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On two occasions I have been asked, "Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?" ... I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question.


—Charles Babbage, Passages from the Life of a Philosopher (1864)

I take Computer Science III. I know what I'm talking about.


Mike Sandy

File:Mike sandy's csIII presentation.jpg
Mike prepares to show the class his project
ED's IP is cloaked :O or 7 proxies
How will ED survive?!?!
Adobe Mike Sandy CSIII, a collection of hacking utilities, was going to be released in 2007 as part of CS3. But then Mike Sandy hacked Adobe.

Taking Computer Science III means that you are a 1337 h4xx0r, among the likes of Mike Sandy, who almost shut down the ED server but only managed to slow it down, after SOMEHOW managing to find out the ultra-secret IP address. <<<IRL Comp Sci 3 is about using data structures in either C++ (or Java if your school sucks)>>>


So what about Dreamhost? Cant we trace the website's IP and I can use my website hacking software to the hack the internet protocol address of the website and server its hosted on (, then the site will go down. All someone has to do is provide me with an IP address of DreamHost's webhost or the IP address of the server the website is hosted on


—Mike Sandy, oblivious to the existence of fucking nslookup cmd terminal That wont help at all. Network Topos Are More Helpful.

That site will go down and ill use every programming skill possible to make sure it goes down.


—Mike Sandy

I tried looking it up but the program kept saying the IP was anonymous. The guy must have cloaked it so there must be another way to find out. As soon as I figure it out, I'll shut down the 9/11 part of the site as well. And any other parts. I take Computer Science III. I know what I'm talking about.


—Mike Sandy, as anonymous kicks him in the crotch

Alright I've managed to trace the guy's myspace. The guy's actually a kid, 13 years old and in the 8th grade but man he sure looks a lot older than that. He must be lying. One step in the right direction so far. Alright so far I've slowed the guy's site down quite a bit but havent shut it down yet.


—Mike Sandy

In response to being warned shit would go down on him:

Dont worry it wont.


—Mike Sandy's final words lol internets

I could've swore I was just able to hack into and shut it down. I guess you all are still seeing the actual site and not the error message I posted up a page back. ahh. i'll tackle this again tomorrow. All I've managed to do is slow the site servers down.


—Mike Sandy

We dodged a bullet there.


Who's the h4x0r now?
Wow that was hard.

Allow me to create a timeline to show you the significance of Mike's accomplishment.

Level Powers granted
CS I Microsoft Office, Windows Help Screen, Start Menu, Copypasta
CS II HTML, BASIC, Rapping Freestyle
CS III 1337 h4xx0rz
CS IV Java, Thetans
CS V Fortran, Tom Cruise, L. Ron Hubbard
CS VI Lord Xenu
CS VII Tay Zonday
CS VIII Exploding vans
CS IX Ultima
CS X ????
Mac OS X Gay

As you can easily see, a Computer Science III Expert like Mike is SRS BUSINESS and, knows everything about teh internets (except Java, but who could possibly understand that, amirite) After attempting to hack ED, someone gave Mike his own IP address, and told him to start hacking it. As Mike kept getting booted off of AIM, he became increasingly frustrated. He retreated and began ferociously fapping to softcore pr0n on his IRL Tubes since his internets were broken.

Computer Science III: The Book

ED: selling you Scientology

Due to the success of the Computer Science III hacking courses, a decision was made to put the book into print. You can purchase it here [1], here [2], here[3], or here for mega savings [4]. Though, in all honesty, you get more hacker skills by putting your money here


After being butthurt, Mike Sandy read up on CSIII and got 79/89 on his comp science test (whatever that means, I assume the 89 was after the SpEd curve). He then believed he hacked the shit out of Encyclopedia Dramatica. In truth, he wasn't getting the main page because his internets were broken. He was so proud of his achievements, though, that he sent us a lulzy screenshot through facebook, then later bitched that the site "sucked balls" so bad it wasn't worth hacking.

YouTube Alert

Oh sweet Allah, too fucking perfect..

Mike was so excited after he thought he hacked ED, he sent us this screenshot. Turns out his internets were just broken... again Fail
You can tell from the tabs in the screen that he was on trying to find hacking software, and trying to download firefox scripts, to zerg rush the server no doubt, what a lolcow

Apparently, having taken English 10 as well, he's now a contemporary of literary masters like Shakespeare and Tara Gilespie. > Waddup my naem is Mike Siddy, Straight from the ghetto. spittin rhymes while I eat my red jello. Easiest class ever is English 10. Just as easy as lifting a hen. So for my English midterm, you gotta study real hard. But, we know that the midterms are just full of lard. Studying the vocabulary can get really tough. You gotta make all the flash cards to get, prevent that all from being rough. Macbeth was the thane, was actin real plain. And he gated Duncan to get the reign. And the Macb And the Macbeth Died. Cause he got fried. McDuff Kick his butt, MacBeth got gut. Study for your test, they're the best. It takes some time. but its just like spitting these rhymes.

Mike Sandy = No Friends

"Our Mike" feeling the impending lulz, created an account on facebook to look exactly like ghey Mikes. This was initially done to get moar pixpls, but because Mike has a bunch of dumbass friends (and there's not many to begin with), they all (and then some) added Our Mike to their friends list. After 48 hours, Our Mike had moar facebook friends then real mike. butthurt? I think so. And to make matters worse, real Mike reported the account for TOS violation at least 100 times. But noone cares about him.

According to Mike's facebook, he has now "Studied Cyber Security at Howard CC," further reinforcing that he is a retarded nigger who couldn't even get into a decent college.

Mike Sandy's 1337 hacker program

   #include <stdio.h>
   int main(void)
      /*Now for the pwning*/
       int i;
       printf("I Take computer Science III, I know what I'm talking about\n"); 
       /*This portion contains the actual payload */

The FBI are currently trying to decipher this encrypted source. They're willing to give over 9000 dollars to whom ever can decipher it.


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