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Print and cut out this. It shall come in handy.
Nice tray.
I suspect treachery.
Nice try nigga
Nice try lady
Oh shi-

A wicked wildcard wittily wielded by wannabe walkabouts, nice try very commonly appears on the internet, though in many different forms. This blanket exclamation covers all situations where a person doesn't want to appear gullible, and pre-emptively states something is fake without actually looking at it too closely.

Examples of Nice Try

...and on, and on. Since bullshit is the second most common thing on the web (need you ask which is the first?), challenging said bullshit often turns out to be justified. This is why many netizens will play Nice Try on anything they see, for fear of being ridiculed as gullible.

Why it's retarded

"We appreciate your contribution to the 12,000 comments about this photo. We have noted that you believe it to be photoshopped, and will take your opinion into account. Future generations will thank you, and steps are currently being taken to promote you to Supreme Dictator of the World for your insight." Enough said.

Trolling Nice Try users

These people can be found pretty much everywhere. Preferably target places with people in their late teens or early twenties: any younger and they might just believe anything you tell 'em, any older and they won't really give a shit.

  1. Find a pic (or anecdote) that's authentic, but might just look like it's shopped (or an Urban Legend). Or the other way round.
  2. Post!
  3. Enjoy the 10-paragraph analyses of why the content is fake.
  4. Enjoy the 10-paragraph responses of why it's actually for real.
  5. Enjoy the ensuing flame war, fueling it when appropriate.
  6. ????
  7. PROFIT!

Trolling by playing Nice Try

This should be done in smallish communities, otherwise your comment will be drowned in a sea of internet junk.

  1. Find content that was obviously intended as real. Bonus points if it actually is.
  2. Post a short comment basically saying "omg fake!" (keep it short, kids! remember, good trolling is minimal input for maximal result!)
  3. Enjoy the OP's whining and 10-paragraph justification that it's actually for real.
  4. If it's a close-knit community, enjoy the drama as other members express sympathy and support for their friend. Add comments every now and then.

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