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Nathaniel Nurnberg is a gay pedophilic jew and part time jet pilot. He lives at 14672 S. 52nd East Avenue in Bixby, Oklahoma and currently has a lot of time on his hands - stop by for a chat sometime!

On a cold, lonely January night in 2007, Nate was staying in a hotel in Westchester, New York on a layover. It was a perfect time to start downloading some hot man-on-boy child porn through the hotel's free WiFi so he could do some serious fapping to help him get to sleep. After all, getting up at 0500 or some god-awful time to head to the nearby White Plains Airport and start the long flight to his next destination was gonna be rough.

Seems that Nate preferred to download and store his CP in Limewire. All the better to rub one out to some hot babyfucking while listening to Tatu's Greatest Hits.

Some flight attendants staying next door who were using iTunes saw Nathaniel's shared Limewire folder pop up. Curious, one of them looked inside it and...

iTunes: Pedobear-approved for CP detection

... he discovered Nate's CP and called the cops!

Just as Nate was about to cum to the awesome movie he had just DL'd showing a 4-year-old being buggered, the IRL police broke down his door and hauled him off in cuffs.

Now Nate is charged with the ominously-named "Possession of an Obscene Sexual Performance by a Child," something that could land him in jail for up to four years of surprise buttsecks.


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