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The face of netorare.
The reaction to netorare.

Netorare (also called NTR or 寝取られ, pronounced: net-oh-ra-ray) is a sub-genre of hentai that is notorious for being one of the biggest sources of drama and butthurt in the hentai world, some argue that netorare even rivals such controversial genres as scat and guro as a contender for the title of the most hated form of hentai. What could possibly be worse than seeing girls shitting all over themselves or being horrifically mutilated and then sexually abused, you ask? Seeing your girlfriend getting fucked by other men, of course!

That's right, Netorare is a Japanese term that basically means cuckoldry and literally means "Taken away by sleeping with." Yes, this stuff has become so ridiculously popular in Japan that the word for it actually doubles as a short description of the entire genre.

Seeing as most hentai fans will never even have a girlfriend, the mere thought that a girlfriend would probably just cheat on them tends to cause them to completely flip their shit. Despite (or perhaps because of) this massive hatred towards the genre, an increasing number of hentai authors began to write netorare-themed stories until it eventually became one of the most popular forms of hentai – Much to the dismay of many of their fans.

Netorare: An Endless Fountain of Original Content

NTR in action, manga style.

Every netorare story line is pretty much the same exact shit, simply mix and match the following to create your very own NTR story:

  • The protagonist and his girlfriend are having their first-time together.
  • The protagonist is too chickenshit to have sex with his girlfriend because she's so pure and innocent. Protip: She always turns out to actually be an immoral slut.
  • The protagonist's girlfriend is going to America as an exchange student and their relationship is about to become long-distance.

It's now revealed that the girlfriend is either a whore, a complete fucktard or is being blackmailed and she has been having sex on the side with an ugly old man (often her boyfriend's father), some stuck-up arsehole or a group of black men. Now you insert some or all of the following garbage in any order you please:

  • The other guy tricks the dumb girlfriend into sleeping with him as "practice" so she'll be better prepared for her first time with her boyfriend.
  • The boyfriend starts receiving DVDs or VHS tapes that show his girlfriend being fucked silly by other guys.
  • The girlfriend shouts "Please impregnate me!" while being fucked by a guy who isn't her boyfriend.
  • The boyfriend gets tied to a chair and is forced to watch his girlfriend have sex with another man/men.
  • The girlfriend gets gangbanged.
  • The girlfriend is "broken" and turns into a primal sex-machine with no conscious thought beyond the words "DICKS!" and "CUM!"
  • The girl receives a phone call from her boyfriend while being fucked and has to attempt to hold in her moans of pleasure while talking to him.

Now comes the ending, this is the only part of these stories with any hint of originality whatsoever. NTR stories usually just end with whatever random bullshit the author wants to throw in, but here's a small sample of some actual NTR endings for your enjoyment:

  • It turns out that the boyfriend was actually watching his girlfriend's cheating and was fapping to it the whole time. (The most common ending to NTR stories.)
  • The boyfriend decides to actually be an Alpha for once and beats the living shit out of the other guy(s). (Exceedingly rare ending.)
  • It turns out that it was all a dream! But then it turns out that, no, it wasn't actually a dream! (The actual ending to Otome Dori by Carn.)
  • The girlfriend gets pregnant by some random guy, gives birth and then dies as a result of a drug overdose. The boyfriend then begins raping her daughter when she turns 10 because she reminds him of his dead girlfriend. (This is srsly the ending to NTR2 by Namonashi.)
  • The wife declares that she "CAN'T HAVE SEX WITH HUMANS ANYMORE" because the dog was a better lover than her husband. (Once again, this is an actual ending.)

Congratulations, you now know every NTR story ever written. Please kill yourself.

The Self-Insertion Conundrum

Note: This section assumes that you are a male virgin. If you are female then you probably don't need to worry about any of this stupid shit.
Self-insert as the girl for a far more pleasurable NTR experience.

Probably the main reason that NTR pisses off so many overweight otaku is because they have the bizarre tendency to self-insert themselves into the story as the protagonist – An unbelievably stupid decision considering that the protagonist in these stories always gets cheated on.

There are several known solutions to this problem, the first method being to self-insert yourself into the role of the girlfriend. Sure, you'll probably end up catching some STDs but at least you'll be able to partake in group sex (albeit with a bunch of hairy old men).

Self-insert as the girl.


—BernkasteI, on less painful self-insertion

The more obvious solution, however, would simply be to self-insert oneself as the other guy – Unfortunately, most otaku are not willing to self-insert as any of the following:

Since all of the villains in NTR stories fall into one or more of these categories, most NTR readers end up inserting themselves into the story as the beta pussy whose girlfriend is cheating on him. Dumbfucks.

Notable NTR Authors

Oh god, it's spread to America.

Shikishiro Konomi

Author of Netoraserare, a 20+ chapter epic that's still ongoing and is essentially the Dragon Ball Z of NTR (because it's loooooooooong and has a cliffhanger ending every chapter).

Takeda Hiromitsu

Epic troll who wrote several chapters of a pure-vanilla story called Ima Ria and then disappeared from the hentai scene. When he finally reappeared, his first act was to release a new chapter of Ima Ria that instantly turned the series into hardcore NTR. Vanilla fanboys then had to apply massive amounts of ointment to their arses.

Erect Sawaru

Author behind the notorious NTR story called ●[REC], about a guy whose girlfriend transfers to America and then starts sending him videos of herself being gangbanged by niggers. He ultimately ends up going insane and she ends up giving birth to Barack Obama.


The king of clichéd NTR plots. Also the author of a fairly infamous story called Otome Dori, which includes a yandere sister and a girlfriend who's forced into a life of having sex with a bunch of perverted old men.

Rocket Monkey

NTR author with a funny name. Most of the girls in his stories are fairly plump and extremely slutty. He can also write a decent ending, unlike most of the other sick fucks on this list.

Tanaka Aji

Author of the Unsweet series, a bunch of unrelated stories about girlfriends who aren't so sweet behind their boyfriends' backs.

Takenoko Seijin

Author of the utterly retarded (even by NTR standards) When You Let Go of My Hand, an NTR story where the girl has about as much of a brain as Nikki Catsouras after hitting a toll booth at 150 km/h.

Related Terms

Netorare-type attacks are super effective against Vanilla-type pokemon.

There are several extremely similar hentai terms that are related to, but slightly different from, Netorare. Learn the difference, it could save you from getting cucked.


Like Netorare, except that the protagonist is the one stealing someone else's girlfriend.


Like Netorare, except that the boyfriend/husband has a cuckolding fetish and is encouraging the girlfriend/wife's cheating.


Literally means "someone's wife", basically just Netori with a mature, married woman.


For some strange reason this is actually the Japanese word for slut. All NTR "heroines" are huge bitches and love the cock.


Vanilla is the polar opposite of netorare, it is a term that refers to hentai that contains romantic plots with no cheating and/or rape.

Even vanilla-themed Pokemon are boring as fuck.

What people think about NTR


NTR a ****, worse than scat and guro.

If you like it, you should probably kill yourself.


—RaIamar, being overdramatic




I hate NTR because it's almost always some horribly loathesome male.


—MajinUltima, a horribly loathesome male

Netorare is like the Justin Bieber of hentai.


—P-man, not a belieber


i like ntr because i'm a loser in real life and have never had a girlfriend before nor held a girl's hand.

i'm 25 and and have a 4 inch penis

ntr is good because it's easy for me to self insert if i ever had a girlfriend she would leave me because i'm not successful and don't have a big penis


—An anonymous beta

I wish she was my girlfriend, I would love to watch her fucked by her black lovers in the video.


—PortugueseBadger, taking it like a true cucklord


Anyone who hates NTR does so because they know they'd be the beta in that situation and not the alpha getting the girl. Be mad bros. Be mad



sorry you cant handle doujins that dont do the same old nerd wish fulfillment fantasties


—sirlinfan69, pwning a vanillafag

"Hey, everybody, let's show our audience what a great guy our male protagonist is by having him do nothing but sulk and moan while his slut of a girlfriend/wife/gal-pal cheats on him with a total ass! That'll make people like him more!"



why do people rage from ntr i still cant understand, its so unrealistic on their portraials of women or men cheating, and if people really think about it the plots from most ntrs are really funny


—Zenza, speaker of truth

You're not the guy who lost his girl, you're not the generic harem lead in series like To love ru, etc., etc.

How insecure are people that self insert and rage against NTR..



Well in real life, I don't think the victims would become sex-crazed maniacs after being gang banged or raped repeatedly...


—AlphaFi, realizing that hentai and IRL are two completely different things

What NTR Heroines Think


Galleria de NTR

Cucks gonna cuck. About missing Pics
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