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Information icon.png Dear MyAdopts users, we understand this makes you upset, but your sub-par vandalism isn't getting you anywhere. Try reading here and learn how to vandalize like a baws.

We all know that the purpose of ED is to deliver you the truth and nothing but the truth. Thus we cannot say that MyAdopts is a wonderfully talented site pooling with imagination. Good God no, it’s the opposite.

Welcome to MyAdopts, another furry community that thinks they have created something new to the internet. BMR777, admin of the site and known fatty fat uggo, sat down one day and wondered how he can introduce something new and revolutionary to the internet. Of course, he completely failed at doing that as he merely stolen components of other sites and combined it into a trifecta of worthless: furries, bad art and butthurt. Because he aimed it at a group of internet rejects, the content of MyAdopts range from stolen content to poorly-made content.

The Site Builder

The key feature of MyAdopts is the fact that you can make your own website which allows the user to make their own Neopets game with amazing and complex features. That was just a lie, of course. The truth is that it’s just a CSS editor unlike how Neopets allowed users to code in raw HTML. The variety of features allows you to put a new CSS that looks shittier than the current one, add some pages, more pages and yes, more pages. Through this users create a “quest” for others. These quests are merely feeding your adopted pet with Down’s syndrome so that it continues to grind levels and get uglier as you feed them.

You can only edit provided that the site is not down due to floods of users raping its bandwidth with high traffic. Since the site is packed with horrible artists that can’t draw to save their life, their websites often resemble those old annoying Myspace layouts from the Web 1.0 era as they are often combined with awful color combinations and poorly drawn banners.

When your site is done, you must go straight to the forums, make a new thread, show off some of your MS Paint doodles and beg other users to join your new website.

MyAdopts Support Forum

Some of the great art as drawn by an asspie user.

The forums are where most of the circlejerk take place in. The original intentions for the forums were for advertisement, discussions on improvement and critique. However, the latter two were ignored as, like deviantART, people on MyAdopts cannot bear to stand the sight of critique. And who can blame them? Their artworks simply consist of poor anatomy, MS Paint edits and Photoshop abuse. There are even threads dedicated to pictures made in MS Paint yet little to do with critique in contrast.

There are some users that attempt to help others art skills. Of course, defining the site and everything it associates with, they utterly fail at giving useful tips. The tutorials posted on the forums are absolute garbage. They are generally made by people who have experienced Photoshop for one week and suddenly think that they are professionals as a result. Thus their tutorials do nothing but reiterate basic techniques; utilizing poorly made examples only made them laughably bad.

Their CSS tutorials are also mind numbingly simple. All they do is explain basic CSS components and obsolete coding. Better tutorials can be found at Web 1.0 tutorial sites for beginners.

...or anything else considered kawaii, Cancer, pure faggotry, or just plain stupid.

Members and the Community

BMR777; the admin in all his glory.

The community is pretty much a shit bowl of attention whores, faggots, and cool people. The other half of the community is just a bunch of basement dwellers who will never see the light of day, or a bunch of kawaii furries who don't know worth a damn about what they are fucking with. They will continue to show off their wonderful pieces of art and upload stolen pics from Google or DeviantART to their site for all to enjoy.

What you could do to contribute is take any images from the best page on ED and put them onto an adoptable site, make an adoptable, and display them in your signature and elsewhere for the world to see. And if anybody ask why you did it, you just don't quite know.

A typical member of MyAdopts is quite easy to point out from the rest of the norm in today's society. These members are usually plain ugly, with terrible hygiene, glassy eyes, a bad case of acne, and will shit their pants when you mention cyber pets. Despite their being no girls on the internet, MyAdopts is supposedly is an exception. Most of the members claim to be female, however, one may disagree when the true identity of a member is shown, until it finally strikes the viewer who will proceed to shit bricks discovering that a girl that ugly may actually exist. These "girls" will always get wet in their pants at the mention of the admin's name (BMR777 or Brandon M. Rusnak), who they dream that someday they too will get to taste his delicious meat.

War on Encyclopedia Dramatica

BMR makes more legal threats over Twitter, lol
hmmmm have you ever thought of asking?

The furry subculture generally produces a certain trait and that trait happens to be butthurt. When the MyAdopts forum learned that Encyclopedia Dramatica had an article on them they attempted to laugh it off. This technique didn’t last long as their natural tendency to shed anger kicked in. The discussion then went on about copyright laws and their bogus fantasies regarding it. For example, they have no idea how basic US copyright laws work; in fact they are incredibly ignorant to laws regarding Fair Use which ED builds itself upon. There is also irony in their views of copyright. Let us observe shall we?

  • It is NOT okay for ED to post their artworks in articles
  • It is NOT okay for ED to Photoshop a penis on a drawing
    • It is OKAY for MyAdopts users to alter a Pokémon sprite by simply changing its palette

As an attempt to stop trolling, BMR777 has blocked links from ED. Thus, linking to MyAdopts on this website would lead to a redirect which points to a non-existent domain. However, ED users are naturally smarter. There are alternatives to reaching the site such as using web searches or simply typing out the URL.

MyAdopts users continued to lose their cool as they tricked one another that they were being calm and level-headed. BMR777 decided to step out and file a DMCA against ED. This was an idiotic move for BMR777 as ED 2.0 is not an American website, and therefor the DMCA is invalid. Not only that, BMR777 has doxed himself; ED now has his location and phone number.

Methods of Trolling


Here are just a few creative ways of trolling.

  1. Join the forum.
  2. Find a random site thread.
  3. Don't lie to them like the staff want you to - tell them how shitty their site is, how use of digimon content is illegal, how terrible their art is, how using images from Google is illegal, and how they should just GTFO and quit life.
  4. Invite your friends! Raid the shithole they call the forums, and start raining pure facts up in there.
  5. ????
  6. PROFIT!


  1. You probably are tempted to join one of the many sites, so go ahead and do so. Join a site with an admin who seems like a gullible retard or noob, or any site that's offering to hire staff.
  2. PM the admin of the site via some sort of Message Center offering to help maintain the site as an admin.
  3. After gaining access, replace the CSS (or just delete it) and adoptable images with beautiful pictures of your manhood, favorite organization, or just use this image to make their site look better.
  4. ????
  5. PROFIT!

Lastly, there is always the option of being a 1337 mastermind and just fucking their shit up.

The Logic of MyAdopts Users

Belows is just a fraction of the stupidity of MyAdopts.

...why are these people wasting all their lives obsessing over other people's lives? Why are they so pathetic? Haha, I might be wasting away my life making goofy adopts sites, but hey, I still manage to go to school and have a life, ED goofs, on the other hand...



The whole of ED is just one massive ego-trip :/ They make/read the articles to make themselves feel better. It's just a pathetic group of people who haven't accomplished enough to make themselves feel good, so belittle others so they feel better



You could always report ED.



Yes, and emailing them or PMing them through ED would be the most fair. "Thats right, ED-ers, you don't stop modifying my art and I'll sue you for all you got!"



With what you said, any words, including laws, do not need to be cared about. ED is making the community here look horrible when we did nothing.



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BMR777 in blackface

Body Type: A Few Extra Pounds


—BMR777's POF profile

BMR777 has made a foolish mistake by filing a DMCA against ED. Help keep him fed by ensuring he's always in supply of pizza.

Brandon Rusnak
RusnakWeb Internet Services
6N104 Riverside Drive
60174 St. Charles, IL
(630) 803 7209
[email protected]

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