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An incredibly handsome man with a slightly pointed nose and a taste for black leather.
Likes dogs

Neil Gaiman (pronounced 'Kneel, Gay Man', lulz) is a pretty cool guy. He came to fame for his work on the comic book series Sandman (which guest starred Martian Manhunter) and Books of Magic (which guest starred Constantine).

He also wrote novels, two of which were made into the movies Coraline (starring Dakota Fanning) and Stardust (starring Michelle Pfeiffer). His better novels, American Gods and its sequel Anansi Boys of course received no media attention despite having a black person with A HUGE GAPING VAGINA THE SIZE OF A HALLWAY.

Finally, just like Alan Moore got to do Superman, Neil got to draw Joker mourning all over Batman.


He makes extra money by selling the name rights to his to the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab to make special perfumes to raise money for...

Coraline is a very popular movie involving crazy magic dolls.
Wrote "How to Talk To Girls at Parties". Turned into anime by Camilla D'Errico.
Coraline and Doomzula teach trolling.

On Loli

As a leading member of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) he is fighting for free speech, and blogging about it as well:

  • "What makes lolicon something worth defending? The lolicon stuff is all about sexualizing prepubescent girls, yes? Why do you, personally, think that it should be defended?" -Jess
"We see Death putting a condom on a banana and talking about how not to get pregnant, diseased, or dead. The Chief of Police in Jacksonville Florida thought it encouraged teen sex. The declining number of US rapes may be due to the wider availability of porn. You seem to want lolicon banned, and people prosecuted for owning it, and I don't." -Neil

On Sexting

"I think that prosecuting as "child pornographers" a 16 and 17 year old who were legally able to have sex, because they took a sexual photograph of themselves and e-mailed it to themselves is utterly, insanely wrong" -Neil


In 1996 as part of the BBC's Learn To Spot Gays Week, Gaiman wrote a special drama set in London's Paparazzi Land starring several kids from Drama School with rich parents, and a bunch of BBC "Luvvy" actors, one of which was a genuine homosexual. License payers were invited to take part in the new concept of a "phone in" and identify the deviant. (It turned out to be Hywel Bennett [1].)

Can YOU spot the gay?

Neil Gaiman Is Not A Scientologist


Not even slightly.

Just like Will Smith.

See Also

Gaiman has even co-opted the creator of 300 to engage in loli bondage with his B&-AIDS t-shirts

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