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NateTalksToYou (Nathan Drakeley)is a drama whore on YouTube who rants about other notable faggots for views. After fanboys flood his rants with hate comments, he and his circlejerk of friends will make a "dramatic reading" where they read the comments in hilarious voices. He also posts videos of him bashing Christians (which are similar to TheAmazingAtheist's style), reaction videos to a variety of hentai, and commenting on feminists. From all of this, Nate has gained 100,000+ subscribers, pocket change, and hate from fanboys who white knight for other retards on YouTube.


Nate makes a meme about himself.
And to think he doesn't enjoy going for a walk outside.

Like any other ranter, Nate is a white liberal agnostic who thinks that his videos are productive and inspiring. He rambles on in a monotone voice and has an occasional lisp. The only thing that keeps his viewers from falling asleep is his use of generic sound effects, jumpcuts, and awkward camera zooming. While his videos have improved in quality, a polished a turd is still a turd.

In addition to going after popular YouTubers, he also attempts to make a name for himself by ranting about trending celebrities. Sounds familiar? Nate is no different than other nobodies such as iMustDestroyAll, PMRants, and JJDiscussions. In hopes of being seen as a nice guy, he attempts to twist the definition of the word rant so it isn't synonymous with bullying.

He recently posted a video to celebrate him reaching the 20,000 subscribers milestone, not realizing these are not genuine fans and instead people who hate him. The remaining subscribers who don't hate him are perverts who wait patiently for hentai-related links in his video descriptions and comments.

Feminist Logic Fail

In mid 2014, Nate decided to hop on the train of doing videos against Feminism. Complete with derivative content stolen from TheAmazingAtheist and Shoe0nHead, Nate soon realised he'd need more than a lisp to set himself apart. Just kidding, Nate didn't do anything to set himself apart. The only notable feature is making his rants on Feminism to be a series where even the easiest of targets are too hard for him to combat evenly.

Episode One

Known for Nathan sucking up to the beauty pageant girl who promoted self defence to prevent yourself from getting raped. Filled with cool editing tricks from Sony vegas, failed analogies and a painful struggle of his teeth begging to be out.

Remarkably, Nate managed to pull in support from the anti-Feminist crowd. Due to his game at playing safe and trying not to offend people.

Episode Two

With his new crew of hugbox support he upped his ante up with more forced humour, spazzing out over Feminists and being too fucking retarded to respond to them so you have to take them out of context.

NateTalksToYou's second Feminist Logic Fail.
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Getting his ass handed by an Anarchist.
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Another response made to NateTalksToYou.

Nate saw that he wasn't doing too well when he was able to get refuted easily so he decided to address his critics to...


Episode Three

To make his third Feminist Logic Fail less liable to criticism, he made half of the video a clip from Maddox paraphrasing what Nate continues to say in the remainder of his videos. Unlucky for him, he still got hate. Most likely due to relying on someone else say what he wanted to say for him and ignoring the prior feedback.

Episode Four

After copying clips from Maddox to replace him talking, he went back to his roots from episode two by taking the Feminists out of context; Showing how seriously pathetic Nate is that he needs to take them out of context to feel comfortable responding to them, on such a simple issue as Manspreading.

Episode Five

Not that he had any creativity from the get go, this was around the point where Nate starts to lose any that he once had. In his last one he already repeated the tactic of taking clips out of context. In this one he just shows that he's skipping parts of the video, because it's lulzy. This video pretty much parrots the same failed analogies/talk of rape that he used in the original video. So even his fans started to lose interest when he was showing he had nothing left to offer but kept winding himself for more material.

Episode Six

Stuck for shit for ideas must be hard, so Nate dedicated this Feminist Logic Fail to show how much fat people trigger him and flexing his knowledge on Gym stuff. This comes with him having 10 pounds of fat in a 5 pound bag for a belly in the past which he's now shaken in favour for the fuckboy Gym membership look. Again, Nate is too scared by said Feminists he's responding to so he has to take them out of context. In short, Nate is no candidate to go against a weak crowd.


In a 3 second clip, Nate ruins his entire career.

Recently Nate did a video defending dressing up like a nigger by covering your face in charcoal and acting as if Jim Crow Laws are still in place to put them in their place. Despite preaching that his video would get negative backlash in the comments, instead the section has been littered with his hugbox of fans preaching about how blackies have a low IQ. With being such a sheltered lad, he's also confessed despite defending minstrell shows they scare the shit out of him.

Top 10 Kickstarter Fails

The only reason why NateTalksToYou amassed 100,000 subscribers is because of a shitty video he posted about 10 kickstarters that failed miserably. The video received over 4,000,000 video views due to the extreme clickbait from the thumbnail featuring an almost naked vagina. Although not misleading, he decides to use it because he knows that 12-year old boys would click the video expecting something to fap to. Not surprisingly, the video received over 23,000 dislikes.


NateTalks2You is Nate's second channel which he uses as a dumping ground for any other content he decides to upload. The channel is comprised of mediocre school projects, bloopers from videos that look like a compilation of bloopers anyway, and iJustine style vlogs of whenever he decides to leave his basement. Even though less than 6 percent of the subs on his main channel are subscribed to his second channel, that doesn't stop Nate from motivating himself to upload the shit he uploads.

Nate Uploads Fap Material For Pedophiles

For some reason, Nate thought his fans really needed to see a picture of him as a child "posing" in a nappy. This could be a sign that Nate has a diaper fetish. We'll wait and see what else he posts.

"Apparently I tried some modelling as a kid"


If you don't know who this jerk-dick is, his name is NateTalksToYou.



I'm uncomfortable being the same species as you.


—Nate is notable for being completely mature and rational.

Do you feel the magic Twilight? Do you feel it?


—Nate also likes to role-play.

Homosexuality isn't a choice, but homophobia is.


—Nate's original look on homosexuality and homophobia.

Nate is an ED user

That's right. He actually uses ED. The backstory is, he saw Omegalore as the featured article for our site. Then, on one of the videos, he posted this comment.


He actually knew about this article, but didn't take any care about it because it was in "Articles that need help."

Notable Videos

The video which got Nate 100,000+ subscribers. And guess
what, he doesn't deserve a spec of dust from this garbage
Nathan here informing us obvious shit
that a retarded person wouldn't know.
A Vlog of poor, poor Nate here having EEG test.


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