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Neil Fox is part of the kiddie-sex scandal...
Jim'll Fix It!

Actual footage of Neil Fox being held at Her Majesty's Pleasure

How many women, Foxy?
Neil Fox's genetic twin.

On September 30th, 2014, it was revealed to the surprise of all that popular Britfag disc jockey, Neil "Dr." Fox, genetically has more in common with crabs than he does with you and me.

And that's scientific fact. There's no actual evidence for it (unlike the allegations, kek), but it is scientific fact.

The hunt

Very soon after Fox's arrest, fellow clapped-out Londoncentric media twat Chris Tarrant said Operation Yewtree had "got out of hand" and that celebrities were being treated in an "outrageous" manner. Famous people attracting media attention? Just imagine the sheer unheardofness of such a notion!

When asked if he feared having his own collar felt, Tarrant said: "I don’t think anyone in this industry hasn’t."

December 2014: Nicked for three more sexual assaults

On Monday, 23rd of March, 2015, the wily Fox was charged with nine sex offences involving six people, of whom three were children. Scotland Yard said he faced six counts of indecent assault, of which three allegedly involved girls aged under 16 between 1991 and 1996, and two allegations of sexual assault - Basically, 'e's a faaackin' nonce, m8.

Foxy, 53, of Fulham, is due before Westminster magistrates on 16 April.

He is charged with one indecent assault on a girl aged under 14, two indecent assaults on a girl aged under 16, four indecent assaults on a female over 16 and two sexual assaults on a female which are alleged to have taken place between 2003 and 2014.

May 2015: Pox-doctor Fox to stand trial in November over nine charges involving six complainants, spanning two decades. The youngest victim was 13 and the most embarrassing place to molest a child ever was involved: Chessington World of Adventures. Oh, the shame!

"Dr" Fox in the 1990s, disguised as Jared Fogle


14 December: Verdict: the Judges couldn't be sure "beyond a reasonable doubt" due to the age of the offences and Fux was found NOT GUILTY! on ten counts of tentacle rape.

lol jk

The Judges took the unusual step of making a full written judgement, and the devil is in the details. But they aren't "details". They are whopping great facts so big that they're hard to miss.

A told us that on 6th July 1991 she was at Norman Park, Bromley with school friends. She was 15. It was a classic cars event and they had gone because famous DJs were there. Towards the end they saw Neil Fox and took a photograph with him (which was exhibited). She didn’t know whose idea the photo was. When it came time to go he kissed her, tongue in mouth, and put his hand up her skirt onto the back of her knickers. It was horrible and she pulled away


B went to Chessington World of Adventure [...] about April 1996. [...] After the event B went to the front to see Neil Fox. Her sister and friend went elsewhere. She joined a group of people waiting for a hug or a photo. She was on one side of the barrier, he on the other. A group of adult women asked for a kiss and he kissed them on, she thinks, the cheek. She said “Hi Foxy, can I have a kiss?” He said “Yes” meaningfully. She leant forward with her cheek. He put his arm around her back, put his lips against her lips, forced her mouth open, put his tongue in and moved it about for a few seconds. She was shocked and tried to pull her head back but wasn’t able to pull back as he had his hand on her back and he was forceful. [...] She was four months short of her 16th birthday at the time.


He said “I had a dream about you last night and woke up with a big sweaty hard-on and I was fucking you up this wall”, and he was saying like let’s do it.


M says she remembers C, in 2013, saying that Neil Fox pushed her onto a desk so that she was on her front and he was behind her, mimed dry humping. She also remembers C telling her that there were lots of little incidents but she didn’t detail them. Nobody at work supported her or intervened in any way even though others witnessed it.


X gave evidence by way of her ABE interview, which she adopted. In it she told us that she was aged 14 in April 1988 when Neil Fox kissed her with tongues in the Capital Radio car park. The following year, after her 15th birthday but before October, he showed her around the Capital Radio library. It was on a Saturday, He talked to another DJ, Paul McKenna, but she cannot remember whether this was before or after the incident. When they were on their own they kissed. He undid his jeans and put his hand on hers and guided it onto his erect penis. He put his hand up her skirt, in her knickers and put a finger in her vagina. She does not think it was all his finger, and it wasn’t there long. It was quite uncomfortable but did not hurt. This was the first time this happened to her.


LS states in August 1988 she went on holiday with her parents and they stayed at the Derwentwater Caravan site. X sent her two letters. One was dated 22nd August in a small pink envelope and another was a brown A4 envelope dated 30th August. On the back of the envelope X had written “I’m 15 I used to be young and innocent. Then I met Neil Fox I’m still young! I’ll explain Sat”.


"I am as innocent as a 13-year-old girl!"

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Neil Fox is part of the kiddie-sex scandal...
Jim'll Fix It!

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