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Oh Shi...MILTOPIA HAS AIDS!MiltopiaIDS.png

Milto LOL pia finally gets to the very top on ToW!

The epic block itself.
This is Miltopia's fursona: FrækPig!
Some argue Miltopia is the biggest fail since...well...Ever

Miltopia (known to Jimbo Wales as Milpitas) is a stupid faggot, and closet furry whose name has become synonymous with "failure". Every single shitty stupid unfunny ED user is a sockpuppet of Miltopia. It has been determined that 95.631% of ED's userbase is, in fact, Miltopia; soon the website will be renamed entirely to Encyclopedia Miltopia.

Everything Miltopia touches turns to unfunny, like some kind of retarded King Midas; once he catches onto a meme, it can safely be considered old.

Miltopia admits that he has hundreds of YouTube gay kisses bookmarked, but still tries to pass himself off as not gay.

He has has been kicked from ED IRC over nine thousand times.

How to be Miltopian:

  • Arguing: Accuse your opponent of butthurt. Declare e-victory.
  • Editing: Mark the article for deletion. Use a creative word like "dumb" as your edit summary.
  • Vandalism: Try for less creativity than a page-blanker. One site linked below says he vandalizes them as well as a few others by "filling the database with pi generation". Be warned! If you did this on Trendpedia, Samsara would try to get you banned from ED. Too bad no one gives a shit.

Evidence of IRC Faggotry

<Blargh> penis penis penis 
<Miltopia> Shut up, I'm a furry. 
* Ket has kicked zionistacat from #ed (yes, well, I am not emo at the moment, 
and my fursuit is in the wash) 
* Kaek takes out his chainsaw. 
<Kaek> FUCKING. 
<Blargh> <Miltopia> Shut up, I'm a furry. 
<Kaek> FURRIES. 
<Andrei> lmfao 
<Andrei> Fursuit.' 
<Blargh> <Miltopia> Shut up, I'm a furry. 
<swat> runnnn 
<Miltopia> You know, I don't need this kind of fursecution from a n00b 
<Andrei> Why don't furries dress as bats? 
<Miltopia> So go to hell 
<Andrei> Those are the coolest animals. 
* zionistacat ([email protected]) has joined #ed 
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to zionistacat 
<Miltopia> THat's not funny 
<Blargh> <Miltopia> Shut up, I'm a furry. 
<Miltopia> You don't see me making fun of your lifestyle 

<Ket> where i come from, we dont even USE the word dumbass
<Monorailcat> Cry me an ocean that surrounds "where you come", sheesh
<Ket> it doesnt particularly worry me
* Monorailcat was kicked by Ket (fag)

Pictures like the one on the right are all over the net. Ket reported he used to fap to them until learning the truth.


Miltopia enjoyed a relaxing two week vacation IRL courtesy of his generous employer, Boss Weevlos.

After he was banned for the 9,001st time, Miltopia cited personal reasons, including...

...and has decided to "quit" ED forever, but watches this article 24 hours a day, no sleeping, no work, no school, no sex, no friends, no life, just sitting here watching it. Watching... Within less than a minute of it being edited, he is back to add in whine about how Samsara is watching him all the time and how he constantly hears voices. He keeps saying "Oh god Samsara is talking in my head! I see him everywhere! Everyone is Samsara! I got to kill my parents because I know they're Samsara!!"

Miltopia's life purpose

Miltopia Hates Non-Internet-Related Articles (colloquially referred to as MHNIRA) is a fact. This article was created to piss Miltopia off because he puts the baleet template on everything. BUT HE CAN'T DELETE THIS ONE BECAUSE IT REFERS TO AN INTERNET USER THAT GOES BY THE NAME OF MILTOPIA, MAKING IT INTERNET-RELATED! HA! lol.

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