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This page is about an attempted an hero.
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Nikkineko333 = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

Pulling a Myspace Angle.

nikkineko333 or real name Nicolle McKenzie, is a 16 year-old girl who lives in some part of deviantART's fat, disgusting body. When she isn't posting questionable art of herself or other TARTlets for attention, she's usually scouring dA seeking drama to insert herself into. She proclaims she is a God and Messiah in deviantArt's dark times, even though she's a supar edgy "Satanist". She speaks in fish puns, reaction images, and butchered SMS littered with "kek"s and punctuated with "~"s--- because 'I7'5 M4H QU1RK!!1'.

As is fashionable for the typical edgy TARTlet teen, she claims to be a depressed, suicidal schizo, and thinks she's cool for knowing 4chan maymays. She is physically incapable of being serious unless it involves fishing for sympathy.

Nikki recently has shown other people that she doesn't care if her actions result in suicides.


An example of your average NikkiNeko333 deviation.

Nikki is truly something special, as she seeks the drama of the week, immerses herself into it, then hopes no one notices that it never had anything to do with her. If she's not posting Art or journals, she will be looking for something or someone to start shit with, involving herself in the escapades of Alex Mae Muholland, CuteYandereNeko, and Sos-Dcelli-Dl during their respective deviantart heydays. If any user disagrees with her over even the tiniest o, her first course of action is to make a "callout" journal about them and instruct her army of TARTlet fanboys to go le epik trole them. If they piss her off enough, her second course of action is "hate art"- usually explicit, shitty scribbles depicting them as a retarded strawman. Did I mention the users listed here are underage and she made explicit art of them?

Yes indeed, and if you follow her page, expect bad porn, weird shit, and various anatomical atrocities to pop in your messages every few days. Expect n00ds soon, as she'd already put up her nasty fat rolls on display for all to see.

Nikki is also fully capable of spelling properly, but refuses to because, as a homestuck she must insert her shattastic fandom into everything-- 63C4U5E 17'5 C00L.

Nikki admits to having anger issues.
I want to have sex with a robot possessed by a child's spirit butdon'ttellanyone...


There once was a girl named PrincessPeach54 who came across Nikki's profile one day and said "lol, ur not god", pissing Nikki off so much that the landwhale began thrashing violently, spamming her followers with all-caps journals demanding they hack Peach's account, and then repeating the same when Peach remade:

All because the fanbrat said she wasn't God. Lmao.

Her Various Adventures in Callouts In A Desperate Attempt To Remain Relevant

She even wants to get in on that tasty Chris-chan drama.

After Dumb-ouzi, the glasses twins, and Bloom Luna's episodes were over, Nikki felt her cunt becoming increasingly desert-like, as she no longer had a crusade to lead, and thus, no more rabid white knights to stroke her massive clitoris ego. Nikki then made a drastic move- she began attacking people over the slightest disagreement-- regardless of the person's stance.

  • The plan was simple- make an inflammatory comment. Any kind would do- and when the target responded badly: screenshot it, and post it telling everyone what a shit person worthy of trolling they were!
    • Ba da bing ba da boom, and a new bandwagon that she can be coachman of is born!
G0 7R0LL 7H3M 7H3Y D154GR33 W17H M3!!!!11!!one! About missing Pics
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C4LL M3H F3M43L PR0N0UN5!!!1!!one!

Nikki gets on a group on dA targeted at Christians who like Five Nights At Freddy's; (as Scott made a Christian JRPG before his work on FNAF) gets butthurt when Coffee-Brew keeps calling her a guy.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Her last comment shows her excellent skills at trolling.

The Aftereffects of Her Participation in the Dumuzi-ouji War

After the whole war with Mr. Trans Sumerian Alien Angel Neko Midget Jesus, things died down for a short time. Any new BullshitParty groups were swiftly banned and left trolls with nowhere to go, some even feeling Troll's Remorse and leaving the bandwagon altogether. Some refused to leave and sat on that wagon-- like Nikki. Of course, unbeknownst to her and her remaining posse, someone who defended Dumuzi would become an hero a few months later.

On April 12th, a user by the name of CrazyLizardLady (who was a friend of this 'TapDancingFish' user) announced that Fish committed suicide by overdose on pills (that part was later found in the comments):


People immediately rushed to his page to leave their condolences for the faggot. When people asked what happened, CLL pointed her furry finger at Nikki, who not only assaulted Fish about his dead boyfriend months before, but also reposted a screenshot a user by the name of Night-Twinkle took of a note he had sent to her.

Of course, Nikki being Nikki, posted a journal about the whole ordeal:


She fails to point out that Night-Twinkle was the one who spread the screenshot around. She also hadn't realized that Secret-Majora, another TARTlet and EDiot, was unblocked by TDF and her apology was accepted by him after she felt some Troll's Remorse of her own and took down the screenshot.

Of course, someone else came onto Nikki's page and confronted her about Fish's death, which ended in lulz because said user blocked her after she pissed them off enough and proved that she just didn't care that she made someone kill themselves:

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Take a drink every time you see a ~ in Nikki's comments.

Reaction to This Article

A white-knight trying not to show signs of butthurt. Cannot even spell Apparently right.
Nikki gets OWNED by a Sheneequa.

An hour had not even passed, and Nikki had found this very article. Below is the note she sent to the author, BAWWWWWWing because obviously she doesn't know what she did wrong:

Something tells me she can't read something as simple as an article right. srsly.

And her recent journal entry:

Nikki fishing for sympathy because her friends discovered she was a piece of shit.

And another:

Nikki did not suidided-- Attention Hungry 2: Electric Boogaloo Melodrama Ahoy!

Then a fantard by the name of Mama-Grey-Gunner came onto this author's account and left the following lulzy message:

Lol, says the faggot who actually supported KittyCat's exploits.

She then promptly blocked the author, but that didn't stop other TARTlets from calling her out:

Epic win, anyone?

Nikki has now resorted to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING except her journal for Fish (which was another cry for attention). Below is her recent journal entry:

Nikki is letting the world know her dad is really into drugs.

The white-knights even got upset when they realized that they were on this article:

A list of five people is "the EVERYONE ON THE FUCKING WEBSITE!!1 BAWWWWWW!11"

And in one of those journals, looks like one of the faggots tried erasing the page:

The Journal against Secret-Majora

After Nikki got tired of being an emo, she came out of her crawlspace and punched up a RAEG JOURNAL about Majora. Instead of getting the sympathy she wanted and seeing people call Majora a bad person, a lot of people just told her to STFU and that she deserved the article. They were not wrong.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

SecretMajoraJournalofBAWWWWWW .png
That's a lot of TL;DR.

These users will be rewarded greatly for their efforts.

Knights and Fuckbuddies

Of course, Nikki would be nowhere her loyal fuck buddies!

The screenshot taken by MonoPussy on her old account.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Night-Twinkle / Deviantart-favicon.png MonochromaticKitten - A 13 year-old girl and maker of base art who types beyond her years. Manufacturer and distributor of the TDF Screenshot. Sent death threats to Deviantart-favicon.png Secret-Majora using a troll/joke account that she later claimed was part of an experiment. Made her second account after her Night-Twinkle account was flooded by hate. Nikki is her new hugbox as Majora won't let her suck her dick anymore.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png KittyCatInAHat - Forged a fake note that she presumably got from Angelfag himself. Later baleeted it and BAWWWWWWed, before leaving dA. Nikki's cunt has been dry without her since. She left dA after the supposed suicide attempt of Secret-Majora.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png DebuNeko98 - Someone who likes trying to lick Nikki's cunt every once in awhile, but still fantasies about Alex. Has BAWWWWed over this page.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png theoneandonlyalex101 - One of Nikki's close fuckbuddies. Thinks all of this (even the article) is Majora's fault and called her scum.
  • Many others who shall not be named, as their attempts at trolling are so poor that everyone got cancer and died.

Former Fuckbuddies

These are the people who saw the light and realized how much of a cunt Nikki is.

  • Deviantart-favicon.png Secret-Majora - Realized Nikki didn't give two shits about anyone else but herself and they ended up having a falling out over Night-Twinkle's troll account.

Angelfag Calls her on her shit!

Mind-bogglingly enough, Dumuzi really hates Nikki. I would be pissed too if she said that she wanted to choke a baby over something I said.

Nikki tries to start shit with Anglefag, resulting in the alien Jesus doing something rare- making sense. A broken clock is right twice a day, after all. But glad to hear you'd kill a child over something Angelfag said, Nicolle.

Oh well, she's a pathetic no-life, she made someone commit suicide, she starts drama with people then lies to get people to side with her just so the other suffers. Clearly deserves jail time.


— Dumuzi, AKA Angelfag

And that's not all! Other TARTlets have some shit to say about her too!

And omg, I cannot tell you the passionate hate I have for Nikki- I've only tried being more "friendlier" to her because I though she was your friend and since she was in the group I thought I would have to eventually get along with her.. And omg, I was checking on her profile the other day and I fucking saw that nasty ass selfie vagina thing and I wanted to throw up- I kinda felt like she did that for attention (kinda? more like I DEFINITELY know it was for attention) but yeah. I can talk shit about her all day but I'm not going to- This is already long enough....

She isn't a good person and I'm surprised that she isn't being the one harassed. I feel like she isn't being harassed by any of us just because she keeps people updated on the latest BS that is currently happening. She is not a good person. I actually tried reporting her but DA did not give a shit about it. They said that "it can only be reported by the person who's being harassed". Well guess what? I asked Duzumi if he could report the shit she did towards him. Guess how that turned out? They just told him to block her- Okay. wow. So if he blocks her, the harassment and the screenshot posts will stop? I don't think so.


— Somebody who really likes fucking Skittles.

Her Art / Main Gallery

Now that's just fucking edgy...and attention seeking too.

If you were to ask any of Nikki's watchers or someone who had watched her about what kind of art she posts, they'd tell you mostly porn. If it's not porn, it's bizarro gore or pictures of herself. Prepare the bleach.

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Tell everybody how you schlick to gore.

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