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Wikipedia: Making the Internet "not suck" since ... um, wait.
thekosher posts pix of Wales' daughter in 2008, then in 2011, he asked for information (he didn't say that this was misinformation at the time) about his daughter to be removed from ED.

The Wikipedia Review is a hivemind of kook anti-Wikipedia message boards dedicated to obsessing over SlimVirgin criticizing the even more lame and cuckoo and evil Wikipedia. Its various incarnations are frequented by Wikipedia trolls aka administrators who have no live outside of wikipedoia, who engage in lame flame wars with the Wikipedia critics, a microcosm of Wikipedia's e-evil.

Winston Churchill once said that for every action there is equal and opposite criticism. According to basic laws of physics, every action has its counter-reaction. Thus, one would expect Wikipedia Review to be a giant horde of knowledge-hating book-burning self-righteous jew hating hare-brainers who never quite got over losing WW2. But, disappointingly, only about 40 people worldwide could fit the requirements mentioned above, and form the Wikipedia Review community.

Still, despite the differences on the surface, Wikipedia Review is mostly a reflection of Wikipedia's own Web-fuckery.

Members and drama

Numerous of the frequent posters at The Wikipedia Review ardently claim Sonny the Cuckoo as their mascot.

Wikipedia Review is, as should be expected of any site criticizing Wikipedia, full of Nazis and trolls who frequently libel and defame lame-ass Wikipedia contributors. Or at least, that's what we read on Wikipedia.

Many of the prominent members on Wikipedia Review are or soon will be perma-banned from Wikipedia, since Wikipedia doesn't believe in criticism unless they've previously approved of what that criticism might be. Wikipedia's policy towards critics in general is typified by this. Of course, the fact that most of the Wikipedia Review folks are not particularly... um... stable may also contribute a little to WR members being treated like cockroaches. Sometimes it's hard to tell weather this comes from the illnesses itself or from the medications, but confessions like "I am also very aggressive right now and very delusional" from Blissyu2, aka Zordac, aka aka aka aka aka certainly many a other persona, indicate some major players at Wikipedia Review may be fucking batshit insane.

If you think that lo-o-o-o-ng and voluminous trollcasts from those who are batshit insane at Wikipedia Review are shunned, think again. They are actually very much liked among the site's many trolls, since delusional people "often think in non conventional ways and pick up on interesting things".[1] (One can't make this stuff up!)

As important as reviewing Wikipedia may be, at least a considerable number at the site appear much more in need of a psychological review.

The Wikipedia Jews

Typical Review member, according to Wikipedia
What he really looks like

It has been well documented that Wikipedia has a Jew problem. Wikipedia Jews like Grace Note have repeatedly tried to take over The Wikipedia Review, fortunately without success. The Wikipedia Jews try to discredit The Wikipedia Review by using their political correctness and labeling the entire Wikipedia Review as Nazis, neo-Nazis and anti-Semites. Of course, the fact that WR attempted to sodomize every single Jew in a position of power on WP may have made the nazi-labeling job somewhat easier.

As explained by another Wikipedia Review user:

The Wikipedia Jew clique is a problem that Wikipedia should address. Others should be aware of it too. They are merely the mirror image of a Islamofascist or Neo-nazi clique. None is good on a collaborative project with a mission to be an "encyclopedia".

What should their clique be called, if not the "Wikipedia Jews"? Come up with something better. Suggestung "Jewish WP editors" willt send you to gaz chambers!

History (2005–2012)

Forum schizophrenia

Wikipedia Review was initially hosted on shitty Proboards, and run by an admin who went by the name "Igor Alexanderbergstein". At least 100 years ago, SlimVirgin secretly spread false rumors that Igor was a neo-nazi holocaust denier known as Alex Linder, and so Grace Note believed and went batshit. Igor, who was actually Jewish, up and banned fucking everyone and posted the truth about the Holocaust. When questioned about his actions, Igor responded, "I did it for the lulz". (srsly, Ignor's grandfather died in the concentration camps). Nonetheless, the forum caught schizophrenia from its major contributors and "split-off" to a separate server, where it was operated by one Mistress Selina Kyle.

Unfortunately, MSK proved to be among the batshit insane at The Wikipedia Review. After she deleted a post that exposed the Jewish conspiracy behind Wikipedia, several members, including two admins Blu Aardvark and Sgrayban, also caught schizophrenia and began work on a new forum, using the most recent MySQL backup to re-import the topics.

Mistress Selina Kyle had initially planned to file an internet lawsuit against the perpetrators for their plagiarism of the database, but another of her internal personas decided not to follow through on her other persona's threat, in part due to the fact that the second forum quickly went on anti-psychotic meds and folded within less than a week.

Last Thursday, the forum once again fell off the internets when administrator Somey accidentally tore the forum's foreskin. It was recovered this Thursday and sewn back on.

Palace coup


“Remember, remember the seventh of November,
The WR, treason and plot,
I know of no reason
Why Somey's treason
Should ever be forgot.”

This is not the first time Wikipedia Review had banned members unfairly. Malber and Amorrow were two of the best, most well-behaved members with insightful posts, and yet they were banned by the moderators.

But on November 5th, 2007, (seriously, November 5th) after another round of paying Wikipedia Review's hosting and domain bills, Blissyu2 got in an internet argument with moderator "Kato" over irrelevant bullshit. It resulted in:

  • Somey changing's Blissyu2 password and banning him from the site
  • Blissyu2 saying WR moderator Nathanr was his friend for 12 years who betrayed him and permahating him even after Nathanr now says WR betrayed him and he's no longer a mod.
  • Blissyu2 spent the next year telling everyone Somey stole the WR domain an website from him, even this guy.

For the later, Blissyu2, operating from Australia without a driver's license and virtually no money whatsoever, was unable to easily prove he was who even though he spent billions of Australian dollars equivalent to $0.17 American per million (though now that the US dollar collpased it's the other way around). However, Somey simply paid for Hostgator to host Wikipedia Review instead of Lunarpages, but neglected to tell anyone. It was a win-win situation for everyone concerned. Lunarpages got paid for nothing, while Hostgator got a new customer. The only loser was Blissyu2, as it effectively stole the account from him. Basically, they moved from one hosting service known by everyone to suck [2] [3] to another one also known by everyone to suck [4].

The fieryangel v. David Shankbone

The Wikipedia Review was pwned by the drama once again in 2008 when the notorious self-promoter and Wikipedia Pornographer David Shankbone showed his ugly muzzle on the board. The Fieryangel was outraged as he had been banned for spamming his business all over Wikipedia, while Shankbone had received many barnstars for uploading thousands of gay porn pictures with "by David Shankbone" in the file name.

After weeks of Shankbone and The Fieryangel crapflooding the Review with hundreds of childish insults, Shankbone finally cut to the chase and outed the FieryAngel as Musikfabrik, an account shared by pig bottom Paul and his boyfriend Jean-Faggy, owners of shit art company Muzak Faggits. Even Somey knew TFA was the Muzak Fagits - he said so in the WR's sooper seekrit forum, pointing out that the Muzak Fagits only used three IP addresses the entire time they had been on WR. Somey promptly gave David a ninety day unpaid vacation for the lulz. However for reasons best know to himself (most likely petty revenge), Jorge leaked screenshots of Review administrators releasing users private information. In a futile effort at damage control Somey deleted the sooper seekrit thread from April 12, but it was too late...

Wikipedia Review Spy On Their Own Members!

Ira Matetsky would've gotten away with it if not for those meddling psychos at Wikipedia Review!

It turns out the niggaz at the Wikipedia Review do things for lulz, even more so than the bureaucratic fucks at TOW! Remember when Daniel Brandt facefagged Newyorkbrad? Turns out that Brandt wasn't going around looking on New York law firms for photos of Newyorkbrad... NYB was exposed by Somey, who allegedly runs the forum! Somey's been spying on the freedom fighters of WR, keeping track of their IP addresses, and sharing them for the lulz. Kato The Old Fucking Jap, Somey The Neo Nazi, Daniel "Fuck-Your-Privacy" Brandt, Greg Hoser, Jorge the Arab Fag have all been spying on their own readers, and abusing private information, for lulz and graet justice.

  • DANIEL BRANDT:If this leads to a fix on his real name, I'm willing to hold off on Hivemind for 30 days to obscure the source."
  • SOMEY:"This is a promise, right? I'm thinking it should be more like 45 days, or else just quietly drop the whole thing - if something like this were to get out, we'd lose a substantial amount of credibility over the whole 'cyberstalking' issue. But you know that I, for one, trust you - Gawd help me for doing so. So yes: get him.

What a bunch of assholes. Feel free to read the first 20 posts of each thread or view screenshots:

Also, Blissyu2 complaining.[5]

OMG CyberTerrorism!!!

Due to the Wikipedia Review running on software that was new when Windows 95 was considered the ne plus ultra of the computing world, the site was hacked by unknown and obviously skilled hacker in June 2008. On June 3rd, Internet terrorists were allowed to compromise the Review because the administrators hadn't updated their WordPress ever. Anyone visiting the site and stupid enough to be using Internet Explorer enjoyed an attempted infection by an ActiveX downloader virus. Ironically, the people most distressed by the downtime were Wikipedia administrators apparently upset that they were no longer getting gossip about each other.

The second assault on June 23rd, was an old-fashioned DOS attack from Russia that put the Review over its monthly CPU usage limit, causing their host to pull the plug. Once again, the Review sailed off the Internet into oblivion. The leading suspects are either SlimVirgin, Raul654, or Blissyu2 ineptly trying to regain control of the forum he supposedly "owns."

There are no girls on the internet

On 6 September 2008, all hell broke loose on The Review as the person who had won the title of "most unfair ban eva", Poetlister, was proven to be actually a guy, and all of his accounts were proven to be the same person all along, as had been proven by EDiots a year earlier, and of course since 2005 SlimVirgin had been saying that they were all the same person (although SlimVirgin outdid WR's over-reaction by claiming that Poetlister was secretly a neo nazi sent to destroy all of Jewkind!) But, in true Review style, rather than admit that they were wrong, instead Reviewers spent a record 70 pages congratulating themselves over the whole issue, all the while trying to bury the people who had actually known it and said it all along, such as Blissyu2 who had been saying it ever since ED's proof in September 2007. While congratulating themselves on a job well done, they seemed to miss the point somewhat, suggesting a wide range of conspiracy theories, ranging from "Poetlister is the real reason that Kato got The Fieryangel banned" through to "The whole reason that we have hated SlimVirgin or even Wikipedia as a whole is because of this Poetlister lie". Actually, Poetlister did the same thing that most everyone has done since the internet began - he created female accounts so as to live out a gay fantasy and/or to manipulate men. The actual reason that we are supposed to be upset is a potential case for libel, based around him using a real person's photos associated with a love of BDSM and various other nasty actions (as Taxwoman). In typical Review style, though, they massively over-reacted, trying so hard to pretend that they hadn't had egg on their face for a year, and that they should have trusted the hard evidence presented on ED a year earlier, that they totally missed the point. Daniel Brandt even went so far as to claim that Poetlister was a secret agent whose aim was to oppose SlimVirgin's secret agent status! Oh dear. Oh dear.

Brandt's anti-ED campaign

On August 23, 2010, Daniel Brandt approached members of the Wikipedia Review's private "300 Club" for aide in taking down Encyclopedia Dramatica's Daniel Brandt article:

By September 24, 2010, Brandt and "tarantino" doxed Sherrod, ajt, weev, and Sheneequa, and pressured ED into deleting its "Daniel Brandt" article and its "Wikipedia Watch" article.

2012 Meltdown

Apparently, Selina returned to The Review after a long absence, and proceeded to delete many posts, and banned several long time users and valuable contributors. This led to the creation of its successor, Wikipediocracy (aka WPO or WO). Since all Wikipedians are nuts, Wikipediocracy is run by a committee so if one moderator goes nuts, the board will still exist. The following is a summary of events that led to the decline of The Review:

January 2012 crisis

On January 16, 2012, the domain domain expired (thread). Although the forum was still accessible, this caused mass confusion, edit warring, celebration, and an AfD at the website that distastes the WR so much.

On January 23, 2012, Selina returned and renewed the domain. Selina also decided to become an active participant and moderator again. Unbeknownst to everyone, Selina's return would cause major upheavals and the near-collapse of the forum.

February 2012 crises

"[…] you may see Selina just go wild and ban everyone on the site except herself, so that it can be nice and orderly and no one will disagree with her."

On January 28, 2012, Selina returned to Wikipedia, and after a long debate, the Wikipedians permitted Selina to return to editing.

On February 10, 2012, Wnt pointed out a serious flaw in the arguments of Wikipedia Review users. As a result, Michaeldsuarez sought the aid of a moderator (in this case, "gomi") in order to insert a disclaimer in posts containing that flaw. gomi mistakenly believed that Michaeldsuarez sought to modify his own posts instead of having gomi modify the posts submitted by others and added Michaeldsuarez to the "No Edit Time Limits" group. Due to a technical flaw with that group, Michaeldsuarez was unintentionally granted unrestricted access to the private "300 Club" subforum. This allowed Michaeldsuarez to leak two entire threads and several posts (see #Leaks).

By February 17, 2012, the anti-paid-editing Selina and the pro-paid-editing Silver_seren were in a bitter conflict with each other:

During the course of this conflict, the Wikipedians blocked and then unblocked Selina, and Selina sought to have Silver_seren banned from the Wikipedia Review. On February 21st, Herschelkrustofsky began to speak out against Selina outside of the more private subforums. Selina had also alienated gomi by deleting his or her posts:

Fuck this. Now Selina is deleting my posts. I am going back on holiday, and will sort things out as best I can when I return.

One word, Selina: this is not acceptable.

On February 23rd, Selina (apparently incited by the Emperor) suspended nableezy for supposedly a sockpuppet of Eric Barbour:

In the interests of transparency, I [Herschelkrustofsky] shall reveal that Selina has blocked Nableezy until the year 2028, on the grounds that he is Eric Barbour's sockpuppet. Meanwhile, at Wikipedia, Nableezy and EricBarbour are still regarded as two separate and distinct individuals.

This was followed by calls for Selina to cease using moderating and the questioning of Selina's judgment.

By February 23rd, Selina was displaying an anti-LaRouchite attitude and antagonism towards Herschelkrustofsky. Selina removed Herschelkrustofsky's and the Joy's ability to send PM's and censored a PM that Herschelkrustofsky sent. The conflict between Selina and Hersch intensified over the next several days ([6], [7]). By February 24th, Selina began accusing Hersch and "It's the blimp, Frank" of being the same person.

On February 25th, gomi started the "Petition for Selina to step down" thread. On February 29th, Selina created the "Staff on holiday" group and stepped back from moderating.

March 2012 crises

On March 8, 2012, gomi started the "Advisory Poll on Selina becoming 'Staff' again" thread. An hour later, Selina started the "'Advisory poll' on 'Herschelkrustofsky' being 'staff'" thread.

On March 14, 2012, several WR regulars got together and formed a new forum called Wikipediocracy, causing great butthurt to Selina, who banned any user who mentioned the word "Wikipediocracy". Alison was banned for one billion years for using diacritics to bypass the word filter. With most of the regulars having migrated to Wikipediocracy, Wikipedia Review now mostly consists of die-hards, trolls, and Poetlister's many socks.


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