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This just in:

Lin is back on tumblr after a brief absence

Neo has massive lolcow potential, but it's up to wise anons to fully unleash that potential. Use outright trolling wisely and a great many hilarious quotes, anecdotes and artworks will surely be born.




Lin Gibson aka Neo-Classic-Neko aka ginseng-tea-cat/ginsengteacat aka kurobloodangel aka pinkmagicalneko aka whatever other account she's hiding behind this week, is your typical weeaboo teenager obsessed with cats. Hailing from Kent, Iowa, she attracted the attention of /cgl/'s rusty vaginas and later several other boards of 4chan with her unique art style, down-to-earth-humility and charming mastery of the Japanese language.

While she was oringnally just one of a number of bad art drawing, Japan-supremist weeaboo retards, the lulz started flowing as she reacts very badly to any troll comments, proving herself as an epic lolcow in the making. A whiny, self-obsessed, yaoi fanbrat with an uncle who blah-blabla-blah lawyer, Neo is surely the next Pixyteri, although we're at this stage unsure wether she'll have to lose or gain a few pounds to make this happen.....

Discovery and Fandom Secrets wank

Yaoi manga of the decade!!

Neo-classic-neko was originally "discovered" by an unlucky Seagull who saw her posting her "manga" called "Kuro Flower". The art, looking like something done by a 7-year-old bought a few laughs, particularly due to Neo's insistance that she was only uploading a "preview" while she sought a publisher.

With her traced art, poor panel juxtaposition, bad spelling and fangirl Japanese, it was clear from the get-go that this manga was going nowhere fast. Helpful anons offered her advice on how to improve, including redrawing entire pages in multiple styles to help her develop her skills, which was met with the standard "this is my style sew stop judgin!". Much of the helpful art has been lost and we would love you to share it if you have it!

After getting their fill of laughs, she was left to her own devices. Of course by now we should all know that's a bad idea, particularly when LiveJournal is involved.

On August 10, 2011, someone (probably you) posted a secret stating that they liked mpreg fanfiction. Being a 16 year old girl (or possibly just normal), Neo's response was mature, well thought out and thought-provoking:

Mpreg is just plain gross! [...] Men are not supposed to have babies, especially in slash! I just want my gay



Which bought on a mini-shitstorm from faggots and faggot-enablers. Lin let out her anger by drawing hurtful manga drawings of her newfound despisers, much to their sadness.

As word of her easily-trollable temperament top-notch art skills spread around the net, Lin experienced a spike in pageviews on her profile and rejoiced.......200 pageviews in a day! Whatever could this mean?!? Tomorrow, the world was her oyster and soon she would be a published mangaka and live in Japan!!

On yaoi and transgenderism

Lin, like most teenage, female, anime fans discovering her sexuality, has clung onto the failboat that is yaoi. After starting her own yaoi series called "Neko Space World", which features generic catboys in space, she delved further into yaoi fandom and fantasising about all the bishis desu. Sadly, none of Neko Space World made it to her deviantArt page, which was deleted soon after.

Within a week or so of her /cgl/ spotlight, Lin had stuck a uniball pen in her ass and discovered her own inner uke self. She started talking about how she wanted to "be" the uke in a gay relationship. Her journals and comments contained more about her desire to be a hot Japanese yaoi boy for the sake of dressing up like a girl and tricking Japanese men into sleeping with him. Of course she will then be so hotkawaiidesuboi that no one will be able to resist her new male body no matter what their sexuality is! Ecks Dee!!!!

Several people pointed out that no sane or reputable doctor would give her a sex change for her reasons (manga and..........manga). They told her that it would never happen unless she went to Mexico and took the risk of turning her taco into a burrito.

Lin stated she would not go to Mexico to get it done, but she would go to Tijuana if she had no other choice. It took her a couple days to realize that Tijuana was in Mexico (lol maps), where she promptly claimed she was just too tired to think, and was confusing Tijuana for Korea.

This is why you should not draw in school and pay attention in class.

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So it was at about this point that the whole internet realised this girl/boy/thing had massive lulz potential and rejoiced that all of it was only a mouseclick away.

Weeaboo Lifestyle

While there are many weeaboos to found online, Lin definitely takes the cake-er-Pocky (in fact, she is now considered the world's greatest weeaboo by many). She is convinced that she is going to change the meaning of the terms "Otaku" and "Weeaboo" into something positive. She proudly flaunts that she is a weeaboo and Otaku, thinking that it is a good thing to love Japan and hate America (or any other country that isn't Japan for that matter).

One of the most notable times that her weeabooness showed was when she wore cat ears to McDonald's and became irrationally upset when the other occupants of the fast food establishment laughed at her. She believes her behavior is perfectly okay, and that everyone else is the "baka".

Lin in real life

Lin's first DA ID that she claimed she didn't trace. However, it looks nothing like her other top quality artwork. The most notable being that she actually drew hands from a decent perspective.
Watch out, Davinci!

Even though she lives in a hick town, it (unfortunately) doesn't mean that people don't use the Internet. A couple people have claimed to have encounters with the pockynekobeast in real life, and have shared stories of her crazy.

  • She wears cat ears to school every day, and ALWAYS answers to her name with hai when called for attendance. She also yells at her classmates to address her as "Lin Neko-chan", and then refuses to talk to them if they don't. Of course this is of no loss and many people purposely just call her Lin so they DON'T have to deal with her.
  • An Anon on /a/ claimed that she is lying about her age, and that she is actually only in 10th grade. This would make her 15 instead of the 17 she states. This Anon claimed she says she is 17 so that she can get on sites like Y!Gallery and 18+ LJ groups sooner. Anon overheard her talking about how if she instantly made her age 18, then it would seem less realistic (lol). While this is hearsay, it's extremely likely.

Shortly after the 2011 school year began, the school Councilor and her mother decided that she should be put on medication for her anger and depression issues. Of course Lin refused to take the pills because they weren't from Japan, but was soon forced into it when she was bribed with net access.

The girl is not only delusional, but extremely paranoid of the American government. She thinks that they have a conspiracy against Japan because the U.S. is OMGJEALOUS!!!11!!11 of how awesome Japan is compared to them. Neo also claims that every article or video that states Japan is xenophobic was made up by the U.S. government to try and keep people from moving out of America so that they can remain in control of their citizens.

According to Neo, the American government is also lying to its citizens about EVERYTHING ELSE, such as Hurricane Irene. She posted on her Facebook that Hurricane Irene was nothing more than a lie by the U.S. government to make people go out and buy "a lot of shit" in attempts to boost the economy. It never really happened, and every sort of picture that showed otherwise? Well, they were just set ups.

From things that she has written on her LJ and AIM, it is very apparent that she lacks a father. This may also play into why she is so obsessed with being dominated by a "hot older seme". It is also rumored that her mom is a MILF, but pictures have yet to be found of her. If the opportunity arises: snap pictures but KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! It is unknown if Lin's brand of insane is genetic. This could be why her father up and ran would have done, too.

Lin vs Homestuck fandom

Lin is not shy about stating her love for yaoi, buttsecks and her clear superiority to everyone around her. She is equally unforgiving about things she dislikes - FTMs, the good ol' USA and the Homestuck game/comic. This simple statement proves that she is more intelligent than /cgl/ had initially given her credit for, showing she has at least some semblance of good taste.

Upon discovering this, Homestuck's obsessive fans (quite possibly including your mom) were outraged that anybody could possibly not love their crappy MSPaint-drawn game. They bombarded Lin with over 800 dA messages, tumblr messages, stalked her on her IM account and spammed drawings, catchphrases, in-jokes across all her accounts and profiles. Lin suffered a mental breakdown and was incarcerated at a nearby mental health facility for close to a week, ruining the lulz for everyone. Lin now rarely comes online, when her mother isn't around to check on her.

So thanks, Homestuck faggots, for killing all of the lulz and being generally unfunny.

Lin's return to Tumblr

Apparently the mental hospital wasn't good enough for Lin, and so she left her house and lived on the streets for about a month, and is now shacked up with her totally heterosexual friend Andrew, who is clearly not fucking her, because as we all know Lin is FTM which makes her male, clearly, and Andrew is straight. She's living at his place and tumbling regularly. Recent entries have included her response to being trolled, and a plan to create a kawaii yaoi manga about Nazi catboys.

January 2012 Birthday An Hero Attempt

The Tumblr post
fuck you all. i decided to give myself suicide for my bday and i dun care what anyone says.


In a display of expert problem solving skills, Lin tried to an hero on her birthday, and failed. She got on the internet and posted an audio post to Tumblr. Is it a cry for help? Who knows. She's now a legal adult, and nobody can cut down her internet.


  • Neo believes that the only reason she's posted on 4chan is because of some bullies at school. According to her journal, their names are Sammy and Alex.
  • Her uncle knows a lawyer, and he will get his lawyer friend to sue anyone who takes her characters. Said lawyer and uncle (who are probably a gay couple) are currently working on taking down ALL of EncyclopediaDramatica.
  • Lin plays the "learning disorder" card at times. One is tempted to assume it's another case of self-diagnosed Asperger's Syndrome; however, she apparently has been given medication which she is only taking because her mother blocks her computer access otherwise. Of course, it could still be possible that she's faking the Assburgers and the dislike of the drug in order to make sure she is forced to continue taking it, in which case, well played.
  • We don't have many forms of contacting her as she deletes her accounts regularly after discovery. Add links to the end of the article as you find them. As she's not overly fond of one handle, she gets difficult to track down on new accounts.
  • While it may be VERY tempting to troll this desuidiot, you must do it sparingly in order to get the most lulz potential out of her. If she gets overwhelmed with too many comments, she will just "mark as spam" them or delete her account. It is advise to keep your thoughts to small paragraphs or sentences, too, as she is too dumb to handle any sort of complex or long writing.
    • Possible trolling plan of attack: Portray a "seme" interested in Lin as an "uke" (that's "bear" and "twink" in non-Weaboo-speak).
  • She hates Batman, to the point of mindless rage. This may be the easiest way to anger her.
  • Let's reach once more into the grab-bag of "lifestyles" which exist primarily to annoy one's parents and see what else we pluck out, shall we? "And for all the stupid ppl that asked what my religion is I am Wiccan and I am currently a witch in training >3" [1]
  • Some Homestuck fans refer to Lin as "The Grand Highweeb" or "Her Imperious Weeaboo". You may find more information and opinions on her by searching these names.
  • Recently, on Valentine's Day, Lin's friend Andrew told her that he loved her and tried to give her roses and pocky. Lin rejected him because he wasn't Japanese... but proceeded to eat the pocky he got her.
  • Lin believes that receiving critique on her art is equivalent to rape.


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