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Police.gif YA RLY!
The correct response to O RLY?
The correct response to YA RLY
NO WAI has been trolled
O Rly International Airport

O rly? is an old meme from ytmnd, which eventually found its way to 4chan and Something Awful. While on SA, the only part of the meme was the phrase itself, but it soon spawned a bunch of image macros, with the most popular being the O RLY? owl. On YTMND, it had a similar fate, however it was accompanied by M&H band's cover of Popcorn. Recently, O RLY has spread to lj icons and the like. The O RLY? owl is a snowy owl image macro popular on the internets.

Furfags. Once again ruining all that is good.


Megaman, perpetuating faggotry.
  1. Oh really
  2. Bill O'RLY
  3. Orly
  4. Orly Taitz
  5. Oh rapists love you
  6. Lj-favicon.png o_rly_factor
  7. Orally


  • "You're gay." "O rly?"
  • "I was watching O rly last night." "O rly?"
  • "Motherfucking bus crushed our bass player twice on purpose, now we have to hire a new guy." "O RLY?"
  • "That kid is choking to death." "O RLY?"
  • "Is John Bolton a man?" "No, not rly."
  • "YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!" "O rly?" "Ya Rly." "No U"

Situations in which one does not know their facts call for the usage of O rly. When Godwin's Law comes into a situation, O rly can be used to combat the accuser.

Standardized Response

In order to combat the widespread evil and gay-ness of O rly, scientists in labcoats invented their own rival term: ya rly. This term can be used to shut up any whiny troll or 16-year-old girl on the internets.

  • "O rly?" "Ya rly"

But it doesn't end there. there is an additional response you can use when someone says "ya rly."

  • "O rly?" "Ya rly" "NO WAI!"

The correct response to this is "YA WAI".

  • "O rly?" "Ya rly" "NO WAI!" "YA WAI"

The correct response to this is "Okay."

  • "O rly?" "Ya rly" "NO WAI!" "YA WAI" "Okay."

Foreign Versions

Old rly, amirite?

The Russians, envious of the British O RLY?, made up their own version of O RLY to make themselves feel important. The Russian O RLY is the word PREVED!, which is in some crazy foreign language noone has ever heard of.

PREVED! has a bear instead of an owl, and it what you say when you spot something surprising going on, such as Brotney Spears naked from the waist down, or some people fucking in the woods.

The Japanese use an almost literal translation of O RLY with the same picture of the owl, except they use the text, "MAJI DESU KA?!". But mostly japan doesn't give a fuck.

The French, in their ignorance of any legitimate language, persist in having a city named Orly, not to be confused with Orlyans or New Orlyans.

The Mexican, using their weird Mexican Spanish, state this as "neta?" and the answer to this should then be "si, neta".

Other Notes

The O Rly owl was immortalized as a clothing item for Gaia Online, an anime role playing community populated by people who weren't good enough for LJ (or any other community on the internet, for that matter).

The photofag who took the original O Rly owl photo has asserted his ownership, causing drama on Wikipedia.[2] Anyone who tries to make money from his photo will feel his wrath.[3][4]



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