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Moralfags IRL
Old anonymous is feared and respected, unlike those wussy moralfags!
Turning moralfags into lulzcows since 888.

Moralfags are *chan posters: newfags, who want to harness the power of Anonymous towards good works in place of lulz and the continuous accumulation of Japanese pornography. Moralfags and Fail are the true cancer killing /b/, after gaiafags and furries. Six independent studies have shown that the only way to treat that cancer is with fire and CP. Lots of CP. In fact, forget the fire.

Moralfags believe that the internet is serious business. They also believe that they are making shit difference in the world by prancing in front of Scientology with Guy Fawkes masks and Longcat signs without doing it for the lulz. Moralfags can sometimes be found in pedophile and serial killer imageboards telling everyone that they are sick fucks (which they are) not because salting the earth is fun, but because they legitimately care if children get raeped and if hookers die from something other than AIDS. A good example of a moralfag is Mark Bunker, who temporarily turned Anonymous into a nest of fail.

Independent observers argue that Anonymous is a fucking serious business Green-head (see foto right) and the Moralfag or Newfag is the only one who smiles and has fun. This is lolinternet, loooooool.

Moralfags come in more than one flavour, and they all want a piece of /b/.

Various Breeds of MoralFag


Strict religionfags are on a never-ending crusade to impose their values around the world.

The IRL version of a Moralfag is a usually a Catholic or a Mormon

Religion is a means of controlling and exploiting the gullible human population that needs some sort of support and hope to continue through their life.

The Bible was made up by some fags who wanted to control and exploit said population. Every time people donated to the church, it went to the pockets of those fags.

They made up stories and built huge buildings to keep people interested in their stupid beliefs and to keep giving them money.

They even made the early religion compatible with other religions by sharing their holy days and copying their stories/characters.

After 2,000 years of brainwashing, humans accepted this control and live under some moral standards placed hundreds of years ago by some fags.

Here's a modern analogy for you who are too ignorant to understand this: early prosecution of Christianity: then: prosecution of Scientology: now.

If you don't understand what I'm saying, then fuck you and go on believing that when you die you'll be in a better place, I'll see you all in Hell.


Butthurt, overweight, neckbearded atheist.

Woah, that's so deep. So that's why every other religion centers around a guy who got really rich instead of, say, being dirt poor and outcast from their society. No one gives a shit if anonymous likes religion or not, that should be the moral of this page. If you think there you are getting lulz out of debating religion, or that you make a difference, you should consider killing yourself.


Christfag, butthurting right back.

Half of moralfags protest against Scientology because they believe religion is the root of all evil. The other half is made up of people who believe their religion is the ONLY religion. Trolling either group is often seen as a waste of time, since they are quite happy to forget what they are protesting about and start screaming and clawing at each other.

Moralfag Quotes

"Hugraids", a prime example of moralfag bullshit striking terror into the hearts of Scientologists.
wtf is with you guys? why the hell are you raiding tory and wise beard??????? you truly are fail. anonymous needs to get back to it's roots and stop the cancer that is hurting it's good name. we are for justice not guys have no clue what anonymous is.


—Moralfag, obviously aware of the real nature of Anonymous.

wtf you you sick pedo fucks!!!! don't you feel sorry doing this? are you even fuking human? you should all be impaled with spikes while having your intestines eaten by dogs and then burn in hell FOREVER!!!!


—Moralfag, upon discovering 12chan, and, in turn, irony.

It doesn't take a lot of guts to talk civilly with someone who will probably lash out at you, it just takes heart. This is the Internet Love Machine.


—Moralfag, on reaching out and touching somebody OPILM.

Oh you think you're so cool posting dead cats just to act tough on the internet... you're just a lonely faggot living in your moms basement... if I ever met you, I'd rip off your head you pathetic turd


—Impotent rage, or armchair psychiatry, is a telltale sign of a butthurt moralfag.

Hatefag addresses moralfags.
Hatefags want another /b/day moar than anyone...
so wut if she remade the song.. its a horrible thing to send out a rumor that she has HIV


—Moralfag, upon knowing that Anon gave Ashley Tisdale AIDS.

It's almost pointless to crack software today because there is always a better free alternative and if their isn't a free alternative then enroll in a BS CS class in your local community college and get the software for FREE.


—Moralfag, bitching about software piracy.


At least there will always be one thing to unite Anonymous.

Neutralfags are the members who try to appear to be free-thinking individuals by criticizing both sides for taking themselves too seriously – older anons and hatefags regard them as little more than hypocritical moralfags who are happy to step on their own kind just to avoid looking like retards.


Lulzfags are what Anons are meant to be, to begin with. As a result, they see both Moralfags and Hatefags as doing it wrong, and inconceivably enough, as lulzcows in their own right, if they can be pitted against one another. Whether or not lulzfags participate in IRL protests or actually care about seeing to the final destruction of Scientology, they can find endless lulz in trolling hatefags as conscientious do-gooders (How dare you laugh about that burning cat!), or trolling moralfags as 1337 h4xx0r haet masheen internet tough guys.

Many lulzfags understand the highly satirical nature of Project Chanology, and some may even see moralfags as necessary for maintaining Anonymous' public image, thus ultimately achieving greater lulz and assuring what will be the most epic win in Internets history. Many lulzfags argue that if hatefags were to read about how Scientology is already starting to become unstable and desperate in the face of the Legion, they might change their tune.

If nothing else, this line will make hatefags foam at the mouth and implode into a raging fury of bawwwing about the epic fail & lulzkilling of moralfaggotry


—The above was written by someone trying to appear unique and failed. Miserably. who probably gets it better than you probably ever will anyway, ya prepubescent hatefag.

Lulzfags are a sub-breed of Neutralfag who are trying their best to resemble the old anonymous but of course end up being equally self-righteous. Of course the old Anonymous was never like that anyway.

A Carefully Thought-Out Response to Both Sides

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Hatefag.

Sadly, moralfags actually think this is hilarious trolling.

In response to hatefags, one moralfag quipped:

Meh. The idiots who want to attack us moralfags aren't in it for the lulz at all. They have become obsessed with being the Internet Hate Machine, and as the minor, retarded cousins of the moralfags, they fail to realize that in order to effectively spread your hate, you may have to appear nice to get what you want.

We want Co$ to fall. We have found reasons for the general public to help cause the C0$ to fall. Since the general public aren't affected by Anonymous in this raid, they join us. Anonymous will always win.


—Anon trying to be the next Machiavelli.

Another anon pointed out that due to moralfags, Anonymous now has a new Ebaums in the CoS. Too bad he didn't realize that it was actually an elaborate troll by the 7chan mods, and they actually did raid epileptics, lulz.

Naw, dudes, naw. Don't ruin a good thing.


7chan's newspost, quoted in the other thread. Epilepsy attacks were dugg[1][2][3], and all the comments were "Damn Co­S, how low will they stoop?"

We've got ordinary people the world over perpetuating this "war" in Anonymous' name. For better or worse, as long as that continues, we have people NOT US, WORKING FOR FREE to set us up a new Ebaums.

Everyone knows who "Ebaums" really is now. Now, without any effort on our part, the rest of the world has chosen a new Ebaums. Anonymous forced its way into the general public's psyche as a wight night, crusading force - any wrongs, for the near future, anyway, will be attributed to the Scien­tologists.

Co­S attacking MySpace? Co­S attacking epileptics? Co­S attacking furries? OH LAWD!

I think it's fucking hilarious.

Don't bawww about what is and isn't attributed to Anonymous...part of being anonymous means you don't get credit.[4]


—Spartoman, posting with a tripcode.

Three sick fucks and a moralfag. Together, they fight the lulz.

Retarded copypasta from a neutralfag's view. However, moralfags tend to forget the fact that Scientology is *NOT* Anonymous' target since the rise of Mark Bunker.

Moralfags are not Anonymous.

To the moralfags: immediately cease at once what you are doing in the name of Anonymous. If you are in it for morals as opposed to lulz you are missing the ultimate irony in wearing a V mask. Was the man in V for Vendetta a 'peaceful protester'? No, he was not. Your efforts are appreciated. But if you're in this for moral reasons, you have no right to call yourself Anonymous, if you already do.

To the anti-moralfags: maybe if you stuck your heads out of your asses you'd realize that most moralfags don't even consider themselves Anonymous. It says in huge text on Enturbulation, "WE ARE NOT ANONYMOUS". Anonymous' target is the Church of Scientology, that's it. Anonymous' reason for attacking them is "the lulz", and with that sole reason in mind shall true Anonymous continue the war. Anonymous works as one. By attacking the one who is not your enemy (the moralfags), your enemy (Scientology) shall prevail. Look at the original video and abide by all those rules. Anonymous works is one.

The most important thing to remember is ANONYMOUS IS CHAOTIC NEUTRAL. Anonymous does not fight for good. Anonymous does not fight for evil. ANONYMOUS DOES IT FOR THE LULZ. Nevar forget that. When you do, you cease to be Anonymous. BECAUSE ANONYMOUS NEVER FORGETS.


—D&Dfag attempting to appear dangerous.

1337 h4x0r Evolved Rationalist responds

Let me tell you something, "new Anonymous": If you think that the Chans are hurting your public image, why the fuck are you standing on the streets yelling memes that originated on the very Chan boards that you so denounce? Why are you using Chan terminology while BAWWWWing about how the Chans make you and your pathetic quest look bad? Why did you adopt the name of Anonymous and twist Anonymous culture and then have the temerity to whine about your association with the Chans?

New Anons, remember how you call your IRL anti-Scientology protests "raids"? Don't you want the public to know the origin of the term "raid", or does that bring to mind those pesky insurgency boards and the "hackers on steroids" that you want to disassociate yourselves from? Don't you want the public to know exactly where the meme "delicious cake" came from? Don't you want the public to know that your beloved #xenu IRC channel is on the same server as #insurgency and #raid (ZOMG hackers! OH NOES!), to name a few? Don't you want the public to know about 711chan (lol, my favorite Chan), where the early planning for Project Chanology took place? Don't you want the public to see some of the more - interesting - boards on 711chan? Don't you, fucktards? Don't you?

I could go on, but I think this short list is enough to make "new Anons" BAWWWW.

I know of a certain lying, dangerous cult that tries to present a "good image" to the media while pushing the aspects of their organization that they don't want the public to see into the background. That cult is called Scientology.

Think about this hard fact long and hard, "new Anons".



—Evolved Rationalist.

TL;DW Video

C'mon Guise - Y Cant we all Get along?

Inspiring video amirite

Trolling Moralfags

Trolling moralfags can lead to a lot of lulz, so if you do decide that you want to troll the living fuck out of them, here's what you do.

Step 1: Discern what offends one or more moralfag(s) the most.

Step 2: Post it where they are.

Step 3: Look at the comments.

Step 4: ????

Step 5: PROFIT

Of course, Moralfags don't see the hypocrisy in their words. They BAWWWW over one dead cat, and yet they don't whine about seeing a person dead or better yet threaten to kill anyone involved.

  • Tell them how pointless their protests are and that all they have achieved is bringing tons of newfags in to ED and 4chan.

Moralfags on TOW

When is it NOT Moralfaggotry?

When a cat dies.

And sometimes, even when it doesn't.

See Also



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  • The ED Civil War - In which the bitching that goes on here on ED is poorly documented and should be deleted as soon as possible.
  • Raidfag Wench Not actually a hatefag, but the older anons certainly admire her.
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