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MrRepzion claiming how great overdosing on heroin is to his impressionable teenage fans.

YouTube Favicon.png MrRepzion (Born on December 5, 1991), also known as Daniel Sulzbach is a German American YouTuber who's e-career got a huge boost, when popular atheist heathen blogger, TheAmazingAtheist promoted his channel, giving him about 15,000 subscribers seemingly overnight. Since then, he has continually built up and expanded his audience by becoming a generic ranter, usually tailing off his daddy, TJ. All the usual generic internet ranting cliches are present in this guy: giving extremely liberal responses and half-baked advice on everyday topics, ditching his religious faith, and attacking Onision for indulging in sins, whilst indulging in many himself, particularly cake and sodomy. Much like his arch-rival, whenever he himself gets called out on his hypocrisy, he comes apart at the seams and becomes an evasive two-faced bastard who goes on an uncontrollable flagging spree to erase anything that might seem even a bit critical about him rather than eat the humble pie. When he isn't busy making videos and being a pseudo-intellectual liberal douche on YouTube, he can be found on Tumblr furiously masturbating to bondage porn while wishing he could get dominated by his 13 year old fan-girls.

Daniel once consumed a lightly salted pig anus, but is totally not gay. Seriously.[1] This guy has some issues. During a meetup with TJ Kirk (alias TheAmazingAtheist), several years before Daniel became a minor youtube celebrity, Dan performed oral sex on TJ, fetching his limp penis out from the countless rolls of fat on the gentle giant. What follows next is too perverse to put on words. If you saw TJ's sex tapes, imagine that to the power of 30, and that'll give you a general idea. Daniel is believed to have been dressed in a kinky little kimono outfit, and had grown his hair long just for his master. Anal sex was frequent, with lubricant being scarcely used. This caused ruptures and damage to Daniel's rectum. The damage went too out of hand, resulting in severe infection, which prompted several hospital visits. This event was suppressed heavily by Daniel and the government as Daniel is a hostile reptile alien life form sent to initiate World War 3 by taking all of the Zyphon crystals from the seventh layer and dimension of earth.

MrRepzion - The Wannabe, The Failure

The start of a brilliant career.

In order to really understand MrRepzion in depth, it would help to look at one of his earlier videos. An 8 minute monologue, MrRepzion pays overflowing tribute to himself in an artistic black and white tint. As the video progresses, he gets more and more generous with his praise to himself as he becomes more convince he's a Christlike martyr who frequently sacrifices his well-being and indeed his own soul as he would selflessly helps people with something in particular.

The video becomes more and more bizarre as he says with 100% conviction that that everyone who comes into contact with him takes and shares pieces of him with the world, and that he'll someday save a life. That his life will save thousands just by shattering. MrRepzion, metaphorically or literally, is completely convinced he's "fixing what is out of whack in our fucked up world" and that he's destined to do this until one day he finds his equal.

Presenting Someone Else Work As His Own

It eventually become very evident that MrRepzion plagiarized his said heartfelt plea to humanity. All of it in a shamelessly manner from word to word.

Turns out Daniel had stumbled about this long diatribe on a fat emo girl LiveJournal from 2009. When confronted about how he had ripped off his sincere words verbatim from someone else, he deleted the video and never mentioned the incident again. This routine of ego, attention whoring, embarrassment, and denial would be a pattern MrRepzion would continue to follow throughout his YouTube career. Fingers crossed.

Attention YouTube, I admitted I'm wrong but this is why I think and act the way I am!

MrRepzion vs Opie and Anthony

Like most asspies that pander to the lowest common denominator, MrRepzion will often lurk Reddit to find any topic or YouTube video gaining momentum and hop aboard the bandwagon for those sweet juicy views. One day in the Summer of 2013, (and in true Reddit fashion, years after anyone else had a fuck to give) the site found a 2007 video of radio hosts Opie and Anthony -two men his idol TJ had a similar issues with in the past- getting a rise out of a homeless gentleman. Like a champ, Opie notices the man has an expired Starbucks cake, and after some discussion about it stomps the mans food in front of him.

Acting like a 13 years old and not realizing shock jocks will often taunt and torment retards on air only to turn around and pay them fairly handsomely for a few minutes of entertainment, MrRepzion goes on a nearly 8 minute rant about the stunt. Mixing his own self importance and bizarre political opinions, Repzion condemns O&A and their vicious attack on the homeless gentleman, proceeding to call Opie a liar when Opie insisted he later paid the bum $100 in damages.

Denouncing O&A

MrRepzion Faces Consequence

Daniel's a subtle, humble fella

Unfortunately for Daniel, not all repercussions can be avoided with a simple little block button. As shocking as it might seem, the kind of people who might be fans of the cake stomping hobo torturers might also take notice of his bravado and decide Daniel himself might be funny to fuck with. Not long after Daniels heartfelt chastising was published, O&A pests uncovered MrRepzions personal information. Along with a a humorously flattering, self written "Youtuber wiki" article.

Daniel himself was a Christian until July 2012 when he converted to Deism, and announced on a video in January 2013 that he is stepping towards agnosticism.


—Repzion, via Repzion

He is openly dyslexic, and was homeschooled until the age of 18



He is a big fan of Pokemon, and his parents once had to force him to get rid of his Pokemon collection to reduce his fanboying



The Pests, as their name suggests, flocked immediately and improved MrRepzions page with newer, more factual information. They even took the initiative to call his house and inform him personally, which MrRepzion didn't bother to answer them.

MrRepzion would never acknowledge the pest attack, or Opie and Anthony again, however this would be one in a long series of backlashes he would inevitably be confronted with in the future.

MrRepzion Lying About Him Wanting To Debate Onision

During Onision's second live streamed debate on YouTube, A comment was left by MrRepzion here:


Soon after in an email to Onision, the star-strucked Daniel claimed that he in fact never wanted to debate Onision. It has been hypothesized that when the time to debate arose, He shit his diapers pants and ran in fear to tumblr where he could fap to his loli porn collection and cut himself in peace. In this video by HappyCabbie, the truth of the debate request is yet to be revealed:

MDA Exposing MrRepzion

MrRepzion Not Controlling His Hornyness And Violating Yoshi...Yeah, That Happened

In late 2013, YouTube moralfag ranter iMustDestroyAll began voicing his grievances with MrRepzion's channel/tumblr habits and showing concerns for his young and naive fanbases. As a YouTube ranter, MDA felt that it was his ultimate civic duty to voice this concerns in a short video about MrRepzion's tumblr flaws which included (but were not limited to):.

  1. Posting porn at a rate comparable to a thirteen year old virgin.
  2. Referring to suicide as a beautiful and subtly suggesting the most loyal of his fans would kill themselves in his utmost honor.
  3. Posting photos of various instruments that can be used in suicide including razorblades complete with carved up skin.
  4. Crying about how hard and cruel the world was being to him.
  5. Crying about how he can't get laid and doesn't have a girlfriend until now, who he took out skydiving [2].
  6. Soliciting nudes from insecure girls who wanted his boner to satiate their daddy issues.
  7. Making threats to commit suicide by the age of 25 if he couldn't get pussy before then never mind, he probably found his true love already [3].
MDA's First Video On MrRepzion (UNPRIVATED)

This resulted in substantial asshurt from MrRepzion who began referring to MDA as a back stabber. In response to this, MDA made a second video calling out MrRepzion for being a dishonest twat on the internet.

The Second Video MDA Made About Repzion

Despite the benign nature of this video, MrRepzion became furious that his so-called Christian values were being threatened and began sending hundreds of bullshit of privacy complaints. A tactic that he proudly admits to in the past Skype call heard in the video below.

One of the many privacy complaints MDA received on his video


The Third Video MDA Made Exposing MrRepzions Lies

MDA Falsely DMCA'd

In addition to the cowardly privacy complaints, MrRepzion went full retard and sent out DMCA's to silence those resistant to the good news of Jesus Christ (and being a man of great intellect, he opted out of filing the claims under a made-up name in favor of using the name "Wade Wilson", (which is the name of fucking Deadpool). He almost achieved this single-minded goal, but little did our slightly more suicidal poseur know, the cost associated with his censorship would be the internet equivalent to sticking his microscopic virgin dick in a hornet's nest.

When he was made aware of this simple truth, he went into full damage control mode and began pulling every piece of bullshit evidence that he could find down in order to prove to his devoted fans that he was innocent. This included a statement pointing out that while the email associated with the sock account filing DMCAs appeared to be identical to his YouTube account and it was not him who is doing it because it was not in all lowercase letters. True to form, his loyal fan base stood by him and defended his nonsense to the bitter end, but even their loyalty would soon prove useless as his ridiculous proof as it was laughed right out of YouTube regardless of how many people he was able to convinced.


At this point Daniel did what any self respecting internet celebrity would do, he claimed that his account was hacked. Despite this being the oldest and most common means of denial known to man, he was still able to successfully fuck it up as illustrated below. In his unconditional selflessness, he allowed his viewers to see an email that informed him that his account was successfully protected.

MrRepzion Emails

After failing so hard in deception, MrRepzion continued to step closer and closer to the edge until a certain email caused him to go fully on a nervous breakdown as shown below.



Elsewhere, MrRepzion was clinging to the hope that this would all just go away. You can imagine his disappointment when he realized that his conversation bragging about his plans to "hack" MDA's gmail account a couple of weeks prior had been made publicly known. Thanks to this incident, it divided the close knit ranting community once again and war brewing just in the corner.


MrRepzion Liking Comments On MDA's Video And LYING AGAIN

This forced otherwise level headed ranters to do such despicable things as liking each others comments and making anti-comments on the videos of their opposition. Seems like all is fair in this sort of ongoing fiasco.

Lind's comment

Because of this ongoing game of ass rape tag, the ranters hardly noticed that on one of these comments, both MrRepzion and his second account and his sock account hit the + at same times, thus proving once more that not only is he a hypocrite and censoring douchebag but a total dumbass as well who can't do anything right.


MrRepzion aka Brett Keane 2.1

So to the surprise of absolutely no-one, Daniel is nothing but a two-bit plagiarist.

Daniel Keane

His apology

Someguy827 and DangerousAnalysis Reprimanding MrRepzion

Someguy827 On MrRepzion #1
Someguy827 On MrRepzion #2
DangerousAnalysis On MrRepzion #1
DangerousAnalysis On MrRepzion #2

Evidence of MrRepzion's stupidity

Partyvan Visit

Some time between October 2014 and 2015, Anita Sarkeesian wrote several death threats against herself and framed Repzion for one of them, and forwarded the note to the jokers at the FBI which prompted two clowns to show up to harass the manlet for a few hours. Anyone with some general knowledge about Anita knows about her feminazi twat antics and false flags.

Repzion vs Furfags

Last Thursday, Repzion proved that he wasn't a complete fag, by publicly taking a stance against the Furfag menace, especially those who jack off to furry porn. His video sparked a minor flamewar, but is notable for containing one of the few good points he ever made, the rest being of a generic Liberal beta male nature.

Notice the likes-to-dislikes ratio

Repzion's Patreon

After Repzion's need for money reached too far he decided to make a Patreon. This would have been a good idea as 40 unlucky fans threw their worthless drug money at his beautiful abs but then an amazing hacking group ended up using their leakedsource subscription bought by mommy's credit card and online free booters to hax0r his shitty domain name. They wussed out halfway through and deposited all the money into his paypal account instead of stealing it for themselves to buy useful items. This was around the time that YouTube decided he doesn't deserve money and took away his monetization rights so they were beating a dead horse by searching them in their 2009 databases. Scarce thought this meant something so talked about it for about 10 seconds. Deep into the year 2017, JewTube decided to fully shut down the revenue stream to any controversial channels, practically bankrupting thousands of people, Repzion being one of them. Expect his Patreon shilling to increase tenfold.

Repzion crying about not getting free money.


Zion, the place of Jew About missing Pics
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See also

  • Anita Sarkeesian - Thinks of him as a sample of a strawman of haters getting money from "hate videos" of her.
  • Onision - autist emo faggot involved in a love triangle between Daniel and TAA.
  • TheAmazingAtheist - his butch boyfriend who's a decade older than him. Promoted Repzion's channel like crazy after Dan performed passionate and intimate fellatio on him during their meetups IRL.
  • LifeInATent - Sends a endless amount of death threats to MrRepzion including a blackmail to stay silent or he'll expose his one-year-old nephew's address to rape him. Later created an account to spam this page with dox and private pics of Daniel and his family.
  • Undertakerfreak1127
  • TheArchfiend
  • Religion
  • Atheism
  • Virgin

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