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Gene Frenkle, 1950–2000.
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A cowbell is a percussive musical instrument hung around fat ladies and juggalos. This is done to warn people of their arrival. As such the phrase "needs more cowbell" was coined by chubby chasers who were disappointed in the body fat content of a certain women.

The musical possibilities of the cowbell were first utilized on the Blue Oyster Cult classic "(Don't Fear) the Reaper" by music pioneer Gene Frenkle, who looked an awful lot like Will Ferrell for some reason. Gene Frenkle was a chubby chaser and had gotten laid the night before the session. He brought in the cowbell and started banging it in jubilation. The sound of the cowbell, once muffled by fat was now melodious and ringing. Gene decided to play the cowbell on the track.

Musical genius and Will Ferrell look-a-like Gene Frenkle had died at the tender age of 50 and Saturday Night Live made an actually funny sketch about this moment in rock history to pay tribute. As with anything on SNL it and its catchphrase "needs more cowbell" quickly became old meme. To this day, few in the age range 18-29 know what "needs more cowbell" means as most of the cowbells were taken off fat women before their birth.

As it derived from a Christopher Walken Saturday Night Live sketch, it is both inherently cool and old meme at the same time. Saying "More Cowbell" at any given inappropriate time (try open heart surgery) makes people think you watch Saturday Night Live. So long as one quotes Will Ferrell, they'll never know the difference.
Full SNL cowbell sketch

Summary: NEEDS MOAR COWBELL!!!!!!!!

It's a Rule.

Recent Sightings

On May 14, 2005 the Gene Frenkle character (Will Ferrel) was seen playing cowbell with Queens of the Stone Age on SNL.


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