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Original. Use this for an instaban from Twitter

NPC is a acronym for "Non-Player Character" that has historically referred to shittily programmed, AI-controlled characters in video games that lack any form of free-will and have a tendency to glitch through the floor for no apparent reason. In 2018 it was discovered that NPCs also exist IRL and were most likely created by God for his own amusement.


IRL NPCs resemble human beings but lack the ability to think for themselves and will do whatever the server admins program them to do via console commands. These zomboid creatures have outsourced their thinking and morals to the television and other old media delivery devices which will program the NPC with correct-think such as "ORANGE MAN BAD", and "refugees welcome", while leveling such accusations as "misogyny" and "transphobia" at those who have not outsourced their beliefs to the reputable Jewish press.

NPC Wojak

See also: Feels Guy

The online representation of the NPC is similar to the beloved Feels Guy, but unlike the Feels Guy, the NPC does not feel anything and is therefore depicted with a gray color. Concepts such as remorse and shame are not part of the NPC program and therefore any attempt to reason with them will be met with bike locks to the head, and autistic screeching.

The Greynocide

After the publication in Kotaku of an article claiming the NPC meme was "dehumanizing" to the people whose debating skills consist of calling people "Nazis" and Russian bots, Twitter utilized a convenient new rule against "dehumanizing speech" in order to ban thousands of NPC accounts for the sin of parroting standard social justice talking points. This action prompted a New York Times article denying that Twitter had done anything wrong, and emphasizing that the snowflakes on Twitter are "not mad", like, at all.

Few memes have merited a NYT article, so this meme is right up there with Pepe as one of the greatest memes of all time, due to the avalanche of awareness of the meme. The NPC meme now qualifies as one of the most successful memes to come out of Great Meme Wars.

The NPC Creed

NPC Gallery

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NPC Videos

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NPC in Kavanaugh Protest
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