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Moon Man is a Comedic and Melodic Rapper famous for producing some of the greatest songs and remixes of the genre. His rapping career started off a rather innocent underground fad, but his likeness to McDonald's mascots brought him to fame. He received trolling by black persons with blatantly racist statements/threats of violence Most often chanting Black Lives Matter!! using a Text2Speech program. Moon Man has taken a free to distribute, no-license approach relying only on gigs and donations, and even shares back to the community of Moon Man artists. General consensus says it's Moon Man's nonchalant-like delivery that drive it home. Moon Man doesn't target any minority with his rhymes and has a similar comedic approach too all races and genders. In the past, his iconic image also been been hijacked through JewTube by Anonymous in their tryhard battle against Scientology, as well as informing Chanology's newfags how they were doing it wrong.

His 'Free to distribute' (s)hit singles "Notorious KKK" (Too hot for JewTube!,) and "Changes" catapulted him to fame on wholesome, well meaning, internet communities such as 8chan and 4chan's /pol/. Riding on the success, Moon Man released his first full length album "White Power Hip-Hop" LP, WhiteTopia, with the help of the MoonCrew. Most recently Moon Man has taken too spreading a message of WP, World peace, with people calling him the second coming of Tupac Shakur.

The most influential video, inspiring even many against World Peace to pacify, "Moon Man Reacts to Buzzfeed:"24 Questions Black People Have for White people". With millions of views, and many copycat uploaders, Jewtube was getting calls from Alphabet HQ, and were forced to remove the content.

This video remains the most popular across the copycats, while in total millions, the current view count never rises more then a couple hundred thousand before they are taken down. These actions by JewTube and Google have lit a bonfire under the World Peace advocates, who have protested by wearing Moon Man's Peace masks( available on Amazon.)

Triple K Mafia

The Triple K Mafia is a rap group consisting of Moon Man and many other beings, but only 4 or 5 worth giving a shit about. Members include:

Uncle Ben -Owns a rice company and participates in videos every so often, is also a graphic artist for Moonman's Youtube channel Has stated games are on the way-

Hitler1488 -Part of the klan back around 1940(Exact sources needed), created the Triple K Mafia splinter cell "NSDAP", and gave the debated Japanese Honorary Aryan Status. Holds the Triple K Mafia's record, when he did a Speedrun of Europe using his support to get at least 6 million kills.

AKa Dylann Roof -While living in a ghetto white vs black neighborhood, he was unsure of which white gang too join. After asking his friends their opinions they realized that he was not going too be in their gangs and they took his weapons, Dylann managed too get a weapon and went too perform his initiation ritual at a local opposing gang's black church. He knelt with them, and thought about his plan of attack, the smelt of nigger shit caught his nose and he lost his cool. He was captured by the local negro police, who planned too execute him as a hate crime terrorist too dishearten the white gangs in the area. Moon Man saw this young man's actions, bailed him out of prison, and ascended him. Leading many too wonder the legalities of committing murder then no longer existing solely on this plane. No officials have attempted any action since his ascension.

Cloudman - A Lithuanian member of Moon Man's KKK World Peace gang. A very unique personality of soft cloud-like tones.

Starman - Yet too reveal what human he ascended from

Anders breivik A politically active member of The klan. Has the second highest KDR in the Triple K Mafia, to be released from his unlawful Norway imprisonment shortly and resume his work.

Other "members"

Audrina giving two compelling arguments why she was allowed in the Triple K Mafia

Audrina Patridge -While originally being adverse to Moon Man's racist ways, over time she too gave up social justice and began chanting KKK herself. She uses the promise of her pussy to persuade Moon Man to do her bidding, which never works because Moon Man don't play that shit. Audrina is a brain dead cum dumpster so she doesn't have a chant of her own

Charles Moonington - A crumpet eating faggot. He has no real personality other than being English and worthless as a beta cuck punching bag. He is only kept around to be abused. Charles has a corkscrew penis similar to a pig. His chant is CRUMPET, CRUMPET, CRUMPET There are others who appear often in different Fan-fictions: Pedro the spic, Creepy Clown Face, Hans the German, Shit no one cares about, etc. but no one fucking cares about them because they are shit and anyone who does is a faggot.

Triple K Mafia discography

Moon Man has dropped full albums, and many bootleggers have made albums.

The KKKristmas album 10/10
Whitetopia LP 6/10 (poor tempo and synching. This was one of the 1st albums tho)
THE LUNITIC LP 2015 6.5/10(better than Whitetopia, but not by much)

You aren't a true self flagellating World Peace advocate until your ears bleed from listening to the entire "Pope sponsored" discography, the good, the bad and the ugly. ALL OF IT!

Moonverse origins

There are multiple Moon Man fansites that contradict each other with the only consistency being Moon Man's hatred of niggers. One source Claims that there is a rip in time/space resulting in many instances of Moon Man. More reliable sources have pointed out that Moon Man has been around since the crusades, participated in world war two, and that he can fly around the moon on a piano. Which debunks many claims that he is a human, with half-hearted hatred of sub-humans. Despite an outcry of his possible illegal alien status, Moon Man has yet to comment, nor share his birth certificate.

McDonald's Mascot - Moon Man has been compared too a similar moon headed mascot of McDonald's past, moon Man's relations too this have been quoted personally by Moon Man Ridiculous and quoted MSNBC's Joe "You need too go back too middle school" In this representation of unknown origins the story goes: While sponsored as a mascot, he made millions to support him and his mother. However, the Supercuck executives got rid of the only thing at McDonald's that wasn't gayer than faggots at an aids convention. He came home and saw a negro raping his wife and that caused him to emotionally decide to hate solely Negros. -

Many people use this McDonald's icon in their meme's and Moon Man has given his blessing to those users; however he states he is not responsible for their actions.

Moon Man guest spots

While many people pretend not to be screeching fan girls of Moon Man with equality lies, its a common practice to get Jew sheKKKles. Everyone knows Moon Man is 100% right about everything he says to the point that even SunMan (a nigger) believes 100% in Moon Man and his sKKKills. Here are a few guest appearances he has made towards his goal of a better world.

Moon Man and Matty B teach the youth an important message

Moon Man and Zyklon Ben team up for a DOOM sequel

Moon Man has a guest spot on a lost Sonic episode


Sun Man - He's a nigger. Every chance Moon Man gets, he attacks this nigger first.- SunMan's chant is N-DOUBLE-A-C-P, N-DOUBLE-A-C-P, N-DOUBLE-A-C-P

Alphabet -Have called Moon Man out for being offensive and done a crappy low effort attempt of oppressing and removing his content from their database. Has made statements that they "...always plan every action towards unified globalism, and do not take down content simply because they are offensive". Recently Google then enforced their rules of demonetizing offensive videos, many looked for alternatives too JewTube and posted videos about their thoughts PewDiePie, boogie2988, and progressive figure of non-offensive premium content LeafyIsHere. Triple K mafia continues too upload content without JewTube's permission, no legal action is planned according too google. See: 1488

Ku Klux Klan A remnant of the past, a redneck society, whom raise a banner that lost a long time ago. Rednecks are always attempting too Merge and take credit for movements they failed at creating. They will get on camera unwashed with guns a pot belly, truckers cap and claim they need their gun rights. They are cuck soiled abominations that Moon Man has disavowed.

The Failed Assassination Attempt on Moon Man

AT&T's policy on forbidding naughty words.
Step 1: Type a curse word or "moon man"
Step 2: Receive b&

Recently, AT&T b& users from utilizing their Text2Speech service by adding a list of censored words. Trying to make file that contains the words "Moon Man" will get you this warning.


This error message indicates the submitted text contains objectionable language. While we would rather not pay attention to what people choose to hear, there have been instances of individuals producing extremely offensive audio and distributing it on the web, which by the way is a violation of the usage policy. Please note that these restrictions are imposed by the website, not by the synthesizer. Also note that you can purchase the synthesizer for personal use. See the FAQ page for further details. If you received this message in error please report the problem to the site administrator (with text) via the SEND FEEDBACK button.


ATTENTION: There's an uncensored version of the AT&T Text-to-Speech Demo here:

and also here:

You may now go back to raping niggers. KKK KKK KKK KKK


  • Type in shopingcart. He gets very audibly excited when saying SHOPPPing cart.
  • Make him speak his native language by typing random shit. jkldseuiivcx ouopiuqw.
  • Talk about spicy horse penis (SunMan hates spicey horse penis).
  • Rape mothers.
  • lololololololololololol


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