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A.K.A "Natalie" & her fursona "Milly" is a petty, arrogant, self-important & rude keyboard dictator of E621 along with "Rainbow Dash" & "Snowolf". Once a part of the MLP (My Little Pony) fandom she was chased out for being an outrageous ass, now she's compensating for her massive inferiority complex & low self-esteem by tyrannizing the users of the site E621. She will not hesitate to ban you for BS reasons such as "Targeting comments", which conveniently can't be sourced & so can't be confirmed by non-staff. Somehow thinking just because she's an admin that gives her the right to be rude & mistreat others. Despite her alpha-bitch attitude on E621, she's a massive coward anywhere else. She shrinks back into the shadows on any other site & does not reply to even basic posts, probably because she can't be rude without consequences. Though the only reason she can do any of this is because the neutered lap-dog "NotMeNotYou" (The head admin of E621) lets her, most likely hoping to get lucky with her...

She's also has the admin of Wikifur "Spirou" simping for her, seeing how he deletes any page that dares criticize her as an "Attack article"...

Fandom involvement

As of December 1st 2014 Millcore began her reign of terror on the site by sucking up to the sites staff.

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