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An example of handy MS Paint skills.

Naked pictures, allegedly of the poster, posted online. Usually either produced as a byproduct of camwhoring or carefully-orchestrated fat girl angle shots and Internet disease.

n00dz as a drama-generating technique

[James] loves being trolled with his n00dz.

Currently, sexting is the premier DGT using n00dz.

Apart from that, keep these rules of thumb in mind when DGTing with n00dz:

  • Whenever anyone posts a n00d ever, save it to your hard drive.
  • After that point, whenever any of those people posts anything, post with their n00d.
  • MS Paint skills are a plus, too.

Example: Zeriara posted her n00dz to stop a 7chan raid. An ED user copied them an uploaded them to ED. Now they are used as "picture unrelated" images on many imageboards.

And on the internets a piece of n00dz spreads quickly, as this video shows:

By the way, you can't take your n00ds back once you post them. Anyone can see your n00dz.

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