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MyDeathSpace is where MySpace users come to die. The site is a good source of lulz as many of the deceased have died in a variety of humourous and imaginative ways that show that God still has it when it comes to creativity. The site also provides links to the MySpace of murderers and the missing. If you're willing to fork out an insanely overpriced amount of $34.95, you can buy an official Mydeathspace badge!

The site claims to be a place to pay your respects to the passed but they know as well as everyone that NOBODY just randomly searches the internets to pay respects to people unless there's p0rn involved. The site is actually just a way for us good folk to get a quick laugh and satisfy our morbid curiosity as well as for us to feel better about ourselves because, you know, we're not dead and all.

The site is also a good sauce for research on mean-spirited demographics, given that your average white teenager will die in a car crash and your average black person will be blasted away, most likely by a cop or other nigger. Death is racist!

The Forum

Typical hatemail SRS business.
You are going to hell!

You can also check out the forum, which is a place where we can talk about how the deceased had enriched our lives in some way but is mostly filled with threads about SRS STUFF. There is also a hatemail section because anything to do with death is bad and should be banned from teh internets, unless it's pornographic of course. There are lulz to be had at trolling trolls who normally have personality disorders.

Quotes Found on MyDeathSpace Forums

She boiled the dogs head to get the meat off, which is something taxidermists do if they don't use beetles. So no real big wtf there. Her only faux pas was thinking the world might be interested, but who doesn't like to show off their hobbies to other people sometimes?




Nope, sorry. I'm all for lactation and all kinds of rights for lactating women but breast milk can carry the AIDS virus so bio-hazard is pretty accurate.



"Feet prints"

I think I would kind of have sex with Death Bear.



"Hotsauce McGilacuty"

So when you have sex, babies happen and they will always happen until the end of time. So unless you want a baby, you shouldn't have sex. I've never found killing them the reasonable or responsible alternative, and you can say all day that abortion isn't killing. Pro-choicers use that to justify abortion all day long, but the fact is most pro-choicers would drop dead if they had a pregnant dog and you walked over and kicked it in the stomach, resulting in the death of its unborn puppies.



"Filthy Gorgeous"

the picture is ovbiously posed but yes i enjoyed doing the deer ...why should i not enjoy it ?



bang my tongue with your couch cause I LOVE IT fuuuuuuuuuuuu



The real Jonathan Brandis would've said somebody channeling someone is bullsh*t. Then again, I would know. I AM him, and I'm coming through here. Trust me, I've been feeling the love reading through all of these threads. You know, you guys have one twisted ass sense of humor.



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