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How to spot a pedophile? The Pedosmile! (picture has been obfuscated to protect the victim)
Nathanr action shot.

Nathanr is a child-fucker wannabe and a wikipedo in the truest sense in the word. He was banned from Wikipedia for being an idiot pedophile (though he claims to only be a hebephile) and abuser, thus scaring away all the 16-year-old girls and depriving like-minded admins of potential fun. Of course this was after he'd been the victim of his girlfriend provoking him into beating her up. This guy is PURE CLASS ladies, you would be strongly advised to become his IRL GF. It's also worth noting that his idol is Dallas Lockehart.

Prior drama

The British underage child Nathan wants to penetrate.
What awaits the pedo in British prison.

Nathanr had the prestigious honor of being featured in Ljdrama for beating up his girlfriend and claiming that he was the victim. He then made a tl;dr argument stating his case: how, yes he got angry, and he shouldn't have done that, but, like there was no real problem here except for like the people who wouldn't understand THAT SHE JUST NEEDED IT, et cetera, et cetera (et cetera).



Somey calls Nathanr a pedo.

One day, a 34-year old named nathanr from Canadia decided he had teh hots for fellow Wikipedia writer Sergeant_Snopake, a 16-year-old girl from England.

Although mildly dissapointed that Snopake wasn't prepubsecent and even above England's age of consent, he was a balding old man with a small wrinkly penis so he had to settle. Like any child groomer, he still showered her with expensive gifts and sent her a flowery email describing his "feelings" for her. In return, Snopake gave back nude pictures of herself both softcore and hardcore including a video of her taking Sceptre's virginity. Sources inside teh internets report it was full of Desu and "pix plz!" Nathanr immediately decided to post shitty emo poetry on his site (now offline).

Snopake had also been going out all night, having sex with various black men and was pregnant. Mommy and Daddy Snopake started to notice her pregnancy and so she quickly told them what was happening with Nathanr and notified the motherfucking police. The emails were passed around and ultimately wound up in the hands of several members of the Wikipedia cabal. Things did not look good for nathanr.

It's unknown how long it'll take for the internet to realize that 16 is legal in Canada and England...

Nathanr was vanned and only released when Snopake's child (which wasn't the first one she's had), turned out to be black, thus disproving Nathan as the father. Snopake went on to have several more children from different black men throughout her life. None of the children know who their daddies are.



Not too long after sending his email, Nathanr exhibited some remorse and freaked the fuck out. He sent two very nasty emails to both Sergeant_Snopake and her former boytoy, Sceptre.

Terrified of his insidious Canadian ways (North Americans are not to be trusted), the two began notifying every Wikipedia administrator possible. As soon as nathanr's mortal enemy Cyde caught wind of the situation, he dropped the banhammer on him. He really dropped it. Like it was hot. ContiE then unblocked Nathanr, starting a minor wheel war, and then he was re-blocked by Sceptre because he ain't going to let some crazy fuck step to his bitch, yo.

Now that his two favorite things had been taken from him, he proceeded to whine to no fucking end about it both on his own site and on Wikipedia Review. After having a good cry, he tried once more to lure Sergeant_Snopake into his den. He was promptly ignored by all parties.

Current status

Nathanr had formerly locked down his site after being severely butthurt by TOW. Sergeant_Snopake took a wikibreak for the time being so she can update her MySpace about being almost raped by a fellow editor. She also deleted her self-pictures from TOW, as seen by the empty spots in her picture gallery.

Admins flooded his talk page to debate the issue and someone gave him a barnstar for standing up to the oppression of age of consent laws. Once people from wikipedia review came to his defense, Freakofnurture abused admin powers to ban the person who gave the barnstar and the talk page was frozen and its comments removed. He has promptly gone insane over his obsession with the people involved, and has once again manifested a victim complex, especially in regard to his ED page. Even the haters at Wikipedia Review have noted him as quite batshit, now.

Our very own Einsidler adds fuel to the fire, not before Nathanr posts some more whiny faggot poetry.

IRC Hooliganism

Nathan, on IRC, telling it like it is!

  • Mar 12 6:25:40 <nathanrdotcom> Now I see that you're a liar and you've lied about repentence all this time, meanwhile looking for any reason to block me that you can come up with. This shows that you are not fit to be an admin. I hope that you do not cause this much trouble for anyone else
  • Mar 12 6:01:23 <nathanrdotcom> If you think I'm trying to retaliate against people, you're wrong. Will you please just ask me what my intentions are. I have neither the tools nor motivation to do anything against anyone.
  • Mar 12 8:02:04 <nathanrdotcom> Kindly just ask me what I've been thinking, I have no reason to lie.
  • Mar 13 8:25:12 <nathanrdotcom> Again, as it seems you didn't understand me the first time: It would be completely unlike me to 'hack' someone's email/hosting/etc account. I would have nothing to gain by doing so.
  • Mar 13 10:00:46 <nathanrdotcom> So this proves:
  • Mar 14 10:00:51 <nathanrdotcom> Cyde has done me a great injustice and I believe that he should resign from being an admin. Admins who abuse their authority do not deserve admin pivilages.
  • Mar 14 10:01:34 <nathanrdotcom> The reason why I think this of him is that he apologised to me a few months ago and just recently found an illegitimate reason to block me. Someone who geniunely apologises for their mistakes doesn't turn against the person they apologised to.


After the skyrocketing of this page's popularity in lulzy meter, certain additions were made:

  • Addition of Snopake, The Halo and Sceptre's powerwords and home address details by Nathanr (later removed by caring ED editors.)

One of the admins fearing legal actions, made the following modifications:

  • Removed a pic of a certain military person demonstrating some sort of bakery.
  • H4x0rd Google Maps and deleted some parts of England from the database.


Nathanr was unblocked by Tawker after six months, but immediately reblocked—pending secret Arbcom deliberations. His unblock cannot be discussed on-wiki because "attack sites" are watching ...[1]


Nathan is now in the e-court! ED spies, start your engines for great lulz!

Calls Victim a Slut!

On Wikipedia Review, while e-court is in session. [2]

E-court Dicks Bring in the Verdict

The result of the Court of Srs Biz Trolls, held in the most secret super-undercover hush-hush conditions, was not in Nathanr's favour; he's banned 4EVAH LOL. They wouldn't even let him speak for himself (scroll down a little). Poor Nathanr is so desperate to get back on and find the girl of his dreams, however, that he's already formulating a plan ... even if it means paying for a new ISP etc., he's just gotta sock-it from home.

Skult Of Caro

On April the 6th, a wikipedophile by the name of PatPeter posted his intentions on invoking the Final Solution on himself. Naturally, this was a total Drama bomb, and administrators panicked in the moment of crisis. Danny then called the fucking cops.

"PatPeter has put up notices on his userpage and talk that he intends to commit suicide shortly. Do we have a specific policy to deal with userpages of known deceased Wikipedians? Would it be appropriate to delete or blank the page, or maybe create a tasteful template for these eventualities? Dev920 (Have a nice day!)"

Like all the dregs of TOW drama, it soon reached the realm of The Wikipedia Review [3], where Nathan in a moment of caring and sharing stated “I mailed the user, relating to him how on a personal level, I think suicide is a very selfish act”, not realizing that many an heroes have killed themselves too.

In contacting PatPeter, he exposed himself as the user Skult Of Caro [4]; a shitty anagram of Cult Of Skaro , a group of enemies from the gay friendly sci-fi Doctor Who.

Nathan is currently crying Butt-hurt at being found out in his ruse [5], claiming that he and Caro are not one and the same - however if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, then it's a fucking a duck.

Shortly after this, even Nathan's groceries were so embarrassed by his behavior that they started to kill themselves. See

2008, still butthurt

In 2008, years after the events, he still posts to Wikipedia Review and lets loose tirades anytime ED is brought up. Presumably he edits TOW with sockpuppets, otherwise why would he still obsess about Wikipedia on a critic site? That's a long time to grudge, mate.


  • We had the innocent "If you were around my age and more available" conversation a few times, it didn't alarm her then and I don't see why it should alarm her now.
  • This journal is only used to 'stalk' those who I know already.
  • "I think [he] needs that thing called a social life (I should speak for myself) to get him away from the computer and to do other things instead."[6] This coming from a guy who is so socially inept that he can't even make friends with people his own age over the Internet, so he hangs out with a bunch of teenagers online.
  • Sorry about the rhyming, this is the first Esperanzian thing I've done, so I was kind of nervous. And it does sometimes take me 120 minutes to bath sometimes, as I always have to put body lotion on afterwards! :)—16-year-old girl
    I didn't know you use that stuff. *files idea away for future reference*—Nathanr
    People scream at me too, sometimes, but I love baths. Nathan, you must have known that! I told you once! You said you had coconut shampoo!—16-year-old girl
    Snopake: I'd send you some but my mother gave it to me and I can't find anymore of it anywhere.—Nathanr
    Can I just ask (you don't have to tell me if it's personal), why did your mother give you body lotion? I mean, my mother gives me body lotion because I use it, but I don't think she's ever given my brothers body lotion.—16-year-old girl
    Coconut shampoo isn't body lotion.—Nathanr [7]
    In retrospect, Nathan's intentions on Wikipedia were obvious.


Now lets be fair, and see what Nathan has to say about this article... this is from the point of view of someone he doesn't know bring this site up in casual conversation... Nathan before this conversation starts is very well aware this article exists. This log has not been changed in anyway:

* Now talking on #GayGeeks

<Mika_> hey , is this like just for nerds

<Nathan> that is the impolite term, nerds and geeks are not the same

<Mika_> oh?

<Nathan> yep

<Mika_> well whats the difference then

<Nathan> !whatsageek

<TheCheat> Geek: noun: (1) A person with an unusual or odd personality, (2) a carnival performer who does disgusting acts, (3) Deragatory term for a person with limited social skills, and usually strong technical skills. While anybody can become a nerd, geeks are born, not made. The difference between a geek and a dweeb is that dweeb has no redeeming qualities.

<Mika_> seems like a nerd

<Nathan> are you going to insult geeks or actually behave and chat?

<Mika_> woah

<Nathan> these are your definitions

<Nathan> Nerd is a term often bearing a derogatory connotation or stereotype, that refers to a person who passionately pursues intellectual activities, esoteric knowledge, or other obscure interests that are age inappropriate rather than engaging in more social or popular activities. ...

<Mika_> i just didn't think there was such rivaly over 'born-geeks' and 'not born nerds', i don't know how you can be born a geek anyway

* Nathan shrugs, i got that definition from somewhere, who knows, probably urban dictionary

<Mika_> thats a good site, i like the made up ones like onion news and encyclopediadramatica

<Nathan> :-) ED is not made up, it exists. it is a horrible site, we do not speak of it here

<Mika_> any particular reason? seems odd

<Nathan> because it defames others, and they dont give a shit, which makes them a bad site

<Mika_> who have they defamed?

<Nathan> people i know have pages there, i am not going to name names, that means you would then go to their page, which i dont want

<Nathan> that site has no right to exist, they push freedom of speech all the way to 'defamation'

<Mika_> internet is a uncontrolled world

<Nathan> it is ok to make fun of others, but not that way

<Nathan> gently poking fun != defamation

<Mika_> surely its just free speech, be it accurate or not

<Mika_> most of its funny, other bits just odd

<Nathan> no. it pushes the boundaries of free speech

<Nathan> well have you ever thought of it from the victim's perspective, instead of the reader who reads it and laughs? people have feelings, you know

<Mika_> so you've been a victim of it

<Nathan> i didnt say that

<Mika_> oh

<Nathan> i know people who have, i can identify with them

<Mika_> I know you don't want me to, but i searched the nicks in this channel and there is a nathan on it

<Nathan> before you go any further, don't, just one warning

<Mika_> it's pretty random anyway

<Nathan> dont continue that train of thought.

<Mika_> you may control what I write, but you can't control what I read and think

<Nathan> i dont like being a victim of their fucked up site, IS THAT OK WITH YOU?!

<Nathan> is it ok that i have thoughts and feelings too?

<Nathan> and i hate what they're doing?

<Mika_> sure thats fine

<Nathan> then do not defend them

<Nathan> i dont want them defended in here

<Nathan> they dont deserve it

<Nathan> they have no right to treat other people like objects of amusement

<Mika_> oh I wasn't defending specifically the site... just how the internet is meant to be unregulatedm, and its freedom and speech and stuff... i'm a liberal you understand!

<Nathan> i am not an object, i am a person

<Nathan> their freedom of speech ENDS where my rights are trampled on

<Nathan> understand that?

<Nathan> they defamed me

<Nathan> pure and simple

<Nathan> many times over

<Nathan> defamation is a crime

<Nathan> in canada, usa, you name it

<Nathan> look up defamation sometime

<Nathan> another word for it is libel

<Nathan> i dont care how liberal you are, people have rights.

<Nathan> i consider myself "liberal" too

<Nathan> but that site should not exist

<Nathan> in a perfect world

<Mika_> i dunno about libel, thats a bit extreme

<Nathan> they have no right to spread their shit about me

<Nathan> none

<Mika_> I think when something is libel like then its been published as tho is it 'fact'

<Nathan> and quite frankly, this conversation is pissing me off

<Nathan> so subject change please

<Mika_> I mean people make fun of politicians, but as long as its not put 'as the truth - as news' its not libel

<Nathan> wrong


<Nathan> as FACT

<Nathan> read the damn page again

<Nathan> it is full of lies

<Nathan> again you dont understand from a victim's perspective

<Mika_> it also says a whole load of stuff about john mccain, very funny :P

<Nathan> while you're screaming freedom of speech, people's reputations are being harmed

<Nathan> i dont care about mccain

<Nathan> i care about me :|

<Mika_> "Encyclopedia Dramatica's purpose is to provide a central catalog for the e-public to view parody and satire of drama, memes, e-pals and other interesting happenings on the internets" - seems to make it clear the site is parody not fact

<Nathan> conversation over.

* X sets ban on *!*[email protected]*

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