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This luser is a lolcow, and should be trolled to death in the usual fashion.
You can help by posting their nude pix or spamming their talk page.

This person is a professional E-Whore and will milk you for everything you are worth. If you have more money than brains, go ahead, give them $500 for that one of a kind, poorly drawn Dōjinshi of Sailor Moon fucking her cat.

Bored bw.jpg


This person is fucking boring.

The fat fuck we all have been waiting for.
Pixar perfectly replicating Matt irl when he's not making clickbait videos.

Matt Jarbo (Powerword: Matthew David Jarbo)Fedora icon.png - avid rock collector by day, hyperactive false flagger by night. Matt has tried every shtick on the internet for some e-fame until he finally hit it big when whore slut Zoe Quinn DMCA'ed one of his videos, sparking off the autistic GamerGate movement thus resulting in him receiving many new fans that would watch a boring clown talking about inane shit. So like TheYoungTurks only without any of the eye candy. His main JewTube channel is some fake news channel where where he mumbles about a pesky thing called adblock, rambles about Dashcon being a success without showing evidence, makes the same points about SJWs that every other lolcow in the skeptic community's already made, using clickbait thumbnails and generally being utterly devoid of talent or charisma.

Matt is the evidence that you should not buy stones if you live in a glass house.

Before Hitting It Big

Matty used to think he would be big in the movies business after he graduated Media Arts, Film and Video at Grossmont College and working as a Project Coordinator runner for a shitty rental studio.

So poor he records the audio for his shows on a cellphone in his car. Once tried to start a Let's Play channel, but since he is the most boring person ever, it did poorly and most videos only have views in the double digits.

MundaneMatt Lets Play channel.jpg

Irrational Hatred

Irrational Hatred was Matt's attempt to make an edgy account. At this time, Matt also went under the name Odin. Combined with his shitty YouTube channel was a website and a twitter.

has felt the repercussion of allowing the hatred of races on - now someone wants me to post something about blacks


—MundaneMatt as Odin

what do you #hate? I hate that I have to pay more money for my car registration this year and with no explanation why. Thanks gov Ahnuld!


—MundaneMatt as Odin

I'm catching a lot of flak for the post about 9/11 on (it's really not that bad, but people are going overboard)


—MundaneMatt as Odin

Stop being so edgy, you're scaring the children

Hitting It Big

Covering everything under the fucking sun, it was only inevitable that Jarbo would hit on something, so covering everyone's favourite games journalist cumdumpster, she decided to DMCA Matt over him using a single image of Depression Quest. Of course this enforced the Streissand Effect, and Matt got his much wanted attention.

Soon, MundaneMatt joined the moneywhore bandwagon and got his own Patreon account for his "content". Self-described as "one of the most redpilled motherfuckers around". after he released several monetized videos of E3 2015. He took those videos down, but the mocking will never end. He even tried to make videos EXACTLY like the ones for ReviewTechUSA because he's so goddamn unoriginal.

Turn Off That Pesky Adblock

Because Matt is a money-hungry Jew with no talent and weak-ass noodle arms, he can't make money any other way than e-begging his subscribers. Of those few who actually stuck around to watch him comment the news, none of them wanted to bombarded with shitty ads. So Mattie made a weak video literally begging his pathetic audience to turn off their adblock, so he could stay at home and not do any actual work. This of course was mocked endlessly because it really exposed Matt as the weak-ass money-grubbing Jew he was.

Candid Shill

Matt also endorsed Candid, an app made to silence people like him in the future, but as he was getting paid, he didn't give a shit.

long ass video by Mister Metokur also containing Matt's sketchy past

Exposing Matt - The Flagger

A few years went by after GamerGate and various channels popped up to take the piss out of Matt, most notably DamePesos, who managed to accidentally do a much better job at covering news stories than Matt ever could with a show purely meant to piss off Matt, despite being a Spic with the voice of a chipmunk getting spitroasted by two dobermans.

In August 2018, an old video of Matt's was found, were he had a racist polar bear saying nigger, a word he has avoided like paying his taxes.

And this is where everything went to shit, because somehow everyone who mirrored that video were flagged. Quite strange, that.
A real Scooby-Doo mystery that could only be solved by a live-stream, where one knew the URL to see what videos you have flagged. After 20 minutes Matt managed to actually click the link and prove his guiltiness, whereas most suspect he spend that time trying to hide elements in Google Chrome.

Now wait a minute! What the fuck? Now wait a minute! Matt! MATT! Matt.. NOOOOOOO!


TheRalphRetort, After seeing Matt's flagging history

I've been in a bad head space


—Matt's utterly pathetic excuse for being a soy filled bitch

Single Video in support:

Rex Scopuli

Because he's too much of a lying Jew to pony up to 50 bucks Matt claimed on the Killstream that he couldn't possibly have flagged anybody since he was far too busy collecting boulders with his wife's kid. Let us remind you that Matt's wife's kid was a few months old when this happened and couldn't even crawl.

Matt Exposed As He Was Buying Subs

MundaneMatt gains 2000 subs in 10 minutes.JPG

Matt didn't like being below 150k subs

Subscribers Falling

Mundanematt subscriber stats-1.png


On December 23rd 2018, Matt appeared on a stream where he once again exposed himself as a liar, hypocrite and all around pathetic waste of space. Despite making multiple bullshit apologies, constantly going on and on about how he's changed and you should stop being so mean to him and literally showing his report history to the guys on the Killstream so they'd know for a fact that he false flagged videos...Mat backpedaled on all of that and said he never flagged anybody. Matt claimed on the stream that Mister Metokur and Ethan Ralph were just spreading lies about him and that even though he totally didn't flag anybody it wouldn't have mattered anyway because none of the videos he's flagged have been taken down (even though some of them were and even if they weren't that just means Matt's really shit at flagging). So to recap: According to Matt he didn't flag anybody but it wouldn't matter if he did but he's really sorry about doing it and you should forgive him.

MundaneMoron appears at 51:30.

Current State of Affairs

MundaneMatt Current Socialblade.png

As of 2021, Matt has lost all relevancy. All for one video on his channel have been BALEETED and he has shed the moniker of Mundane Matt entirely. With no other marketable skills however, he hasn't given up on his internet career. Matt started a new channel under the name of 3 Buck Theater and is now the sole host of a shitty podcast called Hollywood After Dark.



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