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A group of millennials

Millenials (also known as Generation Y), are the demographic cohort following Generation X. Millennials were born in the 1980s and 1990s. They are mostly known as the generation responsible for Columbine, Virginia Tech, Britney Spears, Kesha, Lady GaGa, Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, and making most of the old memes of the 2000s. They are infamous for being entitled, narcissistic, materialistic, sexually deviant, cynical, hedonistic, and being severely addicted to technology. Along with most being in their 20s and 30s, many still make minimum wage and are often rarely reproducing (save for the shitskin races like Niggers and Spics who were smart enough to skip school and just pump cum into white hoes while the white race gets negative net worth with their extended GED.), although we have Baby Boomer economics to blame for this. They came of age around the time Jews Did WTC, Eric and Dylan pulling off the most epic high school prank of all time, and the atrocious presidencies of Bill Clinton, W, and Barack Obama.


A randomly selected crop

The Millennials are the generation succeeding Generation X. Demographers and researchers typically use starting date ranging from 1981 to 1996. They typically graduated high school between 1999-2015. They grew up in the the presidencies of George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, W, and Obama; several notable events witnessed were the end of the Cold War, the Gulf War, the Los Angeles chimpouts, Columbine, Bill Clinton getting his dick sucked by Monica, the Internet coming out and becoming actually decent (mid 2000s), A literal monkey becoming the most powerful man in the world, another monkey taking that throne, the Virginia Tech Massacre, a fuckload of epic memes from 2006~2009, the rise of social media and smartphones, and the creation of a hedonistic, materialistic marxist world filled with drones and smartphone zombies.

Truly, this is a lot to take in; Despite this cohort being only about 15 years, each year produced noticeably different people from their superiors; someone born in 1986 is radically different from the Gen X-Y cross-generational lot born in the early 80s. That being said, this generation truly started going to hell when the kids born in the 90s started to come of age.

Characteristics By Decade

For all intents and purposes, lets split this generation into two halves; those born in the 80s, and those born in the 90s;


A popular video game in Australia
Digimon, a then-popular satanic cartoon.
Teh intarwebz: always Serious Business

Millennials born in 1981–1985 graduated in 1999–2002, and still have memories of the Cold War and lived with the fact that they could all be brutally nuked to death at any given moment, depending on whether some jackass set up all us the fucking bomb. They will also remember that meme, as they were the fuckers who spammed it everywhere at the turn of the century. They were also paranoid like everyone else, over Y2K and the 2000 Elections. These people were the first kids on the block to make their own geocities pages, and the last group of teenagers who still had to use porn magazines since the internet loaded slow as fuck. And if mom or dad answered the phone, their internet cut off while they were in the middle of jacking off to a lame 320x240 image that took 20 seconds to load. They grew up without MMOs like World of Warcraft to suck away their souls; instead, they had shitty MUDs. Doom did come out though, so that was pretty fly. Early Millennials will /facepalm and feel a surge of nostalgia when I say NEENER NEENER!!! Sike! They also remember a time when you could wear a trenchcoat to school and not get instantly arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay.

Millennials born in 1985–1990 graduated in 2003–2007, and came of age during the middle and late stages of the reign of terror conducted by the monkey, George W. Bush. They were of voting age by the time Obama took over the 2008 elections with calls of Hope and Change. These Millennials experienced technology finally becoming good; no longer did they have to live with shitty dial-up speeds, unless they lived in small towns or rural shitholes. They wasted their days on MMOs like World of Warcraft, MapleStory, Ragnarok and countless other MMOs. They grew up with sites like Newgrounds, and witnessed the creation of Web 2.0, with sites such as MySpace, Failbook, YouTube, Encyclopedia Dramatica, etc; they produced a magical, once-in-a-lifetime experience for the privileged minority who could afford broadband intarwebz. They were teens and tweens when W started the war of terror, which continues to this day. Many of their older brothers, mainly the older Millennials, and some Gen-Xers, were shipped off Over 9000 miles overseas to fight two shitty quagmire wars nobody but retarded republicans wanted. Overall, the 80s Millennials were around to see the world before the chaos of 9/11 and the coming Marxist-Matrix-1984-esque world that formed at the beginning of the third millennium.

Those born in the 1980s grew up with lots of awesome cartoons that in retrospect, are cheesy as fuck nowadays. They saw phenomena like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Power Rangers, Digimon, Saban's Marvel cartoons, Batman: The Animated Series, and others explode into popularity; these franchises took over the entire world, causing moral panics upon their parents, who often called them Satanic; much like the retards in the 80s who called Dungeons & Dragons Devil worshipping activities. They spent most of their days playing the NES, SNES, PlayStation, Sega Genesis, Dreamcast, and Nintendo 64. They often listened to 2pac, Eminem, Backstreet Boys, N Sync, Marilyn Manson, Britney Spears, Korn, Limp Bizkit, System Of A Down, Slipknot, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Green Day, Blink 182, Eiffel 65, among others. The most played games were The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, A Link To The Past, Majora's Mask, Super Mario 64, Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter, KOF, Goldeneye 007, Doom, Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Metal Gear Solid, Prince of Persia, Metroid, Twisted Metal, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Crazy Taxi, Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider, Hitman, Deus Ex, Spyro, Final Fantasy 4~8, Fallout, Starcraft, Warcraft, Overwatch, Halo, Animal Crossing, The Elder Scrolls, Half Life, Little Big Planet, Assassin's Creed, God of War, Uncharted, Team Fortress 2, The Witcher, etc.


Their president of choice
A 95–00 Millennial in the 2010s, being offended.

Millennials born in 1991–1996 graduated in 2008–2014, and were the last true cohort of the generation, and were some of the first children of Generation X. Though underage b& when the epic events happening at the turn of the century began, they were the last collective of youth to experience the world before everything entirely went to shit. They are the first to be fully indoctrinated into homosexual leftist marxist brainwashing, being one of the most liberal and idiotic people in the history of the world.

They were the fuckers who helped make the first cancerous memes like Over 9000, Mudkips, THIS IS SPARTA, and all the old memes of the late 2000s. They were some of the first Scene and Emo kids. They grew up with YouTube and social media, and fondly remember when these sites weren't completely dumbed down and shitty. They often got butthurt that their computers couldn't run Crysis. They tend to be children of Gen-Xers who decided to stop being edgy and individualist and finally got around to being normal for once. They over-compensated in their parenting ethics, leading to fluffy, weak, confused children.

Only a few children born in this period got to experience games, shows and internet (like FF7, Gargoyles, etc) similar to the content the original millennials experienced. They were most likely introduced to the content by their older siblings or family. Or perhaps they were non-Americans watching reruns on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, and had a Playstation when all their friends had a Playstation 2. However, that doesn't change the fact that they live in a time of hypersensitivity and the internet being flooded by MacBook owning SJW normie faggots, and their cancerous and unfunny facebook memes. Among them are the few claiming to have been born in "the wrong generation" (possibly because they bare no illusions of how fucked their own is) and may or may not be massive hipster cocksuckers who only care about these things to seem cool to people that similarly idolize a time they don't actually have a connection to, i.e "muh nostalgia" (see also: 90s Kids).

They are typically babied and extremely liberal. This is because many of them are the children of other Millennials who got knocked up at super young ages because babies are just so CUUUTE! OMG I HAVE TO HAVE ONE!!!1!1! The remaining few who aren't products of other Millennials actually stemmed from 80's career women who suddenly flew into a panic at being childless at age 50 so they decided to pump a few out ASAP. Due to being old they decided to coddle their crotch spawn as much as possible leading to the easily rattled Millennial seen today. Most dumblrinas are from this age group.

General Traits

  • No work experience
  • Doesn't use 4 year degree
  • Not self-sufficient
  • Misses phone calls
  • Underemployed
  • Gets tattoos and virtue signals
  • No DIY skills
  • Lazy and entitled
  • Thinks the world owes them
  • Unrealistic goals
  • Didn't drive until after college

Current Situation

Currently, 99% of all Western Millennials that were born in/between 91-99 have proudly submitted to Luciferianism and have swallowed the noxious spirits of Die-Cis-Scum; even the sad, butthurt oldfags from the early 80s have also followed suit.

Despite being in their 20s and 30s, many Millennials have yet to raise kids, if they'll even try to raise up a gen; mainly because they're so sterile from their fluoridated toothpaste and birth control pills, they obviously refuse to get laid because raising kids takes tons of time away from their prized UN-Approved doodads, and because America has no real job market, and all the new jobs get taken up by the goddamn baby boomers with dementia, the Mexican beaners, and the Japanese/Korean immigrants.

It doesn't help that almost a whopping 101% of all Gen Y women are narcissistic, prideful, hypersexual whores who often cheat on their autistic soyboy partners, and usually only put out for alpha douchebags like Chad and become living sex robots, instead of the nu-male pussies they've become. Millennials are THE most perverted generation on record. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS! (other than the upcoming Gen-Z tards who all got Soro's shots and SEVERE atismu from them...)

Degenerate sexual acts like Fellatio, Anal Sex, and even sick-fuck territory like Rimjobs, BDSM, and Furry Porn are already (or yet to be) fully accepted, celebrated by their street-pooping beaner friends at Chipotle's WiFi Corner, and are common practices. They often have sex on the first date, and have kids out of wedlock. Many often date single swamp-dyke mothers and raise other men's kids stolen from Idaho's child sanctuaries.

A majority of Millennial women have performed fellatio or taken it up the ass. Statistically speaking, 70% of high school girls have already shamelessly performed oral sex (Often by 37 mixed-race dudes; sometimes, even in a row), and in many areas (such as Commiefornia, Lousy-Anna, and Alex Soro's New Fork), up to 40% have tried anal. It is of NO surprise that they become the very horrible manic cucktard mothers you saw on late 2010's Netflix.

It is not uncommon to find 4 year olds dressing like hookers, pedos, or pervs! The schools that Mill-Gen-Z fags attend have a common scenery of girls wearing yoga pants or even just micro-mini skirts / shorts, and see-through Sodomite clothing.

ALL Millennials are retarded cucks who can't work (since there's no real job market in America) and voted en-masse for Bernie Sanders. They are extremely entitled, ugly, pessimistic, mentally ill, narcissistic, simple-minded, egotistical, prideful, manic, addicted to technology (smartphone zombies), SJW, LGBT race-mixing, Antifa, One-World-Dictatorship-Supporting, SAD-Diet-Devouring Cunts - the list goes on.

Because they are cogs in the machine and have nothing better to do. Hence why most left wing memes tend to suck, because they are office workers drained from their 9-5 while the right winger either works in a trade making $50hr or lives in the basement with mommy both of which are more productive than attending a Marxist institution.

Before getting in debt they never ask themselves "Do you like work? Do you like school? Do you like indentured servitude?" instead they will be distracted by politics, vidya, and more and be unable to focus on the things that matter. Thus rendering a vast majority of them into cogs in the machine because they are mediocre people and they have no value.

Would an employer want to hire a college kid who used FAFSA using permission of their dumb parents? Hell no. They would want a debt ridden person who has been demoralized and wants to kill himself over 30k that can never be paid off over a person who is not even attending high school. They do not have a car, they do not have a home. They were made to be slaves to corporate America. They were told that any degree is a good degree because in the eyes of the boomer, they want everyone to be company man which is not for everyone and also most company related jobs don't pay as much as they used to. Wages are stagnant because companies want to cut costs. Companies are niggers who have nigger behavior. All liberal arts degrees are thinly vailed clones of business administration and only lead to jobs in corporate America where you work as an office worker giving coffee to your boss working a low wage. The boomers who get paid well either are pencil pushers or getting paid to put people out of work and have no soul and think that any job is a good job.

They are the first to (as a majority) join the marxist-fascist-communist conspiracy to destroy every state of America, in order to implement a nationwide Soros and United Nations police state, and implement communistic government and ideologies/theologies into every family and training centre, but only because they are wage-slaves with nothing better to do and are dronies.

They are greatly known for being extremely Politically Correct; they are so infantile that they will physically assault you with their stinky, chimp-like fists for even looking at their green-dyed hair or DARING to challenge their millitant UN dictatorship agenda. In College, the sad old folks with Dementia created pre-K style Safe Spaces, which are stocked with play-dope, friggin' baby TV and baby teething toys, and implemented Trigger warnings inside (and now outside) of college. They also created faggotry like "microaggressions", hundreds of fake genders, they're promoting full-blown Orwellian-style censorship, with violent action(s) to be physically deployed against their political opponents by the Freemason Deep State, etc.

Millennials are the least moral generation on record. Instead of praising the revealed Hebrew god, they worship Kardashians, Luciferianism/Satanism, Silicon Valley's deadly doodads, and degeneracy.

A majority of Millennials have tried Weed, race-mixing and gender reassignment surgery, and often act like Hippies who think they're cool because they rot what little of their rotten brains they have left!

When the smartphone revolution occurred, the collective IQ of the generation sharply plummeted. Music went from tolerable (Eminem-era) to complete garbage. Millennials communicate via Big Brother apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger; applications which require little brainpower and even encourage degenerate "art" forms, like Flat Design, Minimalism, Abstract-ism, and other degenerate art forms.

The result is that Millennials now possess attention spans on par with Pink Guy Disease sufferers. They make TERRIBLE employees, always needing to be congratulated or thanked for dressing up like a stoned Kyari-Pamyu-Pamyu impostor, and are always fucking SLACKING OFF ON SNAPCHAT/INSTAGRAM/GOD KNOWS WHAT OTHER APPS THEY'RE DEPLOYING AGAINST THEMSELVES!!!!!!! Mainly due to having student debt whereas the NEET with autism is slacking off having a vacation.

But we can't fire these shitheads, it'd destroy what little of an economy we got left! So we keep hiring Beaners and Japanese game show hosts to run our dying stores.

Here's a scary thought for you: There are 75 million of these motherfuckers in America. They're going to rule our country in 20 years. Nope, they will end up in nursing homes and die off for having no real work ethic and student loan debt.

Why doesn't Trump have any plans to deploy real (and we mean REAL) nuclear weaponry against this horrifying defected de-generation?

Millennial Mindset

Most Millennials' parents are those of the Baby Boomer generation; the worst generation on record, notable for stripping the planet of it's resources, destabilizing western civilization (via promoting Feminism, Egalitarianism, Marxism, etc) permanently ruining the American economy, along with countless other ills. It should come as no surprise that the Baby Boomers would fuck up parenting as well, and Millennials serve as a prime example of this proposition. The following chart shows the cause and effect of numerous common techniques utilized by the Boomer collective.

Cause Effect
"You can do/be anything you want!" Unwarranted Self Importance
Pick a "safe" job Become mentally ill and commit suicide
(Endless heaps of undeserved praise) See Above.
(Rewarding them trophies for everything) See Above.
"Sex is bad and will kill you!" Significant Teen Pregnancy hikes
Helicopter Parenting Paranoid, submissive sissified youth.
"Free Range Parenting" Undisciplined, douchebag youth.
"You are a special person!" (Thinks the world owes them everything)
"Just b urself!" Entitled, easily triggered shitheads
"Be a NEET!" Go on 4chan, laugh at wagies, support minimalism.
Go to college and get a good job Not work thus being underemployed
Work harder Realize your work ethic is shit and give up
Get a starter job Spend 4 years in college bitching about being jobless
"Get connections" Bang doors to every HR lady and then go homeless
"Pull up your bootstraps" "I want the Soviet Union to return"
"You will own nothing" Try to own everything and FAIL at it
Divorce, neglect, abuse, etc Teen Suicide, Depression, Drug use, etc.

How a Millennial Gets a Job

  • Step 0: Go to college, waste 4-6 years, and listen to evil boomer parents about connections.
  • Step 1: Bang on Doors
  • Step 2: Volunteer or bitch about needing volunteer work
  • Step 3: Bang on More Doors, still don't get job
  • Step 4: Get an intern with a Marxist shit scummy company associated with the school
  • Step 5: Bitch about how College is worthless
  • Step 6: Enjoy your shit barista / office job.
  • Step 7: Watch the interest go up as you are no longer motivated to work.
  • Step 8: Kick and Scream
  • Step 9 (Optional): Commit Suicide


They're too weak to have sex and reproducing at a third of the rate of immigrants who make baby boomers seem like..erm...millennials...?! What I'm saying is: Millennials won't leave a legacy of their own. The next generation will continue to show their tolerance, peace and acceptance of homosexuals, women and people who don't agree with Islam.



—Youtuber, 'RattyB75'

Things to thank the Baby Boomers for: political correctness, rabid consumerism, direct-to-consumer drug advertising (aka a nation of pill poppers), suburbia, affirmative action, radical feminism, the war on drugs, Christian fundamentalism, allowed deindustrialization (buy all your stuff from China), never adopting the metric system, popularizing fast food in favor of traditional cooking, global policing.




I destroyed a couple of these shit face millennials at work today! I told them to put their cell phones away and pay fucking attention at their job! This isn't time for fucking Facebook at work! They were written up quickly and dealt with severely... they will be fired next week if they keep up this behavior.



—Proper biz admin techniques.

Millennials, Also known as the "Snowflake Generation". This is the generation that were brought up in a world stuffed full of PC correctness with umpteen amounts of laws to protect the little darlings from any kind of negativity that may hurt their delicate feelings. They have no idea how to have a proper debate unless you totally 100% agree with what they think is right because they were taught from an early age that losing or feeling rejected is not an option. They want everything now instead of working hard for it and they cry when something is not free! They moan they can't afford to buy a little house yet they nearly all have cars, expensive Smart phones with expensive tariffs to say nothing of the music and TV subscriptions. They lack empathy for anyone less fortunate than themselves. They hate democracy, and have no compassion for their country.



—Nunsweepit421, a boomer boss going bald

Tbh The older generations complain about us because we're supposedly lazy. Do you know how hard it is to find a job with a crap education system, Banks that are literally legal loan sharks, and the shitty economy. You wanna know what the cause of these problems? YOU POS BABY BOOMERS! You literally made it impossible for young and impressionable minds to start etching out a living. To say that we are entitled is the biggest lie I've ever heard in my life besides George Bush(Baby boomer and war criminal) saying there were WMDs in Iran.



—Babby Boomers did WTC

As someone who's too depressed to work and too poor to get medication that would stabilize me, and still saddled with something like 40k worth of student loan debt I'll never pay from a shitty "college" that tricked me, I really hate that people around me--my parents in particular--see me as an entitled millenial as opposed to a victim of a shitty system their generation created.



—Millennial victim speaks out

I worked as a bag boy at 14 and yet these 22 year old losers think they can walk right in never work and demand high salaries as manger roles. Talk about entitled.



— A zoomer trashing at future college kid mcwagies

It's not the Jews, it's not the patriarchy, it's not the capitalist class, it's not the Mexicans, it's not that you don't know Spanish. The reason we are not hiring you is because you spent 150 units in school for a worthless certificate. Go KILL YOURSLEF!!!



— A hiring manager laughing at a dumb millennial

*Bangs head over debt. HAVING A JOB IS ENTITLEMENT!!! HAVING A JOB IS ENTITLEMENT!!! HAVING A JOB IS ENTITLEMENT!!! I got my soybeard, I got soylent. I got soylent. I got soybeard growing. I got a soybeard. I got soylents. Hands gun and kills himself.



— A retard banging his head over student loans

Musical Taste

Early Millennials still existed in a time when an occasional good song was released:


Eiffel 65

Smashing Pumpkins

Green Day

The Offspring

Blink 182


Limp Bizkit

Linkin Park

Papa Roach


Mark Dice interviews the lot

Notice the pessimistic sarcastic snarky-ness.

Workplace Training

Bimbo rants on her kind

Millennials as a music video


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Fun Facts

All the estrogen hormones the government put in the water and food supply transformed men into these fragile fruitcakes. Next, they'll dump testosterone into foodstuffs targeted at little girls and tween girls to turn them into hairy-chested bull dykes. Don't allow these sadistic FUCKS to ruin you too and stay away from soy infested areas.
  • Millennials are untalented assholes responsible for Web 2.0, Flat Design, Modern Abstract Art, Minimalism, Pastel Colors, and Silicon Valley.
  • Millennials have invented over 9000 different genders and sexual identities. They're also allowed to maul anyone who calls them by the wrong pronouns.
  • Millennials idolize and leach everything off from 3 countries: Japan, Mexico and South Korea. They LOVE animu faggotry, pocky, korean BBQ and everything from the nearby land of illegal immigrant nazis.
  • Millennials have no DIY skills and work shitty office jobs. These jobs consist of bald aging football obessed retards who exploit you for a living and fire you as soon as they hire you to get a vacation.
  • The best country on Earth had a zero percent unemployment rate and everyone who died there deserved their deaths for bad mouthing a government that gave everyone FREE SHIT. Meanwhile America breeds multiple generations of scum who belong in nursing homes.
  • Ironically, Japanese imperialism/capitalism, as well as Japanese culture and its other success goes against ALMOST EVERYTHING that leftard millennials believe in. For instance, Japan values hard work and respect of citizens, while millennial dirtbags believe in pure item consumption (without working real jobs) and disrespecting outsiders of their leftard tribes.
  • All millennials hate America and all western countries except those glorified by the subversive liberal media. They hate it for opposing agonizing transgender SRS 'treatments', opposing feminism, and allowing bibles in their leftist schools...
  • Millennials, however, love crappy, inferior states, like Louisiana, Oregon, Mississippi, and California.
  • They think getting to level 60 in World of Warcraft, clubbin' their unborn babies, or speaking crudely-written Japanese like an autistic kid who's still learning to write are life accomplishments.
  • Almost all Millennials who "learn Japanese" are too hasty to read REAL japanese learning books, like Essential Kanji or anything by THE excellent Japanese learning author (named Eriko Sato.)
  • Millennials who learn Korean do so by listening to subversive infantile K-Pop on PooTube, instead of real Korean learning books.
  • The females have sucked 37 real dicks and 500 strawberry pocky sticks by the age of 15.
  • The males have licked 22 virtual weenies on subversive pornography websites, filled with Kardashian chicks who are actually drags.
  • They don't think twice about consequences of their actions. They're all leftist robots with the LeftChip implanted into their peewee brains.
  • They can't keep a job for more than 3 years, unless it's at starbucks or a mexican restaurant filled with illegals who haven't showered in weeks.
  • Speaking of working at starbucks, who's going to clean up the turds on the pavement outside on the building's sidewalk?
  • They watch Japanese, Korean and mexican children's shows for Christ's sake!
  • Almost no true millennial is a fan of American cartoon style anime/manga, like Doraemon, cause of its roots in American cultural values.
  • And they don't know that anime/manga/Japanese video games (that they shell out with their parents' welfare tugboats) wouldn't even exist without Japan gaining inspiration from American culture to make anime/manga/Japanese video games.
  • Millennials have invented over 9000 new EngRish words and have disregarded real English linguistics. That's why there's almost no good new books being made anymore.
  • Millennials have degraded American culture and arts SO much, they want to make every yankee dependent on Japan and Korea for any new good work of art.
  • Millennial art is hyper-modern junk based on Mexican/Honduran abstract art junk that belongs in a septic tank.
  • They just won't have kids! Except the niggers, spics, feminists and transgender faggots.
  • in 2021, all major U.S. cities will be dominated by Californians, feminists, transgenders, spics, and muslims, and civil whites will become endangered (and in constant danger of being killed by those damn spictards!).
  • They didn't bring me my goddamn coffee, but instead gave me a fugly, sugary unicorn shake! Diabeetus and gangrene foot amputee blood in a cup!
  • They're in $1,000,000,000,000.00+ of student loan debt from their useless degrees, as THERE'S NO JOB MARKET IN AMERICA. They could move their butts over to China as architects or Zambia as surgeons, but are too afraid to work real jobs outside of Etsy and Patreon.
  • The problem isn't that people are getting liberal arts degrees, the problem is that the jobs themselves are bad and are exploitive. Most colleges prepare you to be a box ticker.
  • For an actual good degree like Electrical Engineering, you will likely be homeless for 1-2 years deferring the loan payments and then get a decent job. That is if you didn't think you were entitled to a six figure job, then in this case you will likely work as a barista watching your pathetic barista salary gets chopped off until you work 4 years and get applying.
  • California is the cheapest state for education and yet people are shitting on the streets of San Francisco. This proves how bad the job market is.
  • On average, they have over $50,000 of debt
  • 20% of them are unemployed and see every form of work as third-world slavery.
  • 99.9% of them cant go 5 minutes without those damn cellsmartphones gobblin' up their neurons!
  • 69% of them voted for King Nigger; 9001% felt the Bern
  • 99.9% of them are turning America into a real-life Mad Max dystopia!
  • 100% of them should kill themselves or take a nice trip to Unit 731, where they can be dissected alive by Japanese surgeons for bioterrorism research (whilst being afflicted with anthrax.)

Notable Millennials

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