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Michael D. Suarez
Never smiles

Michael D. Suarez (online pseudonyms: Michaeldsuarez, JuniusThaddeus) is an accomplished wikisperg, lolcow and an ex-sysop on Encyclopedia Dramatica who was arguably at one point its main hit-piece author who made dozens of scathing articles attacking and doxing individuals, which he himself admits gave him a "rock-bottom reputation" ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive). He was permanently blocked from both Wikipedia and RationalWiki for using ED to annoy editors he met on these other wikis. What made Suarez unusual among ED sysops was the fact that, like a complete fucking retard, he originally created his account with his real name, made his identity known to his enemies and even posted his location, West Islip, New York that made him an easy target for people he's angered and maliciously trolled, to retaliate.

In 2017, after several people whose unflattering ED articles he created found out his real-world identity, they contacted his parents on Facebook to warn them of their son's online activities, and then to give Suarez a taste of his own medicine, attacked his family members on the website CandiceLynnPotter. This rather humorously resulted in Suarez deleting all of his articles on individuals and then like a cry-baby begging for forgiveness (in leaked emails by Vordrak) not to contact his parents again. Despite Suarez using ED to put people down, he still lives with his parents at the ripe old age of 29 and is unemployed.

Suarez was a nominee for the Faggot of the Year in 2017 for his stupidity described above: "writing articles about people and then deleting them when the people he writes about google his username (which happens to be his real name) and call his mom."

Wiki addiction disorder

Michael D. Suarez's Wikipedia activity

Suarez's pathetic life accomplishment is having been made an admin on several Wikia: Star Wars Fanon, Elder Scrolls Fanon, The Elder Scrolls Wiki, the Fable wiki, Fable Fanon, OblivioWiki and the Community Central Wikia, but was later desysopped on all of them for his involvement attacking editors from these wikis on Encyclopedia Dramatica; in his own words: "I was desysoped for off-site trolling. By trolling, they meant my activity at Encyclopedia Dramatica." Examining Suarez's wikisperg activity shows he rarely made edits on mainspace articles, but typical of a troll, hanging around other users on their talk-pages to engage in conflicts and drama. An analysis of his Wikipedia activity before he was indefinitely banned similarly shows of the last 500 edits he made, the vast majority were off-mainspace articles, such as on user-talk pages (107 = 21%) and portal talks (272 = 54%); only 78 (= 16%) as mainspace article/article note edits. Therefore rather than making solitary constructive edits, Suarez's main purpose on wikis is instead to communicate with other users on talk pages, which basically means he uses wikis for soapboxes, probably because he's a social recluse in real life still living with his mommy and daddy, and his only way of talking to people is behind his keyboard.

Encyclopedia Dramatica

Michael D. Suarez, whose parents allowed to stay home alone for so long clueless about his internet activities

He was made an ED sysop in May 2011. As noted above, Suarez signed up with his real name and also made his location known, West Islip, New York. This made it incredibly easy for anyone he has attacked on ED - to find his house address and phone number (by a simple Google search). After 6 years of creating hit-piece articles on individuals to try to humiliate them, some of his victims retaliated by finding his personal details that revealed he still lives with his parents, who are both in full-time work; leaving their troubled son home alone all day... Having never done a days work in his life, jobless Suarez was using Encyclopedia Dramatica the whole time to vent his anger at society by attacking people more successful than he ever will be for his own personal failures. After a couple of victims he had been defaming for years had enough of being cyber-bullied, they retaliated by doing the exact same Suarez did to them and created threads attacking Suarez and his relatives on CandiceLynnPotter. In response, Suarez rushed to then delete all his ED article creations on individuals and in leaked emails by Vordrak was seen begging for forgiveness, promising he will leave Encylopedia Dramatica for good if his parents are no longer contacted.

Despite repeatedly claiming he will retire from ED, Suarez has never left because he's an obsessive compulsive wikisperg, although was desysopped for his antics in January 2018.

Update 1: Suarez in October 2018 finally requested his account be indefinitely blocked and has left ED for good.

Update 2: Being an obsessive compulsive weirdo, Suarez is back on ED again and proves lolcows never change.

Kiwi Farms

Michael D. Suarez, Mikemikev and Oliver D. Smith: the three stooges.

Not content with just using ED to create articles to bad-mouth people, Suarez joined Kiwi Farms in April 2016 to copy and paste his hit-piece articles on KF's Lolcow Wiki to further negatively influence Google searches of his victims names. This backfired when members of Kiwi Farms soon realised Suarez is as bad or worse than the individuals he was attacking and therefore made his own article for being a massive lolcow wikisperg - something that still angers him to this day.

Three Stooges

Suarez with Mikemikev and Oliver D. Smith were described on Kiwi Farms as the three stooges for constantly antagonizing and hurling insults at each other and joining new websites to continue their tripartite feud that was considered a source of amusement to innocent bystanders who saw all three as autistic lolcows:

All three of these dipshits have been screaming in rage at each other for like years and are so exceptional that once banned from Wikipedia for being too broken, they all decided to create a flood of alts so they can indulge their autism. When that didn't work, some of them decided to use ED for personal army requests. The results were hilarious as they proved to be too exceptional for ED.

Suarez was thought by some Kiwis to be the worst of the three since whereas Smith had mostly focused on vandalising Lolcow Wiki and Mikemikev became a regular shit-poster on the Kiwi Farms forum, Suarez instead was misusing Lolcow Wiki and the forum to create articles and threads to attack his enemies; Suarez also created both Mikemikev's and Smith's ED articles. Predictably, Mikemikev and Smith would retaliate on other wikis and forums to attack Suarez, and this cycle repeated itself for years until Suarez finally stopped when his parents were informed of his deranged internet behaviour.

What websites say about him

  • RationalWiki: "I'm hereby bringing to the community's attention User:Michaeldsuarez, alias JuniusThaddeus (the name he uses on Encyclopedia Dramatica), and his pattern of concern troll shit-stirring & sealioning on RW while gleefully endorsing attacks on the site & its editors elsewhere."
  • Lolcow Wiki: "Michael D. Suarez, also known as JuniusThaddeus, is an minor internet eccentric with a relatively long history. Something of a controversial figure in Lolcow Chronicleering circles, Suarez has received justified criticism; whilst on one hand, he has gotten banned from Wikipedia after engaging in personal attacks, such as his arbitration case in 2012, and he has been involved in doxing, however, somewhat ironically, he has also been subjected to protracted campaigns of harassment by people in an attempt to cause him to lash out, ergo worsening his attempts."
  • Urban Dictionary: "Michaeldsuarez an ex-user on Wikipedia who got banned after his cyber-stalking and obsessive trolling on Encyclopedia Dramatica was discovered."

How he describes himself

I'm a prankster and a jokester. I like making things happen. When I saw Rightpedia being hosting on a wikifarm, I envisioned a campaign of isolation and frustration. I wanted to follow them from one wikifarm to another, frustrate their efforts, and record the results in ED, but I misjudged Orain. This is going to sound lame: "I did it for the lulz". Well, this game is clearly over. Time to move on to something else.


Michaeldsuarez, 21 Jan 2015

I'm just here to upset people.


JuniusThaddeus, 1 Feb 2015

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