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OTI is an acroynm standing for "On the Internet", or "On Teh Internets" - depending on how net-savvy you are. Not to be confused with OT I (Operating Thetan I [the level at which Scientologists gain supernatural powers like the ability to give a headcount]) or OMTI ("Oh, My Testicles Itch"), or OTL (weaboo LJ RP shit for "little bowing man".)

It is not synonymous with OL, as might be logically assumed, but instead refers to talking exclusively about the internet on the internet - especially when talking about the medium that you are using to talk with. It is primarily a phrase used to indicate a breach of the fourth wall.


OTI is primarily an adjective, though some people will also use it as a noun. Eighty percent of the usage panel prefers its use as an adjective but, in addition, 24 percent of the panel also accepts its use as a verb.

Note: if you rearrange OTI to OIT, it stands for "Office of Information Technology". If you rearrange OTI to ITO it stands for the Judge that let OJ Simpson get away with killing Nicole Ritchie and Goldman Sachs. ITO also stands for Indium Tin Oxide, which is delicious. If you rearrange OTI to IOT it stands for Illuminates of Thanateros, the chaos magic organization formed in Germany in 1976.

Application of OTI IRL

OTI can be used IRL in conjunction with other TLAs FTW.

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