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Typical Female engine maintainance utilising Motor Oil.
Motor oil also makes a damn fine dentifrice.
Hello Kitty motor oil
Now we know how Al Gore and Obama got their Nobel Peace Prize!

Motor Oil is an accidental byproduct in petroleum distillation left over after the oil company makes profitable lube for dry glory holes. It lasts four years or over 9000 miles before it requires changing, but only by male mechanics as women are anatomically incapable. It comes in varieties like 0w20 (Piss) and 45w70 (For Men). Although it can be run in car engines, it's really intended for human consumption.

Oil normally stays in the engine until ultimately the car is scrapped sent to China for melting down into extra-small Mongorian chastity belts, but sometimes puffs blue smoke out the tailpipe like a Smurf holocaust. This fails women drivers who are unable to find or operate their dipstick.

Internet and Drugs

When an athlete who does drugs has a drug test, and they go to the doctors so they can get there urine switched with clean urine through a giant tube inserted through your penis hole.


Urbandictionary-favicon.png Stealth Money, Clearly not a drug user

Searching the Internet for information about women can return amusing results. Funny pictures and videos often depict women changing the oil in their vehicle, especially on YouTube. That said, NORPs may be unaware of the true meaning to this phrase. Consulting the distinguished Urban Dictionary reveals that all oil changes are related to smoking weed and still passing a drug test.


Man Enjoys Drinking Car Oil
Man eats grease and drinks motor oil
man eats axle grease, drinks motor oil for lunch
Funny Motor Oil Ad
The blonde and the engine oil


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