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OMGFacts...the real person. Also, nice booger picking pimple.

Most sixteen year old boys are busy chasing girls, getting drunk and high, acting like dumb cunts, and trying to beat the latest video game so they can have bragging rights with their faggoty friends. Not so for Adorian Deck, the youthful cyber-geek who also happens to maintain Twitter-favicon.png OMGFacts, a twitter account that, until recently, had over 300,000 followers. Instead of doing all those things that normal sixteen year olds do, Adorian was growing an immense case of USI, causing him to think that he could (gasp) defame the civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. And best of all, he thought he could get away with it on MLK’s birthday.


tweet sparks a witch hunt

@OMGFacts usually spent his time posting innocent little quips such as “The inventor of Vaseline ate a spoonful of the stuff every morning” and gained a huge twitter following because of the innocuous fun that his posts gave his many fans. Using such tools as Google and Wikipedia, OMGFacts would post informational tidbits several times a day. From September of 2009, until January of 2010, he had slowly gained a following that eventually led to over 300,000 followers that included such notable people as Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, and Alyssa Milano. It may be that because he had so many followers and so many famous people watching him, that he thought he could get away with slandering the famous civil rights leader by tweeting the following eyebrow-raising detail on MLK’s birthday:

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spent his last night on Earth having sex with two women


—Negros lost their mind

What followed that tweet was a shitstorm of such a grand scale that many people dropped the account and raged at the sixteen year old, punk kid’s petty insolence. Posts sprang up all over the internet blogosphere demanding that people should drop the twitter account and some radical idiots even thought of lawsuits…forgetting that it was a stupid high school nerd who had posted the pseudo-fact in the first place.

It was just a shocking fact to me. And I thought people would want to know. And it was the opposite -- at least not on Martin Luther King Day.


—Politically Correct mind control never takes a day off.


This shut down...
Unfollow @OMGFacts for their crude tweet about Martin Luther King Jr yesterday!


—Some knee-jerk reactionist jumping on the PC bandwagon.

Never mind the fact that MLK probably did sleep with two women the night prior to his assassination, everybody on twitter who had been watching transformed into a torch and pitch fork bearing mob that screamed for @OMGFact’s blood. The twitter account was shut down and the offending post deleted.

It was very incredible, I never thought of it. It's just insanity


—Welcome to PC mob mentality, Adorian

At first, people thought that twitter itself had shut the site down after receiving negative comments concerning the racist content of the tweet, but slowly it came to light that Adorian Deck had shut the twitter account down himself, attempting to avoid the appalling number of comments he was surely going to get. Nevertheless, the account is back up and running, only this time there is no mention of MLK to be seen. A subsequent OMGFacts blog post concerning the event has since disappeared and the only comment about any of the controversy was Deck telling ABC news that he was going to take a bit of a hiatus to recover and think about things…as if losing over 200,000 twitter followers is such an ordeal.


OMGFacts has since apologized for the offending post and has gone on to explain that he didn’t think that people would react the way they did. In fact, at first he attempted to play the whole drama off as a tweet in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., saying that he meant the post to be a happy celebration of the man, his works, and the country that celebrates what MLK has taught us all…but Deck failed to realize that telling us about his sex life was about as retarded a mistake as anyone could ever make. He has also admitted to no small amount of USI, stating that:

Basically, as OMGFacts has gotten bigger… it's gotten to my head a bit, I've started to say things to the public that I don't think about at first. … I don't think about what that sounds like to other people. [The post] wasn't meant to be racist or disrespectful to other people.


—Typical WHITEY

Adorian still hasn’t told anyone where exactly he found the information he posted, but nobody has been able to find any sort of substantiating evidence so far…unless you count the many links that Google provides when you search for “MLK womanizer". Also, he comes off as a bit unapologetic, telling the world that he doesn't regret the whole flap:

I don't regret it, I learned a humongous lesson of responsibility.


—Defiant until the end, Adorian Deck


When are you gonna learn white boy? It doesn't matter how cute you think you are or how many 13 year old girls gasp at your stupid tweets and YouTube videos, you can't go around dissin' MLK...on his birthday!


Adorian Deck has his own YouTube channel which is full of videos where he puts his huge head right up to the camera and acts like a retarded chimp.

As with most YouTube accounts, the videos aren't really the funny part, despite the fact that the vlogger is vainly trying to be humorous. No, the real funny part is the quotes...

R.I.P. @OMGFacts Sept 2009-Mid-Jan 2010. I will miss you AND your interesting facts.

I wanna build a headstone for you and pray to God that all of the facts he posted, made by Adorian, will be missed and 300,000+ brains will be useless.


—The Brains...they do nothing!!!

Doode..your HOTT!


—and life goes on...

i wish i was on top of you'r bed with you ;D That would be kinda funny.... but i mean that's not wrong, cause i think you'r cute & you'r 16ish and im 13 soo yeh.



yur a gay HOMO fagget


—from YouTube user Ihitlersnazi...go figure

If had been about any other famous person, no one would have cared, but since MLK has become so idolized...


—Saying what a lot of people are thinking.

This is so stupid to be offended by this. It's not like he made something up to insult MLK, he stated a FACT, it's not his fault that MLK didn't think of what he was doing that final night, everybody should just get over it!



I totally agree with theoneonlyme on this. I hate using the race card, but it's true. No one would have said a word about this had the guy been white. I am a youtuber, just like Adorian and it saddens me that we have to be careful what we say because we might offend people. If you don't like the facts he tweets then don't read them. It's that simple.


—But this may look bad on a job resume!


Since Adorian is such a self absorbed idiot, all of his social bookmarking sites are full of pictures of just him acting "cute" in front of the camera. In the interest of less faggotry on Encyclopedia Dramatica, only four images will be reproduced here.

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