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Neil Gaiman's Sandman, notice - the next sentence really hurts our collective soul to say but it must be said, Neil Gaiman's Sandman is probably the greatest thing ever put to print by a batshit crazy insane Scientology weirdo that believes in Xenu and probably uses T. S. Elliot's famous line of "I'll show you fear in a handful of dust." more times than Stephen King in any one of his Gunslinger novels.

Before we go anywhere, it should be noted that this article refers to the Neil Gaiman, Vertigo, character of Morpheus and not the DC character "Sandman" who runs around in a gas mask and slips roofies into Wimmins drinks. You should also not be confused by the dresses only in black leather, voodoo believing, Wachowski Sisters ripoff in The Matrix played by Laurence Fishburne version of Morpheus. Think of it like this, Neil Gaiman's Sandman is still relevant, The Matrix is, well, not.

Neil Gaiman's Sandman follows the titular character of The Sandman or more formerly, Morpheus: The God of Dream or Dream Of The Endless and his 6 siblings Destiny, Death, Destruction, Desire, Despair and Delirium/Delight who are know as the Endless or rather anthrpomorphic personifications of the ideas that create and define the universe and Humanity.

Unlike most mythologies or Religions that have an antithesis like G-D and Satan, Jesus and The Anti-Christ or Dharma and Chaos - the Endless play both sides of the same coin and represent the opposite or rather have dual roles concerning how they are named.
For instance, Death also represents life and the circle of Life and Death is represented in that she wears an Egyptian Ankh.

You get what everyone gets. You get a lifetime.



What power would Hell hold over those it has imprisoned if they were unable to dream of Heaven




So much cuter than a guy with a scythe and would still be an influence for emos into the next millennium. This one image also spawned a pre-internet meme with goth style college girls running around; saying "Peachy Keen".

As it has been already noted, the story follows the titular character of The Sandman or Morpheus who is the personification of Dreams in the same way that a Greek God like Ares is the personification of war or Aphrodite, love.

When the series opens Morpheus is captured in an occult ritual that was meant to, rather, capture his sister Death because so long as Death is unable to move around, no one can die because she can not perform her function.

After 70 years, Morpheus escapes simply through patience and waiting for the spell circle and everything around him to decay and fall apart, because being eternal he can simply outlast such human inventions. Upon his return to his kingdom of dreams, he sets out to rebuild it as it has fallen into disrepair and nightmares and dreams like The Corinthian have gone rogue and have started using their "DREAM" roles and abilities to influence people wrongly.

Once it is discovered that he has had a child with Hippolyta, (pronounced Hip-paul-lee-tuh), Morpheus' character starts to take on the role of something more akin to a tragic Greek Hero like Odysseus who is being punished for his arrogance/hubris and for pretty much pissing off Poseidon when he blinded Poseidon's Cyclops son Polyphemus or more closer to Orestes who is ordered by the god Apollo to kill his Mother and in punishment for his violation of the oldest of laws is hunted down by the Erinyes (Also known as the Furies but most of you will confuse them with Furries.


The Endless

Name Description Picture
Destiny Also known by his Greek name Potmos. Eldest of the Endless and much like other Sandman characters like Lucian, Cain and Able - an early version of him can be found in the 70s horror comic Weird Mystery Tales. Destiny is often portrayed much like the Grim Reaper is in Wetern myth in that he is tall, and his face is always being obscured by the cowl of his dark robe. He knows all and sees all and from reading the book titled The Cosmic Log that is chained to his right wrist, he has the history of the all things past, present and future. Much like someone who knows the outcome of all games and gambles, he is always portrayed as detached and Talks very little. He is the least understood of all The Endless because he is rarely depicted in the comic and is characterised more as an idea only with a human form and lacking any and all Human emotion. He is best described as the Three Fates in Greek Mythology Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos in that he is above and beyond the gods and can not be influenced by them. Not even Yahweh or Xenu has the power to change what has already been written in his book.

Following the Motiff of duality, Destiny also represents freedom in that he can put his book down anytime he wants and be free of his duties.

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Death Also known by the name DiDi, in human form, and names like The Grim Reaper when playing the role of Death but she is best known as The Cute Little Death Girl by fans. The second eldest of the Endless and the one that has the closest relationship to Dream or Rather Morpheus and this is dramatized when she actually Bitch Slaps Dream for not visiting her and letting her know he was safe when he had returned. Their closeness might have something to do with that dreams are seen as a way into death following the old belief that there is a thin wall between dream and death and, "If you die in your dreams, you die for real."

Much like the Universe, humans and everything with life, Death is destined to meet everyone twice, first at their birth when she infuses a body with life and the second, obvious time is at their death when she collects the soul and takes it to its final reward.
As an Endless she was born seconds before the first life appeared in the universe, as explained earlier, because half her job includes giving life or being their to witness the birth.

She is almost always portrayed as an overly cute, competent but air-headish Goth syle girl between the ages of 18 and 25. Out of all the Endless she is portrayed as being the most human in that her presence brings about no suspicion and that her speech bubbles are the same as humans.

She also has the most sympathy for The Human Condition because every 100 years, as told in Death:The High Cost Of Living which was tentavively borrowed from the movie Death Takes A Holiday and was later re-made by Scientologists into Michael, Death is given one day to live as a human and at the end of the day she dies, dramatized as being when she spends the last of her money, much in the same way as in Michael The Arch-Angel Michael dies when he gives up his life for another. By performing such human things like just being a cute but weird girl, eating food and having some emo Cutter dude that wants to kill himself, named Sexton, right up until he falls in love with her and they make the uglies she gets to understand humanity in its true form as a player rather than an observer.

As it is made clear in story, the reason for this is so that Death can ironically have a love for life and understand the anger and bitter pungence that comes with Mortality's end.

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The Cute Little Death Girl
Just way too cute for the bringer of one's demise
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Dream Neil Gaiman's Mary Sue whose looks are a mix of his and Robert Smith From the Cure, you get the hair now. He is also known as Morpheus, Kai'ckul, Oneiros and at times The Sandman. He is the third eldest of the 7 Endless and came to be when just as Life started to Dream about what it could become.

Has a very good relationship with his sister Death and has a "I want to kill the bitch", relationship with his Sister/Brother Desire because he/she was responsible for the break-up of Dream and his lover.

Dream is closest in personality to his brother Desire in that he is very focused, committed to his responsibilities and seeing them completed. His seriousness gives him trouble in catching people's sarcasm.

Created with the heroic model in mind, Dream is very flawed. He often appears cold, insensitive, self-obsessed, has trouble maintaining relationships with love interests and at times is unable to forgive offenses, going so far as banishing a love interest, Nada, to Hell for refusing his advances.

Morpheus brings about his own destruction when he grants his son's, Orpheus, wish for him to kill him. Being immortal, Orpheus survived as a severed head after the crazed worshippers of Dionysus tore his body apart. This one event makes him subject to the Furies because Dream broke one of the oldest of laws by killing his own family. This law is seen all through out Greek myth, especially in the fact that Kronos didn't kill his father Uranus but rather castrated him and locked him away or why Kronos didn't kill his children like Hades but rather swallowed them where they could do no harm to him.

Dream's sister Death believes that this endgame with the Furies was all a design of his for change because when he left his realm of dream, Morpheus allowed the Furies to enter and by returning, he allowed them to kill him. In Death's own mind, by dying and letting Dream's son/Daniel version of himself replace him, he brought about the changes that his current incarnation was incapable of making.

Following the duality motif that is all through the comic, Morpheus also represents reality in that his character is most realistic and accepting of events than the rest of his siblings.

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Destruction The middle child of the Endless as can see by the fact that he abandons his realm around the age of reason because he forsees humans creating the Atomic Bomb and being able to do a competant job on their own without any help from him.

Portrayed as a hawt ginger with long haired tied in a pony tail and having a beard. His closest sibling is Delirium who pretty much worships the ground he walks on and in the cliche role of older brother, Destruction often treats her with candies when they meet.

He and Dream confuse each other as Dream can't understand why Destruction gave up his responsibilities and Destruction can't understand why Dream is so intent on holding to his.

The second reason why he left his realm was because he wanted some time to focus on his second nature, that of creation. It is the inevitability and permanence of destruction that disheartens him and hoping somehow to learn to control or subvert this part, Destruction starts indulging his creative side in art, poetry or anything that builds rather than tears down.

Ironically, Destruction plays in his role and helps bring about the destruction of Dream when he tells Orpheus that Death knows of a way for Orpheus to visit the underworld and get his love Eurydice back which, in the long run, ends up with Orpheus being torn limb from limb.

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Desire Desire is the third youngest of The Endless and is often portrayed as sexless, looking a lot like a more masculine K. D. Lang because Desire can become male, female or remain sexless as the situation desires.

There is much animosity between Desire and Dream as can be seen When Desire rapes Unity Kincaid while she is asleep with a sleeping sickness and has a daughter with her, Miranda Walker, that Desire convinces Morpheus he must kill because she is a Vortex Of Dream that could lead to the destruction of the dream realm.

Looking to save her life, Miranda removed what made her the Vortex in the Dream Realm and gave it to Morpheus for saving his life because if he had killed her as he was supposed to, Morpheus would have been hunted down and killed by the Furies as Miranda and him are related through Desire.

The most hot headed, cruel and spiteful of all The Endless. It has been noted by others that when Desire gets pissed off and goes looking for blood, it is usually for good reason. Desire is also The Endless most likely to do something just for the Lulz, not really taking any personal interest in its schemes but doing them more as a way to amuse itself.
As can be seen with Desire's meddling in Dream's affairs and looking to bring about his demise, desire also plays the flipside of desire being disgust, and or loathing.

Desire is the most distant of the Endless and has no close relations despite Desire's twin Despair worshipping Desire like it were a god.

File:Desire 01.jpg
See. K. D. Lang
Despair Despair, also known as Aponoia is the second youngest of The Endless and The Endless that is probably the most like you in that she is an obese, flabby, pale skinned, whiny, emo that likes to sit alone in an empty room and cut herself.

She is not the first Despair and was the first of the Endless to be killed or destroyed. The reasons for this are currently unknown.
Because Despair is a twin of Desire and looks to earn Desire's favor, Despair is often part of Desire's plots against their older siblings, especially Dream.

In one such plot, Despair challenged her brother Dream who held more sway over humans. Dream gave their intended target, Joshua Abraham Norton, the dream that he was emperor of the Jewnited States of Americunts which kept him from the depths of despair and leading to Dream's winning of the game despite Desire's assistance to Despair in game.

Some argue that she is very fond of her older brother Destruction, but there is no way of knowing if they have an actual relationship or if she is just playing her role of despair in missing him.

Her duality of hope can be seen in her desire for her twin Desire to notice her and in her waiting for Destruction's return.

You, or rather Despair
Delirium/Delight Delirium, also known by her Greek name of Mania, is The Youngest of The Endless and is often portrayed as a young girl about or around the ages of 13 and 15. She is a favorite of Anime Tards in that she has Heterochromia in that one eye is blue and the other green but they always change because she can never remember which one is supposed to be which. Being the youngest of The Endless, she is also the most quickly offended and has punished people who have offended her with extreme madness.

No one, not even Destiny, knows why she went from being Delight to Delirium.

Her closest relationships are with Death and Destruction, Destruction being her favorite, and they too are rather fond of her. Originally, she is scared shitless of Dream but comes to have an attachment so much that she tries to dissuade Dream's acceptance of his upcoming demise by trying to talk him into going on a quest to find her dog Barnabus, even going so far as kicking, screaming and throwing a tantrum when he refuses.

Although she is portrayed as being flighty and not always there, the Comic suggests that she may be even wiser than Destiny. Some Sandman writers have suggested that her change from Delight to Delirium comes from the fact that everyone is capable of knowing everything but we choose to forget things because such a cache of knowledge would lead to insanity.

Her dual side, Delirium can be seen in her overly playful nature.

File:Delirium sm.jpg
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By repeating the magic word Mary Sue over and over you get Sandman's Morpheus

Other Characters

Name Description Picture
Daniel Hall Version Of Dream The son of Hippolyta Hall and Hector Hall that spent 2 years unborn in his mother's baby factory while she was partying, slutting it up and all around getting her freak on in the realm of Dream.

It was because Daniel had spent so much time in the Dreaming as an unborn child that Morpheus said that this made him a part of the dreaming and thus belonged to him.

When Morpheus is killed by the Furies, it is Daniel who takes up the mantle and becomes the new Dream, to the dissapointment of many autistic Fantards that fight change kicking and screaming despite the comics saying that this exact event would happen for over 70 issues. Out of respect for the former Dream, the Daniel version refuses to use the name Morpheus and only wishes to be known as Dream.

Much like the begining of the comic much of the Daniel version of Dream echoes the original dream in that he has to rebuild the realm of dream.

Daniel is obviously named for the Bible character who interpreted Nebuchadnezzar's dreams in the second chapter of The Book of Daniel.

From Goth to Anti-Goth?
Most fans complained Daniel looked soulless compared to Morpheus
Hippolyta Hall All around crazy bitch that goes batshit crazy after Loki tricked her stupid ass woman brain into thinking it was Morpheus who stole her baby after a promise he made to her that he would one day come to collect Daniel because when Morpheus was captured, two of his Dreams, Brute and Glob, collected the soul of Hippolyta's dead husband Hector and convinced him he was the new Dream.

Like most Women, Hippolyta saw herself as being worthless without a man and quickly joined her dead penis err husband in the dream realm until The Real Morpheus returned and kicked their squating, crack smoking asses out.

Like all women, Hippolyta was devoid of logic, intelligence and reason, because of these female weaknesses she quickly went the route of revenge despite any lack of evidence. It is because of her desire for revenge that she comes across the Furies and realizing that Morpheus killed his son Orpheus, they accept her demand for vengeance.

Hippolyta Hall is the daughter of the Golden Age Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. Her husband Hector Hall is the son of the Golden Age HawkMan.

The psycho bitch herself
The Furies The Furies are also known as the Erinyes (The Angry Ones), The Dirae, and The Eumenides (The Kindly or Gentle Ones) are 3 of the most bad ass women in all of mythology and serve as something for women to strive to be if they can ever get their shit together.

They are daughters of the Earth and the Sky and were born when the Titan Cronus cut off his father Uranus' balls and the blood from Uranus' castration dripped down on Mother Earth or Gaia.

They are named Tisiphone (Avenger of Murder), Magaera (The Jealous) and Alecto (Constant Anger). Their function is to avenge the oldest and most sacred of laws in that no one may take a life of their own blood, in other words they avenge Patricide, Matricide, Fratricide, the killing of your own children etc. They are also known for punishing those who violate other divine laws like breaking sacred oaths.

These 3 chicks are some of the scariest in all of mythology in that not even the gods themselves can stop them once they have set out on someone. In the Orestes Myth, they even laughed at, made fun of Apollo's tiny dick and demanded that he grow some pubes and come down and personally stop them if he wanted them to quit. They are so fearsome that their preferred name for people to refer to them as is the Eumenides or the Kindly Ones so as not to draw their attention because they are best known for hunting a person until they succumb to madness and kill themself or kill them in a slow, painful and methodical way that sometimes, but not always, Includes a hand-cranked drill, a one inch drill bit and a lot of patience as they drive it slowly into the victim's urethra.
In the comic, they choose to hunt down Morpheus at the bequest of Hippolyta because Morpheus answered his son Orpheus' wish to die by killing him.

Possible Scientology Influences

Gods Don't Exist

In the world of Sandman, gods are a creation of man's imagination and only come into being through enough people believing in them. Inversely, gods can also die when people forget about them as can be seen with Odin who in story is seen coughing up blood as he is dying.

Unlike Scientology, these gods have much power and can affect the lives of Humans as is seen when a woman prays to Bastet, an ancient Egyptian cat goddess, for the quick passing of her dying cat.
This is probably best seen in story when Lucifer Morningstar gives up his kingdom of Hell the dead start to take to walking upon the Earth again.

You Can Will Yourself Immortal

There are a number of characters in story who have realised the secret to not dying which is to simply not die.

By choosing to not die, these characters have extremely long lives, some extending into the tens of thousands of years. Short of the surprise bullet to the back of the head or getting hit by a bus death is a personal choice and one's decision as can be seen in how Morpheus chooses when and how he will die.

The KRC Triangle

The KRC triangle combines the components of "Knowledge" "Responsibility" and "Control". A Scientologist must gain Knowledge of, take Responsibility for, and effectively exert Control over elements of his or her environment.

This can be see in Destruction giving up his realm and responsabilities to concentrate on learning about his own nature and striving to become able to have mastery over it.

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