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Michael Fitzhywel, also known as pantmonger on the interwebs, is an Australian 40 year old artist and proud feminist in the Warhammer 40,000 community of Tumblr. He is well known for being unable to take any forms of criticism. He is “known” for his female space marine artwork and shitty Lovecraftian webcomic series nobody really cares about. The only reason tumblr likes his artwork is because they need more lesbian muscular femdykes to fap/schlick to. Like a typical tumblr feminist, he is bound to doxing and using the block button to fight the grimdark patriarchy and show those mean old neckbeards who is boss. Michael Fitzhywel and Andrew Dobson have numerous things in common which can indicate that they could be brothers from another mother. Both are bald and share levels of douchebag facial hair, draw unappealing looking art, are male middle aged feminists who will bend over backwards for their Amazonian overlords, proclaimed professional artists, nerds, and take any form of criticism as trolling or harassment. The one thing that sets this male feminist overlord apart from his American counterpart is that he refuses to put his minions on a leash, and will have the tendency to sic his rabid Warhammer social justice tumblrina minions on you. If you even FUCKING DARE OPPRESS HIS EMPOWERING LESBIAN FEMINIST ARTWORK!! YOU SHITLORD NECKBEARD MALE GO BACK TO 4CHAN IT IS LITERALLY THE CURRENT YEAR!!


Good ole Pants here made his own special little army of space marines called the Daughters of Persephone. They all look the same. Each space marina comes with a half shaved retarded Tumblr haircut and a nose ring for some fucking reason. Do not say anything bad about it or you may get blocked and doxed! His minions will call you names like misogynist or neckbeard and will ensure you feel bad for not liking his empowering female space marines.

Unfortunately, this is Tumblr we are talking about, and we all know that feels are more important than reals on that cesspool of a website. This is some typical behavior from Tumblr, so this is nothing new. A local God Emperor-fearing Commissar of the Imperium has pointed out how his female space marines are heresy. The results ended in Michael throwing a tantrum and hitting the block button on the local Commissar and then proceeds to throw a temper tantrum post on tumblr about neckbeards and misogyny. That post got him +50 ass pats from kids with low self-esteem that day.

Shitty Female Space Marine gallery About missing Pics
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Michael the Misogyny Manslayer

This nice gentleman has doxed an innocent Games Workshop employee for having the audacity to even show the slightest form of dislike to his perfect space marinas. Michael tipped his fedora all the way to the Games Workshop website to send an email to this employee’s store, and cry about how this evil cis white male oppressed him. Then proceeds to post on his personal art twitter about how this evil patriarch oppressed him in hopes his minions will execute this heretic in the face of battle. Upon receiving backlash on Tumblr this oppressed feminist gentleman has denied ever doxing the employee. Although he posted the employee’s Games Workshop store out in the open, posted the employee’s face on twitter, and blocked the employee on facebook. TOTALLY NOT DOXING GUYS! This action had almost cost a working man his career. After the shit storm commenced, his minions went and stated how a Games Workshop employee deserves getting doxed for having an opinion.


Gee, I wonder why Michael.

Hall of Shame. (Expecting it to increase over time) About missing Pics
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Autism Awareness About missing Pics
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This blog is primarily about my art, with a little of my politics. Recently A GW staff member who disliked my politics and who had trolled my personal art posts with his disdain and was then blocked, decided the mature response was to collate my GW fan art into a single post to mock and deride it as ‘The worst series of images on the entirety of this site’ (note the blog he posted this on, had images of him in his GW uniform) I alerted his employers that he was being an asshat to company customer base. And its my understanding that they cautioned him. After that he decided to go public and ‘DARVO’ about the issue painting himself as the poor victim who did nothing worse then dislike my art. I decided that I needed to protect my rep, so I wrote a lengthy post (now below the cut) If you are reading this, you have no reason to believe ‘my side, theirs or the middle’ The only thing I can do is ask you to consider which is more likely, that a complaint was made and the company took action, or that I have insider contacts and after 14 years as a professional artist, cant handle criticism. I have no interest in pursing this further, and my blog remains as always about my art with a little of my politics..


—Michael plays victim.

Original post and edits. This will be the my (hopefully) last comment on a storm in a tea cup around my Daughters of Persephone fan art. I posted some of my art ie The Daughters of Persephone, a non canon women only 40k Marine chapter. I also wrote that I felt that GW should be more inclusive in its official lines and that they feared backlash from ‘neckbeards’ This predictably garnered some hate. Including several anon 4cahn posts with my photos of me and my art, trying to rally folk to drop by some hate, this is just for context not pointing fingers on this one. Amongst those that disagreed with my view was a Games Workshop retail worker [redacted] I blocked said person, made some unspecific post (without names) about how I can’t really parse that kind of attitude. And moved on. Couple of weeks later it was brought to my attention that [redacted] had made a thread where he had collated my 'Daughters’ art (see first image above) into a thread mocking it and me. Now, my art is my job and this was not critique, it was an attack due to not liking my views on the hobby, by someone who works for Games Workshop. To quote his own hypocrisy from the picture above, ’threatening peoples jobs and professional image because of a disagreement on an online blog’ I decided I’d had enough, so I contacted tumblr, as it is against their terms of service to use someone art without their consent in this way, and contacted one of GWs rep’s via twitter with the above screen grab of his post and his in GW uniform photo from the same attacking blog. They responded to me that they were sorry this happened and that they would deal with the matter. (and that they personally liked the women marine art, which was a nice aside) And that was it. I have no contacts or friends within GW. What has happened here is simple, there was a consequence for an action. I have neither the time, the ability nor desire to chase after people who do not like my politics or my work. For the most part I block and move on. But if you are reppin for a company, do not be surprised if there is consequence for attacking its customer base. That is not my fault or problem. Its your literal bed to lay in.


—Michael triggers his PTSD card.

Edits: There has been a claim leveled that I Doxxed our charming friend. And after some research, dependent on your definition of that term, a loose case could be made for that as I needed to post on some of his details for his employers to be aware of his actions. I have nothing to hide here so the details of my actions are as follows: I posted a screen cap from his public blog where he attacked my work (literately the first image in this post) and a photo of him in GW uniform (which I did not include here), this came from the same public blog he mocked me on. This was done to provide proof that person publicly showing their employers brand, was publicly attacking a customers fan art. After that GW took over. The info was already public and already inherently paired and relevent to the issue at hand (hence the issue in the first place) my posting of it was made via a twitter ‘@’ reply to a GW rep as this was my only line of communication. Thus its true due to the nature of twitter that it can be found via my twitter. However I feel comfortable with the ethics of my actions given that you too can literally visit his blog and see said info yourself, and that he has an ‘identifying picture’ as the actual mast head of the public blog he used to attack my work. At this point he is doing his best to illicit sympathy by spinning himself as a victim who was ‘real world’ attacked just because he did not like my art. This is not what happened (if you have an interest you can track the virtual paper trail) I would not even know who he was if he had not had a go at my politics and repeatedly pissed on the parade of people enjoying my art, on a post to my personal blog. (For which I blocked him for being a troll) I would not have contacted GW had he not several weeks later (with no further interaction from me) circumvented the block, collated my art into an attack / mockery thread. I would not have made this very post, had he not gone public with his GW caution (note, not fired) and tried to spin his self inflicted woe into a lie that I had friends in GW and used influence to get him unjustly in trouble just because he didn’t like my art. You may not agree with my actions, and that fine, but understand his caution did not stem from someone ‘disliking my art’ It was a direct consequence of a GW employee attacking a customer, because he didn’t like their politics and how GW does not care for that kind of representation..


— Michael being an unapologetic cunt as usual.

Hahahahaha. Wow what a thing to see on your dash, snort. Quick thanks to the people who have gone to bat for me there, ta for that it appreciated. But don’t stress too much, I’ve been making a full time living from 3d and 2d art for 14 years now. I have credit for 7 released video games including some I was senior on. Someone scream crying ‘you can’t draw’ because they wish that was the case, is so demonstrably wrong its water off a ducks back


—Not only can Michael not art, he can’t grammar either.

Art Blog of Michael Fitzhywel with the occasional slice of social politics. Please be respectful of others when posting on my work or you will be blocked as I have no interest in giving hate or malice a voice. My hire rates are on my website (fitzhywel.com) and I’m available for commissions and contracts


— Michael will fuck your shit up for money.

What continues to stun me throughout is how he is upset because, he is just trying to enjoy his hobby, and I’m a callous monster causing waves for him.I mean I literally would not know who he was had he not posted on my work, and even then I would not have cared beyond the block, had he not collated on my work in a massive ad hominem, I would not hace even made this post had he not gone public and tried to spin me as the aggressor. 3 stages – each his act, my react. meh.


—Michael slays misogyny one bitchfest at a time. A tip of the fedora for you Mr. Fitzhywel.



Michael had applied for a video game project on kickstarter and kicktraq about FIGHTIN’ DA FACISTS MAAAAN!! It’s called “The Witch Cult” and it totally doesn’t have a knockoff of pyramid head or anything it is all 100% original content Here are the results:

Michael also claims to be a real video game programmer, but has programmed games that nobody really gives a shit about. He’s been a prop artist for some Final Fantasy reject game called Blade Kitten Had some credit on some shitty kid’s game called Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. No real specification except he worked in Krome Studios like a true game programmer he is. Upon even googling his name all you get is shitty t-shirt designs, ugly cosplay photos, an imDB account he probably made for himself to pat his own back, numerous accounts where he just uses the same username, and a gallery of more unappealing art. If you google “pantmonger” and search deep you can find a porn page.


How to trigger Michael and his followers:

  • Tell them Space Marines are male.
  • Tell them even if there were female space marines, they’d look like Buck Angel
  • Criticize his artwork. Bonus points if you also redline his artwork.
  • Tell them that Sisters of Battle already exist for that purpose.
  • Point out how there are plenty of images of female guardsmen.
  • Remind them that they call each other “Battle Brothers” .



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