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Every Furries Wet Dream

Oh God wtf
A genuine example of a nyan cat fan. (Also, a genuine example of a Failfox n00b with 9001 toolbars.)
Introducing, taC nayN!

Nyan Cat (or Pop-Tart Cat) is a shitty meme, which was stolen by some faggot and posted on the net.

What exactly is this meme?

Nyancat as depicted in the Koran

The meme itself was nothing more than a pixelated picture of a cat/poptart hybrid by a furry named Prguitarman, aka Chris Torres, who wanted to combine his two desired fetishes: food and cats, while simultaneously making his buttfucked creation shit rainbows with enough propulsive power to launch it into space. It soon became a popular image among furfags and even some non-furfags.

It also became an excuse for Saraj00n to make a shitty video of it with Hatsune Miku music in the background to gain views, since half of his other shit is beyond irredeemable.

Obligatory Rule 34


"Get your hands out of your pants, you sick fuck."

Its Fame

The meme suddenly sprouted fame once Ray William Johnson came all over the place after the first nyan. He then, just as with all the fecal detritus he posts, ripped the video for his utterly fail show.

The video from where Nyan Cat got its fame. (Skip to 1:06 for the cat)

Full Of Himself

Once Prguitarman got the e-fame he whored so desperately for, he decided to take it another step and began mass advertising.

Like all (forced up your ass) memes, T-shirts have been made and soon a FA banner of a shitty nyan Fender. Blind dumbshit furries praised it, while others raged at how irritating it was. Luckily, it was taken down after a few days.



Official Lyrics

now i feel like voring some poptarts. luckily for you i happen to have a few boxes right here with me. lucky because if i didnt i'd be having fendtarts for dinner instead.


—A sick fuck furry

The Cancer Spreads

After Saraj00n and RWJ made their videos about Nyan Cat, more and more people jumped on the bandwagon and started making their own even shittier roasts. These pieces of shit were usually made up of Nyan Cat spin-offs, camwhores acting like Nyan Cat, and even some faggots who dressed up their pets like Nyan Cat.

The result of a fat nerd discovering Nyan Cat.

And the result of an autist discovering Nyan Cat.

Shit made worse.

Now with added epilepsy!


TeamFortress-fags getting in on the fun.

Nyan Cat done wrong can produce something even worse.

Typical Nyan Cat fan putting his cat through hell.

A failed attempt at making Nyan Cat 3D.

A shitty rave remix.

Note the horrible "NYAN-thousand" pun on the Over 9000 meme.

The worst Nyan Cat remix... ever.

Another fail.

A shitty parody, but at least it doesn't have the shitty soundtrack.

A belieber who is also a Nyan Cat fan? Holy shit.

Another fake anon.

The eproctophilia‎ version.

One mentally fucked-up wannabe-furfag called YouTube Favicon.png 445michele went and took shit to the extreme and made a giant poptart, wore it on along with cat ears and a mask with a hole in it and pretended to run through space. The video of that shit is below.

He's now giving away the giant poptart costume in a competition.

A retard called YouTube Favicon.png MyLostGames (his channel is blank and his videos are hidden) shat out what could very well be the most fucktarded Nyan Cat video yet. NYAN CAT DISCO REMIX, with Nyan Cat doing a series of faggot disco moves throughout. It seems to have not come to the attention of the video's creator that disco died way back in early 90s. Still, that didn't prevent this video from being jizzed to by the furfags of the internet.

If you didn't facepalm at this, you are not normal.

Real Lyrics

Yum nigga nigga yum yum yum yum yum nigga yum nigga yum yum yum nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga yum nigga yum yum yum yum.

Ownership Drama

The site that is essentially poptart cat on a loop is http://nyan.cat which is owned by Huy Hong, a faggot who is responsible for other such meme travesties as blippy 404 http://blippy.com/404 and mooninites unite http://mooninitesunite.org/. These sites show that Huy is mentally challenged when it comes to making original content so of course he would leech poptart cat and make yet another meme site, after the site was made, Prguitarman had to keep fighting Twitter-favicon.png huy on Twitter to make sure he wasn't trying to steal poptart cat.

Huy never got that he didn't own poptart cat so he went ahead and made this humble post to Tumblr saying that he made it famous and that the graphics files which are not his are soon to be released under a creative commons license. PRguitarman fired back with this post which also explains the memes history in better detail.


On June 27th 2011, Saraj00n's Nyan Cat video got DMCA'd by someone posing as PRguitarman. The poser filed a false copyright claim to YouTube which caused the Nyan Cat video to removed. Immense butthurt was caused and the lulz was milked. The Nyan Cat fans then attacked PRGuitarman's channel and videos with a shitstorm of hate, and he was emailed hate mail and death threats. When PRGuitarman realized what had happened, he made this blog post crying about how he was being impersonated and that he was being wrongly accused of flagging down the video.

On June 28th 2011, the video was restored after Prguitarman, Saraj00n, and DaniwellP got together and filed counter-DMCAs. Unfortunately, the video was restored it's former shittiness, but the YouTube Staff didn't restore the Nyan Cat progress bar.

"To all the fags butthurt over PrGuitarman flagging down the Nyan Cat: It was flagged due to copyright infringement, GET THE FUCK OVER IT FGTS"


YouTube Favicon.png DeathToNyanCat putting the Nyan Cat fans in their place.


More believable than Xenu.

Some Nyan Cat fantards on Roblox took shit to the extreme by starting their own religion about Nyan Cat - Nyanism - a religion that reeks of fail and oozes of retardation. The faggot who shat out this religion was some Rofag called destin8r. Some people converted to this fail religion, while the people who had more than one brain cell laughed at destin8r's complete and utter failure.

Here are some of the delusional cunts who are a part of this bullshit religion.

And for all your trolling needs here is the Nyanism group link.

The Religion Spreads

Once Nyanism was well and truly rooted on Roblox, the cancer spread its evil grip to Facebook where some fucktard created a page dedicated to Nyanism.

Nyanism page on Facebook.

I Can Haz Moniez Pl0X?

Expect to see this banner on practically every website you go on.

Recently, PRGuitarman began whoring money from selling fucktarded Nyan Cat products such as Nyan Cat keychains, necklaces, art books and all kinds of other shit that only a cancer-spreading 12-year-old boy would buy. He began to make a profit from his products.

Unfortunately PRGuitarman didn't stop there. As he descended further and further into the ways of the Jew, he became more desperate for money and so he resorted to mass advertising. Now you can't go on the internet without seeing at least one of PRGuitarman's shitty ads.

Unless you have Adblock on Firefox then you don't see that shit.

Trolling Nyan Cat Fantards




—This is a typical comment from a Nyan Cat fantard when they find something that is against Nyan Cat.

A Nyan Cat fantard gets pwned.
So much motherfucking butthurt.

Nyan Cat fanboys are exceptionally easy to troll. Nyan Cat fanboys tend to fall into one of the following categories.

Troll them by:

  • Direct them to this article.
    • Note that these fantards will get incredibly butthurt upon reading this article so be prepared to have to revert a fuckload of butthurt vandalism if you choose to do this. Still an effective way of trolling nonetheless.
  • Linking them to this YouTube channel or this YouTube channel.
  • Point out that Nyan Cat is technically American and not Japanese on the Jap-Nyan Cat video. Because prguitarbitch isnt Japanese so its false.
  • Post videos of the Nyan Cat being killed or tortured in some way. (Pictures work also, but are usually less effective)
  • Post a link to a shock site and tell them it is a never before seen Nyan Cat video. (Be sure to disguise the link using TinyURL or something similar)
  • Post a link to Last Measure, tell them it's a Nyan Cat fansite and milk the lulz as you watch them rage when they discover that it isn't a fansite.
    • Because nearly every browser blocks Last Measure they won't be able to go onto the site itself without being talked into doing so but they will still get butthurt over the fact that you tried to put a virus on their computer so it's still relatively lulz-worthy.
      • Or you can use a different Last Measure other than the "X.on.nimp.org" ones. (List of Last Measure mirrors that are available can be found here)
  • Link them to this website or for even more lulz, this one.
  • Link them to the Offended page or the Pain Series.
  • Upload a video to JewTube saying that you hate Nyan Cat.
  • Go the main Nyan Cat video and spam lyrics from Slipknot songs in the comments.
    • Because Nyan Cat fans spam a Slipknot vid on a regular basis, so this will give them a taste of their own medicine here. (That is why I chose Slipknot in particular.)
  • Post Rule 34'd pictures of Nyan Cat on Nyan Cat fansites. (This will cause butthurt, although there will be the odd sick fuck who will fap to it)
  • Tell them that most of the Nyan Cat fanbase is made up of underage boys and girls and the other part is made up of mentally disturbed furfags. (Because it's true)
  • Create a website and make it so that every page on it is talking shit about Nyan Cat and it's creator. Add a guestbook and/or forums for the fantards to rage on for extra lulz.
  • Flame Saraj00n and Prguitarman. This will cause Nyan Cat fantards to come in to defend them crying that their idols are being attacked. Enjoy seeing mass butthurt.
  • Remind them that this is the internet whenever they get butthurt.
  • False DMCA or false flag any Nyan Cat videos you come across. If they get removed, enjoy mass butthurt and possibly some an hero.
  • Say that you are the person behind the Nyan Cat video being DMCA'd.
  • Tell the Nyan Cat fanboys that if you were to combine Nyan Cat with any internet meme, the meme it was combined with would be ruined. (Because it's true)
  • Vandalize the Nyan Cat Wiki (yes someone was fucktarded enough to make wiki about a fucking 8-bit poptart cat) as much as possible as watch as the 10-year old admins get butthurt over edits.
    • Trick them into thinking that the wiki has been abandoned due to vandalism issues by posting Pastebinfavicon.png this lulzy bit of code on every page.
  • Link them to Nyan Cat Stinger (which is basically like a mini-Offended page) and milk the lulz as they rage at what they see. Also contains a link to ED's very own Offended Page.
  • Plenty of faggotry here. Should provide some lulz when the channel owners and the Nyan Cat fangirls/boys get butthurt.
  • Another good JewTube channel for trolling. Not about Nyan Cat but saying things like "Nyan Cat is unfunny" should cause the fans to whine.
  • Tell them Nyan Cat doesn't exist IRL. (Ultimate trolling technique - enjoy mass an hero)
  • Show them this.
  • Make an example of them. Tell them to look at one their "NYANYANYANYA" comments and show them how retarded they look. Generally lulzy.
  • Nyan Cat chatroom to troll on. Rarely used by actual Nyan Cat fans and is not moderated, trolled to Oblivion and back on a daily basis. If you want to cause butthurt you're better off trolling the one below.
  • Another Nyan Cat chatroom. Moderated by furfags, expect to get banned if you post anything that will make the mods butthurt.
  • Drop dox on any Nyan Cat fantards. Very lulzy.
  • Spam the Nyanism page on Facefuck with ad hominem and pain series. If you get blocked, just come back under another account. You may need to send a friend request to the Nyanism page in order to post shit.
  • Get them to delete System32.
  • Pose as a Nyan Cat fanfuck and talk to a Nyan Cat fan on a chat/forum/facefuck/twatter/whatever, and accuse a Nyan Cat fan (not the one you are talking to) as being fake while insulting Nyan Cat in the process.
  • Say that the only reason Saraj00n made the Nyan Cat video is because half of his other shit doesn't gain views. (Because it's true.)
  • Say that PRGuitarman is only making Nyan Cat themed products because he is whoring money from the meme's publicity. (Because it's true)

And remember, if you get blocked, get your comment bawleeted, if "Comment(s) marked as spam" or "This comment has received too many negative votes" appears where your comment is, get a reply consisting all-caps rage, or if you make someone become an hero that means you've done good job.

Result of Successful Trolling On JewTube

After being trolled, this Nyan Cat fantard experienced high amounts of butthurt. So high in fact that she made him a troll target as shown here.
"lol you have nothing better to do than troll a youtube video about a poptart cat?

Thats sad."


—VoneGaming (not as sad as the faggot watching this)

"Whats wrong with you?"


KittyPurry14, a butthurt furfag.

"What? This is awsome, you the fail bitch!"


— regularkid8

"I'm 20 years old and I like Nyan Cat...problem?"



"What's wrong with you???

You just can't stand that Nyan Cat is so popular. You wish you had that many views. You made a YouTube account to unite Nyan Cat haters? You have 1 friend and 0 subscribers... Awesome community! Get a life. I'm 18 btw."


—nusaik crying over Nyan Cat haters.

"you can suck my dick nyan cat rules"


—Fanboy crying on Nyan Cat Wiki over edits.

"you really created an account just to rip on the cat the cat really isnt my favorite video and it can get annoying but really dude this is just sad "



"you made a youtube account just to rip on a fake, half poptart cat that says nyan? I think the cat is annoying but you, you are just pathetic. "



"you dont like Nyan Cat? you're gay"


MaxusHitler bawwing over someone hating on Nyan Cat.

"@NyanCatSucks stfu,if you dont like nyan cat then shut the hell up"



"@NyanCatSucks fucking make me fuckhole"


—supersaiyan3pikachu again after being told to STFU.

"@DeathToNyanCat boo hoo pick ur teddy up someone not happy"


—thehoneycone123 after being pwned.


he is a god pre art i will fuck u mother fukers who trie to kill him >:D

who is with me!!!????"





—JeffTheGravityCat, mortified after seeing a video of Nyan Cat being toasted and killed.

"I HATE THIS! Why would some one wanna kill Nyan Cat?!"


—Kovulover10o's reaction to another Nyan Cat death video.

"You have just made a mockery out of Nyan cat.

How dare you."


ImWhiterThanYou, failing at taking a joke on a Nyan Cat parody.

"dear daneboe, this video is the shittest video that came out of u

this wasnt funny at all, i hope annoying orange gets better like the old wazzap and apple and stuff, im not a comedian, but this video is a bullshit! it sucks and not funny!"


—und3rtak3r43v3r butthurt over the same Nyan Cat parody.

"@SpeedSeeds If you don't like it so much why do you bother writing hateful comments. Obviously you like it a little because you wasted a minute of your life writing mean comments. Get a life!"



"@literealm you heartless person, geez i guess i couldn't even call you a person YOU MONSTER"


—dadsythe2, unable to accept that not everyone likes Nyan Cat.

"Nyan cat sucks only because he sucked your mother."



"@DeathToNyanCat why do you troll and that's kind of sad that your wasting your time on on a stupid channleto just a small song of nyan cat get a life you could be having a job or finishing collage so don't waste your time im on the internet because im 11 and i don't have life yet so reply to that anime hater lke i said YOUR PATHETIC"



"hi fucking ass"



"its called childhood dumbass, oh wait, YOU NEVER HAD ONE!!!"


—IronWolvesBand. (For the record this fag has been doing self-harm so it should be quite easy to troll him.)

"your mom, thats what im on!"


IronWolvesBand again, this time exposing his lack of originality.

">implying you aren't a BUTTMASSIVELY BUTTDESTROYED & buttmongled faggot lying in a pool of your own butt tears as you buttcry butthurt from your butt"


—NoOverall. Count the number of times the word butt is mentioned.

"I'm okay if you hate it. Everyone don't like something..."


—NyanCatProgressBar, showing an ultra-rare example of a Nyan Cat fan with more than one brain cell.

"I can't believe you take the time to voice an opinion on the internet..."



"i speak for just about everyone when say how dare you and for good measure screw you"


—cuty8907. He got pwned shortly after this was posted.




"your stuip boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!"



"you hating troll, people make youtube accounts JUST to hate on something make no videos you no life jerk!"



"Nyan Cat Ftw :D SUCK IT"




1. You are butthurt because this song irritates you.

2. You like Slipknot.

3. You are stupid."


TheDawg412, completely missing the point of an anti-Nyan Cat video.

"@HyperdriveArbiter I do not like repetitive sounds, but if this pisses you off, then you are stupid."


—TheDawg412 again. Oh the irony!

"you guys suck at trolling"



"Who you calling names, you possum-eatin' satanic creampuff?"



"I'm not a furfag. I hate furries!"


—Twilightsuckalotful again, this time crying about being called a furry.

"Are all the other faggot girly-men on your home planet as gin-soaked as you?"


—Twilightsucksalotful bitching at the Nyan Cat haters again.

Nyan Cat can never die! For Nyan Cat is the true form of God.

C'mon, WHERE in the bible does it say God isn't a Cat that flies?


—XxKaroixX being stupid.



—Here we find CohmikuL in a state of all caps.

""sub if you want" I'll have a chicken subway sammich then.



—Rubr1k being retarded.

"Hooray, a wannabe butthurt EDfag!"


CLfreaksho taunting ED and it's users because of this article.

"LOL no i just think it is funny how people actually argue with ppl they dont know.I think its cute how ur mad about everything little guy! Keep on trollin!"


—NyanCatChannel trying to hide the fact that she is butthurt.

"I'm not a nyanfag, it's just that the Nyan Cat complaints are getting REEEEEEALLY old, and that's saying something, considering it came around only in April or May. I support ED, I just don't like it when wannabe EDfags come and say "LOLNYANCATSUCKSCAUSEEDSAYSSO" and then just post a bunch of links to Encyclopedia Dramatica on their YouTube channel to make people think they're an internet tough guy. You don't like Nyan Cat? Fine, it ended up trolling you anyway, considering how you made a whole account based around getting rid of the wretched meme. Enjoy your lonely death in a basement, and post this on ED if you want, I'll be happy to have an extra load of infamy. I also noticed the three sixes on your background, so that makes you a satanist, does it? Go read My Immortal, then, I'm sure you'll notice you and Ebony have a lot in common."


—CLfreaksho again. Notice that she tried to suck up to ED to avoid being added to this article and then began asking for it.

"sorry about the other comments somebody hacked me"


—RealNyanCat3 after being owned.

"Yeah that's right delete my comment. Bet if you didn't have that delete option you would be feeling pretty bad right now."




clearly you have to much time on your hands and obviously a hater of all things. you clearly live under a bridge and get goverment payments because you are that ugly you hide and attack people from your bridge every day.

your a Troll. i must admit a bloody good one, but troll's are scum. you are scum and must learn to live by the internet not making little hidy holes so you can mouth off at people you dont know to level up your internet cock. wont be supprised if somone traces your ip back to your house following all through where your ip is re routed so its hidden, and shits on your toaster ^-^"



"lol to all nyan cat haters:



—RealNyanCat3 again.

"I see this struggle you have to remove a meme funny. IT IS A FUCKING POPTART CAT. How can it offend, It may be annoying, why don't you start some bigot against justin beiber then? Jesus. You go to videos, even in minecraft just because someone likes it, to put them down, that is really sad. People have the right to like and to dislike, but you just wanna make people feel bad. Seriously, a reskinned pig... We have enough of idiocity on the internet. "Newfags" Well uhh, he made a worldwide loved thing, Why wont you accept it? You will never stop it. EVER."



"you suck! nyan cat is one of the best memes to ever live!"


—person27100, not knowing that Nyan Cat isn't a real living thing.

"So uhh, Your mad because youtube consists of children and people who subside in the likes of diferent humor? It's a free country."


—wowkidlrn2play again.

"just ignore the nyan cat, is it so hard?"




People are always looking for new things to troll [email protected]



"I mad, because you are trying to remove a fucking gif and a song that has one word, over the likes of millions of people. It doesn't matter if they are kids, adults, teens, Whatever, If you have a problem considering something millions of people like, JUST because YOU don't like it is a huge dick move. I admit it does get boring and annoying, but you don't see me crying and raging about it! Take this into account, I need no more of your moron descisions. Good youtube has a block option!"


—wowkidlrn2play once again, find the irony.

Also ladies and gentlemen, the best Nyan fantard hate comment, posted on DeathToNyanCat's YouTube channel...
Shut it, ya skinhead fuck!! I've literally KILLED people like u! Respond & ur head will b yet another trophy on my wall!!!!


—silverdraco2235 being an internet tough guy. He's also trying to take down Anonymous. (See picture right)

Reaction To The False DMCA




"Goodbye nyan cat... D': "



"omhh plz bring back the NYAN CATT ! :'( "



"RIP Nyan Cat.

Forever a legend. You will be missed. "


—SkillNanners, BAWWWing over Nyan Cat being baleeted from YouTube.


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Real Life Nyan Cats About missing Pics
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