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MacGyver Mullet™

A universally-loved hairstyle, the mullet is famous for being "business in the front, party in the back," and douchebag all around. It is the favored hairstyle of 80's rock stars, rednecks and hillbillies. Worn mostly by men, some women choose to sport the hairstyle, as well.

In Canada and the Northern U.S., the mullet is also known as "Hockey hair," but nobody gives a fuck MILK COMES IN BAGS OLOLOLOLOL.


Mullet in training.

The first recorded case of the mullet dates back to the 6th Century, when a Byzantine ROMAN historian named Procopius recorded in his sekrit diary how some rebels cut their hair like the sandniggers of Western Asia.

It was popularized in the US around the 1960's, when a Welshman named Tom Jones who was popular with the ladies styled his hair this way. Then David Bowie and Paul McCartney of Beatles fame wore one. That's when it started to become popular with hair bands and Billy Ray Cyrus. In 1994 (totally in the knick of time) the Beastie Boys wrote a song about it called "Mullet Head," thus giving it the name "Mullet".

A major misconception propagated by the mass media of yore is that the people who choose this hairstyle look cool. In reality, though, it makes them look uneducated and silly. Not surprisingly, it remains popular in the American South, Russia, and other third world countries.

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