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Standard reaction face thread

A reaction face (aka a my face when or mfw) thread or post is one of the longest living virulent tumours of the cancer that is killing /b/ dating back to the early days of /b/ and as such it appears to be 100% immune to chemo. The reaction face is quite simply a fucking boring, lazy shitpost that involves nothing more than posting a random image of an expressive face either from the stockpile of old meme images in your /b/ folder or a quick Google image search.

Reaction face threads are usually set into crapflood mode whenever m00t tweaks /b/ in some way like he did with DUN DUN.

The many reaction faces

We have here a collection of reaction pics to add to your collection for when venture down to 4chan. Save it, print it, smoke it, fuck it; we don't give shit.

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