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This page is about an attempted an hero.
Michael Carneal
Nationality: Americunt  MiniflagUSA.png
Highscore Killed 3, injured 5
Top 50? Far from it.
Style Single player
An Hero? Sadly, no
Motive: Bullying, Mental illness

Michael Carneal was the autistic perpetrator of the Heath High School Shooting that occurred in West Paducah Kentucky, back on December 1st 1997. He brought 9 guns with him to school; Four 22lr rifles, two 12ga pump-action shotguns, a 30-30 rifle, a .38 special revolver, and a Ruger MK II .22lr pistol. Sadly, he only used the shitty 22's during his rampage, resulting in a very low kill count, similar to TJ Lane's choice of weapons (and score) a generation later. After his nerd rage was fully expelled from his mind, only 8 people were shot; 3 fatally. He was quickly detained, v& and sentenced to life in prison. He will get parole after 25 years, however, this will not happen until the 2020s. The event caused moderately high levels of butthurt to the American populace, as the fear of mass shootings didn't really escalate in the US until the time when Columbine is orchestrated.


Michael Carneal always had a troubling life. During Kindergarten, he wanted to bring a gun to skool to show off to the other toddler shitheads, and use the weapon on anyone who didn't like his presentation. Michael reported that he was feeling like an outcast since as far back as kindergarten. Because of his small frame, height, and weakness, he was bullied on a daily basis. Michael would sneak in items like food and weapons to school, and attempt to sell them as a way of making friends. His name was published in his middle school's student-run mnewspaper, in a gossip-based column. Here, it was claimed that he was a faggot and had sexual urges towards other male students. The result was even moar drama, bullying and mental decay. He was called "Homo", "Faggot", etc, on a hourly basis. He got severely bullied, leading to extensive mental illness, notably severe Paranoia. He often believed he was being spied on, and would cover up vents and windows in whichever room he was in. He has been hospitalized for being a nutcase numerous times, especially whilst in prison.

A few weeks before he shot up his school, he stole a .38 handgun from mom and dad, and tried to sell it to some nigras. However, some faggot stole it and threatened to snitch Michael to the pigs in blue, if Michael didn't give the rat the gun. Like an idiot, he subtly announced his plans of genocide by stating "something big is going to happen on Monday", but as usual, none of those snot nosed brats took him srsly. A while before the bloodbath cleansing, he stole several guns from his parents and a neighbor's house. On thanksgiving, he broke into another neighbor's home and stole 4 .22lr rifles, the 30-30, a fuckload of ammo, and some earplugs. He then stole a Ruger 22lr and a fuckload of magazines for it. He then stole two shotguns from daddy and hid them - under his bed.


Class Setup
Item Accessories/Bonus
  • Primary Weapon: Ruger MK II .22lr Pistol
  • A decent enough piece, sadly chambered in weak ass .22lr with an avg. 12~15 Damage.
  • Side Arm Slot 1: 22lr Rifle (x4)
  • A bundle of rifles, chambered in 22lr. 14~18 Damage.
  • Side Arm Slot 2: 12Ga Pump-action Shotgun (x2)
  • Two fast-firing shotguns, chambered in 12 gauge. 65~255 Damage.
  • Side Arm 3: 30-30 Rifle
  • A sturdy rifle chambered in 30-30 ammo. 35~50 Damage.
  • Side Arm 4: .38 special revolver
  • A generic revolver, often used by cops until the 1990s. 23~35 Damage.
  • Perk 1: Sleight of Hand (Rank 1)
ATS SOH Pro.jpg
  • Reduces reloading time for all weapons by 15%
  • Perk 3: Inventory Management (MAX)
ATS Warlord Pro.png
  • Allows the player to carry the maximum amount of weapons allowed in the game.
  • Spell: Bullet Time
Magic Exit Bonus.jpg
  • Allows the user to enter bullet-time, where they can slow down time by 85%, while still firing rapidly.


On December 1st, 1997, Michael hid a shotgun and rifle in a blanket, taking the bundle of boomsticks to sk00l, lying and saying it was an art project. He carried his stolen 22lr pistol in his backpack; the weapon he would use for the majority of the murders. He arrived at the school at around 7:45 AM. He calmly put in the earplugs (to calm the extreme noise of a gunshot) and pulled out the .22lr. He unloaded 8 rounds on a prayer group, but didn't say the usual "Do you believe in god?, that 99% of school shooters state. 3 bitches were pwnd, while 5 other kids were injured. After the mass shooting, Michael dropped his gun, and immediately surrendered to the principal, Bill Bond. He told Bill "Kill me, please. I can't believe I did that." The victims ranged from 14 to 17, and consisted of a newfag freshman who played basketball and band, a 17 year old bitch who sucked 37 dicks in a row and also played on the band, a 15 year old bitch who played band and softball. The injured consisted of a 17 year old broad considered to be the school's best athelete, a 15 year old broad who was president of the school's FHA (Future Homemakers of America), a 16 year old girl who played softball and was in the FHA, a 14 year old girl in a bunch of nerd groups, and a 15 year old boy who was also in sports. As you see, the majority of the kids were likely Jock types who probably gave little Mike a fuckload of suffering through EXTREME bullying or some shit. Nothing of value was lost.


After the brief shooting spree, Michael was detained in the principal's office, where Bill interrogated him until the pigs showed up to send mike to the slammer to get buttfucked by bubba. During his trial, Michael was nagged at by one of his "Friends" who said she would nevar 4give him. He was required to get a fuckload of mental treatment, which was ineffective to say the least. When he hit age 18, he was sent to a standard prison from his loony bin, where he reportedly remains to this day. In 2007, he filed an appeal trying to get a retrial due to his lunacy at the time of the school shooting. His appeal was rejected, forcing him to continue his time in the cell, getting sodomized by aggressive nigger apes. In popular culture, a few songs were dedicated in honor of the "Victims". A few books are inspired by the massacre. Two twins who survived the shooting were featured on the TV story "I Survived.." Many years after the massacre, the survivors (now in their 30s) reflected on the 'tragedy', crying about how it permanently scarred them like the pussy ass jocks they are.


3 parents of the victims joined forces with Jack Thompson to file a $33,000,000 lolsuit against two pr0n sites, a fuckload of game companies, and the fuckers who made the movies "Natural Born Killers", and "The Basketball Diaries". They cried about how all of this media allegedly brainwashed Carneal to commit mass murder. It was quickly dismissed within years as American lawyers and judges aren't completely retarded and are smart enough to realize that video games don't cause violence (rather, the opposite). The same year of the lolsuit, the Columbine high school massacre occurred. One of the families of the deceased filed another fucking lolsuit against the same companies, only to be dismissed in 2002. Some faggot attorney general claimed that Michael's "proficient marksmanship" stemmed from practicing 9001 hours a day on Doom.

Ban Assault Books!!1

It was discovered that Michael read the book "Rage", made by Stephen King. This novel features a school shooter getting revenge on his bullies. Several school shooters in the 1980s and 1990s read the book. The Kentucky shootings inspired Stephen to let his book fall out of print.


OMG A documentary!!!1

Court hearing

moar vids

moar vids

Now available as a game

The sequel

Survivor speaks out


Forgiven by victim


Graded Score

Graded score
Kill count: 3/20 (5 injured)
Accuracy: 8/20
Style: 15/20 Momentary chimpout, immediate surrender.
Butthurt: 12/20 Caused a notable but moderate shitstorm.
Bonus: 20/20 Opening fire on a prayer circle + women's exclusive.
Total score: 58/100 (F)
F is for Faggot.
See full ranking

Wanted Level:




Mall Cop

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