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Homer Simpson bow tie.jpg Nobody has heard of this person, but whoever they are, vandalizing this article only makes us want to learn more...

Mr. Liqz loves a good party.

Mr. Liqz is a Juggalo who has read too many David Icke books. He believes himself to be descended from "Annunaki" bloodlines, being too stupid to realize that "Annunaki" is and always has been a codeword for Jews. Liqz is also known for suffering from a terminal case of unwarranted self-importance, even by Juggalo standards, and has made many bizarre and lulzy claims about demons, space aliens, and magick. He also falsely claims membership in the Satanic cult Order of Nine Angles (or "Anglez", as he prefers to spell it; see below).

Like most other Juggalos, Liqz believes that he can rap, but even in the Juggalo community, Liqz stands out for his incredible faggotry and lack of talent.

He is also used as a male prostitute by his local Crips set and wears fabulous contacts to attract customers.

Musical "career"

Like many Juggalos, Liqz developed schizophrenia at a young age after ingesting too much semen and decided to become a rapper shortly afterwards. He takes his stage name from the action that he enjoys performing on his father's penis. His music itself consists of autism-fueled rants about how talented and kvlt he is, with the occasional nod to pseudo-Satanism, wishful thinking that he was black, and/or references to murder and rape in order to make him sound more hardcore. Although this is typical of Juggalo rap, Mr. Liqz' "music" is more likely to cause AIDS (or at least a particularly bad headache) than most. For the sake of the reader, it shall not be linked to here.

He has also "signed" a handful of Juggalo rappers over the Internet and is bold enough to consider this collection of self-fellating basement dwellers a "record label". All of these rappers have every bit as much talent as their otherkin overlord.

Liqz and the Order of Nine "Anglez"

"9th level adept"
Because of the amount of time it takes to move from Grade to Grade, there is no such thing as a 23 year old "adept" of the ONA. Nor is there such a thing as an "adept" of the ONA who just became ONA a few years before. And anyone who says they have made it to the 7th Grade of the ONA who is still alive is lying.


Order of Nine Angles

Liqz is also known for claiming to be a "9th level adept" in the Satanic cult Order of Nine Angles, despite the fact that ONA won't even let you reach 7th degree until you've already died. The five or six people who listen to his music find this impressive, but, as the above quote shows, he is clearly lying, and will in all likelihood be treated to surprise sex once he's caught by real members of the ONA, who are well-known for encouraging human sacrifice. Confront him with this fact (or any other, for that matter), and he will promptly threaten you with an e-curse.

Furthermore, even the most rudimentary analysis of ONA literature will reveal that he hasn't actually read any, instead borrowing most of his "occult" terminology from David Icke and World of Warcraft in another failed attempt to make Christian clown rappers sound hardcore.

How to have a polite conversation with Mr. Liqz

Any of these things will cause him to explode into a violent fit of butthurt and threaten you with an e-curse, despite the fact that they are all true.


i am a god amogn insects.. though i am sure you already know that. waste my time again and ill make sure your energy feels it. and when you have grown up, you will all see me watchign you from the top of the dragons head. btw, your as human as it gets.


—Mr. Liqz

child, iam galaxies beyond what you hope 2 be


—Mr. Liqz

you better be careful who your making threats to.. you should never threaten someone with small banter when you dont know them


—Mr. Liqz


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