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Michael Coombs, the faggot in the flesh.
Michael Coombs Twitter.png
Michael Coombs in real life, try not to laugh.

Michael Coombs (aka Mikemikev, Antifungal16) is a paedophile Neo-Nazi, cyberstalker, virulent anti-Semite and proponent of scientific racism. When not posting racism online — Michael is a big shitposter (emphasis on shit) who spends his time typing dribble on low-brow Manosphere forums, including The Beer Barrel. He also has managed to get over a hundred of his sockpuppets blocked at Wikipedia after calling TOW admins Jews and posting non-stop about biological race, his sperg-obsession. A former Metapedia sysop, Michael was banned there in 2014 for being "a drunken trouble causer", he now administrates Rightpedia.

In January 2021 Coombs was reported to police by Adam Rutherford for cyberstalking and harassment. Coombs sent Rutherford thousands of abusive tweets on the Twitter account Felicity (@felicit52636930) and several other accounts. After he realised he was reported, Coombs like a total pussy abandoned the account and its not been active since February 2021.

I admitted I'm attracted to 15 year olds. I have something called integrity.


—Mikemikev, mistaking pedophilia with integrity

I think most men are attracted to underage girls. Did you ever have sexual thoughts about 15 year old for example?


Mikemikev, July 27 2017

2004-2010: Wikipedia

Early years

Michael's CV mug-shot.

While attending the University of Sussex, Michael wrote his first Wikipedia article. Several editors pointed out that it was a stub and complained because, like everything else, it didn't cite any references or sources. If you must, fall asleep while reading about Wikipedia Favicon.png dry distillation. Later he went to China and got job as a teacher because he heard wonderful things about teaching there, surely they wouldn't mistake him for an American-look-alike and possible spy. Officials did and he was treated accordingly. Upset over the mistreatment, he attempted to get even with The Great Wall of China by writing himself into the school's Wikipedia article. Michael Coombs was remarkably similar to his Wikipedia username, someone noticed and his edit was reverted.

Race and Intelligence

While attending Imperial College, Mike became interested in Wikipedia's article about Race and Intelligence. As a racist, he obsessed more about it than gays do sodomy. What could possibly go wrong? Demonstrating his ability to work with others, Mr. Coombs attacked opposing viewpoints by making anonymous edits. Wikipedians reverted these edits and advised him to discuss the issue, which he did. His true identity was discovered when he edited a previously anonymous comment while logged into his Mikemikev account.


A glimpse at Wikipedia's mediation process.

Due to the continued disagreements between editors, Wikipedia's mediation process was called into action. An impartial editor was assigned to mediate when really the article should have just been deleted. Everything went as smoothly as a Ku Klux Klan rally in Detroit, Mikemikev being one of the biggest instigators. Another Wikipedian named Mathsci noticed the chaos and entered the debate. His opinions differed from Mr. Coombs' and soon the two were engaged in a lustful homosexual relationship. Their love was so strong that it wasn't long until a fourth mediator threw in the towel, leaving the children to work out their differences amongst themselves.

I looked at the main page to which TechnoFaye contributes and there seems to be a much deeper problem. Mediation started in November on this topic, initially under the supervision of Reubzz, who shortly afterwards disappeared and had no prior experience at all as a mediator. The mediator was changed to Xavexgoem and then Wordsmith. At present mediation is unsupervised - a completely chaotic free-for-all. At the very beginning of mediation last year, there were sensible statements and discussions. That does not seem to be the case now. Various users involved in the mediation are no longer present (eg myself, on wikibreak in Cambridge, and Ramdrake, who hasn't edited wikipedia for 2 months). Currently the page does not seem to be serving any useful purpose. It seems to be frequented largely by WP:SPAs and a coterie of highly problematic users, with some exceptions (eg Slrubenstein). TechnoFaye's contributions and directing of the mediation page do not seem to be particularly helpful, nor her choice of language. The page is in no way a mediation page any more. Please could administrators or mediators explain what is going on and attempt to restore some order?



This didn't happen and Mr. Coombs became entrenched in a bloody edit war with almost everyone else. During the epic struggle to maintain white supremacy, his relation with Mathsci quickly deteriorated. The cat fight between Mike and his ex-boyfriend escalated until the two were generating massive amounts of homosexual rage on the Administrators' noticeboard.


Mikemikev and his ex-boyfriend Mathsci having a disagreement.

After the dust settled, Michael had won the prestigious "Who's the Biggest Faggot" award. He was referred to Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee which was created because Jimmy Whales wanted another layer of bureaucracy instead of admitting people don't always see eye to eye. Administrators on the committee think people care about their opinions, but the true purpose is to prolong the pain and suffering of the accused.

Much to everyone's amusement, Mikemikev demonstrated he's batshit insane and continued to incriminate himself. A simple Google search would have revealed that nobody survives an ArbComb referral. The administrators were like a group of cats playing with a dying mouse, eventually they got bored and after Mike's false hopes were crushed, he lost it.

Afterwards, Mr. Coombs went on a sockpuppet spree that impressed infamous vandals such as Willy on Wheels. For the next three years, Michael's former lover became obsessed with uncovering each and every one of them. Mathsci managed to rack up a high score of 60 until in 2013 he became an ArbCom victim himself.

Whereas, now, race is used to justify treating possibly inferior blacks as equals, without evidence, which is just as unfair. I imagine you'll have some histrionic fit "OMG, he's a racist", but like I said, there is no evidence races are equal, in terms of wealth generation



Dude, you're the biggest fraud here. I think the only reason people don't call you on your bull is because they feel sorry for you. The most cursory look at your edit history shows that your absolutely obsessed with pushing a pro-black POV. Why do you insult our intelligence trying to deny this with some lame statistical argument?



[-+] Learn more:

2010: YouTube

Here's all that remains, as gathered by Mathsci

After narrowly escaping death at the hands of a Jewish lynch mob, the English teacher hastily packed his belongings and left under the cover of darkness. Mathsci followed his ex-boyfriend to YouTube, lurking in the shadows while documenting Mike's interactions with other men. His stay was short lived, unlike the bureaucrats at Wikipedia, YouTube officials don't pretend to give a damn and Mike was shown the door with a boot lodged up his tight ass.

It's well known that a common jew poitical strategy is to promote both extreme positions (eg. Communism/Capitalism), while pretending that the common jew goals are taken for granted by even the "extremists". Hence your "Democrat" jews, "Communist" jews etc. This also helps divert attention from jew crimes to artificial debates over nothing. Also your "muti-racial" photo ops fool no-one. The couple of non-integrating foreign "jews" participating in jew communities is statisticaly tiny. Propaganda.



Jeez, what an idiot. Do you even know the Jews push for you to come here because they're scared of white power and a potential Nazi revival. So they figure that mixing us with morons like you will weaken us to the point where we can't resist their dominance. And they're right. SO FUCK OFF!!



Yeah, it's non-white immigration to white countries. They screwed up their country (they blame colonialism of course, BS), so they come here en-masse for a free ride/half ass job, while consuming massive amounts of public services. The US economy collapsed because of mortgage loans to minorites, forced though with charges of "racism", which were never repaid. Yet mass one way immigration continues.



It's amazing that the label "racist", not defined OR demonstrated, can justify murder. Seems like our morals are all backwards.



Yeah. The so-called "far-right" are reasonable people who don't want to roll over and die for a bunch of foreign @holes. Opposing massive unskilled (unkilled?) immigration is in no way "far-right", as any other country will tell you, but the entire media professes this. It's disturbing.



Sure. Even if the US/UK was lost to Brazil style "multi-ism" (heaven forbid) I really believe there would be an almighty backlash from those nations that didn't go down that road, after they see the inevitable mess. And hell, even Iceland could take on a world like that. Let's not let it get to that ;) But keep in mind that it's the zionists that are pushing this ultimately.



Yeah, blacks always lag behind, and head in the sand fantasists like you always pretend they don’t.



I knew the Russian put monkeys in space, now they are even putting the Chinese there. Amazing.



You know, you've helped me to realise something and I thank you for it. There is no reasoning with you people. The only answer is to kick your ass hard until until you only remain as an amusing footnote to history, like Norse mythology or the Aboriginal dreamworld.



I can't win an intellectual debate with someone who doesn't respect the basic principles of logic, like I can't win an intellectual debate with a fish. But I can chop a fish to pieces. Who is civilized, me or the fish?



Maybe I'll go and break another muslim bone with a kick. I'm serious.



'The Brother' proved he was a fucking retard. Man, I would pay all of my money just for one shot at you head, and I guarantee, you would die.



[-+] Learn more:

2011: Stormfont

Michael was unaware of the historic election.

Mr. Coombs resumed his sockpuppet activities on Wikipedia after he failed to take YouTube by storm. With Mathsci knowing Mikemikev's every move, his sockpuppet wankery proved futile. The English teacher had grown frustrated as Mathsci became an expert at Whack-A-Mike playing, racking up an all-time high score in the process.

Michael joined Stormfront and posted a thread, hoping to raise a personal army, complaining about those pesky Jews on Wikipedia. After clicking his browser's refresh button every minute for what seemed like an eternity, someone finally responded. That someone was none other than Michael Coombs the Necro Bumper himself! Stormfront appeared not to care about Wikipedia at the time, it seemed that a recent historic election was a bigger issue.

Personal Army Request | Clint Eastwood, Jews and "Marxists" | Muslims, Asians, Africans, Indians, ect.

Wikipedia is the top result on Google and the first source of information for many. Race related articles are policed heavily by Jewish users, to maintain conformance to the Gould/Lewontin position that race has no biological validity. This is actually not the mainstream position in academia, although Jewish media would have people believe it.

I have been banned from Wikipedia by Arbcom, the highest dispute resolution body, as user "mikemikev" on spurious conduct charges after a long conflict on Race and Intelligence. A sockpuppet of mine, QuintupleTwist, was also recently banned from Race (classification of humans), for being mine.

Notable Jewish editors on race related articles are: Slrubenstein, Maunus, Mathsci and Ramdrake.

Note that my civility, logic and academic sourcing was of a far higher standard than my Jewish opponents. They operate as a team, MO involves constant misrepresentation of sources, cherry picking sources that match their POV, demonizing sources and users they don't like.

Arbcom is also influenced by Jews.

I would encourage members to visit these sites in some spare time, familiarise yourself with the discussion on the discussion pages, and get stuck in.



Try editing "sensitive" articles on Wikipedia for a fun experience with jews.


—Mikemikev, Re: Your experience with Jews

It's just a lie. The report was made by the "National Institute of Economic and Social Research" which sounds suspiciously like the Jew/Marxist "Institute for Social Research" of Frankfurt School cultural Marxist fame.


—Mikemikev, Re: Immigration 'not linked to jobless'

Jew/Marxists in academia are well known for twisting facts and outright lying to further their agenda. Look at Boas, Lewontin, Adorno etc. etc.

Sadly, some of the sheep believe this crap, because it is from "scientists".



—Mikemikev, Re: Immigration 'not linked to jobless'

Anthropology and social science are valid disciplines. The trouble is that they're overloaded with disingenuous Marxist frauds. This all started around the time of Boas, where they managed to corner the discipline. I'm still not sure how they were allowed to get away with that.


—Mikemikev, Re: DR. KEVIN MACDONALD: Social Sciences Are Under Attack For Not Being Real Science

No. It's possible to study human societies neutrally. It's just that the departments are full of Marxists who twist the results to fit their predetermined conclusions.


Re: DR. KEVIN MACDONALD: Social Sciences Are Under Attack For Not Being Real Science

One of my friends in school was Jewish. One of his "hobbies" was to instigate fights between other students by going to each of them and lying that the other had been insulting them behind their back. Then when they saw each other they would immediately start fighting. Possibly an insight into Jew psychology.


—Mikemikev, Re: Your experience with Jews

There are cases where part or even full race jews have broken from and criticised organised jewry. Sometimes it's a trick, but other times it seems genuine. These people should be commended.


—Mikemikev, Re: Your experience with Jews

This is the jew dream: an army of ******s to keep the productive genius whites slaving away. A new caste system.


—Mikemikev, Re: 2012 french navy recruitment video- Very multicultural/multiethnic

Eastwood movies are pretty good. But this guy has been in bed with the yids since day 1.


—Mikemikev, Re: Clint Eastwood Reality Show

Yeah. The motivating factor with hard leftists is and always has been the yids. All of the "equality for women and gays" stuff is just an attack vector. "Islam" is essentially just arab fascism. And the yids feel more racial affiliation with the arabs than whites (perhaps surprisingly) and promote them as a default position. It is enlightening to realise that despite all of the squabbling over Israel, jews and "muslims" (arab fascists. Yes it is possible for non arabs to be arab fascists) are essentially working together to wipe out whites.


—Mikemikev, Re: Growing use of Sharia by UK Muslims

No. We need to remove both of them. The jew and muslim has been working together since day 1. They may lay down smoke and pretend to be at each others throats, but they are working together. White Europeans are their common enemy. They need to all be removed.


—Mikemikev, Re: Total War on Islam

These people are not rational. Muslims want the whole world to bow down to Mecca and speak Arabic, jews want humanity to be their slave. The main obstacle to both of these goals is the militarily dominant white race. They have a temporary coincidence of methods. Jews want to fill Europe with third world slime to fracture the place and drag it down. Muslims are happy to take the handouts. And I think jews prefer muslims to whites, look at cooperation in cordoba and the crimea.

Sure, in the end the jews lust for power will end up dragging the whole world down, if they succeed, and I hope they won't. But apparently they cannot help themselves.



—Mikemikev, Re: Italy: "Mosques Springing Up like Mushrooms"

Asians are dull and dishonest and harbor a deep resentment of white people. They should be a tactical ally against the Jew, but no more.


—Mikemikev, Re: Asian and White Race Relations

It would be racist if black people were not well known for selling drugs. But since they are, it isn't racist. The Oslo police should take a leaf out of the Chinese books, they know how to handle the groids:

Sanlitun smackdown targets blacks | Beijing Boyce



—Mikemikev, Re: UN researcher slams ‘racist’ Oslo police

We need to arrange a "rally" for next time a groid kills a white.


—Mikemikev, Re: Sharpton plans 'rally' for black teenager shot by neighborhood watch

Of course it's "stunningly offensive" to mention the Anglo-Saxon contribution to the founding of America, but just fine to have a month devoted to fairy tales about fictional black inventions.


—Mikemikev, Re: Romney Adviser's 'Anglo-Saxon' Comment 'Stunningly Offensive,' Obama Side Says

Negroes have the minds of children. Make one president and this sort of outcome is to be expected. It's amusing to think what would happen if he also came up with policies and speeches himself.


—Mikemikev, Re: Inside the Obamas' secret Alice In Wonderland-themed Halloween party at White House that was kept under wraps

I think that a troop of apes would be shocked by the behaviour of these negroes.


—Mikemikev, Re: VIDEO: 'youths' Fighting Over French Fries At McDonalds!

Most of these so called "La Raza" are descended from Native Mexicans. Are they the Tlaxcala, who invited the Spanish to engage in their civil war? Or are they descended from the Mexica/Aztecs they fought against, renowned for their horrific human sacrifice? Either way these clowns have no business in the USA.


—Mikemikev, Re: Eric Holder at La Raza Convention Promises "Aggressive" Civil Rights Enforcement; Threatens Arpaio

[-+] Learn more:

2011: Encyclopedia Dramatica

Mikemikev encounters an Encyclopedia Dramatica administrator!

That summer, Mikemikev set out to bring much needed drama to Encyclopedia Dramatica. He created an account then immediately wrote a hilarious article about his former gay lover Mathsci. Not because he wanted to settle a score, but instead to demonstrate his knowledge of satire to the Internet. Unfortunately for him, Meepsheep got jealous of his article and deleted it! Concerned about Meepsheep's inexcusable behavior, he proceeded to engage another administrator in a perfectly reasonable discussion. It wasn't long before someone who walks around with his finger on The Holocaust Button™ noticed the discussion and a moment later Mikemikev was banned. Mr. Coombs was shocked, was it possible that Encyclopedia Dramatica had been infiltrated by Jews who were now conspiring against him?

Not easily deterred, he resorted to sockpuppet wankery, again. And as expected, attempts at adding Mathsci to Encyclopedia Dramatica's The Wikipedia Jews were unsuccessful. Enraged administrators unjustly sent each of his sockpuppets into orbit. Even today, OY VEY! stop the hate, Jewnius Faggayus, Anti White Kikes say No Thanks, Get it out of me daddy (something to do with a childhood experience?), GasTheKikes, JUST STOP THE HATE OK? still orbit Planet ED. The demoralized racist was sent back to Wikipedia where he resumed his game of Whack-A-Mike with Mathsci.

Fine give me a few days. I have RSI. And don't be so mean to me. My family was all killed yesterday AND my hitler uniform got stained pink in the wash.



Were you upset to see something requiring actual talent on your site? I understand. I didn't draw that BTW.



[-+] Logs and shit:

2011-2012: Thephora

Mikemikev just couldn't to bring himself to add Morpheus to his ignore list.

Wikipedia, YouTube, Encyclopedia Dramatica and Stormfront were only minor setbacks. Mike joined Thephora, a refuge for people like him, but quickly wore out his welcome. The final nail in the coffin would come from Morpheus, who was literally the only black person on the forum. Michael's ass dripped with anticipation, craving the negroid's large cock, causing him to obsess over every post that Morpheus made. At first it appeared the English teacher was getting the best of somebody for a change, but Morpheus realized he was dealing with a special person and adapted quickly.

Wow drastic. Dread to think what would happen were you to give a live, face to face lecture to a group of gumbahs that think and behave like phorans.

What would you do? Kill yourself? Just think of all the stick Morpheus takes and he's still here. What does that make you? You're a wimp and a disgrace.




Mikemikev was unable to keep up with the colored person and other racist pointed and laughed as he was humiliated on his own turf. The faggotry escalated until Mr. Coombs created a poll, asking if everyone should add Morpheus to their ignore list, seriously. Interestingly enough, he was unable to follow his own advice because his ass still craved the negroid's cock. During this time, Michael couldn't resist picking fights with other members. Eventually white supremacist acted like an emo and asked the moderators to ban him. Other members pointed out that he could effectively do this himself, but oh hell no, he wanted the moderators to do it! His request was denied for the lulz and the dramafest continued. After 9 months, Mikemikev once again got an up close and personal view of the ban hammer, on nothing less than a forum for racists. After Mike's departure, Morpheus was no longer needed and banned due to racism.


We will wait until you love this place. Then we will ban you.



Jake Featherston, Supermoderator who did exactly that.

Jews, Muslims and Wikipedia | Africans, ect.

"Race does not exist" wiki editor Steven Rubenstein is apparently dead.

YouTube: Playing a Sad Tune on Tiny Violin



—Mikemikev, Steven Rubenstein

I was banned from Wikipedia on spurious conduct charges after beating jews like rubenstein in debate, and made sockpuppets afterwards. Banned. Censored. Like Watson. Not allowed to say that. Try editing Palestine or holocaust articles to get an idea of the situation there, and see here to finish the point. I make no secret of this incident, in fact I want it to be known, it is why I use the same username.


—Mikemikev, Are you a Nazi?

Homos are clearly more protected than Muzzies. Only this and a shared hatred of normal white people can explain why professional faggot Peter Tatchell would feel comfortable supporting the Muslim community in London, most of whom would support his execution.


—Mikemikev, CNN suspends Roland Martin over "offensive" superbowl tweets

It is amusing to see JewLabour lose. It's not amusing that that happened because a British city is full of rags. I'm not sure what to make of it. Didn't they expect this to happen? Was their goal to fracture Britain then hop it when the civil war starts? Are they just insane?


—Mikemikev, George Galloway wins Bradford West by-election

Regarding this phenomenon of anti-Semitic Islamic candidates getting elected after the yids themselves arranged their mass immigration, does anyone have any explanation for that? Is it just a side effect of following the American model of third world immigration? The yids must have seen it coming, perhaps they think they can weather it and that the main aim is to fracture the society, which they have accomplished. Sometimes I even think the tiny hat wearing clowns are working together. Evidence for this is Jew/Muslim cooperation against Christians in Cordoba and in the Crimea. The Ottoman Empire was a haven for Jews. Perhaps the whole ME situation should be regarded as sibling rivalry, while the real hatred is for Europeans. If this is the case it is truly a foolish European that takes sides in that.

Here is a piece that considers that.



—Mikemikev, George Galloway wins Bradford West by-election

Let's hope they get tangled up in a "Tasmanian Devil" cartoon style whirlwind all the way back to whatever desert they crawled out of. But I suspect more sinister arrangements as detailed here.


—Mikemikev, The Shocking Face Of China’s Brutal One Child Policy

No, what the Muslims here are doing is engaging in intentional demographic warfare, and even if they weren't I would still want them out. Islam is a poisonous fascist ideology.


—Mikemikev, George Galloway wins Bradford West by-election

I'll never understand the alliance of the left with Islam (Arab imperialism). Maybe they are united by a shared hatred of normal white people. Maybe the left is simply retarded. Maybe the left was created by a secret Jew/Muslim alliance specifically to destroy European civilization, using white retards.


—Mikemikev, George Galloway wins Bradford West by-election

What a bunch of impotent little wankers. No wonder we are being wiped out.

If you aren't prepared to cut the fetus out of an enemy alien, you are nothing but a mincing faggot. Good evening.



—Mikemikev, The Shocking Face Of China’s Brutal One Child Policy

Bullshit. Africa's natural state is down. Sometimes foreign nations go there and build things. There is a focus on foreign investment from China because they paid for and built all of the things you falsely credit Africans for. You should be asking why the Africans cannot do it themselves.


—Mikemikev, Africa Rising?

If the pygmies could produce viable offspring with a hominid that diverged 700,000 years ago, that hominid would have also been compatible with similarly divergent lines. Additionally pygmy are known to reproduce with Bantu sometimes.

Extrapolating from there it seems certain that raw chimp DNA is part of the African mix.

Is anybody surprised by this?



—Mikemikev, Did early man, or people, have sex with Gorillas?

Incorrect. Chimp IQ is around 40, putting the African groid around exactly midway between chimps and humans. Hilariously, pygmies and bushmen have IQs closer to chimps than humans.


—Mikemikev, Chimps nig out

Such tragedy.

Another fucking African arrived in Europe.

Edit: Oh wait, he didn't make it. Good stuff.



—Mikemikev, 1 out of 55 African refugees survive boat journey

Some niggers basically playing basketball when building an outside toilet doesn't tell me Africans have the brains to build a skyscraper or a motorway.


Africa Rising?

It's the chimp pack instinct. You could give a pack of chimps a lifetime supply of bananas. They'll still attack you for their mysterious chimp reasons.


Africa Rising?

2012-2014: Metapedia


Before Mikemikev's defeat at Thephora, he retreated to Metapedia, but the wiki had its doubts due to his recent ass kicking by the seemingly unstoppable Morpheus. After a year and an amazing 118 edits, he was promoted to administrator, what could possibly go wrong?

Zionist spy?

Never one to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, Mike noticed anti-Semitic content that he considered extreme and removed it. He was concerned about Metapedia's "credibility" and didn't want people to think it was full of cranks. This explanation resulted in accusations that Mr. Coombs was a Zionist spy, the argument that followed proved that Metapedia was indeed packed to the gills with cranks.

IMHO both reverts are pro-zionistic, and against Metapedia purpose. Opinions?


—Hu1, Mikemikev is in bed with the Jews! OH SHI-


Learning nothing from his experience at Wikipedia, he began to edit an article that had been long dominated by Atlantid, one of Metapedia's top contributors. Soon Mike was pushing his weight around, getting into a yet another feud that proves all racist are living in the closet. Due to the fact that Atlantid was also mentally unstable, he was an easier target than Mathsci and Morpheus. Metapedia's bureaucrats noticed Mike playing mind games with Atlantid and banned the English teacher for 3 days.

Not wanting to lose yet another pointless edit war, the English teacher set out to forge alliances with Atlantid's enemies. One person answered Mike's request for assistance, but after a brief skirmish, his efforts proved futile. Unable to accept defeat, Mikemikev continued to harass Atlantid, but this time the bureaucrats failed to intervene. After 10,000 edits, Atlantid experience a mental breakdown and threw in the towel. Mr. Coombs, who had 360 edits, had finally won a pointless edit war, but Metapedia didn't share his enthusiasm and stripped Mikemikev of his administrative privileges. On the bright side, Michael Coombs has the distinguished honor of being the only white supremacist to deal a major blow to a wiki that thinks Adolf Hitler is God.

Yes Mike I also suffer from schizophrenia. I am now bettering my health,renouncing my former views and association with Metapedia, this is my final message here.


—Atlantid, who "also" suffers from schizophrenia.

[-+] Learn more:

2014: Stumble Inn

In 2014, Mikemikev (and his "Yi Sun Shin" persona) battled "Virgil" at the Stumble Inn. Mikemikev was upset that Virgil was a Winston Churchill fan. Since Churchill resisted and then defeated the Nazi, Mikemikev couldn't comprehend how anyone could consider Churchill a hero, so on March 15, 2014, Mikemikev created a Metapedia article on the "Stumble Inn". Several hours later, "CHM8318", who was already familiar with the Stumble Inn, deleted the article and blocked Mikemikev. Strangely, CHM8318 believes that personal bias shouldn't be incorporated into Metapedia articles and that Mikemikev shouldn't be allowed to edit Metapedia due to personal attacks and insults. Despite Hu1's attempts to defend Mikemikev, big boss NatAll75 decided to ban Mikemikev from Metapedia for good. Mikemikev and his "Yi Sun Shin" account were later blocked from the Stumble Inn as well ([1], [2]).

2018: A Winner Is You!


FOTY 2018

Before Mikemikev was banned from EDF he changed his forum avatar to a family member of mine. Mikemikev has been cyberstalking and harassing my family for several years and is now apparently impersonating them by using their photos on his accounts. I'd appreciate if this image that was copied got removed or did not include the avatar. Thanks.


Tenchu (talk) 23:55, 16 January 2019 (UTC)


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ArabsEnglish ScumWetbacksIndiansInjunsIraniansTurksIrish

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ChineseGooksJapaneseThaiWhite Trash

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Al SharptonApplemilk1988BoratDuane ChapmanEugene TerreblancheHal TurnerHitlerJesse JacksonKim Jong-ilMartin Luther KingMichael AregaMikemikevNigger (Dog)Nkem OwohObamaOsama bin LadenSuey ParkW

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419AznBlack Lives MatterEnglish Defence LeagueFurNationGangsKKKMossadMujahideenReconquistaStormfrontMetapediaNobel Prize Committee

Racial ideologies
The Fourteen WordsAfrocentrismWhite supremacy

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