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The demon from hell.

YouTube Favicon.png iMustDestroyAll (aka Matt Karp) is a YouTube ranter in his mid-twenties who dresses up like a demon from hell who spends his time inside his bedroom obsessed with drama, stalking teenage girls for nudes and trying to be the PC police.

Pedobear a.gif


While Matt's cosplay is clearly supposed to be a demon, being the fucktard his slow, mumbling demeanor would have you assume, he ended up purchasing a WOW Troll mask and threw on a witch costume, calling it a day. Somehow one is expected to acknowledge his targets' "destruction" after he throws out a few uncreative, bland insults and ends by meekly fading to black. While his audience of children may be convinced, most end up leaving after rolling their eyes and leaving the Bobby Hill doppelganger to his single bed.

Interestingly for a dark force of Hell, Matt has chosen a whiny, sensitive personality for his online fantasy life. You will often find him posting indirect statuses moaning about his treatment online while being too much of a pussy to simply name anyone or be outright with what happened. This is because Matt has some skeletons in the closet and will make absolutely certain his hugbox is there to oust and deny and wrongdoing for him and prevent anything from getting out.


Matt likes to spend most of his time in his single bed hunched up on his laptop in Google Hangouts with his other friends, wherein they bitch together about people who try to make fun of him. This typically consists of some randy telling him to ditch the stupid gimmick for 10 year olds wherein Matt will respond armed in his gauntlets to logically expose you for trying to say his opinion is any less valid when it's hid behind his oversized Halloween mask. Despite being a drama-hungry man, he sure gets insecure when you state that fact so you better be careful or he'll make a status whining about you.

Yes it is, Matthew. Now go clean your room.

Riding PewDiePie's cock for fame (bitching about people who call him a drama-whore) .

YouTube PT.2

For a demon trying to stay lowkey on not being discovered, a cursory glance at YouTube Favicon.png mrk1190 shows he has more than MustDestroyAll as his channel. This is his personal YouTube though so don't you fucking dare go leaving him trolling shit, assholes. He wont tolerate toxic people like you leaving your nasty bullshit on his videos, he'll make an indirect status about you.

Listen to that prissy faggot scream in the video, ohwait that's Matt.

Speak up louder you faggot, we can't hear you.


Matt is really destined on not getting his real face/voice leaked at any circumstance. Whenever a video is posted "exposing" him that shows his real face and isn't some stupid troll trying to get attention the flagging machine himself is there to get down any trace of his stuff out there. Remarkably, Matt's a retard and doesn't realise the Striesand Effect always bites everyone in the ass. Even worse is when you put your own voice in your videos. He's done this three times, originally placed the blame on Matrix Devonshire but the other two times relied on 10 years old braindead fans who wouldn't notice.

The dumbass even uses his real name in a video and still claims it's not his name.

MustDestroyAll using his real voice, as Matt.

Another video with his real voice in it.

He's pretty much exposing himself at this point.

What Mask?

Despite videos out there that prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the pictures that got released of him - including his rap song, with his real voice - Matt still claims that these are all false. Despite MrRepzion referring to him by name, Undertakerfreak1127 and anyone else who is/was close to Matt saying it was him he still claims it's false as he continues to hit the flag button a million times on the videos reposting his face. As this clearly gets under his skin, people continue to do it to rustle his jimmies.

Video that proves it's him beyond a doubt- which Matt instantly flagged.

A rap song made/produced by Matt Karp, which he doesn't like out there.

Fun Fact: The videos we posted of Matt's real face were flagged in almost a day. Either he has some really generous fans or a certain somebody doesn't like having his identity out there for too long, unless it's a prank or obviously fake. After all, you don't see the exposed videos that clearly are fake get taken down so quickly. A certain somebody doesn't like being exposed.


Last Thursday YouTuber "Devilsfoodcake69" did a video showing Matt for taking an interest in 16 year old poon being a 25 year old virgin. Interestingly, Matt's fingers are used for more than touching little kids as his fingers are on the block for any videos exposing him off this. In response, Devilsfoodcake69 reposted it along with his fans streisanded the video.

A reupload of Devilsfoodcake69's video.

A follow-up video citating the mirrors.

There's a song for you, MDA.

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Spoken like a true lapdog (comment left on the video below).

Not surprising would be the immediate defence eternities to back up Matt's ways. The interesting part is how this is all while Matt is ignoring the accusations and instead giving them a swift report so nobody can see them. One being Matt's cuckqueen ex-girlfriend claiming it's Photoshopped. Which accounts for the accusations dating back to 2013 with various victims who are unaware of each other. Also accounting for the fact that the same day the "fake MDA" got sent his own face pics from the victim/he makes a passive aggressive post about it. Naivety and ass kissing makes the claims all smoke and mirrors.


Much to the surprise of everyone, Matt finally continued his consistency of responding to every niddy biddy criticism and finally did a response video addressing to the situation by making a near one hour video poorly "addressing" the situation with deflections, blame passing and justifying him being 26 year old wanting to fuck people decades younger.

The unlikely thing, however, was Matt breaking the fourth wall and revealing to his impressionable fanbase that the pictures being spread are actually him and then using his real voice through most of the video. Matt decides to deflect the situations by passing blame onto other scumbags in the situation and whining about how his family "is in danger", so he's filing a slander report.

Interestingly, Matt took the entire situation out of context and selectively put the situation/context into the way that made him look as best as possible while somehow getting admiration from his fanbase for "dispelling" the rumours when he admitted to the following:

  • Being Matt Karp, and that the photos, DOX and voice being spread are him.
  • The conversations with Samantha Clark are real. Not PhotoShop, like his sycophants say.
  • He did give a girl a panic attack because he didn't get his own way sexually.

But Matt manages to get his way out of hot waters by lying about the age of his victims (which he's now confirmed) and then showing his state's age of consent/child porn laws to justify a lie he pulled out of thin air that the victims were 17 when nobody (not even the victims) said that.

The Reporting Reinforcements

Back in 2013, Matt and friends created a Facebook group to mass flag YouTube channels. He eventually deleted the group though after people got tired of being his personal army, and he realized that nothing on the internet stays secret forever.

Group Screenshots About missing Pics
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Demon Photo Album

Bobby Hill Memories About missing Pics
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The reason no victims came out before; Alas, he blackmails them.


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