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"Hey guise name my band!" is yet another cancerous type of shitpost found within the sordid bowels of 4chan. You can typically find 2 or 3 copies of this thread active at any one time on /b/, the random board. This occurs when some anon posts a picture of the faggiest, most socially-inept losers he can find with a quick Googling. When other anons see it, they realize instantly that the best thing they are able to do with their time is make their own "Name my Band" thread.

It goes without saying that the #1 way to derail this type of thread is to spam "OP and the Faggots".

Gallery of Faggotry

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"Band of Name"

"He'll suck ya dick for a pack'a Newports."
It's going to be one of those memes...

Band of Name is a forced meme originating off of 4Chan's /b/. The image associated with the post consists of 5 emo faggots who stand in a wedge formation while pocketfingering. When the post is created, it is accompanied by a foreignspeak message, usually reading something like "Hello b. i am in need of help much and you must band of name." This suggests that the original poster was likely a Russian fucktard who enjoys watching the world burn. This cancerous shitpost of a meme has been around forever, but was originally forced around mid-2011 and has gained popularity since.

The Actual Band

Despite the never-ending flow of pictures of this fucktarded troupe asking for a name, it appears they already have one. Their actual band name is Last In Line and they used to have a Facebook page, until they were flooded with deserving insults by the depths of the Internet, causing the band to delete their Facebook. One small step for 4chan, one giant leap for mankind.

Band Reaction (Successful troll is successful)

The band only recently learned that they had a historic rise to fame thanks to ED, and they didn't deal with it well. When they weren't too busy deleting their Facebook like complete pussies who only care about being liked by a bunch of freaks on the Internet, a few of the members responded to a Facebook picture that featured their shitty band. Here are a couple of their responses in which they utter complete bullshit in hopes that the Internet will forgive them for their faggotry. They attempt to say this was their band when they were 13/14 years old despite the shit picture being posted in late 2011 on their Facebook. Considering that all of these queers are seniors in high school now they are lying pieces of shit who are as ashamed of this picture as they should be. Since they are all super tough, some members went as far as to spew shit out of their mouthes such as "Come at me faggots" which clearly goes to show they are actively soliciting gay prostitues. These freaks really did their best to turn the shit storm of attention they got on their gay picture into a full out shit blizzard, all of the members are currently crying theirs eyes out well listening to Asking Alexandria and searching for purpose in such a cruel world.

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"Band of Name" official Facebook baleeted due to trolling.


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