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ProfessorFarnsworth.png Good News, Everyone!
'ArchiveToday-favicon.pngIn a surprise turn of events it turns out that fatass Bob actually has diabetes. Who would have thunk it?'

Bob roleplaying as his favorite game designer, though even she won't fuck him for a mention

Bob "Moviebob" Chipman (a.k.a Movieblob or basement Bob or MSTmario) from The Escapist is another, fat uneducated self-styled "journalist" who can't get laid. He has an obsession with Mario rivaling that of Chris-chan's obsession with Sonic the Hedgehog. Bob is made famous only by virtue of the internet and his willingness to pander to SJW feminists who don't actually watch these movies or play these games beyond what is necessary for them to call them sexist. All of this because there is no way this fat blob would ever be able to go to a job interview.

His reviews are filled with his unsolicited opinions about movies and video games which he acquired in all the free time he has leftover from never having sex, in between dreaming about one day being a director while being too fat and lazy to do anything about it. His video reviews have a hypnotic quality created by his third chin popping in-and-out from underneath his hilarious beard that was grown in a desperate attempt to conceal it.


Bob was obviously bullied badly in school 'cause he is fat and fucking useless


Sargon of Akkad telling the life story of Bob

Bob initially reviewed movies, before figuring out that he too should shit all over games, like many before him. So it didn't take long before he joined ScrewAttack. After being raped brutally by ScrewAttack, Fatman (that's a Freakazoid reference, Bob) was so buttsore he felt just like the women who got drunk, realized they fucked an ugly looking guy, and then instead of blaming their slutty selves, became a SJW to deflect any negative criticism... Which is exactly what Bob did! Not that it stopped him from later referring to Megan Fox as a blowup doll.

Maybe this was done in the hope that his nice guy attitude would land him pussy. For spoilers for the effect of this, see image to the right.

"I will finish that doomsday device that wipes out the entire planet except for me, Natalie Portman and Veronica Zemanova" -MovieBob


Bob, step away from the small children and stop humiliating yourself.

Bobby has lots of shit shows on The Escapist, all of which contain his boring opinions on shit that nobody cares about besides him, instead deciding to overcompensate for everyone else by caring about these things waaaaay too much, to the point that it leaves him no time in the day to try and get laid or go on a diet.

Eascapist to the Movies

Here Bob talk about movies, spews shit at Michael Bay and then retracts everything he says about him on his other shit shows. It isn't interesting and even less so funny because Bob's idea of humor is saying things he is mad about in an angry voice. But big-up to him for being a giant antisemite, saying in his review of Exodus that it's racist that Christian Bale is playing a Jewish character because Jews don't look that way. I guess in Bob's mind Jake Gyllenhaal looks like the Happy Merchant.

The Big Picture

Bob gives his unwanted opinions about shit nobody cares about. He just talks about anything and everything, but mostly about 30 year old cartoons and movies because the time before high-school was the only happy time in his life before it made him realize what a failure he is. The rest of his time is spent using tortured logic to explain why things he likes are okay, things he dislikes are bad, casting colored characters with white actors is bad because it's racist, casting white characters with black actors is fine, casting anything else is wrong because it's against the canon (but only when he doesn't like it), censorship isn't censorship when it's done by people he agrees with but is censorship when it's done to them, Jack Thompson wasn't that bad so comparing him to Anita isn't an insult unless he insults Anita which is when he's suddenly bad again if people agree with Bob's own opinion that he wasn't that bad and doxing is okay but only when it's done by his friends and not to them. And, somehow, it's back on Escapist's channel

The Game Overthinker

This show is fucking embarrassing to watch.

Bob dresses up in a number of costumes and talks to himself in several voices in what looks like a show about what it must feel like to have no friends. The entire thing is hilarious, but for all the wrong reasons. It is this show that makes you seriously wonder if Bob doesn't have autism.

The best part is that one of the characters is a big, stupid jock (at least that's what he's meant to be, it's still just Bob's fat ass) called "The Anti-thinker" which feels like Bob's petty revenge on the kids who used to make fun of him by implying that, since they don't care about video games as much as he does, they must be retarded.

Gradually the show started having a moronic "plot" that took over more and more of each episode to the point he has to make another show to talk about videos games and dedicate this one purely to himself talking to himself in various costumes and poor excuses for acting in different secluded locations that he shoots at so no one can see his shame.


Years before he was e-infamous, at the age of 15, Bob ran an Web 1.0 personal website under the name 'MSTmario'. While lacking any kind of real content, Bob's webpage shows that even at the age 15 he would demonstrate the rampant narcissism, chronic thirst and obsession with Mario that would characterise his later 'life'

Threatening to Get a Teenager Arrested for Not Liking his Videos

After Patricia Hernandez published an article about a kid who made trolling videos about on how to gank women in the shit game World of Warcraft, Bob wasted no time pouncing on this, as he is a spineless fat fuck who dances to the every whim of Hernandez, as a drunk ugly bitch is the epitome of the pussy he is able to get.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

What a faggot

He would later try to deny he ever said or did it, even though he had forgotten to delete the proof from his Twitter before doing so. However since the Internet is forever, your heroes at ED archived everything. Here is the proof:

Hatred of gamers

Hangin' with Anita... Nothing wrong there.

Unknown to us whether it be the fact that Moviebob hates gamers or it is the simple fact that Bob doesn't want to share anything with anyone, hence his bloated size, Bob decided to retweet a tweet that made the bold statement of not to share your Coke Zero with a gamer. The only other option besides Bob despising his audience, because Ms. Leigh Alexander told him to, is that he heard that Coke Zero is slimming and the fat fuck doesn't want to risk getting slim, as that means he would have to get a proper job.

This was probably him doing his part for the anti-GamerGate people as well as being a Anita Sarkeesian white knight. A topic he is not at all biased about since it's not like there are any pictures of them hanging out... Oh wait, yes there are.

After making a giant ass of himself on this topic he, and all the rest of the faggots at The Escapist, were told to cut the shit by their editor. Not that it stopped Bobby, who only drew more ridicule to himself to the point that people on the site's forum made a thread asking that he be canned.

Moviebob hates gamers.jpg

Bob and Anita sitting in a tree

Bob's feverish defense of Sarkeesian is particularly interesting. The rumor is that he once criticized something she said, and after realizing that would get him boycotted by all the indie SJW faggots, he became her most vocal supporter. So much so that, when people began comparing Anita to Jack Thompson so much that she had to ask one of her beta fanboys who dream about fucking her ugly ass to write a song about how she's not, Bob went as far as making a video defending Thompson, talking about how he wasn't so bad.

That is, until the "The Sarkeesian Effect" guys posted a video a few days later of an interview they did with Thompson where he proves Bob was right but also calls Anita a giant hypocrite. At which point...


So I guess now he's bad again lol.

Attempting to make a hashtag trend

After seeing that Twitter-favicon.png #gamergate was not slowing down, Bob became jealous and wanted to create his own popular hashtag, so people might actually remember him for something, when he dies of obesity at the age of 37. His plan was to trend a hashtag of why people love video games, a topic he already touched on in a video, where nobody cared to comment. We could tell the hashtag here, but given the 10 monthly people reading this, it would skew the number of tweets with the hashtag.

His Book - Sad and fucking insane

This book will revolutionize the gaming media.


—Bob Chipman, Reportedly something he said about his own book

Bobs shit book.jpg

Super Mario Bros 3: Brick by Brick is yet another feeble attempt at trying to be noticed; Bob decided to stop touching his tiny dick while stuffing his fat face with greasy food long enough to write an actual book. But the book reads like it was written by a dyslexic 12 year old, so we can assume that Bob couldn't be bothered to pay an editor who might bruise his fragile ego by making corrections to this turd and ruining his arrogant delusions of grandeur that have, so far, stood up against all evidence from reality.

From various bad reviews it becomes clear that SMB3: BB is Bob's delusional and pathetic descent into the world of Super Mario and contains two themes: The first, a mind numbingly detailed account of Bob playing the game, complete with analysis of every single move he makes in every single level of the game from start to finish. Every minor turn and button click is accounted for and 20 fucking pages detailing every single stage, character, enemy, item and platform in the game are also included.

But if you think that sounds like the most painfully boring thing you have ever heard of, then let me tell you that you will be begging for more of it once you get to the second topic of this book: A disturbingly psychotic account of Chipman's own life.

The autobiographical parts of the book are downright creepy. They tell about his psychotic obsession with Mario, his attempts to escape the real world with it and his desire to be Mario.

He goes into some truly unsettling details about his life. For example: How his entire family hates him to the point that after work he would hide in his car and play Mario instead of going inside and facing them, how he got bullied in school and how disappointed he was by Yoshi's Island revealing that Mario was born in a fictional place and therefore Bob's schizophrenic delusions of being him were shattered. He equates Mario related events to the assassination of JFK and 9/11 and the Console Wars to the Vietnam War and talks about watching Transformers at the gym (his love for a children's shows continues to this day while his dedication to losing weight is long gone) or playing video games to overcome his grandmother's death while the rest of his relatives handle it like adults.

The book ends on what Bob thinks is a positive note, but what any sane person would consider truly frightening, when he finally moves out of his parents' house at age 31 and goes on to live on his own with his plastic crap, vowing to dedicate himself to living a sad excuse for a life, doing nothing but playing video games until he dies.

The reviews

Bob in a nutshell

A dramatic reading of Bob's book (Part 1)

A dramatic reading of Bob's book (Part 2)

Bob's book review #1
"Worst book I have ever read"
-Some guy
Bob's book review #2
"I say this as a person who has written numerous articles and a book on critical analyses of game environments, levels, and worlds for respected publications.
Super Mario Bros. 3 deserves better than this lazy effort."

- He went on to explain.
Bob's book review #3
The book that ruins freindships
Bob's book review #4
This guy couldn't even finish it
Bob's book review #5
The critics rave

We reached out to Mario himself for comment about what he thinks of Bob's insane book about him, this is what he had to say:


And also:


LOL He got fired

After several months of GamerGate going on and of Bob repeatedly ignoring his boss's orders to stop getting involved in it (be it via Twitter or every single episode of his show for several months shoe-horning rants about 8chan, feminism and white people into it instead of talking about movies), Defy media went through some "restructuring" which was basically code for firing every single SJW that worked there.

Bob exited, gracefully as ever, hurling insults at his ex-employer and spitefully promising big things in his future. Those "big things" ended up being the professional retard and harasser of the suicidal, Devin Faraci, taking pity on Bob and "hiring" him. But after his first article ended up being a poorly-written rant of him venting his anger at GG after they lost him his job (something that no one wanted to read), Bob never actually wrote for Badass Digest again.

After the firing, Bob stayed relatively quiet for a few days before going on a psycho rant on Twitter about how gaming has been taken over by a right-wing conspiracy that has not ended to this day.

Bob fired.jpg

He was soon replaced by "lizzyf620", a female gamer and GamerGate supporter that was doxed and trolled off of Twitter by his friends a few days ago and only came back from exile to take his job. Thankfully, being replaced by a women should probably make Bobbo happy, since he's so progressive n' all.

Went begging for his old job back

Bob then went crawling back to ScrewAttack for his old job back in one of the most pathetic displays the internet has ever seen. Effectively, Bob was now back exactly where he was in life 6 years ago, but not for long. While it appeared as if he got his old job back, when he couldn't resist comparing GG to Stormfront in the first video he made for them, ScrewAttack (after being bombarded with complaints) added a disclaimer to his video and revealed that even a second-grade channel of has-beens didn't want Bob and it was in fact him who begged them to let him make videos for them again for old time's sake.


While Bob promised that this video is the first in a new series, as of now, it remains to be seen (all bets are on him being fired from ScrewAttack again).

Quietly shitcanned from his old job

When Bob went crawling back to his old job, they did not outright hire him. Instead they took him on as a private contractor which means they don't have to give him any benefits (like insurance for Diabeetus meds), take responsibility for him sperging out, and don't have to find legit reason to fire him if as they can just let his contract run out. Last thursday some one in gamergate discovered after Movie Blob stopped posting


That's right, not even ScrewAttack wants MovieBlob. In fact, nobody likes or wants Moviebob around. It's why he wasn't invited to the game journos pro list and sperged out when Gamergate made fun of him for being the only loser not invited to Game Journos Pro. That makes Blob the first Anti-GG cunt to be made fun of for the fact he wasn't invited to the cool kids club, but acted like a faggot for zero tangible benefit. Bob's only source of income is Patreon (which none of his "friends" donate to)... and with no website to raise his profile or continue growth for his ponzi scheme, and pseudo-intellectual college art school freshmen running out of their parents' money to give him, it's only a matter of time before he is relying on selling his self published books for money.

Bob defended a pedophile

MovieBob cognitive dissonance.png

In the wake of the revelation that prominent anti-GamerGater Nick 'Sarah' Nyberg is, in fact, an open and self-professed paedophile, beta orbiter MovieBob became one of the many anti-GamerGate SJWs to take to Twitter to defend the outed paedo tranny. The most ironic part is that Bob had said months ago, during one of his many tirades about GamerGate, that defending paedophilia probably indicates you're fighting for the wrong cause, once again demonstrating the level of cognitive dissonance Bob is willing to display to avoid admitting GamerGate was right about anything.

Bob defends the Star Wars prequels/Hating on RedLetterMedia

Because RedLetterMedia are meanies, or something, Robert tried his hand at defending the indefensible once again, this time the Star Wars prequels. His argument was pretty much "These movies are for children." Which could of course explain why they are filled with idiotic boring political dialogue and the killing of children. And therefore Red Letter Media's critique is wrong.

When I see "Phantom Menace" on the big screen for the first time in over a decade in it's "3D" release next year, I'll be doing my damndest to try and watch it on sic own terms; outside the swirl of negativity it's existed in for so many years in the collective psyche. And this series will be the big reason why.


ArchiveToday-favicon.pngBob had a book published.

It's going to be great

Ohhh... Ohhh nooo..

Lucasfilm has decided to postpone this fall's scheduled release of Star Wars Episodes II and III in 3D. Given the recent development that we are moving forward with a new Star Wars trilogy, we will now focus 100 percent of our efforts on Star Wars: Episode VII in order to ensure the best possible experience for our fans. We will post further information about our 3D release plans at a later date.


—Lucasfilm Newsletter

Bob gets diabetes

In a piece of news that shocked absolutely no one, Bob revealed in a ArchiveToday-favicon.pngblog post that he had been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

If you follow my social media (which I assume most reading this blog must, as it's updated exponentially more often) you may have noticed me pulling back or posting cryptically over the last two days. There are a few reasons for that, but the main one is that I'd been waiting to hear back on some test-results from my doctor (newly-acquired, along with my new health insurance). The tests came back today, and... well, it wasn't great news.

I have what's called Type 2 Diabetes.

Briefly: No, this isn't (in most cases and mine) the "needle of insulin daily" Diabetes. This is a less-dangerous, manageable condition that presents basically the same symptoms - or, at least, thats my understanding of the matter, I'm really still learning. The bottom line is, I'm sick. Which is a place I never wanted to be, which scares the hell out of me and which has left me feeling beaten, depressed and (most of all) mad at myself because I'm keenly aware that it's my own fault.


The rest of the blog post is typical Bob. Despite claiming that he understands his condition is his fault, Bob then tries to blame his poor physical health on being fired from The Escapist (which triggered him so badly that he went on another butthurt ArchiveToday-favicon.pngrant months earlier) and on some nebulous family drama that in all likelihood had nothing to do with him being a fat fuck.

The greatest irony in all this is that Bob had, many years earlier, made a video telling 'gamers' to get in shape and stop being fat asses.

Bob's Eugenics Programs

"Stay classy Movie Bob


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