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With Jews, fake news!

Milo learning about some real journalism
Coloring his hair for $1200 just like a feminist. What a shock. (He is also an insecure twat)
Milo has good reason to be insecure about his hair

Pedo Yiannopoulos (powerword: Milo Andreas Wagner) is a gay, ethnically Jewish, self-hating mudshark. His only claim to fame was writing Breitbart articles making fun of leftists. That is, until he came out as a pedophile-defending POS, saying child molestation was awwright. Despite trying to pass off this damning video as "selectively edited to make him look bad", this led to his book being canceled by Simon & Schuster, the same publication that sells books by Shane Dawson, iJustine, and Maddox. He attempts to look like a "hard-hitting journalist", but he's just a troll who couldn't keep up and fell on his cum-covered, AIDS-ridden ass. Just to make it clear: we don't like him. He can suck our dicks like we're his African slaves, but we don't like him at all.

He used to call The Donald his "daddy", but since being exposed as a pedophile, Trump dropped Milo and replaced him with misleading knock-off called "Nero? Nikos Giannopoulos". He's just as much of a faggot at Milo, and most people who watch Fox News will just think it's the same guy as before, except he dyed his hair a new color or something. So really, was anything of value lost?

Milo became the "provocateur" he is today by latching onto GamerGate, an autistic keyboard war between the two most cancerous groups of people: self-entitled, basement-dwelling, acne ridden gamers and preening, ass-sucking, worthless Social Justice Warriors. Milo's still riding the wave of this dumbass "movement", even though it died out when everyone figured out no one gives a shit about video game journalism. He tries so hard to convert the anti-feminist nerds who care about IGN scores into conservative faggots like him. Why? Because under his protective lulzy troll shell, Milo's very lonely. He wants friends but doesn't want to change himself so he can act like a decent human being. It's not like he's isn't willing to change himself for money, he vouches for the same people he used to call nerds. He just doesn't want to seem like less of a faggot, it seems

The only thing he did right in his career was linking to Encyclopedia Dramatica. Maybe he can read a few more of our articles and learn what real journalism is. Hi, Milo! We know you're reading this! Try not to bite from this article next time you're on Fox News!


Yiannopoulos is best known for his long-winded prose, filled with big words he likes to use but not understand. His columns on Breitbart have ranged in subject matter from why women have no place in comic books and claims ArchiveToday-favicon.pngtransgenderism is a psychiatric disorder to unsourced claims about GamerGate opponents.

The poor quality of his work might be attributed to the fact he dropped out of both Manchester and Cambridge. Something he believes he should brag about in an article literally entitled: "I Dropped Out of Manchester and Cambridge but it's Honestly Fine". "If you’re as talented, intelligent and handsome as I am, you don’t need a degree to succeed," he begins, setting the tone of this orgy of the self. "The dirty secret of professional and personal success is it has a lot more to do with your God-given assets than it does how hard you studied at uni or where you went", he continues and reaffirms what everyone suspected: He didn't study very hard, which is why he isn't very good. It also explains why 99% of his writing is opinion pieces about how he hates liberals and how much sex he has (not a feat, considering he mostly bones starving, Pakistani immigrants) that don't leave him any time to report on any actual news. Of course, to the basement-dwelling trolls of GamerGate, his writing is "top kek" and full of "lulz" despite it being a bunch of bullshit about topics he knows nothing about in an attempt to win them over and get them to buy his upcoming book.


Besides having the worst hair, Milo is also known to suffer from severe dyslexia.

Milo Cant Spell.png


Milo Plasyic.jpg

Pre GamerGate

Milo hates gamers


The only thing Milo had ever gotten right was that gamers are a bunch of fat, pale, basement dwelling losers and nerds. For many years he held the (correct) belief that gamers need to either get out of the house and get a life, or stay inside and end it.

The Wonga Scandal

Despite now pretending to be against corruption, Milo has a long history of just that. Before trying to profit off GamerGate he was busy preventing fair competition when his company Wrong Agency Ltd. and prevented another company from winning a shitty award.

I had a conversation with the organiser, Milo Yiannopoulos and I picked Wonga as the winner. I had the casting vote. Although, as organiser, he [Milo] didn't have a vote he agreed.


— I had a conversation with the organiser, Milo Yiannopoulos and I picked Wonga as the winner. I had the casting vote. Although, as organiser, he didn't have a vote he agreed.,

The Kernel

Even Wikipedia knows what's up

Wagner also founded and later sold a site called "The Kernel" (which ironically doesn't contain one kernel of truth), better known as The KKKernel. The site's first run was the opposite of glorious, with Milo commenting on it: "Suspending publication at The Kernel in March this year was a painful and humiliating process. I’d been too arrogant about my ability to run a business and allowed a combination of starry optimism and financial incompetence to bring the company to its knees". Milo? Arrogant? No way...

Of course, he somehow had the capital to revive the failed venture and sold it for a hefty sum. Perhaps the money he needed came from the money he didn't use to pay its employees or its bills (his criticism of Gawker sounds a bit ironic now). The site itself was able to do quite well without the burden of Milo's ineptitude at the helm, and his tabloid of right-wing propaganda was ironically bought out by the liberal shithole that is The Daily Dot.


Gee, wonder where (((all that paycheck money))) went..

Dan Waller aka Milo Yiannopoulos

Exactly like TheRalphRetort claiming to be reporting, it turned out The Kernel turned into a one-man blog, when Milo couldn't pay his bills. So how do you make it appear as if you actually have staff equipped? Easy. Pretend that you are them. So Milo did just that. Pretended to be a man named Dan Waller. ArchiveToday-favicon.pngHe even wrote an article complete in the language and spirit of Wagner. (((Coincidence?)))

Milo No Waller On Twitter.jpg

Weird how he doesn't hasn't mentioned this name once, huh?

Wagner invites 376. 15 Shows up

For a writing seminar, called Twitter-favicon.png #NaNoWriWee, or some shit where you could be sure you wouldn't learn a thing Wagner was quick to ArchiveToday-favicon.pngboast about 376 attending to learn from the master wordsmith Milo Wagner. Complete with dyslexia and bad poetry. But only 15 showed up, the rest realizing that they could learn better writing by heading to DeviantArt.

On the 25th January 15 people assembled around 7.30 in the Kernel office to start the 30 hour novel writing marathon., Shirley Aeres

Trollwatch/Milo literally crying about trolling

Before he was pro-trolling, Wagner was very much opposed to it. You might have picked up the pattern that Milo is a regular Hillary Clinton when it comes to his opinions. In that case you'd be correct. He (presumably) wrote an article about harmful online trolling was.

Do you have an abuser, libeller or bully who won’t leave you alone on Twitter or Facebook? If so, The Kernel wants to hear from you – and to help you make the abuse stop... If he is pseudonymous, we’ll try to help you discover his real-world identity. Then we’ll publish it, along with examples of the cruelty you’ve endured.

If he uses his real name, we’ll draw attention to his unacceptable behaviour. We believe it’s high time that a “name and shame” approach to internet abusers was taken. Perhaps with enough cautionary tales floating around, the dregs of the web will think twice before ruining other people’s lives.


And just 24 hours prior to this, Wagner himself was whining about how he was trolled :D. This points to the fact that Milo was the creator of the post.

A couple of days ago, I tweeted to express my sympathy for R&B singer Rihanna. I explained that I had been in a similar relationship and that I believed I understood what it was that made women – and men – go back to abusive partners.

A slap, I said, can be a strange sort of comfort for a disorientated young woman. (I said woman, but I meant me.) It can be predictable, in a world without constants. Sometimes you even talk yourself into believing you deserve it. The dynamics of abuse can be subtle and complex. But I should have known better than to make such honest disclosures on social media, shouldn’t I. Because admitting you were the victim of domestic violence in a prior relationship is apparently acceptable grounds for abuse and ridicule on Twitter., Milo

So what did that horrible man say?

Milo Getting Trolled.jpg

So what was Milo's response? He went all-out insane, and doxed the guy for this. He wrote an article complete with workplace, new ArchiveToday-favicon.pngTwitter handle and a name and shame. ArchiveToday-favicon.pngYou fucking pussy, Wagner. ArchiveToday-favicon.pngGrow a pair. Milo's fucking pussybitchness was so huge, that even comments called him out, for being the biggest pussy the world has ever seen.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Milo Being Told He Is A Pussy.jpg

And there are many more examples of The Kernel crying about trolls. And if you didn't think that wasn't bad enough, he actually thought against those refuted the rape myths.

Milo And Anti-Rape Trolls.jpg

Milo even went on to advocate for that Twitter should only allow real names.

Cowards and bullies won’t voluntarily cede this degree of control and give in to oversight. But we can make it absurdly difficult and impracticable for people to commit casual but emotionally devastating abuse by raising the barriers to entry and the minimum requirements for services which, in truth, have no need of anonymity to function. If legislation is needed, it must be campaigned for.



Milo's Nazi Phase

Before becoming the right-wing hackjob he is today, Wagner was actually a full-blown Nazi. So not much of change there then. So whenever some fat blue-haired unfuckable is calling Milo a literal nazi, remember that he actually is.

Milo Hitler Books.jpg

Milo Orange Shirt Iron Cross.jpg


Milo's SJW Phase

Milo's Lesbian Phase

While trying to get a proper job, Wagner worked as an online editor of The Catholic Herald, while blogging for something called Counter Knowledge. Here he wrote such great articles as "ArchiveToday-favicon.pngSee what someone else wrote" and "ArchiveToday-favicon.pngHere's A Link To Someone Else's Work". Counter-Culture describes itself as " will draw attention to every kind of bogus theory, whether it emanates from maverick scientists, Christian evangelists, media nutritionists, Muslim scholars or “alternative” historians". Besides this, Milo also worked as a speech writer for a feminist and global warming advocate, Bianca Jagger.

The BJHRF educates the public about discrimination, promotes gender equality, and campaigns to rid our social and legal institutions of bias. We promote women’s empowerment, leadership and participation in every sector of society: to recognise women in the corridors of power, to get them to the negotiating table and make sure their voices are heard. We denounce legislation in countries which deprive women of their basic human rights. We raise awareness of cultural and social norms which perpetuate the perception that women are inferior., Milo writing for Bianca

Milo also created her website, because apparently Milo was a web-developer.

in my spare time, I have designed and engineered websites. Typically, these have been for small businesses and private individuals. I have a good working knowledge of PHP, and fluency in (X)HTML, JavaScript and the following applications (in OS X and in Windows): Adobe Dreamweaver; Adobe Fireworks; Adobe Photoshop; Apple Aperture



Milo's Poetry Phase

A Swarm Of Wasps

Milo's first venture into poetry is book called A Swarm Of Wasps, where Milo mistakenly thinks he is the new Nietzsche. The book contains the worst poetry known to man, even beating out Blue's poetry.

I wanted a bee

But I got a wasp

A wasp who doesn't seem
To recall that I exist


Maybe then
He'll notice
I'm alive

All I ever wanted
Was everything you have

Stop stinging me

Give me everything
You've got, and die



—Excerpt from TOO HOT THE EYE OF HEAVEN, Milo

ArchiveToday-favicon.pngYes, this is fucking real.

Eskimo Papoose

On the one year anniversary of his shit book, Milo went for it and tried to outdo himself. This time instead of publishing nursery rhymes, he tried to be edgy and included some sections in German. Another language he fails to grasp. He also decided that plagirizing lyrics from Tori Amos was a good idea.

Milo's Old Contact Information


Milo joins #GamerGate

What GamerGators think about when they fap

Milo abandoned the last shred of ethics that made him encourage fat Nintendo addicts to try and lose their virginity, and traded it for the minor monitory gains and brief admiration of the losers he once despised.

No self-respecting journalist was willing to cover GamerGate (and those with little enough dignity to report on it were at least smart enough to write about how they're a bunch of women-hating faggots), but lucky for the human blobs that post that hashtag, Milo has no abundance of that. He was quick to capitalize on the gullible saps and began to write article after article about GamerGate (seriously, does he ever report on any actual news?) in an attempt to convert its members into republicans and turn them into his personal army in his war on SJWs.

Soon he was expanding his octopus-like grip on various sub-cultures of angry nerds by writing articles about feminism in feminism in comics, science fiction and other topics no one cares and he knows nothing about.

However, soon his goal became clear...

To Sell A Book

As previously stated, Nero has had no interest in the gaming culture until he realized he could make a quick buck by appealing to the lowest denominator, the manchildren gamers. And as GamerGate started to fade out, the gaylord had to think of new methods to make money, so he can afford Regaine and better toupées.
The book will just contain whatever Milo wrote on and now you can have the privilege of paying for the exact same content. Remember it is all about ethics in book selling.

Nero Actual Book.jpg

To Hate On Transsexuals

Self-proclaimed shitlord.
Being transsexual is a bit like being gluten intolerant: for every real one, there are fifteen or twenty just trying it on for attention.


Milo has a deep-seeded and ongoing hate for trannies, believing them to be a sickness that would be better served with an extended stay in the shock-treatment facility of the loony bin, rather than surgery. In ArchiveToday-favicon.pnghis most telling article, (which he posted on his personal blog because not even a turd like Breitbart would publish something this stupid) he says such things as:

[Transgenderism] is the only mental illness classified as such by the medical establishment that we indulge with surgery instead of treating with therapy


Post-op transsexuals are no longer man, nor yet female; able neither to ejaculate nor be inseminated.


The answer should be obvious: we’re abusing people who need our help, by indulging their psychoses in place of administering treatment.


Clearly ignorant to the suffering and persecution of *trans people go through every day, and which he helps to facilitate.

It is these beliefs that have lead him to write multiple articles mocking trannies, as well as otherkin and transniggers, and wage an ongoing war with Brianna Wu during which he outed her and said:

We are using “she” and “her” as a polite courtesy in this report.


Milo seems to think that being a homosexual deviant somehow makes him better than the dick-girls and less at odds with god and nature.
Obviously, he is wrong.

Like many right-wing cucks, Milo hypocritically attacks liberals for being anti-science in thinking there are more than 2 genders, while YouTube Favicon.png being a climate change denier himself.

To Call A Feminist "Darling"

Milo Darling.gif

After having colored his hair blond in to appear even gayer, Milo went on The Big Question on BBC to debate whether his hair looks like pee. Spoiler: it does. In the midst of debating a feminist, Milo was of course losing the argument, so he quickly deflected and called the feminist 'darling'. Of course being a smug asshole, Milo just laughed when they pointed how sexist he was. Clearly he learned nothing.

Frankly darling, I just don't give a damn


—Milo Yiannopoulos

To Become Editor Of Breitbart Tech

Milo and computar

At the ebb of October international muckraking website, Breitbart, where Yiannopoulos inexplicably has a job, decided to launch a new segment on their shit website in order to gain more clicks from the autists of GamerGate. To even cater more these nerds, they decided to employ GamerGate sweetheart Milo as an editor, even as we earlier explained just one year prior he fucking hated tech and gamers. Great thinking there. So one redditor decided to test the technical prowess of Milo, by asking some very simple questions. But Milo was unable to answer even a single one, because he knows nothing. Simple questions like what specs his computer has and why 60 fps is better for gaming. Rather than being BTFO for his ignorance, his loyal and retarded followers politely told him the correct answers to all the questions. They still defend this, somehow.

To celebrate his newly appointed position, he and the rest of the Breitbart crew decided to hold a YouTube hang-out, because why use your own site? That would require that they knew shit about tech. So instead they decided to use a feature for amateurs. And even then they fucked up. Somehow they forgot to turn on livechat for their 8 hour long show. The show was utter shit, that focused not on their new section, but instead focused on gathering some GamerGate darlings. Can anyone say pandering? So instead of using those 8 hours to promote the site and showing what they were capable of, they spent the time having on various autistic manchildren, while Milo tried to usurp (Uslurp?) all the attention.

After the 8 hours of torture was over, nothing was learned, so much like Breitbart Tech it was just a waste of time.

Milo trying to Minecraft

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Milo linking to an image in his e-mail.jpg
Breitbart Tech

That time Milo tried to post a link to an email attachment

To Get Unverified From Twitter

Last Thursday, Milo was unverified from Twitter as they discovered he was not actually a journalist, but was the spearhead of a 44 man operation designed to harass women in tech, but more on that later. When Milo announced that he had been unverified, his dumb fanboys were fast to cry foul, while Wagner was busy creating 20,000 sock puppet accounts, so he could pretend that this was beneficial to him and his cronies. Milo is so utterly butthurt about this, and not in the way this faggot prefers, that he actually uses the heavy ballot X (✘) at the end of his name.

Milo Unverified.png
(Praise God for the free market)

To Become Utterly Butt Smashed Over An April Fools Joke

In a shocking turn of event, BuzzFeed wrote a ArchiveToday-favicon.pngfunny article about Mr. Whatsapiecost himself, that was published on April 1st.

Milo April Fools Just A Prank Bro.jpg

A lot of the bleach must have penetrated that thick skull of his, and rotted away his gay brain, because he decided to take it serious, and write a ArchiveToday-favicon.pngTL;DR blog about how the left is destroying America or some crap. Or maybe the truth is that Milo is repeating Kernel again?

To Become An Game

Download here.

To (((Scam))) People Out Of More Money

In January 2016, Milo held another shitty streaming marathon, where he had people donate their hard earned cash, like he was named Anita Sarkeesian, so that he could create a privilege grant fund. That money of course ArchiveToday-favicon.pngnever reached the target audience and instead ended up feeding Milo's increasing drug habit. Sounds all to familiar, doesn't it?

Milo Where Did The Money Go.jpg

The explanation that Milo gave was between extremely wishy-washy to ArchiveToday-favicon.pngtotal bullshit. It is clear that this fraud once again pocketed the money. It's about ethics in journalism. He proclaimed that he didn't need the money because of his credit card average:

Milo Credit Card Average Month.png

Yes, this (((fraud))) actually wants people to believe that he is worth that of half a million dollars annually, when his net worth is ArchiveToday-favicon.pngestimated at $750,000. Or that their estimated ad income is ArchiveToday-favicon.png39k USD.

No wonder Breitbart has refused to show its tax records or publicize the fact that their CEO lives in a house owned by Mostafa El-Gindy.

Gindy has received favorable coverage from Breitbart News, which styles him as a ‘senior statesman’, without an accompanying disclosure that he is the website’s landlord.

To Do A Nimble Scam

Having already run out of drugs, Milo needed a new quick way to get rich quick. Here he teamed up with Martin Shkreli in order to get people to donate to a millionaire, named Palmer Luckey. The whole charade was nothing but a shell-game. Even the ArchiveToday-favicon.pngwebsite indicated this. This was such a complete disaster that even the mods at /r/theDonald had to ArchiveToday-favicon.pngapologize.

To Push His Christian Agenda

To Make Rap Exclusively Black People Again

While Milo was busy stealing money, sucking black dick or stealing money he needed some entertainment. Meet Mike Dece, the ultimate evidence that YouTube Favicon.png white people should not rap. The original YouTube Favicon.png video is a fucking disaster. No rhyme or reason. A non-existent beat. We will save you from dying of second-hand embarrassment by not showing you the original video.

To Still Cry About Trolling and Set Fanbase After People

Some of Milo's idiotic fanboys in our pre-GG section about him crying and doxing someone that trolled him in 2012, would argue that he's changed and that he would not to the exact same fucking thing today. That he is pro-free speech and the fact that if you get abuse you should just turn the phone off, like nigga just close your eyes. Well this nigger-cock loving Kike is still a hypocrite. So now his autistic fanboys have even less of an excuse of excusing this complete piece of shit. None. Nil. Zero. Nada.


Of course Milo, failing to have a memory of what he used to look like back in yonder years (and even now), thinks he can mock him for his appearance too, when we all know if he looked exactly the same but happened to be a equipped with a black dick, Milo would be salivating for this gorilla dick. Of course it's funny that Milo is attacking journalists doing hit pieces on him when previously he was desperate for them as a means to get more fame and notoriety. Guess he couldn't stand the heat in the kitchen.


SHOTS FIRED: The Dangerous Faggot Tour

Naturally Yiannopoulos would want to cash in on his new-found e-fame, so he went on a national tour of liberal colleges, where he was received with open arms by the liberal youth of America, and welcomed with firebombs and large crowds of protesters. By the time he reached Washington State, liberal butthurt about president Trump's recent election caused a man to be shot at the rally there. The final stop on his tour was to be Berkeley, which threw him a free for all party in which people were gassed and beaten, and free televisions were given to the Oakland residents who had come to pay their respects.

During these talks, Milo would reveal the shocking truth about the rampant sexual abuse in the gay community. This was well received by Breitbart which fired him so that he could continue his fantasies of fucking bois.

To Advocate For Pedophilia

Watch Out! Typical anonymous catholic priest.jpg This predatory faggot entices innocent priests into sexual situations.
You can help by contacting The Pope and alerting Chris Hansen.

Milo and His Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

TL;DR: As a young teen Milo sucked a dick and he liked it and lost his buttvirginity in an orgy with a black drag queen who may or may not have been RuPaul, recently he talked about his rear-ending personal experiences in a career-ending generalized way, he says he consented as a teen, and that makes him a horrible person, unlike First Sulu who is a pretty cool guy eh likes blondes as a young teen and doesn't afraid of older camp counselors. Sulu also still has a job with Pizza Slut, I mean Pizza Hut.

In early February 2017, dangerous faggot Milo appeared on Tucker "Puzzled Look" Carlson's show on Faux News (which is now in Megyn Kelly's timeslot after she gently fellated James "#chickenlovers" Alefantis and then jumped ship to MSNBC) to talk about his warm fiery welcome at UC Berkeley. Milo's appearance on Faux News brought more awareness of Milo to senior citizens who don't read Breitbart every day like so-called "secret president" Steve Bannon does.

As Milo's fame rose in Amerifat, due to being a Trump-loving token gay for Republicans and a Jew, he was booked and appeared on HBO on Real Time with Bill Maher on February 17, 2017. Since Milo was going to be on the show, journalist Jeremy Scahill (who wrote a book about the mercenaries Blackwater) pulled out, and in hindsight Scahill looks like a fucking genius now. On Maher's show, Milo appeared as the first guest, wore multiple pearl necklaces, and described himself as a "virtuous troll." Milo talked about free speech blah blah blah and said he came to America because he thought in America that people could say anything, do anything, and be anything, which Milo would learn less than a week later is clearly not the case. Maher asked Milo about some shit and Milo reiterated that Leslie Jones looks like a man. Milo also called out Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, and Sarah Silverman -- all female Jews oddly enough. Maher and Milo also agreed on their dislike of PC culture and Islam. Bill described Milo as alt-right or conservative, and Milo said he was libertarian. Milo said Bill is the only good liberal (Maher has described himself as a "9/11 liberal", who is redpilled on Mudslimes), and the media said that Milo and Bill had a "bromance." Maher asked Milo about how it seems like Milo is a gay who doesn't like gays. Hmm I wonder why. Milo said you can't hire gays because they're never on time due to all the sex and drugs. Maher said he disagrees with a lot of things Milo says and shit. Later in the show, Milo said Bill needed guests with higher IQs and Larry Wilmore, formerly of the The Nightly Show, formerly of The Daily Show, told Milo to go fuck himself. Bill told Milo to shut up multiple times, and the other black guy on the panel, spook Malcolm Nance, also told Milo to go fuck himself. The panel also argued about trannies and the rights of guys with dicks to enter women's restrooms and locker rooms. Milo said trannies have a psychiatric disorder, Larry said that was once used against gay people, Larry said "homosexuality was called a disorder" and Milo replied "Maybe it is. I feel pretty disordered." At one point, Maher said Milo reminded him of a young, gay, alive Christopher Hitchens, which would make Hitchens roll in his grave fast enough to power every streetlamp in Brexitville.

After Milo pissed off CIA intelligence guy Nance, who had told people in 2016 to be skeptical of the John Podesta emails leaked by Wikileaks, saying they were "riddled with obvious forgeries" and were black propaganda "not even professionally done" and that even if they were authentic that the excerpts posted to Twatter were taken out of context and distorted their meaning, and who wrote a book saying how Russia and Wikileaks tried to steal the 2016 Presidential Election, some group calling itself the "Reagan Battalion" (who probably don't even know about the call boys during the Reagan and Bush administration) and which some argue is a front group for former CIA agent Egg McMuffin, decided to sit down and watch old videos of Milo posted in January 2016 on some shit called The Drunken Peasants podcast which featured many vaping neckbeards named Ben, TJ, Scotty, and Paul's Ego. The "Reagan Battalion" then edited the video, taking it out of context, and released some year old clips of Milo talking, and the media quickly reported that Milo advocates/supports/condones pedophilia, which was the complete opposite of the media's reaction to "fake news" "victims" James "#chickenlovers" Alefantis and John "rubbing my nose" Podesta.

Milo's brand in Amerilard became radioactive instantly in the corporate media, and he didn't even have to use "#chickenlovers" on Instagram. In Amerifat, if you joke about your own sexual abuse at the hands of a Catholic priest you'll lose your book deal, but if you post photos of little girls taped to ping-pong tables and your names is James Alefantis and your dad Achilles was in the CIA, you get to visit the royal palace in Denmark with the third most powerful lobbyist in DC aka Tony "picture of a toddler in a diaper hanging by the staircase and Dennis Hastert's good pal" Podesta. Speaking of Dennis Hastert, he recently sued his sexual abuse victims for blabbing, since that's what the hush money was for.

Milo told The Drunken Peasants and/or Joe Rogan that he lost his virginity at 13 to an interracial drag queen in a fivesome. Milo also said something like he sucked a priest's dick when he was 14, named Father Michael or some shit, and joked that that's why he gives such good head. So it turns out that Milo is homosexual because he was sexually abused by an older person of the same sex. Milo said something like when he was 14, he was the predator of older men. And Milo said something like he consented as a teen. Milo said he doesn't see himself as a victim, and this deeply outraged leftists whose entire worldview hinges on various victim complexes.

Well the media had a fucking field day with all that old news. As the biggest conservative Gaylord in Amerifat, Milo had been invited to speak at CPAC at the Gaylord National Resort. After days of appearing on HBO with a spook who waved away the Podesta emails, Milo was disinvited from CPAC, lost his $250,000 book deal with Simon and Schuster, and resigned from Breitbart as their token faggot. After all this, Bill Maher said "you're welcome."

Milo apologized on Facebook, made some press conference, said he misspoke by referring to teens as "boys", and said as a victim of sexual abuse he thought he could joke about a priest teaching him to give blowjobs, as a kind of gallows humor. Well the media would have none of that, and sexual abuse victim Milo has been deemed a pedo defender, unlike DC interim police chief Peter Newsham who mishandled the case of an 11 year old girl being raped and who "stands with" Comet Ping Pong where Majestic Ape said "we all have our preferences hee hee." Meanwhile, Richard Dawkins said he was diddled as a boy in Britain and doesn't think it was that big a deal, probably because it wasn't at the hands of Sir Edward Heath. The US media decided to victimize Milo again, even though no victims of Milo have come forward, like for example Catherine Agnew who said John Podesta tortured her. Anyway, people pointed out that George Takei said he when he was 14 he lusted after some older camp counselor and blah blah blah oh my, but he still has a job, just like sister diddler Lena Dunham. But they're liberals so they get a Hall Pass from SJWs because blind loyalty or some shit.

Milo made a fatal error by thinking that tripfags and namefags have free speech. No, Americunt has stolen the Scientology playbook from David Miscavige and will harass, stalk, dox, and ruin anyone who says something they don't like, which is also the playbook of David Brock's Correct the Record and Sharia Blue.

Milo was probably on course to become The Donald's Chief of Staff or something, but since the Internet doesn't forget, it blew up in his face like Father Michael all over again. Milo may be done for in Amerilard since the left hates him for offending their delicate ears, and the right hates him for ever trusting a faggot. Although Lena Dunham, who molested her sister, still gets work, so maybe Milo will come back out of a spider hole in a few months. Sources say Milo will start some new shitty online venture.

While Milo's branding with the P word has certainly affected his US career, some argue that Milo still has a bright future in Pedowood. Bryan Singer is still doing alright, right? Bryan Singer even dresses up like Catholic priests for Halloween. Milo could also convert to Islam or move to Sweden and liberals would defend his right to be a pedo all day long, even though Milo was speaking about himself at 13 with an older man and not vice versa, and most 13 year olds have gone through puberty. At least Milo didn't pay a 15 year old Afghani boy to dance like a stripper like Dyncorp did, or fly to Orgy Island with Jeffrey Epstein, who The Donald's Labor Secretary pick Alex Acosta got off easy. So there's that.

Sources say that Milo made a return for "Cinco de Milo" in May 2017.


File:Milo yiannopoulos tin foil hat.jpg
"If he calls me a pedo once more..."

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Seattle4Truth.

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Gamergate.

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: PizzaGate.

Who can forget that glorious period when Milo teamed up with a deranged conspiracy nut who in 2017 went on to murder his own father?

Well, you can, apparently. Milo has tried to erase his ties to this crazed killer, but the internet never forgets.

Lane Davis co-authored a number of Milo's pieces on Breitbart and elsewhere, and was none other than the snitch who sold him out to Buzzfeed (who later snitched on Davis himself). Somewhere along the line, Davis started to believe that PizzaGate was real and that GamerGate was a mind-control operation by the Obama administration and that gamers who hassled Zoe Quinn were actually brainwashed into doing so as some kind of incredibly complicated Rube Goldberg-style self-pwn in order to marginalise them and their old-school vidya gaym preferences in order to introduce new educational video gaming concepts into the school curriculum instead.

If that doesn't make sense, read the Lane Davis article. (N.b., it still won't make sense.)

2018 CuntBook Meltdown

On 26 August 2018, after waking up from a brutal ketamine/alcohol-fueled binge by his coke dealer's goons demanding entry to his squat to collect on a 5-figure debt, Milo was forced to pawn many jew golds along with his Bette Midler-autographed, platinum plated buttplug. Being a Jew, this upset him immensely and in true alt-right fashion, he took to cunting FaceBook to lash out at his fellow conservatives for not giving him enough money, defense, and general attention (but mostly money). That's right- this transatlantic carpetbagging cunt sees himself as a selfless champion for conservative America, but FUCK YOU, GIVE ME MONEY ANYWAY!

On Gab

Milo is gonna burn a lot of bible discs

Since joining the right-wing social media website, Milo has undergone some form of conversion therapy, and allegedly cured his chronic homosexuality. He now devotes himself full time to Christianity and attempting to pray away the last of his gay thoughts. He has been working with to sell things online, like copies of him reading the bible.

Nobody knows what happened to the nigger he used to own.



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The first version of this article was created by what appears to be an honest-to-god SJW that wrote the entire thing like the most typical tumblr blog post ever, citing such evidence as "Misandry" being underlined by spellcheckers to prove it isn't a real thing (despite the same being true for "Transphobia") and using both terms like "*trans", "Trigger Warning", "White Privilege" and an account that was created solely for the purpose of writing them, that he then promptly abandoned.

We honestly can't tell if this person was being serious or a troll, or if indeed his or our version of this article was better.
So here is the original version of this article for your reading pleasure.

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lol "shitlord"

See Also

Journalism according to Milo: Spamming Ian Miles Cheong's twitter with nazi propaganda.


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