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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

Nichole337 (Nichole Destiny Lee) is a YouTube singer from Salt Lake City, Utah, who sings along to music played through her computer speakers. She makes all her music videos in the same structure and is suspected to be a YouTube troll, as her singing shows no evidence of improving and she does not pay any attention to any of the criticism she receives. Despite the levels of fail, her videos are perfect material for use in a game of "You rage, you lose" on 4chan. She is a morbidly obese, buck-toothed, eunuch. Oh wait, that's a woman? It's 20? What? That's somehow worse. All her videos begin with a limp stare akin to that of a middle aged woman whose husband wants to have sex with her but it's really late at night so she just rolls over, stares at him blankly, languors on her fat back, spreads her mountainous legs, and waits for him to finish so she can go to sleep.

Typical Video Structure

  1. Start the recording from her webcam software.
  2. Click "Play" on her media playing software.
  3. Do that little side-to-side dance she does while the beginning of the song plays before any singing happens.
  4. Roll eyes occasionally while singing.
  5. ???
  6. PROFIT! A new music video amateurishly sung.

The key to her videos is not bothering to edit a thing after the recording has finished. The first 10-15 seconds of each video must be wasted with the camera on her as she waits, doing nothing interesting in the meantime.

Her Best Work


There are two kinds of people that comment on Nichole's videos:

  1. Those who feel bad for her, and commend her for being brave enough to post herself trying to sing.
  2. Those who tell her the truth, as illustrated below:

It turns out that the people who have publicly made fun of Nichole are much more annoying to hear than listening to Nichole sing.


Sorry, gentlemen, but Nichole is officially taken by a lucky, 16 year old so-and-so named Eric. If you check out his YouTube channel, you'll see why he is equally as retarded as her, which is why they make a cute couple. Sorry, Shon Terry, but this young boy stole your girlfriend! HAHAHA NOT ANYMORE FUCKERS! This girl is single again!

A typical date

The kind of women Eric attracts best

Nichole already has a pussy, she doesn't need another one!

Shit Just Got Real!

On September 14, 2010, Nichole posted a 2nd explanation video about the aftermath on breaking up with Eric.

What we have learned from this is that Eric dated her for the lulz and revealed the only successful way to troll Nichole:

  1. Meet her IRL and date her.
  2. Break up with her after not treating her like a girlfriend at all.
  3. Upload videos of yourself talking shit about her.
  4. ???
  5. PROFIT!

Her Yodeling Grandmother

On May 27, 2010, Nichole posted two videos of her grandmother showing off her yodeling talent. Unfortunately for Nichole, these videos proved that talent does not get passed down easily through the family.

The Mouth Treatment Saga

Giving her money is very necessary.

During April of 2011, Nichole decided it was finally time to fix her mouth so it would no longer resemble that of a horse. Of course, she could not just say that she was getting this surgery for herself; she needed an explanation. A series of videos were released in which she described that the operation was absolutely necessary. If this was not bad enough, she soon sunk down even lower and began to beg for money on the internet. Her fan base was not as supportive as she had hoped, and began to inform her on how pathetic she truly is.

Literally fuck you, you have a house, food, water, and clothes, all of which millions of people in Japan, Africa, and other countries all over the world live without. And you want us to donate our money to help you get braces, when I could donate money for someone to have food for a week or get some treatment from a disease. This just sickens me, with all of your views from your other videos you should, and probably are a partner with YouTube so you should be able to pay for braces by yourself.



When Nichole realized that nobody had any interest in donating to her, she began abusing her status as a YouTube partner to rack up some extra Jew gold. This was done by uploading pointless, worse-than-usual 15 second videos such as the one demonstrated below.

I am confused. This is not about the money. This is about the fact you have sent me several personal messages via youtube email. You have said you are my friend, that you would help take out the lime team and everything. But then you back stab me talking crap on me like this?? Please explain.


—Nichole replying to someone calling her out on her bullshit.

Emo Nichole

Typical Facebook photo.

Nichole once underwent an emo phase in which she posted videos that are designed to be "depressing", along with uploading Facebook pictures with her head tilted down and her arms crossed. It was unknown if this is in response to nobody donating to her, or a possible discovery of this article (as she likes to look herself up).


After all other attempts at gaining the sympathy of YouTube failed, she finally came out about her crippling disability that she feels entitled to use to promote herself.

You may have Autism, but your face screams Down Syndrome! (:


There are a lot of well known names in history of people with Autism.

Like Chris Chan.


Nichole's "Entourage"

So scared.

Nichole is under the illusion that she is accepted as a mainstream celebrity, thus she has celebrity friends that will always be there to defend her, and supply endless amounts of money. Her celebrity "friends" include, but are not limited to:

Trolling Nichole337

Typical response when she is told the truth about her videos.

Nichole has no life whatsoever. Period.
Thus, she is constantly checking her social media accounts (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc). Several trolls have been successful in trolling her, and her entire fan base simply by messaging her on how much of an overweight, self-centered, autistic fuck she is.

Please note that Nichole337 trolling requires extensive amounts of sockpuppets as she blocks anyone who is not a sympathizer.

Covering Nichole337

It should be noted that Nichole337 is a terrible singer as evidenced by the fact that people have been able to successfully cover her songs without sounding like a mix between a complete loser and a dying cat.

How To Troll Nichole337 fans

  1. Ask if she has down syndrome.
  2. Say that she got a nose job along with her jaw surgery as well.
  3. Tell them that Bryan, her new boyfriend is a suspected pedophile.
  4. Mention that Bryan is only marrying her to have sex.
  5. Tell them that she is tone deaf.
  6. Mention that her profile is full of copyright, and that it should be deleted.

Divorce, 2021

Some things never change! Nichole is BACK and is the same as ever, apparently modding the comments. Nichole's popularity has tanked since her height in the early 2010's, but her small fanbase is loyal and just as delusional as Amberlynn Reid's.


Since we last saw Nichole, her husband and suspected pedophile/predator Bryan had been outed by some rando catfish pretending to be a 17-year-old high school girl as being a CONFIRMED CREEPER. In the following video, screenshots of a conversation between BryBry and who he believed to be a 17-year-old girl are shown. Although the clips are out of order (this is apparently not the original video; the original is lost to time) it is made clear that Bryan is at least considering the idea of leaving and/or cheating on Nichole for a literal teenager. <>

Uncle BryBry apparently cheated again, acquiring a new girlfriend and kicking Nichole out in the process. Preceding this, Nichole would post in her comments sections of her new uploads that she "had noticed some people wanted to donate to her", never failing to link her cash app in each and every video. Some brave souls called her on this, pointing out that LITERALLY NO ONE asked to donate.

Since separating from BryBry, Nichole has been shilling bullshit stories to garner both attention and sympathy, while the speds in the comments take every word she speaks literally. A few people have called her out, but I suspect their comments will be deleted in the end.



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