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Hello Nigger old boy.

During World War 2, a british pilot named Guy Gibson had his own sidekick, a black labrador retriever named Nigger. Nigger would often tag along with Mr.Gibson during his training flights and other scenarios, and was a beloved celebrity among his squad. Nigger liked to drink lots of beer and was often donated the assault drug by his comrades.


Wing Commander Guy Gibson and Nigger

Although it may seem unconventional and shocking by modern standards, Nigger was occasionally used as a name for dogs as it originates from the Latin word Niger simply meaning black. A dog trained to sniff for explosives was given the name during the same time period. Today that would be considered cruelty to animals, so the Army has resorted to using real niggers to look for explosives instead, or on occasion expensive drone robots if they run out of them. A dog named Nigger also lead a sledge dog team during the Terra Nova Expedition to the antarctic during 1910-1912. A dog by the name of Nigger was also the mascot of the workers building the Hoover Dam.


The sad thing is this dog accomplished more in 4 years than a Brony will accomplish in their entire lifetime.

Sadly, Nigger passed away on May 16th, 1943 due to being run over by a car. Nigger was buried at midnight, while his owner was leading a famous raid known as the "Dam Busters" aka Operation Chastise. Nigger was buried and saluted during midnight. Nigger's name was translated to morse code ( -. .. --. --. . .-. ) and was used as a codeword Mr.Gibson used to confirm the breach of the Mohne Dam, during Operation Chastise. Nigger's grave is located at the Royal Air Force station in Scampton, Lincolnshire.


The gravestone of Nigger, mascot of RAF Squadron 617

Nigger was featured in a war film based on the events of the air raid, with his name being frequently mentioned. Generations later, this film was heavily modified on British TV, removing the dog's name in all instances. American broadcasts change Nigger's name to Trigger.
If you're lucky and can find an uncensored version of the movie Pink Floyd The Wall you can actually hear sound bites from the movie The Dam Busters when the Character Pink is warching television during the song Nobody Home and a character in the The Dam Busters says, "Hello Nigger old boy," in reference to the dog.
SJWs feel the need to censor it out in case some poor Monkey Jaw comes across it accidentally.
There have been plans to remake the movie since 2012 but it hasn't left the planning stage because historians and other intelligent people that understand the definition of hypocrisy take offense to changing the dog's name to digger because one group of apes takes offense to a word they blast out of their car's sound system and call each other every day.
How can you take the opinion of a SJW like Samuel L. Jackson on how offensive the word nigger is to him when he's using it every other sentence in reference to the nigger he's talking to.

Nobody Home by Pink Floyd. Listen at 1:55 and you can hear the "offensive" line from The Dam Busters


—Ha Gibor


It has also been alleged by some sources that Nigger was deliberately run over by an enemy agent in an attempt to attack the morale of No. 617 Squadron, as it happened on the same day that Operation Chastise was launched. It is widely accepted that the driver of the car was an ordinary civilian who accidentally ran the dog over. Though it was technically a criminal offence, Nigger was run over with such grace and artistry that the witnesses awarded the driver both ears and the tail. This happened again recently during a police demonstration of why it is unsafe not to wear a seat belt.

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