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An anime fag completely 'spergs out about nyoro~n in weeaboo comic form.
An example
Another tard's attempt at humor.
Last Thursday, Nyoro~n was told "Tits or GTFO." She chose the (thirty) former.

Nyoro~n, sometimes known as Hurricane Nyoron, is a lame image macro originating from 4chan. It's basically a picture of an green-haired, anime girl in the chibi style, named Churuyan, with text next to it which always ends with "nyoro~n".


Nyoro~n is a catchphrase from a mini cartoon series called Nyoron Churuyu-san, which is a total rip-off of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, which features all the main characters, but they all have the same face as Brock. Churuyu, a made-up loli dwarf character who wasn't involved in the Haruhi anime, is an annoying dumbshit which has an obsession with smoked cheese, is frequently treated like utter shit by the other characters and frequently says "Nyoron~n" whenever something happens which doesn't quite go her way. Nyroron~n is basically this character's version of "sighing", and is frequently used in the 2 minute episodes which is not unlike a forced meme.

The phrase soon gained the attention of a group of pedophiles, who were lurking into the darkness of Something Awful's rectum and bought over 9000 banners in an attempt to convince the goons that pedophilia is totally cool. Soon, everyone got sick of it, so some Nyoro~ntards with too much money on their hands bought counter-banner-ads about how much the banner-ads sucked, and the meme was soon forgotten. Then some troglodyte dug it out of the trash, wiped it off, glued on some googly eyes and pink pipe-cleaner antennae, and proceeded to parade it around 4chan in a failed attempt to become the next Raptor Jesus.



Tsundeban is a parody combining Tsundere with the Taliban, featured in a series of Korean 4-koma meant to criticize the indecision of the Taliban, after the kidnapping of 23 Korean Christians in July [1]. The hostages were released in late August according to Wikipedia [2], which makes the meme both notable and referenced, and must now be included in as many articles as possible...........nyoro~n

Nyoro Nyolo

A heavily reposted flash usually called nyoronyolo.swf has been circulating on the chans, and it uses some music from some PSP game developed by Sony. Due to its wide success, the song used is probably the only lasting achievement of Sony, despite it simply being Nyoro~n and in a rather simple, retarded flash......nyoro~n.

Animated Series!

In early 2009, Japanese animation studio Kadokawa decided to milk Haruhi for all it's worth, proving that anything as mundane and insignificant as a failed meme can be taken too far.

Oh, such fun they are. Nyoro~n...


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