virgins tits in the hope of getting their useless penis erect.

Be a White, Cis-Male Without Guilt

Refuse to be a cuck and bow down to the idiot Jews running the page. They hate people who aren't PoC tranny womyn of color who love themselves. A good 90% of their page is made up of self hating white people. In addition, there's a large republican population that is voting for Bernie Sanders cuz they don't want The Donald to win the election and suck Obama's nigger cock for dumb reasons.

Disagree With Them

Even if you agree with all their posts, it will result in you getting banned from their page. Among their misbegotten kind, you MUST support Bernie Sanders, a $15 minimum wage, and excessive taxing. According to Occupy Democrats, people who disagree with them are all racist, sexist bigots. They also boast about being logical, despite being populated by redditors.

Similar pages

Many pages have flat out copied Occupy Democrats formula of posting unsourced memes with irrelevant or fictional people to try and make a point or have existed long before the page started. Either way, these are some pages worth mentioning that do a similar job to Occupy Democrats.

The Other 98%

Take Occupy Democrats, but fill it with more egotistical and edgy 14 year old genderqueer polyromantic attention whores who contribute a lot to society or middle aged hippies with the mental capacity and spelling skills of a 2nd grader and the sexual insecurity and genitalia obsession of Chris-Chan, this is the result. The only difference between this page and Occupy Democrats past the name and site to "source" their memes is that they claim to be for the "other 98%" which is supposedly poor people, but in reality, is occupied by approximately 95% upper middle class tumblr users who think they're oppressed by everything.

US Uncut

Pretty much Occupy Democrats, but with a fetish for Big Black Cock and for being a venting ground for self-hating white people. It was US Uncut that tried to claim that the KKK was at a Donald Trump rally while ignoring the fact that it was a bunch of niggers wearing KKK hoods hoping to stir up controversy.

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