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You know that guy who always shows up uninvited to parties? The guy who spouts off jokes he heard on network sitcoms? The guy who thinks every woman is crazy over him? That's you, and guess what? No one likes you. No one has ever liked you.

All those friends you had? They made fun of you behind your back. And in addition to no one liking you, no one cares about you either. You could die and people wouldn't even be moved enough to laugh, but that doesn't mean they won't pull out MSPAINT and shoop da whoop for your e-funeral.


Atomic.gif Warning!
Most of these traits may describe you perfectly. In that case, SCREW YOU!

You say: "Whatever, dawg, I gotz me hella homies!" Well, do you? Here's a simple checklist to tell if, in fact, no one likes you.

On Encyclopedia Dramatica

On ED, it is very easy to tell if no one likes you:

  • Your user page is vandalized with Goatse or other shock images
  • All your edits are reverted
  • You are glined from ED IRC
  • This has been put on your Talk Page:
plz die

i.e. {{unwelcome}}.

What to Do

Well, it's easy to say Go Kill Yourself And Then You Will Be Such An Hero, but to tell you the truth, if No One Likes You now, then everyone will be glad you died. If you care about the rest of the world and weren't so goddam selfish, then you would do yourself in. Because it would make us all very happy.

If suicide is too cliché for you, then there's several choices available to mitigate your shittiness:


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