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Microsoft Orifice is Microsoft's crappy word processing suite, kinda like LibreOffice, except you have to pay a ton of jewgold for it. Like all things Microsoft does it is a worse product than anything else, while also being more expensive than anything else.

It contains a lot of other miscellaneous shit, but the four "core" programs people usually whore out moniez for are:

Microsoft made a version of Word for niggers. Even they weren't stupid enough to pay for it.
  • Word - Wordpad with a lot more shit thrown in, more or less. Has a bunch of internet connectivity features that usually open up new vulnerabilities to fuck over your computer. Just use the program offline and don't bother with the net crap if you want to just write a letter or some shit.
  • Excel - A spreadsheet program. Again, stay off the fucking internet, it works just fine without the internet shit.
  • Powerpoint - A presentation program. Can be used for school projects or for making slideshows of screen captures from porno, or whatever the fuck else you want to include.
  • Access - A database program. Most people don't give a fuck about this shit unless they need to make a database, and since the average computer user is usually a greasy basement dweller who only knows how to use a text editor and surf for dickgirl pictures, they mostly likely won't give a shit about this, so they usually delete it and gain back some more space on their hard drive for more important things.

It includes a few other extra programs, but the above is what most faggots give a shit about, and if you're a fucking idiot, you'll actually pay $150-300 (US currency) for the whole package, or you'll just get LibreOffice instead, which is free and has most of the same shit.

You could also torrent the shit if you're a cheap ass who wants the real deal but doesn't feel like sucking Steve Ballmer's cock just to get it.

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