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For context, you may want to see this page first: NephilimFree
Or, better yet, read this: Pwnt

Of NephilimFree's many, many character flaws, one of the creepiest is his parasitic "relationship" he has with his stroke victim room-mate.
When it looked like Neph was about to be ousted from the household, he made an embarrassing video whining about it. A mirror of that vid introduced to world to a YouTuber named TheAnniePies. Neph and TheAnniePies clashed over this mirrored video, escalating the conflict until Neph threatened "legal proceedings". TheAnniePies Private Message responses to these impotent threats should go down in history as the holy textbook of perfect pwnage.

The Oncoming Storm of Assrape

Why Nephie was So Upset

Awhile back, Neph made a video where he BAAAAWWWW'd about his upcoming eviction. He was going to be kicked off the gravy train out of the home of a stroke victim "friend" he had been sponging SSI benefits off of (see the "Exploiting the Disabled" section above; Yes, we are repeating ourselves, but it bears repeating....he mooches off of a sick people rather than getting a job.). Anyhow, he posted the BAAAAWWWW'ing video....then realized it made him look like a degenerate toolshed with the morals of a poodle-raper (in other words, it was 100% accurate; and YEC Fundies react to accuracy like a vampire does to a garlic-slathered crucifix.)
So, he did what most censorship goon fundie Jewtubers do....he quickly removed the video.
But not before it was mirrored.
So, he fought tooth(lessly) and nail(lessly) to get all the mirrors banhammered. And for awhile, it worked.
But one brave Jewtuber, Anniepies, kept re-posting new mirrors. Neph was offended (like there's anything on earth that doesn't offend a fundie....but I digress) by Anniepies mirrors. So he threatened Anniepies with legal smackdown c/o Jay Sekulow, a famous lawyer.

TheAnniePies Laughs at Nephs Tiny Threats and Tiny ePenis

Anniepies didn't buy it, and contacted Jay Sekulow's office. Apparently, Neph did NOT obtain Jay Sekulow as legal council....and Sekulow was a bit miffed at being associated with the pedo-glasses wearing cretin. Hence, Sekulow might sue NEPH instead of Anniepies.
Details are provided below in the following PM's. They are quite long and detailed (in their pwnage), so click the "Make My PM Bigger for Just Pennies a Day" link to see the engorged, throbbing massiveness of it.

PM #1


This is my response to the "Slander!" video that you made about me ( in response to the 
video I made about you. It is long because I will send it to many others who are interested in the details, and I hope it will 
enlighten some of those who have been tricked by your chronic dishonesty.

After recovering from the comatose stupor that always befalls me after listening to your mind-numbing obfuscations of fact, I 
have noted some of your errors:

*1. You claim that I sent messages to ALL of your YT "friends" (over 2000). A blatantly extreme exaggeration.
*2. You said that "I was out of work, temporarily...." That implies that you found work again, however you never saw fit to make the obvious slam-dunk rebuttal (to my assertion that you appear to continue to be unemployed and freeloading) that you ARE 
employed. That is highly suspicious and strongly suggests that you indeed have not resumed work to this day. WHY HAVE YOU NOT 
*3. You say that I called Sharon a "mentally disabled person". I recall stating that she was "cognitively-impaired" as anyone that 
has suffered a "massive stroke" would be.
*4. Regarding your accusation that I filed a false report to a government agency: I did no such thing. I DID report you, but with 
NO false information (and your assumption that it was me was dangerously premature since it could have been anyone). And I 
qualified any unconfirmed suspicions rather than stating those as definite fact. Calling a government hotline and providing 
information (such as the link to your video admission of freeloading and other details) is NOT illegal. In civilized nations people are expected to speak up when they feel they have reason to suspect abuse, so long as they do not make false allegations. Your claim that I filed a false report to a government agency is what amounts to slander here, Bozo. I stated no lies and the recording can prove it. Thus your statement that "I could have civil AND criminal charges brought against this person for this" (referring to filing a false report) is untrue and malicious. You are pretending to be able to have me incarcerated and financially throttled with a simple phone call, when you have NO evidence of false report and have yet to invalidate a SINGLE defamatory statement that I supposedly made (if it's TRUE, moron, it ain't slander!).
*5. You also said that I claimed you were "abusing" her. I only told Protective Services that I SUSPECTED that you were FINANCIALLY abusing her, and explained with plenty of reasons. The common interpretation of you statement is that I said you had physically assaulted her -- typically deceptive on your part.
*6. Referring to myself and other atheists, you stated "They would defame someone and slander them because they hate god so much." 
You have stated in numerous videos that you believe all (or almost all) atheists secretly "know" there is a god and simply reject 
him. As much as you want it, god has NOT been proven to exist and therefore you cannot speak to whether atheist hearts are 
immorally defiant toward your undetectable supernatural "creator" who you pretend to know has made his existence so evident to us. 
So your assertion (that we hate god) implies that atheists are simply immoral. This is defamatory, because your assertions are not provable (or true) and they severely attack our character.
You have managed to slander me (and all atheists) yet AGAIN.
*7. You said that "Just out of fun I called a lawyer and got hold of a lawyer that deals with defamation and slander cases". So are 
you indicating that you have consulted a DIFFERENT lawyer than the famous one (Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ ) that you told me (in your 
June 11/2010 PM) was representing you in a slander suit against me??? Allow me to explain something to you: By identifying a 
specific lawyer as your representative (and a big-name pro-bono rep who you claim is aggressively pursuing me to make an example of me, no less), you have deceptively and maliciously attempted to invoke duress, and by continuing to fail to retract your claim of 
that representation, you continue your attempted duress and compound your legal culpability daily. You have repeated your threats of imminent and severe prosecution and have ignored my requests for confirmation/retraction of your claim of representation by Jay Sekulow. Your obligation to retract a false statement of representation does not disappear with time, and your culpability for damages for such a lie only mounts each time you refuse to address it, and with each day that passes. By not retracting, you only dig yourself deeper into your shithole and it only enhances my case against you when you repeatedly refuse to undo such a false threat. So I ask again: Do you retract your claim that Mr Sekulow is your lawyer, or am I to remain under the only reasonable interpretation (of your communications) that he continues to represent you? His office fails to acknowledge you as a client, is getting fed up with my queries (you recall that you urged me to contact Mr Sekulow to find out what he has in store for me) and they may well issue a "cease and desist" which will force your admission to lying anyway. Best that you get it over with before it goes that far, Sporty.
You also state (in your "Slander!" video) that the lawyer you just called said you had an "open & shut" case, but has this 
unspecified attorney seen your freeloading confession video? Did you show him all our recent correspondence? Does he know a thing 
about your lengthy YouTube history of extreme defamation of the non-religious? You really think that YOU, of all people, has a slander case? Oh please....
*8. Your assertion "A few buttons and this person will be sitting in front of a court, within a few weeks" amounts to malicious 
attempt to cause distress: you are not psychic and can't state, as fact, what prosecution would happen, and as explained above, you 
have NOT established that I reported any false statements, and you have not even specified a SINGLE claim I made that you could 
*9. I notice that you switched from referring to me specifically to "they" when discussing the filers of DMCA's against your 
videos. Too late, fuckwit, you already accused me of that in a recent PM (as well as accused me of "illegally downloading" your 
"copyrighted" material). I have never DMCA'd anyone in my life. I will hold both of these claims of unlawful copyright violations 
against you.

And speaking of copyright, what's with the "(c) Nephilimfree Uploading verbatim without consent violates copyright law" 
watermark on your videos? I could not find anything like "Nephilimfree" at the United States Copyright Office website 
( Even IF you are allowed to thus claim copyright to your videos without registering with copyright 
agencies (I don't know--yet), do you seriously claim to OWN the copyright to ALL the graphics and clips in ALL those videos? Are 
you REALLY the owner of all those images? Seems to me it is YOU that has been breaking copyright law. And are YOU qualified to give legal advice regarding copyright LAW pertaining to copying YT videos (which is NOT the same as YT Terms of Service)?

Now regarding my reporting your apparent financial abuse of Sharon:
I stand by it 100%. In the video you posted in February (featured on my channel with my commentary) you said that you were 
"basically homeless" because Sharon was leaving, i.e., you were unable to afford even basic shelter without her support. And the 
timeline you described indicated 2 YEARS of your unemployed freeloading off her. Furthermore, you have VERY CONSPICUOUSLY not 
stated that you have found work since then, and continue your incessant YouTube activities, so it DOES appear that your financial mooching CONTINUES to this day. Her son was disturbed enough with your apparent 2 years of freeloading (following your getting FIRED) to talk her into leaving you earlier this year [unfortunately only briefly—you have commented that she felt "sorry" for you and returned]. And as her confused exchange with you at the end of your "Slander!" video confirms, there clearly is reason to question whether she is intellectually competent to give consent to let you live entirely off her probably-already-stretched disability benefits. So the facts seem to indicate that a social services agency in fact SHOULD have been called-in to assess her vulnerable situation. Who are YOU to decide what's best for her?
So I am satisfied that at least now the appropriate body will monitor her situation and if you remain unemployed without reason (as appears to be the case), that continued scrutiny will be applied. Assuming (but not definitively stating as fact) that as the evidence suggests, you continue to freeload, maybe you will now be motivated enough to get off your lazy able-bodied ass and find some work to pay your own way and no longer live off the tax-payer-provided social benefits that were not intended for YOUR 

Regarding you pretending to sue me:
Your prosecution threats are as limp as your underdeveloped masculinity and you have the following to account for:
*1. Defamation: slander and now libel (for PUBLISHING slander in YT video): for falsely claiming:
*•That I filed a false report to a government agency,
*•That I filed false DMCA's (perjury) against you
*•That I illegally downloaded copyrighted material,
*•That I am immoral and god-hating (and an all-round meanie-booboo)
*2. Harassment and malicious attempt to inflict duress by:
*•falsely claiming (as far as the facts suggest) that I am being prosecuted on your behalf by high-power lawyer Jay Alan Sekulow, 
pro bono, for defamation and religious persecution, that I did not commit and which you assert I am guilty of
*•claiming that you have an "open and shut" case for slander and defamation when you do not.
*•claiming that I am guilty of--and therefore can get jail time and financial penalty for--something I did not do (file a false 
*•claiming that you have the power to press a few buttons "and this person will be sitting in front of a court, within a few 
weeks", when you do not, and can't even know how things would proceed.
*3. Hate speech (elaboration is below)
*4. Possible copyright violations by indicating "Nephilimfree" copyright claim on other people's materials.

So you already have a great deal that can be held against you. Additionally, I can't believe that you would sue me because:
*•You appear to be an unskilled dead-beat and employment risk (fired after physical altercation with your boss) with little or no assets.
*•You have no legal basis for your claims so no lawyer will take you without payment of retainer.
*•You have so defiled and thoroughly documented your own buffoonery that even IF by some miracle you managed to get a favourable slander judgement, what additional harm to your reputation (as the YouTube village idiot) would be compensable?
*•You have not even been specifically identified in this so-called slander against you. [There is a big difference between "slandering" a YouTube persona (such as "Nephilimfree") and a specifically identified person.] So what tangible damages could you seek? Have I jeopardized your employment??
*•You are mortified at the thought of having your dubious employment history, finances, criminal record and lawsuit history, and spectacularly-obnoxious YT history (more on this below) scrutinized under discovery process.
*•You are a prolific liar and thus rarely do what you say you will. You are a coward who can only confront people through a one-way monitor with the censorship dial turn to maximum.

The next paragraph describes what I think you would have your subs and "friends" believe (NOT what I think is true, so don't quote 
this out-of-context):
You spent almost all of the last 4 years diligently earning a living--interrupted only by a "temporary" "loss" of your work. You used your spare time simply spreading the "gospel" on YouTube and generously looking after your stroke-victim diabetic friend. And then along came a demon-possessed monster that hated his god and wanted revenge by attacking saintly you. This monster told people that you are a freeloader when you actually have spent thousands on her and far more than she has been able to reciprocate during your brief "temporary" unemployment without income, and you are back to earning your own way. Your YouTube confrontations are entirely the fault of immoral pretenders that secretly believe in god and hate his rules. They target you (with false copyright claims and otherwise) because you are so astute and incontestable in your understanding of scripture and god's plan for man. You have never done anything illegal or even contrary to YT policy. Like a modern-day Moses, God has chosen you to evangelize for Him on the internet, and you humbly comply, a willing and admirable martyr for God in the ultimate battle of Good versus Evil.

The next paragraph is what I think is the actual truth (based on what I have learned of you, and is not presented here as 
statements of established fact):
You have taken financial advantage of a vulnerable, simple-minded and uneducated woman who you said suffered a stroke 4 or more 
years ago and moved into your apartment very soon thereafter. Within 2 years (probably considerably sooner), you had a 
confrontation with your boss which accelerated into a physical skirmish over which you were fired (and possibly charged with 
assault & battery), without right to unemployment benefits. You realized that although not a lot, Sharon's disability benefits were enough to pay your rent, food, etc, so you felt little motivation to seek employment again, particularly since you have no sought-after skills that would buy a significantly-more comfortable lifestyle. So you figured you may as well coast along on simple-Sharon's back (who was not hard to convince that you were the "best thing that ever happened to her") and effectively decided to retire at age 47 in 2008, taking up YT as your primary source of entertainment. You pretend (and have increasingly convinced yourself) that you are answering "God's calling" with your YT activities, and thus feel less guilty about your freeloading. Based on the social skills, knowledge base, and typical demeanour that you present on YT, you appear to have a mixed personality disorder characterized by several character flaws. You utterly lack a developed rational capacity, but you are secretly aware of it and try to compensate with laughable and fundamentally-ignorant pretences at unassailable scholarly acumen. Your manipulative and deceptive tactics and sneaky distortions reveal the fact that you are aware of your own dishonesty and thus you are not insane, NOT non-responsible for your actions. You are not crazy. You are simply an asshole, an admiration-desperate misfit, a pathetic fraud, and a self-pitying "persecuted" "victim" who has found in religion a cloak for his moral nudity and a ticket to feeling superior.

Some perspective:
Religion, as an honest pursuit of ultimate truth and compliance with appropriate moral standards, can be legitimate and 
honourable. [Any sincere truth-seeker will at least have scrutinized the "answers" of religion for possible merit and it is that same pursuit of truth and personal integrity that leads the intellectually-honest beyond religion's inadequate "answers" and 
dogma.] People like you do not pursue religion primarily for truth or moral integrity. Your childish, archaic interpretation of 
Christian morality bastardizes and cherry-picks it to excuse and validate your stunted immaturity and personal shortcomings. You 
delude yourself to think that you are made innocent by simply believing a particular dogmatic obscurity (repent, believe in Jesus' forgiveness, be born again, blah blah blah) and then you are magically transformed, as worthy and respectable as anyone alive, regardless of your past and even your future intensions. You assert that by merely siding with the "right" version of religious belief, you are magically granted favour by your judgement-obsessed (and evidentially painfully-shy) god, who apparently leaves the vast bulk of humanity (no less culpable for their shortcomings than you) to suffer eternal fire, for simply having failed to discover the secret belief formula for "salvation".
In your failure to acquire normal adult psychological development, you narcissistically seek the admiration and obsequious 
support of other theists in the YT community. Many have supported you simply because you are outspoken for the religious side 
(despite your repeated abortions of direct debate). But they are being shown your hypocrisy and are cluing--in.
This little drama of ours is not about the "godless" versus the "faithful", as you would portray it so that the theists you have 
fooled would rally around you. YT has over 1000 videos about you, thoroughly documenting your bewilderingly aggressive attacks on 
the non-religious (the "evil-lutionists" as you say it) where you pretend that the world's brightest and most-credentialed 
scientists, and the rationalists like me that learn from them, are joined in a mass conspiracy against your pre-medieval folklore 
and obsolete ethics. Even worse: in your ~6-month-old "Tough on the Truth" video (copy at and a good commentary is at v=kY19CBYbu6E), where you try to explain how you are in fact being representative of god's justice, you state the following:
*•"The evolutionist talks about it [evolution] because he wants to break your faith—YOUR faith...."
*•"...their subconscience is telling them 'There IS a god, there's no excuse, he's the creator'...."
*•"...You see, many of these people they have so much hate in their heart..."
*•" when god slams the door shut on them [evolutionists] ... God says: 'Do you remember that Christian on YouTube, who told 
you how the Bible proves itself to be literally true? ... Do you remember that fellow on Youtube ... he explained that this and 
such is true and therefore evolution CANNOT be true...You didn't listen to his words, did you? He gave you scientific PROOF that 
life is designed, and you didn't care....'...and they're not listening...their heart are spiritually dead"
*•"So you have to understand that when I or some other Christians gets harsh with some of these people, it's not necessarily that 
were not putting forth a good example for Christ, it's that were fighting against people that lead other people to reject god. And 
that's a worthwhile battle."
*•"...those who espouse... hate toward all manner of the truth—of creation, of God's Bible being literally true--that he wrote it 
himself or even that God exists: we are expressing nothing more than SERVICE for god when we are TOUGH on them"
*•"Now if God, merciful, loving, compassionate god, can send two female bears... to come snarling out of the brush and slap to 
death a half a dozen boys for MOCKING his prophet, do you not think that God supports you when you are tough on these kinds of 
people? Because for all you know, that one poor pathetic, blind, spiritually-dead person is going to lead someone else to Hell. And 
that's just not acceptable."
*•"There is a time and place for strength and unwillingness .to compromise."
*•"If someone is espousing hate toward god, and leading others astray, I'm gonna put a stomp on them, if I'm so inclined, and I'm 
not gonna feel guilty a bit about it."
So in a single video you claim that atheists have chosen immorality over submission to a god you pretend to know has revealed himself to us, that we try to break the faith of theists and lead them to Hell, that God will cite your prophetic warnings 
[delusions of grandeur] as reason to reject us from heaven, and that you have actually proven that evolution is impossible! 
Furthermore, you JUSTIFY FATAL VIOLENCE (you just said Bible is LITERALLY TRUE) against children (2 Kings 2-23-24) for merely 
"mocking his prophet" (calling him "baldy"), and you use that example as justification to be "harsh" and "tough" to "fight against" in "battle" and to guiltlessly "put a stomp on" us "god-hating", "spiritually-dead" hell-bound rebels, all in alleged "SERVICE" to your god's will. This is JUSTIFICATION OF VIOLENCE AND INCITEMENT TO VIOLENCE AND HATE ('I'll stomp on you' is a PHYSICAL threat unless otherwise clarified), particularly for the sin of mocking a "prophet". It targets a specific population for their beliefs regarding religion: HATE SPEECH and PERSECUTION BASED ON RELIGIOUS ORIENTATION.
Perhaps YouTube should be informed....

Your YT legacy is a prolific campaign (note the spelling) of character assassination, extreme denigration and outright hate 
speech against those that are simply incapable of believing in your undetectable and uncivilized "god". There are a great many 
similar examples of your outrageous attacks on the moral credibility of us non-believers for no reason other than our easily-justifiable scientific position on religious supernaturalism. You cannot retract or DMCA all that evidence of your irrational antagonism (nor the evidence I have of your harassment of me).

I am standing up on behalf of the thousands of honest rationalists that you ludicrously and reprehensibly dismiss as less-informed and morally degenerate, and who you have bullied with your threat of putting a "stomp on" us for daring to question you and your biblical literalism with all its draconian "justice". Your motivation is selfish and self-aggrandizing. You are a fanatic who defies centuries of science and believes (or pretends to) that we are in end-times, approaching Biblical apocalypse. 
You think that The Almighty himself has selected you for a YouTube mission, and that your hate-laden evangelism is crucial: you 
have the stupidity to believe that despite your god being "just", your efforts will actually make the difference in whether some 
will go to Heaven or to Hell (which would mean that your god is arbitrary, not "just"). It is your kind that believes they are in 
"service" to god when they are "tough," sometimes resorting to violence to further their "holy" agendas for a vengeant god that 
endorses atrocity. You believe that the human species, singularly, is born evil, that we therefore all deserve eternal Hell, and 
can only escape it by believing in (and submitting to) an invisible, constantly-mind-reading, condemnatory omnipotent judge who rewards nothing but the willingness to believe without evidence. Such guilt-ridden dogmas are compromising and psychologically damaging to children, who deserve better from their adults. Us rationalists scare you because we have free minds and are not bound by the blurred lenses of religious presumptions. We are not the reality "denialists" here: we are the ones that recognize that this life is all we know that we have, wish to live in reality, and have the moral integrity to not pretend to know more than we do, especially regarding supernatural claims, for which ZERO evidence exists. You recognize the strength of our self-honestly and loathe the threat it poses to the mysticism and the arrogant pretense that inflates your immature self-esteem and excuses your blundered-away life. YOU, Nephie, clearly represent all that can go wrong with religion, and your actions need to be called-out, not ignored. That's what my channel is about: exposing the hypocrisy of a dangerous, hate-promoting bully and that has had free reign to inflict harm for way too long.

I have the support of a great many and am willing to face your baseless threats of litigation, wherever that may lead. BRING IT 
DON'T chicken out and lie about it, like you do with those that agree to confront you in debate.
DON"T say that I am insane and "it wouldn't be fair", or that you don't have it in your heart to "crush" me or that god told you 
to "turn the other cheek" to set an example of piety (which appears to have been your intent when asking people to comment in your channel to tell you what they think you should do about me—you want to be able to back down from your litigation threat against me while by playing humble martyr).
DON'T pretend that you are starting proceedings and just stall and stall (so that interest wanes in this drama) and then claim 
that for some technical reason it feel apart.
DON'T pretend that you have become "too busy "—you haven't even challenged my assertion that you still appear to be unemployed 
after 2 years. How many sycophantic butt-licking fans are going to remain after you say that suing me "wasn't the right thing to 
do" for whatever reason you pretend? Especially after I PM everyone that comments on your videos about me with complete copies of THIS and all our former correspondence (since they expressed interest, it would not be "spam").
Perhaps you'll see this as an opportunity to sucker some money from your subs by e-begging to pay for legal costs (and then 
probably say you used it up and still ran short)? Go for it.

SO SUE ME, if you're not yella, you deceitful, pathologically-lying, freeloading, self-pitying, incompetent, juvenile, 
scientifically-illiterate, intellectually-dishonest, superstition-promoting, morally-grotesque fuck-up and fraud masquerading as a 
faith-healing, scientifically-undefeatable YouTube prophet you pretend that God talks to and favours. I am a well-paid manager with plenty of net worth. COME AND GET IT.
Your reign of colossal stupidity, fraudulent promotion of "God's will", and insipid attacks and threats upon the rational, is 
fizzling out, Nephie. Reality beckons.

SUE ME. PLEASE. I double-doozie dares ya.

Summary: Not only does he have an imaginary friend, he has an imaginary team of lawyers.

PM #2

"Dear" Nephilimfree:

It has been many days since you posted your "Slander!" video on June 18th and since my lengthy PM reply on June 22, in which I 
practically BEGGED you to push those magic phone buttons to get me into court, answering to incontestable "civil and criminal" 
charges. You have been unusually silent since then, stymied, I believe, for what to do since I called your bluff yet again and have given you no easy way to back down. Well, Sporty, it gets worse: I now HAVE PROOF THAT YOU LIED about having secured the 
representation of attorney Jay Alan Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice in your pretended slander suit against me: 
see the background on my channel which shows a recent email from Mr Sekulow's assistant stating:

"Dear Sir,
Regarding your request, we've reviewed our client records and incoming correspondence and have checked with several of our 
attorneys, and we could find no record of an **** ******** or anyone claiming to be Youtube user "Nephilimfree" contacting us for legal assistance or entering an attorney-client relationship with the ACLJ.
A Boling, ACLJ"

[I have obscured your name since I am copying this email to other YT-ers]

"Tort" is a wrongful, harmful action for which civil damages may be sought. It includes intentional infliction of emotional 
distress (IIED) -- look it up. That is exactly what your big lie about Sekulow amounts to: You deceitfully attempted to invoke 
duress by claiming to have the enthusiastic services of a big-name attorney, and pro bono, no less. You then claimed in subsequent 
gloating PMs that severe prosecution was imminent, even internationally if necessary, that I would be before a judge within weeks answering to undeniable criminal charges, that you have proof of defamation and religious persecution (baseless claims, in actuality), that I "could do JAIL-TIME" for having committed a "FELONY", and that severe financial penalty would also ensue. So you have been caught RED-HANDED in an illegal deceit and fake threat. And I am willing to send (to anyone that provides their email address) a snapshot of the YT message that you sent me where you named your alleged attorney, and a snapshot of the email from his firm denying any contact with you.

Regarding your roommate Sharon and my reporting you to your state's Adult Protective Services: I continue to stand by it, for the reasons I outlined in my June 18th PM to you [that she is post-stroke and clearly appears to be easily confused (some cognitive impediment), that you have admittedly lived off her SS benefits for 2 years up to the when you posted the video last February and you appear to STILL be living entirely of that income, despite offers of job training, etc, etc.].

I could also have mentioned that your purported FAITH-"HEALING" of her medical ailments (such as distal neuropathy and headaches) 
and your claim that enough faith can cure even terminal illnesses, shows that you may neglect appropriate medical intervention in 
favor of your "laying on of hands" and praying. For example, you claimed that you permanently cured her of that neurological 
condition and she no longer had pain or needed meds: "I prayed, and the instant I put my hands on her feet and said "my king" god 
[[Bullshit|cured her --the incurable neurological disease in her legs — instantly. She felt icicles shooting out of her toes. She 
was cured instantly and permanently—she hasn't had a single neuropathy pain since. No more medicine for it]]." [your "Miracle Cat" video]. If she trusts you to "heal" her and stops her meds, it is simply dangerous. You may even be guilty of performing medical "treatments" without a license. Furthermore, if god, using you, in fact "permanently cured" her distal neuropathy, do the 
government agencies that pay her disability benefits know, or are you worried that they would then reduce her benefits? Such 
agencies don't take kindly to fraudulent collection of disability benefits for already "cured" ailments. Or did you (with your god 
using you as a "vessel", as you say) in fact not really "cure" her of anything at all??
And I could have mentioned that video where you eerily aim and hold a  large handgun inches from your camera. Or I could have told Protective Services of your belief that unidentified objects in the sky are "demons" and evil "fallen angels", preceding an 
imminent apocalypse, or how you  think that moon craters are the result of icebergs blasting across the vacuum of space at escape-
velocity speeds during "Noah's flood". 
These all point to you being [[Fact|unstable, paranoid, and exceptionally irrational]], to say the least.
And in comments that I have archived you claim that you  obtained POWER OF ATTORNEY over Sharon, even before she moved in. I don't 
know what specific authority you have obtained, but it seems  alarming that someone with your history should have ANY authority 
over ANYONE, let alone OVER someone whose intellect has obviously been  compromised by a "massive stroke", who is a fragile 
diabetic with the history of "years" of "24-7 pain" that you described, and whose disability benefits appear to be YOUR only source of income.
These things all support my impression that your character is  volatile and that your post-stroke, advanced diabetic vulnerable 
friend Sharon (who apparently pays ALL your expenses) reasonably warranted having her financial susceptibility to you reviewed by 
your state's Adult Protective Services.
I also note that in your "Slander!" video you falsely state that I "made a false report that I am taking advantage of and abusing 
a  mentally disabled person". My report was NOT false and you underhandedly suggested that I claimed you had physically abused her, when in fact I only reported my SUSPICION that you were FINANCIALLY abusing her. You stated as fact that I reported abuse (rather than SUSPICIONS of abuse, and only of FINANCIAL abuse), which is an outright lie and thus slanderous. Anyone with 2 brain cells can see that Sharon's situation needed oversight, and that your "Slander!" video is a gross and dishonest misrepresentation of my justification and motives.

Well hold onto your headphones, Skippy: I now have considerable ADDITIONAL reasons for concern about your arrangement with Sharon:
Thanks to your act-first think-later stupidity, your "Slander!" video confirmed that I had reported your correct address. I was 
then able to obtain public record information with a few simple calls, such as a THREAT you made on April 11/1999, and about you 
being charged with ASSAULT and profanity for an incident 3 days later, against a Mr ALEX EPPS, which lead to an eventual CONVICTION. I have made calls to the Epps'-- amazing what people will reveal to a stranger.... Should I go on, Nephie???? You also 
have an ARREST in 2004 on your police record.... They even kept a 15-year-old speeding ticket on your file ($84: doing 79 mph on 
the I-55). Public records are a marvelous thing, eh?!
Do you still stand by your claim that "I'm the BEST THING that ever happened to her" ??? If you finally got a job again, wouldn't 
she then be able to spend more of her disability benefits on HERSELF??? Maybe she could then afford professional drop-in help or Meals-on-Wheels, if needed, rather than support a YT-junky and paranoid evolution-conspiracy-theorist who pretends to heal her and thus remove her need for medication....

You have tried to paint our YouTube clash as an unprovoked, unjustifiable and illegal attack based on your religious beliefs, but the truth is that you escalated all this to where it is today: You initially claimed that I "illegally uploaded" your videos. In 
fact I merely made a commentary on one of your videos, simply analyzing your own alarming and hypocrisy-revealing admissions, fully within YT terms of use. You desperately regretted posting that video and tried to get several users to destroy their copies but you failed, and since my commentary was getting the most attention you foolishly tried to bluff me into closing my account with your illegal false claim of representation by an attorney whose office has since given me PROOF of your deceit. Your further gloatings of dire consequences for me were baseless and dishonest (I did not state FALSE claims and thus did NOT slander you as defined by law, nor did I ever challenge your right to religious belief), and thus constituted harassment and further tort. I replied to your bluffs with all the respect they deserved, again refuting your lies. Then on June 18 you posted your "Slander!" video, pretending to be within a hair's breadth of releasing "open and shut" prosecution against un-defendable criminal actions perpetrated by me. On June 22 I responded with a PM in which I refuted your false assertions again, and urged you as strongly as possible to go ahead and sue.... And you have made no response. No video or comments telling your "friends" that you have taken their advice and gone for it. No communication indicating anything at all. You appear dumb-founded for what to do and I think your YT "friends" can see it. Your façade of 'innocent victim' is cracking at the seams. Only the dumbest, most dishonest, and most morally fraudulent will stick to a sinking ship like yours (i4truth, shockofgod, sablechicken, and the like).

Neph, your YT career is essentially a self-promoting campaign of HATE SPEECH toward those that simply do not share your conviction 
in the existence of a supernatural god. Your ridiculous fringe views and beliefs are central to your pathological self-promotion as a god-favored Biblical guru, and are increasingly corroded by the relentless encroachments of modern science upon your sheer 
ignorance and pre-medieval mysticism. So you lash out and attack us non-believers because we represent an uncomfortable reality 
check to your fantasy world of demonic UFO's, your alleged faith-healing miracles, an imminent apocalypse, a world-wide conspiracy 
among all top scientists to promote the "lie" of evolution, and your pretended morally-superior status among men as an 
exceptionally faithful end-times internet Prophet of the Almighty. But you go TOO FAR. Your videos and comments meet the legal 
definitions of hate speech for most countries (including mine): you incite hatred toward a specific group based on their religious 
orientation: you claim that Atheists are in fact aware of proof of God, and immorally reject God because we love our "sins" too 
much, and that we hate God (ie, "espouse hate toward God"). This portrays non-believers as contemptible, fundamentally-evil people 
worthy of actual hatred, if only in support of God. Your extensive YT efforts boil down to INCITEMENT OF HATRED toward a population 
for their orientation regarding religion. All of this is on video, coming from your own mouth, and archived out of your reach.
Furthermore, in some instances, such as in your "Tough on the Truth" video that you have yanked but remains on others' channels, you literally go so far as to justify the KILLING of even children who "mock" the religious, and you use that example to argue that 
god supports you if were to you were to "put a stomp on" someone that "espouses hatred toward god" (who you repeatedly equate with 
the non-believer in several videos). So you not only incite and justify hatred toward non-believers, you literally pose an argument that the Biblical-endorsement of the murder of non-believers justifies violence by you and others against the "godless".
It is that harmful, defamatory attack on the non-believer's rational perspective that lead me to make my exposee video. It was your actions, not your beliefs, that deserved challenge. You have to learn to be CIVILIZED, or face the consequences of your harmful and outrageous utterances. You have to recognize that you cross the line into criminal conduct when you spout such harmful incitements. 
That is why I chose to expose your moral hypocrisy in the freeloading-admission video: to stop the harmful influence of a hate promoter, including his apparent financial abuse of his hapless disabled friend. Revealing your years of mooching while you, an able-bodied man in his 40's goofs-around all day pontificating on the internet, was well overdue.

You owe me and Mr Sekulow an APOLOGY for your proven deceit. IF YOU DO NOT post an adequately sincere and thorough YT video apology by noon, July 4, 2010 then I will notify YouTube, in careful detail, of how you used their PM service to issue malicious and deceitful threats of severe prosecution (tort and harassment). I will also tell YT how you have made false and disparaging statements about me (slander and libel), using their service. I will explain to YT (an international medium) in precise detail how you have expressed what most nations consider HATE SPEECH, toward non-theists in your videos. I will tell YT about your public police record mentioned above. I will tell YT about other claims that you have made that will further demonstrate that you are a hate-promoting bully and a harmful menace that should be banned from the YT community.
I don't honestly have high expectations from YT's legal department, but other recourse remains. As you know, there is MORE dirt under your carpet.... I could make quite a video exposé. And while I doubt that you have the assets to make it worth my while, I may just get annoyed enough to sue YOU anyway.

I would have SOME sympathy for you if you could actually demonstrate that a SINGLE disparaging claim I have made about you is false. I presently have no reason whatsoever to think that you deserve ANY lenience.
I would hope that you will do the "Christ-like" thing (what you profess to espouse) and own up to your sin of deliberate, malicious tort, and your baseless and harmful incitements to hate the "godless". But I'm not holding my breath. This will just to show your "friends" that you were given a chance to save yourself.

So go [[Incontinent Student Bodies|change your underwear]], odious little fella, and start thinking seriously about your options.



Summary: Being a Hate-Filled, Crazy Douche would look very bad in front of a Jury.

The Circlejerk of Creationist Trolls

'Want more Creationist Troll Aktion?'
BEHOLD! the Circlejerk of Creationist Trolls!

After being unmasked as both unable to get legal council as well as hopelessly fucktarded, Nephy quietly backed away from his empty threats of litigation and hid in his prayer shrine to receive further instructions from the voices in his head.
Here is it almost 2 years later, and TheAnniePies is completely un-sued. So either cooler heads prevailed or Mr.PotatoBugs brain voices told him to just fucking drop it.

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